The Car Salesman’s Meet & Greet

Hi welcome to today’s sales thought of the day.

Today’s sales thought is about providing a world-class meet and greet in the automotive business.
Now the five best practices were going to discuss.

They could be used in any type of business, whether it’s retail business to business.

If you follow these five factors, you’ll provide a world-class greeting in any type of industry or business.
Now, we’ve all heard this saying it never get a second chance to make a first impression and we’ve also been told that when we meet somebody, those first seven seconds are crucial, because that’s when we make that first impression of ourselves and the person does vice-versa now We know this is an important step in the sales process or just in life.
When we meet somebody.

However, I think sometimes we take it for granted.
Maybe it’s just we’ve done it so many times throughout our life in different settings that we feel hey.
I’ve got this or that it happens so quickly that we just don’t even really think about it.

The reasons why we’ll leave for a sales psychologist, what we want to talk about are the five factors that help make up a world-class green.
Now, a world-class greeting is going to do three things for you.
First of all, it’s going to help provide that good.

First impression.
Second of all, it’s going to open up a situation where you can create common ground with the guests, or some people call it rapport, and that way we can get a two-way communication going.
We can ask questions: we can discuss things with each other in a two-way communication which is going to help improve the whole whole transaction and, finally, probably the most important factor that a world-class greeting does for you as it provides that trust factor that a guest wants And it’s it’s probably one of the more important components when it comes to sales.

So without further ado, let’s get into the five best practices best practice number one mindset you got to get your mind right.
Zig Ziglar once said that if you help enough customers get what they want, you’ll get what you want, and I understand that you need to sell a card to pay your bills, to pay rent, to buy groceries, to get gas for your vehicle and it’s hard not To evaluate where you’re at guest and have an opinion, if they’re buyers or lookers or you’re thinking about that one extra car sale, you need to get your commission check, but when you start to think about it when it affects you and how the sale affects you, The guest picks up on that either consciously or subconsciously, and it really derails the sale.
This tips probably most important, because if we can get a positive, proper mindset throughout that sales process, it helps us to focus on jumping into the customers.

Shoes Zig Ziglar is right.
We need to focus on what they want and if we can think of things from their point of view, that’s going to help us focus on the guests and their needs and wants, and what it’s going to take for them to be able to move forward.
In the transaction, and if we help them do those things we’ll get what we want, which is the sale best practice number two smile smiling, is a superpower that we all possess, and probably one of the more underutilized superpowers that we all have now.

This superpower has three aspects to it that make it so effective.

The first one is: it affects your mood.
So are you depressed down in the dumps not feeling so hot smile it’ll put you in a good mood now, when most people think of a good mood.

They’re in a good mood in their valley, they’re good, a good mood inside something good to happen to them.
They got a bonus, they won the lottery, something good happened, and that makes them to smile.
However, you can actually smile and make yourself feel good inside Charles Darwin came up with a theory called the feedback response.

Theory that says, smiling actually does make you feel better.
Even the simulation of the emotion itself tends to arouse our minds in a recent study at University in Sweden.
It showed that it’s very difficult to frown when looking at someone who’s smiling because smile ins Evolutionary contagious, and it suppresses the control that we usually have in our facial muscles.

So it kind of lets us loose to go ahead and smile second component.
That makes smiling so effective is that it’s universal sign language, whether you’re from Beijing, China, Bangor, Maine or New Guinea smiling throughout the world, conveys joy, trust and satisfaction, so any place on the planet.
Whether you can speak the language or not.

If you can flash a smile, you can communicate with people.
Third factor that makes smiling such an important component of the meet and greet is it’s contagious.
You smile makes other people smile.

You ever wonder why being around children makes you smile or happy well about a third of the population.
They smile around 20 times, on average a day, children, they’ll smile up to 400 times a day, less effect on us and making us smile as well.
In a recent study at university in sweden, it showed that it’s very difficult to frown when looking at someone who’s smiling because smiling is evolutionary contagious and it suppresses the control that we usually have in our facial muscles.

So it kind of lets us loose to go ahead and smile best practice number three sincere enthusiasm.
No one wants to buy from debbie downer and no one wants to be around somebody.

