The 3rd Interview with the World Record Holder of Vehicles Sold Ali M. Reda

Welcome everyone to tonight’s live sales, training presentation with myself and host Noah Walsh in a bar sold the one and only Ali Amrita who I had the opportunity to meet Ali.

I think we met towards the beginning of the year.
Yeah yeah.
Absolutely man hey pleasure to be here buddy and you know: we’ve had a good relationship, sense and you’re, one of the most humble, down-to-earth caring, giving loyal people.

I’ve had the opportunity to come across in my life.
So I want you to know that, but welcome to tonight’s broadcast and so tonight’s broadcast is, you know, overcoming your biggest objection in sales and really I always compare sales life and business is the same right because we’re gon na deal with objections in all that.
We’re dealing when we work somewhere we’re gon na have objections with our co-workers, our staff, our managers, different things of that nature, but I’ll leave Rita.

If you don’t know who he is, he sold 1,500 in 82 cars last year.

That’s it! You know you could have pushed himself a little harder, but he broke the record by over a hundred and fifty, I believe, yeah yeah.
It was 1425, so it was 1530 new versus 1425 new, the 105 new plus you’re, 52 pre-owned and well.

You have a similar mentality, as I did in sales, but also Joe Girardi’s record you beat to where he only wanted the new cars, because they’ve got a warranty.
Your service shopkins can you you know your shop can service them, but so we’ve got a great presentation.
Coming to you tonight, normally we do it on Tuesday, but if you could imagine Ali has a busy schedule, so he had Wednesday open and guess what, when the champ the record holder, you take every opportunity, I’m! I am humble that I am so happy to be here.

Thank you again for this opportunity.
Man always always a good time, always fun with you know.
I appreciate your buddy.

Thank you.
I appreciate you and I love you like a brother, and this is our third presentation, our third broadcast and you always bring fire and everybody always loves what you have to say and they gain so much from it.
So, if being said, let’s get to the nuts and bolts.

This is all about you tonight, Ali and the first question I would ask you is: who were your biggest sales influences? Man? You know yeah, the influence is good because there is a couple you know early on.
When I first started.
I was very blessed to to work next to a guy named Jerry turfy, and he was I mean he was a man at the dealership.

I mean this guy.
I started a night here, his name getting paged every two seconds, I’m like man who was this guy.
You know I got ta go find out who he is, and I kind of knew him from the community already.

But you know, I didn’t know him as a person and you know then I just started watching them hanging around his office a little bit and kind of seeing you know the things that he was doing and why people were coming in just to see him and You know he was in this relationship type selling, and I was very fortunate and blessed to be in that environment, where I was able to kind of witness this firsthand, and you know I’d hear some of his conversations and they weren’t so much of all cars.
You know they were more about, you know they were laughing all the time.
They’d always have fun in his office.

You know it was just joking, you know, so I kind of gravitated towards him and the guy is just a super.
Super wonderful guy and kind of kind of you know showed me the ropes and was always pleasant to me and office was always open.
You know I’ve kind of feel like I’m passing that forward now.

You know, I think that you know what he has done for me.
I’m kind of putting myself out there to do for others, and you know I never forgot that so that I was very fortunate to kind of have that you know start to to the business and of course you know later on in my career, Scott, Montgomery, my Manager at les Stanford, who really helped take me to the next level, because this guy really believed in who I was and what I was trying to do.
It kind of gave me the authority to do a lot of things that a lot of dealerships will allow.

You to do all right, I mean sometimes you’re handcuffed as a salesperson, and they only allow you to do so much so he really believed in me, and I love me too, to grow and yeah and last but not least, of course, my good friend Damien, who You know has big influence and not so much for business wise more for personal life.

Lessons who has has made me aware of what’s possible in this business and I think that’s that’s where the mind shift kind of came into play when I started realizing.
You know what was possible and what the potential wasn’t you know there.

Everything is limitless.
You know there was no limit to what I can accomplish him.
You know he told me stories about guys doing certain things out there and and girls doing certain things out there and I I said you know: hey somebody’s doing it.

You know why can’t I so he made me a believer and that’s when things started changing awesome.
That’s uh, that’s a great story.
I’ve actually been to one a Damien boudreaux’s workshops and he doesn’t.

He does a great job.
He’s uh he’s a very neat guy he’s got a lot of neat stories and he came from Bob Moore.
That’s probably how he got into your store was robbed.

I love Robert.
Yes, oh wow Bob brought everybody to the top.

That’s in my line of work, so he did that guy’s, a legend yeah.

He is, you know my dad saw Grant Cardone.
He saw Jackie Cooper.
He saw these guys and you know his favorite was Jackie Cooper, but you know Bob Moore kind of brought all those guys into the scene and people don’t know that, but he was kind of like at that.

Starting point so great point: there I loved what you said.
I learned the same thing when I really became mature because we started selling about the same time.
I started selling November at 2000 and so did I think in 2001, yeah later on June 2, 2001 yeah, and so I was a little younger.

