The 10 Best Sales Tips from The Reid Method Insider Podcast 1

if you were to pick one benefit to the dealerships.

Okay, we know it benefits consumers, but let’s say from the dealerships perspective: what’s the benefit you think I would say the big benefit of having a more informed consumer is really cutting down the sales process itself.
You know it really does streamline the process in the fact that the consumer has roughly all the information before they walk through the door, and that makes it much easier on the individual and on the sales associate.
So I would say time would really be the big benefit to the automotive industry and the sales associates themselves.

I think, no matter what job or career you have in life, you’re you’re always selling something whether or not you’re selling yourself, you’re selling a service you’re selling.

A need it doesn’t matter, I think in any situation, given you’re, not a salesperson, I mean, I think I think some people take, you know, being a salesperson is being some sort of type of person, but at the end of the day I really think – and I Agree with the both of you is that I really think that everyone, in their own way, is some sort of salesman or saleswoman in their life and as a profession.
You could read this and listen to podcasts and other opinions anywhere in the world.

Sales is regarded as the number one profession in the world.
A good salesperson in their field can make more money than anyone else, whether you sell in airplanes, automobiles homes, you know solutions, medical equipment, medicine, you’re selling.
So it’s very important to put this into perspective.

We talked about that in in sort of the first episode that the internet really changed the game from that, and I think what sales associates in any field have to understand is there are no longer the authority figure on their product, I mean yes, the consumer does Have to come to you for the most point, but it’s not that you know what you know and they know is so different people come in very research.
They know what they’re typically looking for and your job now more so than ever, is to really listen.
Make a connection with that person and to guide that’s exactly it yeah, so there we look, we’re now needed as a source of guidance more than a source of information or pricing, because they have that they can get all that information and, more importantly, Alex what clients, As you can, you have learned already in your short time as a service manager, clients are looking for the right person, the right person to build that relationship with, and that’s what they’re shopping for today.

What do you think Matt about the whole idea of exceeding expectations? I think that’s one of the most important things, because anyone can go anywhere today and essentially get the same product.
Your goal to separate yourself from everybody else out there is to exceed your clients, expectations, know what they’re looking for go.
Above and beyond I mean common and uncommon courtesies will make the difference between you and somebody else, and hopefully, if you blow somebody out of the water by exceeding what they were looking for, they’re not gon na go looking somewhere else.

They’re gon na stick with you right off the bat, and sometimes I find that ultimately makes them, make the decision right then, and there without having to go anywhere else, because you know there’s so much poor service out there in retail that if they run into someone That actually delivers over-the-top service.
They’ll actually make the bond decision right then, and there so I think what the magic is in video.
That’s where I think we can actually make the connection.

I think the magic is gon na happen in in video, so any type of video communication and retailers need to understand that video communication is a now like.
I said that earlier.
So if you’re not communicating already with your customers, you are behind, but that’s going to go further into live video, and you mentioned that like live Facebook, but even further like YouTube.

Video is taken on a huge chapter into marketing and it’s going to continue so imagine – and I know this sounds crazy, but just imagine like live TV think reality, TV right, delicious, that’s right at the dealership and that’s what the market wants, that we see that the Market wants story, the lie the live stories.
They want the authentic story behind the brand behind the dealership, behind the retail, behind the person involved, salespeople, have the opportunity to have a personality and stand out, and that’s what successful companies such as Tesla are out there and communicating directly with their customers.
The CEO is sending out the message directly to their customers and that’s what the customers feel the drivers get the connection with the CEO.

It’s live, it’s it’s personable or companies like Cadillac are actually out there with their ambassadors, sharing their stories and that’s how they’re reaching Millennials and the ambassadors are obviously geared to the demographic.

That’s writing that the age group, the lifestyle and once they’re sharing these stories.
One of those core principles that a lot of salespeople just don’t get, is being prepared and getting an early start.

Yes, how do you find that, and why do you think that that’s important well, I I think, being prepared.
You got to ask yourself what am I being prepared for, and so the big question is: how do I make this a win-win situation for the person I’m sitting with, so if I’m gon na be prepared, I got to know what what that person’s win is and What I find is a lot of salespeople.
It’s about me yeah.

You know I need this sale yeah supporting my family.
No, but it really.
You need to make it a win situation.

