The Future of Automotive Sales in North America With Ryan Holtz, of Ryan Holtz marketing

Here we go mr.
hulks, oh my goodness, after two and a half four years.
Finally, we finally meet and join forces on a podcast, long-anticipated podcast.

It’s episode, 39 of the reed method inside a podcast says, i’m joined from bc.
Fairmont bc tonight with friend, fell jamaican.

Rhyne hosts welcome to her.
Thank you so much for having me I mean I admire the fact that um, a Silver Fox, a gay Denzel Washington ache, a Jamaican, a yeah, a white collared shirt, only three tone suit.
Wearing I mean he’s wearing a either a black, a dark blue navy blue suit.

Has this ability to not only be open-minded to technology but also be open to change? So I really admire what you do in Emerald and I just wan na say thanks for a me on the show: well, the feeling’s definitely mutual, because we connected, like I said to the audience two and a half three years ago, laughter, publish my book and noticed You mm-hmm on LinkedIn, where there’s a lot of great minds, folks so make sure you’re connected if you’re professional you’re connected on LinkedIn, because that’s where you find great thought leaders – and you know innovators such as mr.
Reinholds here.
So as we get into this episode.

This episode 39 tonight is about the future of the automotive industry and sales in North America.
Now, as someone who’s been involved in the automotive space for over two decades, with the witness numerous changes innovations milestone since 1989, when I started, if you can believe that from the first vehicles with single airbags, the you know in the innovation of Bluetooth or integration of Bluetooth into automobiles, the cell phone computers, software remember when our dealership had one computer, you know you know working leases manually.
Now we have a software, you know and what’s this Internet crap where people have to go in and shopping online and then you know so it’s comfort and I’ve been fortunate, witness a lot in the automotive industry and know folks, I’m not old.

Okay, I’m still in my forties.
I just started very young, but the teachers in advanced today.
You know coming to the Edit even faster space, and I wanted to get somebody on the show, not only that’s well versed in technology.

That’s enthusiastic! That can actually explain this stuff way.
The hell better than I can to join me tonight and it happens to be a fellow Jamaican become yes and we need the air horns on this bomb.
God keep a good man down [ Laughter ], you know you’re, making it sound like you, I’m the one that grew up in Jamaica for crying out loud.

I was I was born in Canada, and I’m I mean yes you’re.
Definitely on the I guess more Jamaican than me in terms of being birds.
Well I mean my birth certificate definitely says Canada, but man.

I love Jamaica.
Okay, I love both countries.
I love them all.

Yes, well.
You’re, certainly you’re something culturally, you know fit than I am right now so wow.
We were anticipating this.

The engineer and I for for the last little bit so both special guests tonight, the nationally recognized marketers social media, expert and renowned keynote speaker, have been found.
Great success, role of marketing and the Internet as a director Xander Ford, he has formed his own company and now specializes as a trainer, public speaker and overall marketing force known for his open minded and energetic, as you can see, just do it attitude.
He is now reached beyond field, as he continuously he’s continuously sought out by professionals in the industries like construction, a health care real estate to help them achieve their sales and marketing goals.

Some of his highlight this one.
I found incredible.
His recent success includes negotiating an exclusive agreement with a motor vehicle dealers, association of Alberta to promote social media, digital training to all 350 plus Alberta dealerships and securing me the Edmonton, Realtors Association, big market and workshops for all its realtors.

He was most notable responsible, forgetting his dealership to be the first-ever automotive dealership featured along Barack Obama on Twitter, okay, folks, that’s a big deal side-by-side and, as a result as a guest.
We actually just finished with a guest from San Francisco just before this.
So this is also fit in and I’m so proud to be connected with you ride and welcome to the show again.

Thank you so much.
I really appreciate that.
Every weld it’s been that biography is so to date.

I need to update it.
You know there’s so many great things going on.
I think we have to start off the show with a good quote.

It had a guest on my show, and I just found him to be a very humanitarian, but he basically said stand in service of others by living your authentic truth.
He says I may not climb my letter ladder as quickly as someone else, but my ladder is also not built on unsteady backs with knives in them.
If I have to intentionally hurt another being to get ahead well, I just have to roll my yeah.

It’s only been well long enough that we get together.
So, although we’re having on the Facebook side a little bit of you know technical glitches with the with the video with the Internet, the audio section of the podcast is is recording just great.
So so they argue.

That’s you so my friend, where do we start because I’m not Ryan, don’t oh this! This is this is certainly gon na, be a unique one, absolutely um! You know.
I think I think again.
I think if you kind of going back into the automotive journey – and I think the biggest thing when it comes out, a motive specifically is and a lot of people constantly ask me.

The question is Ryan: how did you find the niche of the automotive industry and I said I don’t really find the niche.
It kind of found me to be honest with you, but you know I’m 34 years old.
I just turned 34 a few days ago and you know I started my first company when I was 24 years old and sold, that company was 27 years old and then basically fumbled my thumbs for a year and decided what I wanted to do with my life And AD 28 basically responded to a crappy little job ad on Kijiji, that was for like a marketing and internet director or digital marketer.

I had a small dealership – and I remember I remember going to my girlfriend at the time, which is now my wife and saying: would your family respect me if I worked in the automotive industry because and the reason I said, that everal is because you know, as A customer I didn’t have a really good opinion of the automotive industry.
I I found a lot of the dealerships to be.
You know, really not you know, for lack of better words cheesy.

Just very you know, my personal dealings in the automotive dealership were not good.
I always felt that you know they’re trying to take me for a ride and I know you’re selling Lexuses and you you refer to customers as guests, but you know Ford’s and Kia’s and Toyota’s not to say that their last server car cuz.
I want to upset anybody in the community, but you know I mean if you ask the general, you know: consumer, Oh walking about what their impression is of a dealership is usually not good.

You know they took that yah-tchi.
Someone negative – and I mean they’re kind of you – know one step below Revenue, Canada and some you know, Canadian by and welcome to the road, welcome to the reed method, podcast and the Rhino shield podcast on this one, because we are not gon na, you know Forge Any punches on this show and I’m gon na, be it’s we’re not holding anything back tonight.
So you know that’s that’s kind of where, where it landed so long story short.

I went in for an interview at the dealership and I was very honest – the owner and man.
I will definitely say this and he’s not my boss anymore, because I’m my own boss, but you know, he’s a great guy because he basically said you know.
I had a candid conversation, I told him my opinion of the industry and I told them.

I have no automotive experience.
I do not I’m not well-versed in specific models or makes or trims, or if you told me, hey Ryan, go take it up.
I just tell you hey everal, what’s down like I did.

What I know was a green, be too green be good, it could could be ever so, and he just said you know Ryan.
I really like that about you, but I love the fact that you had a business background, a marketing background, you’re hired, and he you know, I have to say in – and I’ve really walked into a lot of dealerships since then, but he had the audacity to give Me the keys to the VIP.
He said you know what here’s what we can spend per year on our marketing.

I trust you work your magic and the rest was history, Wow that that’s just amazing, where someone gives you the trust, your your earn.
The trust, rather just by how you came across right off – that’s very impressive Ryan, so I can, I can see now how you’ve been able to garner respect in the successive in the auto industry as compared to five to ten years ago.
What would you change you .

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