So first, like you know arrogant, I had it thought I knew it all came out like a ball of fire.
My first year for me and my income, but really like my third and a half fourth year in I did what you said.
I just started watching these guys, who put up 25 30 35 ours consistently every month and, like you said it’s about the relationship.

It’s you know, and one of my other influences was a guy who really pushed me to the next level.
When I switched another dealership, it was rich Kenya and the first thing, he’d always ask is how’s the family yeah and he just he just owned them like right there.
You know, but I loved talking about their family yeah, that’s personal.

You know you’re taking the business transaction out of it completely.
So we, when you do that people are more relaxed.

You know and people love talking about their favorite subject, which is them right.

I mean that’s, you know kind of what they like to talk about in.
If you’re sincere about it and you, you really do care they’re, gon na feed off of that and then right away it kind of relaxes the whole mood everything in your office, everything around you.
You know I was always laughing joking people and I say they say something.

That’s kind of like a stressful situation.
They’re like hey hold on this is a stress-free zone, so that is not allowed in my office.
Let’s eliminate that right now kind of get some.

You know back in the mood of not being nervous, and you know customers are nervous too when they come in.
Of course, I mean they’re nervous.
They don’t know what to expect.

I mean you know you know so.
There’s there’s a lot of ways to kind of combat, combat down and getting real good energy in your office.
No, I like that great share, and so we’ve got.

I think we’ve got like 14 questions and I’ve got my wife right here with me.
So if any of you were shooting questions and she’s gon na write some down and bring them over to me, because I’ve learned doing all these broadcasts, where I try and pay attention to the comments and to the content, my mind block, but I always tell people I could be like things at once when I was up until like 35, when my coach applause, I’m like wait.
Wait I mean whole town like no more like.

I can’t do two things alone.
You know, but first question I want to ask you is: did you give anything up to reach your achievements? Ooh, that’s a good question, but don’t we all I mean, don’t we all give up something every day, every day we go to work, I mean we do.
We do give up something in this business.

It’s you know it’s very demanding.
It’s very time demanding.
You know a lot.

A lot of the places do open up six or seven days a week, so most people are working at least six, so yeah I mean you know we give up time.
We give up time with our families we give up.
You know certain things that we probably like to do, but it’s for the greater good right and, if you’re gon na give up if you’re gon na give up that time and you’re making these sacrifices for your family.

That’s where I feel like you know.
You got to make the most of it.
That’s where I feel like you know, hey, you know I’m gon na beer and I’m missing out on this.

Then I better maximize my time here and you know make it worth it, because there’s nothing worse than giving up time and sacrifices and time with your family and then not doing what you’re supposed to be doing on the other side.
It definitely makes it easier when you are, you know doing well and successful, and you know let’s face it.
This business is brutal man when it’s slow and it’s tough, I mean there’s, there’s you know very tough times they.

You know talk pill to swallow.
I guess you know when you’re givin up time for your family and you’re not doing so well in the industry.
So that’s why I like to help people man.

I know what that feeling is like.
I know a lot of people will say: hey.
You know you’re lucky because you know you got this business coming in, but it wasn’t always like that and I’ve never forgot.

So I know exactly what it’s like.
I still get the butterflies that everybody gets beginning of the month.

You know you start out at zero and you’re, like you know, am I gon na have a good month might have a bad month of me.

We have sales people kind of beat ourselves up more than anybody else does, and you know I respect that so yeah.
We all give up something, no very, very true and great answers and I’m writing down all your your statements.
All you answers to the questions, so I can recap everything, yeah for sure for new car salespeople or really car salespeople or salespeople in general, almost across the board of any industry.

What would be your first piece of advice? Man? You know, you know believing I guess.
Would be my first thing you got ta believe right, I mean you got to believe in yourself and it comes off.
It comes off with your customers immediately.

So if you don’t believe in yourself and you don’t believe in your process and you don’t believe in what you’re doing or what you’re selling or the dealership you’re at I mean all of that stuff is gon na come off incorrectly, you know.
So if you really believe it from your heart, then everything else is so much easier.
So you know when I started believing what was possible, I mean things started changing rapidly man, I started, you know a lot of times.

You know why do you, people do so good in this business is because they don’t know they don’t know any better and then, as you get two or three customers that you know don’t buy, and then this problem and you know credit problems and then now all Of a sudden, we start sabotaging our own minds what this person can’t buy, or why this? Why should I approach this guy in a lot because we pulled up in the old car and because we start believing the opposite, we start believing that you know it’s a waste of time.
You got to get that out of your mind, man, I don’t think about that at all.
I just I believe in myself.

I believe what I have to offer and I’m very confident in that and that kind of comes off.
So you know believing in yourself is huge huge.
No, I read an article the other day that portrays to that and it stated that 80 % of humans of people across the world lack the proper confidence so they’re drawn to people with confidence, and you said to when you’re confident you hold yourself as a professional And I will you know, talk about being that sought out go-to person that hey, if I call Ollie, I know he can get the job done right.