That’s negative or it feels like a salesperson doesn’t even want to be there.

You’re spending your hard-earned money, you want to be around somebody, that’s excited and and because we know this, I think sometimes we take the enthusiasm thing too far.
One thing I know for sure in today’s day and age, and that is socially intelligent people, they pick up on fake enthusiasm, their radars up for that they smell like a mile away.

I think we’ve all experienced being around that salesperson.

That just was over the top.
They were so excited, it seemed like they were going to explode.

It feels like it’s just an act and no one wants to be around that person or buy from that person.

The attitude that you want to project is a is a tone of voice and a body language that projects a quiet confidence.
It tells the guests that you’re, professional and you’re experienced great salespeople.
They exhibit this.

I know my industry, I know its challenges.
I know my product or my service and while I do everything to help you, I’m not desperate, I’m not gon na cut off my arm to make this sale today, that’s the type of person or professional that a guest wants to buy from best practice number four.
Be a silent detective, a successful car salesperson or any salesperson for that matter is constantly constantly watching and listening to their guests.

Looking for clues and ways they can connect with this guest they’re.
Looking for bumper stickers on the vehicle, maybe a license plate bracket personal items inside the vehicle, maybe inside the trunk, for example, if you notice that there’s child seats in the vehicle, you might ask questions about their family and their children.
Maybe you notice that the guest has a retired Navy license plates bracket around his license plate.

Well now you got a clue that the guests in the military – and you can talk a little bit about that – let’s say you notice they’ve got a trailer hitch on the back of the truck they’re trading in and then you see a bumper sticker.
That says, I’d rather be fishing and then of course, then you see the fishing poles sitting on the bed of the truck.
Well, you know: they’ve got some probably some interest in fishing unless it’s not their vehicle, so these would give you some clue and some insight how to create common ground while also finding out how they’re gon na use the truck.

So it gives you rapport building ability, but it also helps you identify needs and once best practice, number five get them talking many times when a guest comes in they’re, uncomfortable, most dread shopping for cars.
In fact, in a survey when people rank the experience they ranked buying a car between getting sued and getting a root canal, so they don’t like it very much they’re out of their element.
It’s maybe they’ve got preconceived notions from friends or family or past experiences and they’re just nervous, maybe about spending a large amount of money.

This can lead to them not being able to express themselves properly, maybe saying or doing things that they don’t really mean, and I think it’s a salespersons job to kind of help to save them from their self assess person’s jobs.
To keep ask them questions that help them clearly define their needs and wants so early in the meeting you want to use either or questions that will help them stay on track, and then you can use open-ended questions, questions that require more than a yes or no To gain some more detail on their vehicle needs and warrants, so, let’s put all this together, how might a sample meet-and-greet sound? Something like this hey welcome to ABC motors.
My name is Chris, and you are Oh Rick Suzanne nice to meet both of you.

My job here is to save you time by helping you get information on whatever brought you in what information were you looking for today? Oh great you’re, looking for new Ford escapes now we’re going to be leaning towards new or used or perhaps certified pre-owned, oh you’re.
Looking for brand new escapes, what are the features that tracked it due to the escape? Oh, you need more room.
Okay, well, are you gon na be using it or you needing the more room to carry people or to carry cargo? Okay, you need it for your eBay business, I see so it’s mostly cargo and we continue on with either work questions and open-ended questions to gain some rapport and to figure out their needs and wants who’s the main driver.

How are they going to be using the vehicle? Will they be carrying more people or whether people be driving the car beside to them? Those sort of things and we’ll continue on and and show them the vehicles that would fit those needs and wants so there? You have it the five best practices for providing a world-class experience during the meet-and-greet step in the automotive sales process or any sales process, or any time you meet somebody for the first time now.
If you learn something today or heard something that you liked please hit, the like button also comments I’d love to hear what you do to provide a world-class meet and greet experience for your guests, whether it’s auto sales or business-to-business or any type of retail sales.
Also, if there’s a subject when it comes to sales in the automotive, business or any type of sales, let me know what that subject is and I’ll take a look at providing a video on and the next of coming videos.

So with all that, you have a great day thanks for sitting in with me on today’s sales side of the day.

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