The Best Way to Create Urgency in Sales

Today’s sales load of the day is about create urgency, we’re gon na look at a car, our card sales, specifically because that’s the business I’m in.

However, it’s the same with real estate insurance business-to-business, creating urgency is an important aspect of a sales persons job and when it comes to creating urgency again, any industry needs to focus on the two basic human motivations.

So one of our basic human motivations is we like to move towards things that give us pleasure we’d like to move away from things that cause us pain? In fact, when we’re talking about the creating urgency in automotive we need to or any business, we need to focus on our human’s natural aversion to the fear of loss or to lose something or risk.
In fact, studies have shown that lost things 3 to 9 times.

As much as an equivalent gain and there’s data out there, that’s proven proven that 70 % of the time we’re more likely to make a decision based on that fear of loss as opposed to gaining something so the in automotive.
I’ve always said that, there’s things that give us natural urgency a unique used car that everybody knows can’t be replaced or the rebates ending tomorrow and it’s the end of the year so likely these rebates will only increase as time goes on or a cars going to The auction, so today’s the last day that you’d have it available to purchase it from the public.
But what about when it’s a brand new car in the middle of a rebate cycle and the guest feels like they could probably just go, get that car anytime anyplace.

Any at any other dealership.
So let’s, let’s pretend for a moment that we got a couple: they’ve been looking at a Honda CRV, a brand new one and they you’ve done several four or five different.
I want to think about it.

Type of closes and you’re just not getting anywhere and you’re they’re getting ready to leave, so you want to just remind them that the vehicle can be gone.

But then, in your mind, you think it’s brand new car, I’m not gon na, say that, because it makes me kind of sound silly.

So here’s what you could say hey, you know what it sounds like.

You feel that, because it’s a new Honda CRV that you could easily find another one and after all, if then we’re all sold, you could probably just order one I’d pause for a moment, and then I would ask this: how would you feel if another guest came In on this Honda CRV and you lost it well, they might say something like hey.
If it’s meant to be, and you know what we would just order another one and then I would have to agree with them, because you couldn’t do that.
So I would say: yeah you can do that and what, if the, when the CRV arrived, the incentives have changed in the zero percent.

Apr was gone.
What would happen then stop and let them talk.

What will happen is they’re going to by asking these.

How and what questions, and also doing in a non-threatening way and that WagonR finger I’m going well, you know, if you guys leave here and somebody else buys it.
It’s first-come, first-serve and you’re out.
Instead of doing something like that, what we’ve done is ask questions like how would you feel if the guests came in the car was gone, that how question helps them discover on their own, how they would feel they have to ask their self? How? How would I feel then the other question when they said they would just order one? We said well yeah.

You could do that, but when the CRV arrived, what what is a great open-ended question again for this guy to be guided discovery.
So what if the CRV when it arrived, those incentives were gone.
How would you feel that and then let them talk, maybe they’d leave.

Maybe they’d still go home and think about it a little.
However, what I would tell you is that you’re in a much better position, because they’re going to again discover from themselves that hey, you know what it’s the right car, it’s the right place, it’s the right dealership! We can afford it.
We like everything about it, he’s right.

We don’t want to have to order when I’m wait for it.
No one really wants to wait for it and they want to make sure they take advantage of all the incentives, and if this one really is equipped exactly like they want what else is there to hold off so again when it comes to create an urgency? Remember the fear of loss is 3 to 9 times greater than equivalent gain, so focus on that fear of loss.

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