Like I know, if I bring up all year, I go see him he’ll get the job done.
If I send somebody to Ollie he’ll get the job done, so it’s it’s really about.
Having that you know, like you said, you got ta believe in yourself the process where you work with a lot and when you compete in that and you’re able to portray that your customers will really accept that want to be a part of that yeah I mean Most of my referrals that come in that’s the first thing they say is so-and-so told me that you know you’re gon na get this done and you’re the person to talk to it and you’re the only person that can handle my situation many times.

I hear that because you don’t know that other person just told them everything about me just sold them on everything until they come in literally I mean they’re just coming in to just fill everything right up and that’s easier when you kind of get the truth out Of somebody from the beginning, and even if they’ve been the Ford dealership so like listen, I’ve been to four dealerships.
This person said I need to come, see you and they said, don’t do anything else until you tell me what to do and all of a sudden I’m in control of their whole situation because of somebody else selling them on me right and rightfully so I mean They’re not doing it for any monetary reasons.
I don’t.

I don’t pay people for that right, girls, but they know everybody likes having that go-to person.
You know they see you.
I want to get my house redecorated.

I know a girl, yeah, oh and then, and then once you do your job and you put them in the car and and they’re extremely happy man that person that sent them to you is like on cloud nine, because they’re like man, I I sent you to This person and he pull through it now they feel like they’re, the man there’s a woman.
That kind of connected this whole thing.
That person calls them back and says you were right man, this guy’s awesome.

He did everything I wanted, you know so it just it.
Just snowballs right and it keeps going the next time that person is going to send somebody believe they’re gon na make sure that that person comes and sees you because makes them look good right.
You know and the opposite, if you don’t do your job, if you don’t do what you’re supposed to do and you try to take advantage of somebody or you don’t respect somebody that comes in there, they’re gon na feed the other person right back and that’ll, be The last referral you get from that person because you just made them look bad, so they’re not getting anything out of it.

They’re just saying hey, this is the go-to guy.
This is the guy.
You need to go see.

You got to keep that conscience of all that stuff man being aware of every single thing that happens.
Is it’s so key, just don’t blow it off like nothing.
I love that, and so this is something because we had a.

We had a little conversation.
I believe it was Saturday when you were at your cottage yeah, and so we just kind of talked about some stuff that we could have that we could address that.
We thought would be value to the market like professionals, and you know this is where I bet you just slay.

Everybody is.
How does Olli Amrita look at the clock? That’s good! You know I like to ask the question right back.
How does everybody else look at the clock right I mean I get, there’s two ways of looking at it.

So let’s say it’s four o’clock and you close at 6:00.
So I know a lot of sales people and I know you’re anxious to get home and back to this whole thing of what we’re giving up you know from the beginning.
What are your sacrifices? So if I looked at my clock – and I say – oh my god – it’s four o’clock most salespeople are going to look at it and say it’s four o’clock.

Yes, two more hours until I get to go home and there that’s what they’re excited about.
So they really in your mind, you really just dismissed that last two hours it it’s basically that when people say the phrase of not vacation mode, you know you’re going on vacation on Friday.
You start on Tuesday you’re on vacation.

That’s the same type of deal.
You got to get that out of your mind.
If I look at the clock personally and I see it’s four o’clock and I say oh wow, I only got two hours left, so that is the difference.

So how you’re perceiving the time makes a difference in how productive you’re going to be in a day? If I’m, if I’m fighting the clock all day long and I’m saying okay, I got ta get this done.
I got ta get this done.
It gets it done because I’m running out of time keep in mind, we both have to same 24 hours right.

I don’t.
I don’t get any more time than anybody else, so you know it’s how you’re looking at it.
It makes a big difference in your day.

Huge, so if you’re saying it’s 3:00 o’clock, I got three hours or four o’clock.
I got two hours to go.
Your day is done.

You might as well get your card ball, because your day is pretty much done.
Anyways, because if somebody walks in at 5:00, you’re gon na be like man, I can’t waste my next hour.
You know I’m gon na go home.

I might get stuck here for 10 or 15 minutes after work or something so.
I know it goes back to the first thing about sacrificing and you want to see your family but again you’re there to do a job for your family, so you know think about those sacrifices you’re making it’s the greater good.
You know, but that’s how I look at the clock, know, and I and I love that we kind of address that – and that is very true, because you’re right, probably 95 percent of sales people are like good.

I’ve only got two hours left.
I can stop by here and get some lotto tickets and a six-pack, and then I can go home and watch Netflix or the game right.
Yeah yeah and another step I’ll, tell you if, if a sales manager at nine o’clock in the morning says I’m gon na, let three people go home today, right now and there’s 25 people in the room, how many people will raise their hand to go home 21, But that makes me think: are you there for the sales manager? Are you there for the owner or there are you there to run your own business? So your mindset should be.

If I go home, my business closes down.
Yeah you’re right 21.
Out of the 25.

Will raise their hand and say I’ll go home again.
I don’t know the whole life situation and you might, you might not have seen your family in the last three days or four days and I get it, but the mindset should be.
If I’m here working, then I need to focus on running my business.