So you need to understand how you’re going to how your solution is going to help that person win at what they’re doing yes.
So the most important question you ask yourself is: what is this guy’s win and many times people will just default to the easiest answer, which is money like price? Well, this guy wins.
If he buys it, that’s not necessarily true.

You know we look at prestigious brands and you would know with Lexus you know.
Sometimes it’s not all about money.
No, sometimes it’s about that.

You know cachet.
That goes with it.
So if you were to say to me, what’s the most important thing about preparation, I would say the most important thing is to show the individual you’re presenting to how they win in this situation.

In episode number five, we talked about fail success and some great principles that are very important for sales success and how fails as a career is evolving and changing.
In this episode we want to talk about some personal development, because I find personal development more and more.
Today is becoming crucial to success.

What’s your take on personal development, how do you think it fits in with a successful sales, career, well, everything’s attitude and what it really boils down to is you got to have a positive attitude and you got to find passion in what you’re doing, because people feel Your passion, if you’re, if you’re, just going through the motions, oh yeah people figure that real, quick and people need to feel like they’re buying you into some, and that leads right into point number two that I have on this particular list, which is plan and monitor Objectives so a lot of people make goals or set goals, you know and they put the numbers on the sheet or put the numbers on the spreadsheet, but there’s no planning and there’s no check-in back and monitor and to see how they’re actually doing.
Why is that? So important for our success, you think I think you really want to you, want to plan and monitor your goals too, to know where to spend your money spend your time where your wins are coming from and where your losses are coming from, because you’re only so Limited on your resources, but we’re adjustments are needed because sometimes you you need to take like a self-assessment right to see if you’re, actually keeping pace or on track for these goals that you set.
I mean, even though, from a big big box perspective.

You know, let’s say you had a goal for the second quarter right, but you know March is over and you’re halfway through April and it’s not really happening.
You know.
What do you do at that point? You know everyone.

You touch tops on something so important, but I think especially in this line of work, if you’re not following up and you’re, not keeping pace and providing that feedback in the moment how you’re trending it’s it’s lost in translation, it’s lost in translation, yeah and time moves.
So quickly that you’re no longer planning the following week, you’re planning two three four weeks out, and so as soon as you take your eye off the prize, whether it’s a goal or a stretch, goal that you want to attain and you’re not following up and providing The feedback to your team – that’s a complete disconnect, but how do successful salespeople convert the objections into opportunity, because this is where a lot of salespeople lose the client? What’s your take on this map? Well, yeah like it’s something I actually encounter every day.
You know between cold calling protection takes me to.

My next point is to be consistent with cold calling and prospecting.
That’s that’s something.
That’s definitely necessary in my line of work anyway.

Yeah I get hit with common roadblocks.
Being you know the guys at home during the day he’s like my wife’s, the decision-maker and you know coming coming across.
Those roadblocks is definitely something that needs to be done in order to get new opportunities.

Yes, so objections in the automotive world is okay.
It’s not the right size, it’s the paymon, just the price, my husband’s, not here you know it won’t fit.
My three dogs, whatever I mean there, are there – are a million different objections and reasons and dealing with real estate.

You’re talking about bigger ticket items, hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars, so to be able to overcome those objections from the perspective of the client.
How do you find it darriel? You know in the field that I’m in overcoming objection is something that has to be taught consistently every day.

It’s not going away very seldomly.

Do you find someone that can bring a specific tactic or strategy to the table that works every time, because you don’t know what you’re gon na be getting on the other end in the field that I’m in customer loyalty programs are extremely important and, as you know Today, just about every top brand is working on loyalty programs.
One of the points you touched on was one of the reasons you’re back they’re trained in this, because you’ve actually done it.
Yes, okay, and that to me is a very big deal today, because I you know I get up in front of you know what I do lectures today at a couple of colleges here in Toronto.

One of the clarifications I really come out and say right off, the bat is hey, I’m in sales.
I have been in sales and by the way, I’m still killing it, I’m still doing it much better than everybody else at my store or in the industry.
This is not just somebody who did case studies or research or dabbled in sales.

This is someone that’s been successful in sales and is basically finding a way to coach, great talent and to mentor and to teach and to train and to develop better sales talent.
So I find that that adds instant credibility, because I didn’t just write a book because I wanted to be an author.

I wrote a book because I had a lot to say about sales.

After actually doing it.

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