well, there you have it the three types of questions that world-class automotive sales people ask their guests, so they can investigate for needs and wants.

Okay, we’ve just watched this video series and we’ve gained some information.

The question is: are you going to take this information and try to turn it into a skill? I mean just watching all this videos and the stuff about questions.

You are smarter when it comes to automotive sales questions for investigating needs at once.

However, i don’t know if it’s really become a skill as of yet, unless you put this into action, it’s probably just going to lay there as good information and over time, it’ll probably be forgotten.

I mean it’s easy to watch a video like this when i’ve done it and you fall into the trap of thinking, hey.
That sounds easy enough.

I’ll take a couple of these questions and i’ll start using them tomorrow when i’m with guests, or you know what i already use some of those questions, thanks for the reminder, christian, but these two types of questions they’re only going to be consistently a part of your Process, if you practice them speaking of practice, here’s what i want you to do, so you can turn these questions into a skill.

What i want you to do is write out 20 questions for each one of the three different types of questions we discussed today.
So that’s 20 open endeds, 20, either oars and 20 tie down questions.

I want you to do this for a week straight now.
I know you might get a little bit of writer’s cramp but you’re going to also cement this information into your brain.


After doing this, for a week straight, i want you to get a practice partner, get a practice partner at the dealership, and if you don’t have anybody at the dealership, have a friend, wife, significant other help you out.

What i would like you to do is have that partner, be a customer and then you’re the salesperson.
You ask questions around the three different errors that we discussed now.

You know you’ve got this down when it becomes a conversational flow when it flows back and forth, and you ask a question and then the answer to that question leads to your next logical question.
When you do that now, you’ve got it down thanks for watching to the very end, and my hope is that you not only picked up some valuable information in regard to investigative questions, to ask your guest in the automotive business, but you’ll learn how you can turn This into an actionable skill, i mean, unless you turn this into a skill, you won’t maximize your income potential and my guess is that’s why you watch this video to begin with now, if you want to learn more sales skills like the one we just discussed, also Learn some psychology tips that help close automotive sales.

Please go ahead and click on one of the videos.

That’s going to be coming up right about now.

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