So if you’re one of the people that raise your hand and say yeah I’ll go home today because it’s you know 85 and I’d like to go to the beach.
I mean that’s great, but you’re easy was an opportunity now a very, very good statement there and you know this is this – is going to be a powerful one, but how did you get to where you are today? Now you stay to some of this and in your first answer about your influences, but really what steps processes procedures systems have you done to really take the Olly Amrita to the next level to become the world record holder yeah, I mean there’s, obviously, there’s a lot Of things right, I mean there’s a lot of things they’re going on but hard work.

Obviously you know I mean nothing was given to me.

I mean I to started out selling.
You know 10 cars a month, 12 cars and 15 cars.
So there’s a lot of hard work dedication and it’s not just the work that you’re doing in the dealership.

No, I mean it’s it’s what you’re doing outside of the dealership, so for me, things started changing when I started becoming a little more involved with the community, and I started getting myself out there and don’t get me wrong.
It took a lot of time to get there and yeah a lot of extra hard work and it took a lot of you know after work activities and charity events and functions, and you know weddings and everything else that I had to attend.
But you know those are the type of things that are gon na, get your name out.

There I mean you, can you don’t have to use being an example, use any successful person in your community and figure out? How is this person so successful and what have they done and you’re gon na find that they’re very active in the community? I mean you know so.
The way I got to where I am today was by a lot of hard work, rolling up my sleeves getting involved.
It’s almost it’s almost like a politician.

What they’re trying to what they try to pack in you know in a season, or you know when they’re, when they’re out running for something and yeah.
So it’s just almost like them and they roll up the sleeves dirt their if they hit the ground running they’re.
In the community they’re in people’s faces – and it’s just like that, but all the time it’s not just for two or three months for four months: it’s all the time.

No, I still do it well, yeah you’re, keeping it going and you know, like you said you go to a wedding and you’re gon na.
Have that conversation where people just automatically want to deal with you yeah? I met this guy at a wedding he’s the nicest guy he’s charming he’s got a beautiful wife.
Two great kids doubted that it up.

That’s who I want to deal with, and you know this isn’t being all political and whether you like the guy or not, but I just saw something the other day and I think the last three days of the campaign when you know and like I said this – Isn’t political but when Trump beat Hillary, even 83 cities in three days of crazy Hillary had a concert with jay-z and went to cities the last days yeah I mean the world yeah.

Learn from that right I mean he did it right.
How did he do it and he hit the ground running and he put in the time and he worked at it like like? I said I still do it.

You know I still go to these charity events now it’s easier because everybody now knows me there, but you got to keep it going.

I mean you know I can.
You know, stop doing that and probably still gain business, but I’m not gon na.

You know you’re not gon na keep gaining as I as I am now.
No very true, and you know, there’s something else that I’ve learned from you know two of the greatest sales people I’ve ever talked to.

Well, three would be you Ben Gay and Joe Girardi.

We’re gon na circle back around that wagon, but you know Ben said the same thing as you know.
He was sick, Ziggler’s boss and we all love, Zig Ziglar quotes – and you know he’s also named for the most part, especially if you’re in sales.
But there was a contest to be who would be the the you know, president of the company and Ben, was setting up appointments and pounding the pavement to where Zig thought he had it in the bag and he went on vacation and his top sales guy was Like we got this in the bag, when Ben was setting up appointments, you know till the last minute of Sunday before Monday’s announcement.

You know closing out these deals, so it really is.
You know you have to put in the time to work and, like you said to what I’ve seen in my life, that’s created anything of success.
It’s like working out right.

If you go to the team once a month, you’re gon na look, you did yes worse because we’re all getting older every day and we’re starting to pack it on in different areas and our metabolism slows down.
But you got to go four or five days a week if you want to see results like fist it in your growth yeah.
You don’t want to have an Arnold Arnold chest and you get more than ten times the whole time and be like oh yeah, I’m gon na get.

You know you got ta go from 110 135 to 165 to 205 well-said.
Absolutely! And then, if you stop going six months later, then you could lose some of that muscle.
What’s gon na happen great analogy, I love it.

You’re gon na be right back to where you started and believe me I’m living proof because, like I don’t have a problem with putting on oh wait, I have a problem with keeping weight and we busy my wife and I that we haven’t worked out in a While in fact we just canceled our gym membership, cuz, it’s like, if you don’t go somewhere all year, do you keep it and it’s like? No, what you know I haven’t so every time I look at myself me my rifle getting ready and I’m like remember what I like look really good.
You know people man, you look like you know you could be out of magazine in this time like.
Where does it go see? Please look here the great.

I appreciate that, but it’s um it’s you know just just an analogy.
I wanted to talk about there, but here’s one, and this is really what we we based the live stream off tonight.
So it is almost coming at perfect time, but how did you and do you overcome? How did you overcome the biggest objection you ever faced and elaborate on this, because we we’ve talked in confinement and write-up in a and I know kind of it gave you a canker sore, we’ll call it right.

Yeah yeah, I mean okay, so the biggest objection ever faced is probably this one.
Now the one I’m going to write, I mean this is this is kind of like a huge punch in the gut.

It’s quick.

I know most people know about this, but just elaborate a little bit about what the whole record thing right, the whole, you know being a joke record and you know I mean here something.

Obviously we all looked up to this guy.
You know in the industry, everybody looked up to him and I’m fine by any means.

Am I not I’m not diminishing anything he’s ever done because he said he paved the way for people like me, set the bar high absolutely and he and he gave me something to shoot for, and you know this is an objection you know, because I had a Completely different picture of the way this thing was gon na go right.
I mean I had a completely different picture and I says 44 years, while this guy is going to be so happy that somebody has, you know, got to this level.
The industry needed this right now, it’s perfect for us and we’d be able to use it to kind of grow the industry as one you know and then to come and say: no, you didn’t do it.

You know I’m gon na sue you for it, and all this other stuff is just bizarre.
It’s so crazy right and I and I still can’t believe that I’ve even gone through this and you know hey all I did was work hard and got to where I’m at by doing that, and you know that’s an objection.
I have to overcome the way you overcome it is, is you know you move forward and I I can’t dwell in that because guess what I still have to sell cars I still have to provide for my family.

I still have to be me, so I’m not gon na lose sleep over.
You know everybody watching.
Here’s everybody in the auto industry contests to this, but we wake up to face rejection.

Every day.
Every day we got to go in knowing we’re gon na face some kind of rejection, whether it be a customer not buying from us whether it be somebody from service screaming at us because of service or their car broke down or whatever it is.

But we wake up every day I Drive into work, knowing that somehow someway I’m going to face some kind of rejection today.

How do I overcome that? So your mindset is huge when you go in there.
If I’m gon na do all over those things and I’m gon na say you know.
Oh man, I lost that customer and I’m gon na get down on myself or customers screaming at me.

For sir.
I go take it off and the guy trying to buy a car completely just shatters your whole day.
You’ve got to be able to let go.

You got to be able to not let it consume you because guess what next thing you know you bring it home with you and if you bring it home with you, then there’s another problem, because now you’re getting your your family involved in your work, life and Objections are there, you learn, you grow you move on, but you will never ever see me dwelling over something like that.
I mean even this one here I mean this.
This is probably as big as I could have imagined that I’m gon na have to face and I’m getting sued over it right.

I mean I got ta go through the lawsuit and I thought I was gon na get an award.
So I made that’s, you know.
I got a swallow that tough pill to swallow, but good is gon na come out of it in the end.

I really do believe that, and I’m almost I have mixed emotions, but I’m almost gon na say that I’m happy now that it did go this way because it’s opened up a lot of eyes.
It’s opened up a lot of good things for our industry.
You know, let’s face it, the Guinness thing is cool and it’s cool.

That’s it that’s about the kiss tension.
I wasn’t going trying to travel the world to say I’m in the Guinness Book and I’m trying to profit from it.
It was just cool the rest of this that this movement and the way our industry has came together, and you know we’re using.

Let’s use this as a platform to to open up eyes on our industry, to let people know they hate the industry is involved, and so what salespeople we evolved and somehow someway I’d like to change, and I don’t know how we can do this and I don’t Want to get too far off of the subject, but somehow someway this might help us face these rejections that people put on us, maybe removing this salesman.
The word salesman, maybe removing that I was thinking back at it.

No and I’m thinking.

Okay, a realtor is a is not called the salesman right he’s called an agent.
A mortgage, rep is called a representative.
A financial adviser is called an advisor.

You know so this title salesman title is now starting to grow my mind to say: that’s why people are looking at us like this, because they think that we’re trying to sell them on something all the time they think we’re trying to take advantage of them.
So I don’t maybe we need to be.
You know sales advisers, you know, maybe that we need to change it.

You don’t change it to sales advisers from now on yeah.
I think I’m gon na put that on my card.
Actually, I think I think I’m gon na change my card and it says Sales Professional, I’m there now, but I think I’m gon na put it to sales advisor because that’s what we’re doing now I mean we’re selling $ 100,000 cards.

You know I mean houses are gone for that, so how you know I mean there’s something wrong here and that’s all part of objection and I think that’s where people are getting it misled and I think that’s where that whole stigma of salespeople it came from, and I don’t know, maybe we’ll start a movement and change it.
You and I right now, anytime, you put something out there.
What did I say the other day? Sarah, it was uh, there’s power in all your actions, and I can’t remember what video I heard that from because I listened to videos not be working.

Multiple devices always want to get more content, and it’s like you know any time you take action.
It will create power and it will create a movement right, yeah yeah and it will create a force, and so you know well said, and we all know every time all these.
Our third episode once again we’re talking about you, know the biggest objections that you’ve ever faced and Ollie only gets more professional and better every day and overcoming overcoming quick and move on.

I love it and are you given the freedom to work? Your own deal deals at your dealership, yeah yeah.
I get back to what I was talking about.
Scott Montgomery.

You know they gave me the power, I guess the ability to work.
My own deals, because I I kind of laid it on said.
Listen for me to be successful.

This is what I need.
This is what I need to grow to the next level, just like any business.
Every time I hit a new level, my process would change and I would need more and more and more responsibilities.

On my own, the more a salesperson can handle on their own, the faster and more efficient you’re going to become so.
I needed to be able to do everything I needed it from A to Z, and you know dealers are reluctant and they’re not gon na.
Do that for everybody, but once you once you’re proven yourself once you get to that thirty, you know 25 30 cars.

They should be giving you a little bit more freedom to to do the things that you know are gon na help you grow.
So I handle the deal from A to Z.
I mean I handle it from nobody else really sees my customers.

You know I do have.
We do have half an eye department, but I do my own F a knife, so I do my own finance pretty much.
The credit application, I call the bank, I have my own, you know analyst at the bank, so I’m pretty much.

You know running everything myself and you know if I need the finance department they’re there, but for the most part you know everything is done by myself and I handle the numbers and everything I mean payments and figures and interest rates and everything.
That’s not that’s great and you’re very true on that, because I work at two dealerships, both for dealerships and the first dealership.
I didn’t have as much freedom and rein to do what I wanted and then, when I went to bar Co, their philosophy is we only hire the best because we expect the best.

Now they obviously don’t have be very fast because he’s sitting right what they are.
Stampers, actually so they’re cousins up there, but their philosophy is we.
We only hire the best because we expect the best and they really gave you the freedom and you’re exactly right, because that’s what helps me in my training now is.

I did all my ice.
You know it’s not sold but presented right.
You know it buys my clients on the right Apple products yeah.

Well, I’m you see, I learned from the best it’s working already.
I love it.
It’s working already, so you know, so I would advise them on what aftermarket products I knew they’re interested in through listening and identifying and then also what you know F & I ancillary products that would really be a benefit for them.

Obviously, if they’re rolling over negative equity and not putting any money down and taking a long-term, we want gap insurance crack you right.
If they’re owning a 15,000 pound camper, we want them to get an extended service plan or, if they’re, a single mom with three kids who’s.
You know paid the $ 20 a month $ 30 a month now for the extended service plan.

So if, in three or four years down the road you’re in a tight situation and something big goes, you pay you $ 100 deductible or what have you and you aren’t stuck needing a new engine or a new transmission? And that’s all the presentation right.
It’s all how you present it.
So if you present it to them and explain it to them and are transparent about it, then you are more likely to to be guiding them in the right direction.

If you, if they’re coming in and you tell them to payments $ 400 and they come back and you just show them a contract and you’re at five, fifty then all of a sudden it looks like something was going on.
You’re like oh well.
This is this.

This this and this now you just lost credibility rather than just being upfront from the beginning and saying: listen, either all your options, let’s see which one fits your family needs the best and the ones we don’t need.
We don’t have to move forward to with and using the word we it’s part of the advisor role right I mean you shouldn’t say that you, you need to get this.
You need to get this.

You need to get this because now you’re kind of forcing somebody to to make a decision, you suggest it and saying we.
I think we should look at this, and so it’s how you’re wording things you know going back to being aware of what you’re doing and what you’re saying, sometimes you’ll say something and you’ll catch it you’ll be like wow.
It actually sounded really good write it down.

So you don’t forget, you know and it’s something who say something feel like it sounded really stupid.
It probably did so write that down and try not to say it again, but that it all looked like being aware and that’s where Damien has done such a wonderful job.
It’s you know, I was probably never so where, as I am now I’m aware of my customers, body positions now and their their presence are they leaning in? Are they leaning back where their hands are yeah yeah? No, no! I’m paying attention to all of this right.

Yeah I’ll be looking at their clock, are they looking around you know? Are they focused on B so now, all of a sudden, I’m extremely aware of their position, because I want to make sure that they’re comfortable and you know, they’ll follow my lead.
Sometimes you know if I lean in dole, even if I lean back and cross my hands like this, and you don’t actually lean back in their chair.
So now you’re engaged you very important stuff.

I would have never ever paid attention to, but very important stuff to kind of pay attention to know very true, and I called it.
I’m naming it right now because you inspire me, but I called it, the melting pod.
So what I wanted to really seal that deal – and you know and we’re not salespeople, but you know not really close the hammer, but really kind of you know.

I know know that this is what they should be doing right, I mean into it, but what I do is I start talking about my daughter and I’d lean back like this, and if they came in like this like they are it’s over now, I’m we’re just Another engaged with you and now they’re interested in you and now they’re, believing you and again.
What again you got ta be doing the right thing.
Also, you know we’re not doing it for the wrong reasons: yeah for the right reasons and you’re gon na gain a customer for life.

Man no and what I was doing is I was testing my process to see if they were ready to go to the next step or if it needed a little more massaging, because I said well, probably one of my greatest sales trainers was my father.
I worked with him for six months.
He was in the business, for I don’t know close to 20 years, he’s up to GM at different levels like that.

Actually, at a Chevy store right there in Ann Arbor – and you know he said the biggest problem he sees is sales people over talking right, Oh 100 %, gosh subject to say on the phone, the stuff people say in front of customers.
I sometimes I just hear it and I’m like oh, why you know – and I’m just you know, but they’re, not just not aware right.
They don’t realize.

What’s going on they’re, just not paying attention got ta, be aware, it’s the same on phone.
It’s the same on text messages.
It’s the same on email.

All of that tone comes off.
You know.
We all know.

You know somebody text, you something, and it comes off rude because it was rude.
You know.
So, if you’re, if you’re in a hurry, and especially now a day in age when people are texting and emailing and all that stuff because nobody wants to get on the phone anymore, you know your tone will transfer on a text message.

You know you’re if you’re happy if you’re excited, if you’re you know.
Sometimes I got to be careful because I lived on on my phone and I have you know 40 text messages that I haven’t read and I’m quick to kind of grab it and just respond with these quick answers.
But I got to be careful because you know people will feel like I’m brushing them off.

You know with an answer so I’ll catch myself.
Sometimes doing that and then I’ll go back in, you know, make a joke or something.
Let me know hey.

I’m engaged I’m here, you know, but you know it’s, it’s not easy paying attention to this stuff, but you really got ta, be aware of everything.
No, I love that it is all about being aware and so real quick too on this, because you know I follow you whenever I see you post or you come up my notifications, I’m like, what’s what’s all you got to say today or what’s you know this With that and so many people you know, I hear all he works at a GM store.
Michigan, it’s all employee deal.

You know they’ll always come up with something I was talking to somebody today and they said you know it was supposed to actually on LinkedIn from a gentleman in the auto industry, and he talked about how you know we always say wow.
He got so lucky Wow that fell on her lap, yeah, and so I sometimes ninety-nine percent of what people say because you deserve nothing.
Less is great, but every once while you you get that knucklehead right, not aware right, he’s not aware yeah you’re a is not aware he’s not like, but he doesn’t have the right tone in his response or what have you, but I try to wait.

I even try to avoid just responding to them because it just it’s it’s so much.
It’s still time-consuming, you’re, never gon na change.
That person.

That’s like that.
I there was a post a couple days ago: they’re, like oh, you know Joe Gerard, so then, somewhere in the Midwest, where you know weather and very difficult to sell in that area.
You know where Diwali sellout, and I said, oh, if that’s funny I go.

Oh I’m glad you asked I’m right down the street from with the same brand.
You know and that’s what he said.
He goes it.

That was the last I heard of him.
He never replied again.
You know said that Joe’s like 20 minutes from me right yeah.

So that’s funny: yeah he’s on Jefferson you’re in Dearborn and yeah.

It’s 15 20 minute drive and 15 minutes 15 20 minutes away.
For me right, that’s one thing I’ll tell you that I am upset about him is.

Is he came up with this whole thing was so upset and all the stuff that didn’t believe it yet he’s 15 or 20 minutes away.
He should have at least at some point drove into the dealership came in there and just to see if I was real.
Just come in just watch: if you watch for 5 or 10 minutes, you probably understand, and he probably wouldn’t have went through this whole mess, but he that’s one thing.

He I think he made a mistake.

He surely just came in and you know, came in as he and I reached out to him three or four times way before good record and didn’t talk about the record.
But you know I got nothing, but he when they happened.

He should actually came in the dealership at some point, no and once again being aware but real, quick question, because this gentleman here and I’m having Sarah kind of look at the questions but a guy.
I love like a brother is John Michael Mathis.
He puts up 40 50 cars a month, so he does a good job and he’s at a Chrysler store and he said he wants to know.

What are you on pace for this year? You know, I don’t know.
Actually a couple people asked me that, and I forgot to look, but you know I don’t know I’ve been averaging over a hundred a month.
I know that, but I don’t know exactly what the number is.

So I would imagine, is probably you know somewhere a eight or nine, I’m not even sure.
I’d have I’ll look that up to I’ve.
Looked it up and see what it is.

I never track the numbers which is funny a lot of people.
Think that you know I kind of know where I’m at I don’t even know what I sold for the month until maybe three four days after the month is over, because I don’t even you know, I have no idea.
I can tell if it’s a eighty car month or if it’s 140 car month just by doesn’t busy work, there’s the I am and I can feel it.

I can actually probably feel eighty to a hundred, but I think this month I think this month, I’m I’m well over, maybe 115 or 120 for August, but I don’t know for the year: don’t look at the numbers constantly, but just by your process and your busyness, Your I’m just helping people, I just keep hoping I just keep topping as many people as I can and just keep the whole thing going and it’s now it’s you know well oiled machine.
I guess I mean it just kind of flows pretty well.
You know I show up and help as many people as I can and if I sell 10 cars, then they great.

If I sell for great, I don’t even look at it.
Just keep go ahead, and here was another question, and a couple of these came from Stephen Williams: who’s at a Chrysler store in Arkansas and he’s he’s a sales manager there and how many assistants do you have and more they do for you, we’ve addressed this.
I know, but I think some people think that you have 150 on the line for you so just operate about that in the process.

Yeah good question, Stephen yeah man, I have so I have two assistants, and you know I have a secretary secretary or assistant.
She handles all my paperwork.
I don’t fill out deals jackets anymore and everybody knows the busier.

You get the sloppy or your handwriting gets, and I have very sloppy handwriting nowadays because I’m so busy so now I think there’s certain letters that don’t belong in words.
So I still don’t even write a legging.
Why is he good busy? You just don’t have time right.

So I do take a lot of notes and you know she’s the only one that can read my handwriting now, because I got ta go to her and say hey.
What did I write here and she’s the only one that could read it so she’s, a wonderful man, she does she pretty much handled everything she fills out.
The deal jackets make sure you know insurance is in there.

She made sure that you know everything is were supposed to be and she takes a lot off my plate so but she doesn’t sell, she doesn’t sell anything, but my customers absolutely love her.
Now they come and see her.
You know which is good now they they understand that I’m so busy.

So if they have little questions like billing questions or service questions, they’ll actually just come in they wave at me, and then they go see her so which is really cool, because now I’m freeze up a little bit of my time and Sam who was my I’d.
Like to call my young legs, he he pretty much, you know was a young guy that a young Allie Rita that used to run around the parking lot.
You know I, you know, I have a 45 years old man.

I can’t run Iran, you know the parking lot.
The way the way our dealership is weren’t, we’re on Michigan Avenue and there’s we have a Chevy Chevy building on one side and a Cadillac building on the other side and behind that is service.
So you know to get somebody to service.

You got ta cross Michigan Avenue, go behind the Cadillac store, so it’s not like right where I’m at so you know.

Sometimes I need to grab a Cadillac, so he’s my young legs and he’ll go grab a car pull up a car put a license plate on now.
I got him setting up bluetooth and you know some of the basics of the car.

So again you know 20 year old, you know 21 year old, young man who you know he doesn’t sell, but he’s tech savvy and he could do everything else.
So and that’s it.
You know those are the two that I haven’t only I sell so I mean you know, you know it’s all one-on-one sales, so I’m pretty much doing everything from the beginning and you know, but we have a really good, really good process.

It’s uh, it’s pretty fast.
It’s very efficient but never rushed, never ever rushed.
I love that and you say all the right words up we’re going to get you in office one day.

That’s it it’s only the truth, that’s it.
It is, and so you know – and you just answered Nick Harper’s question – which he asked, how many brands do you sell, so that would be two another one here: Yoma Jose Perez, I’m not gon na, say the other name there, because I want to chop it up.
He asked: how is your si si? Oh it’s up there.

You know, I think out of 4.
You know the way they read it with GM, I mean I’m it.
You know three, nine, six or 397 and you know the other ones.

You know I took the cars away from those people, I’m just kidding.
I don’t you know, maybe I don’t know, maybe they got the car was dirty or something, but I got ta figure that out, but I think it’s like three point: nine or something yeah very impressive, especially the numbers you’re doing and you’re always gon na.
Have somebody who’s not well yeah, but you know it’s very important to address those people.

You know.
Doesn’t that’s one of the first things I do every morning is that, as I look up to see a size or I looked up to see, si reports and I check them from the day before and see which ones I got.
It’s really cool to get the good ones.

It’s really cool to read them because it makes you feel good about yourself and once in a while, when you get a bad one, you know it send the tow truck to their house and pick up the car.
But it’s good to get it’s good to have the bad one, because you need to address it.
You need to address it right away.

You need to you need to you know, figure out what the problem was and and own up to it.
You know, even if it was the car, was dirty or the car broke down that night or you know something happened whatever you know they felt like they were there too long or whatever.
The case is, but you know just own up to it.

Call them up apologize, tell them they.
You know, I’m learning, you know I learned from it apologize that this happened and please come in I’d like to talk to you in person.
You know soon as they come in, I give them a big hug and it’s kind of forgotten.

You know I don’t get upset that they wrote that because it’s probably the truth, you know, but I just like to make sure that they’re not to be spreading.
That word around, that’s key, you know, and you know, if you haven’t come in and you give them a big hug, think they kind of forget about it.
It’s pretty cool.

No, it is and that’s something that I always teach my clients.

As I say, you know because I haven’t met, I’m like build your facebook business page.
Do this like? Well, what if I get a bad review or what, if somebody says something bad, I’m like well, that actually gives you the opportunity to address it and then the other people, seeing it see that you actually care and you’re not ignoring.

It seems like they see something.
Bad, maybe they freeze up and they hide they’re like oh, my gosh, my world ended.
They took good care of my stay blade.

I did this.
How could they do this to me rather than picking up the phone be like yeah yeah I’ll leave? Was it something I said? Was it something I did? Was it something with the prop? You know like? Let me know what I can do next time or the people that you send me.
I can give them a you know a 4.

You know that you know whatever they’ll give me a 40.
You know that I can give a 4.
0 service, and I think so many people are afraid of that, but some of my greatest contacts on social media and stuff, like that they didn’t like something they didn’t like this, and I just addressed it in a professional way And we became like great friends: that’s fine man, it’s fine people are gon na, have their opinions in that, but it’s okay, yeah he’s had a bad day.

Whatever you know they might have came in with their spouse and yeah yeah.

They were upset because of the color they did shows or whatever it is.
I mean you know just own it and move on another objection right.

I love that own it and move on, and so we’re gon na just get to a couple more here and then I’m gon na recap everything and then just have you really kind of to.
You know just kind of give your final thoughts on everything cuz.

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