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I bred an artisan for ShopSmart autos, hey today, we’re going to let you, the consumer, knows taking forward from the product presentation, Walker on tour.

Very simply, the walk-around, as it’s called my thing to you, is that if someone did not ask you some good high-gain questions about your needs, your wants.
The things that you really need to have in a vehicle and do a feature advantage benefit presentation of how your pain is gon na be overcome by their solution.
I wouldn’t go on a demo ride.

They haven’t done their job, in other words, they weren’t.
Listening to you when they were asking the question just a tip, but let’s say they did a good job as a professional.
Now it’s time for the demonstration drive any of you and on demonstration drives, you know what it should be, but to us at shop.

Smart autos, the use of pressure and aggressive sales taxes tactics, I should say, is still being taught and practiced by many salespeople, despite the fact that customers, clearly, they don’t want to be treated that way, you came to buy a vehicle.
Some of the very tactics that are being used have a negative impact not only on the dealership but as the industry as a whole and with the public, often reacting by telling everybody in the social world about their experience.
So here’s what I would suggest find a sales consultant that understands putting you first is what the ultimate goal is, especially those senior salespeople have been around for a while, at the same time, logic will dictate that experience should be the best way to sell, but I’m Just saying sometimes, some of the older folks are hard to change their habits.

If you will, but if we can eliminate that as a good, smart car shopper and say no when it’s time to say no and leave better chances, are you’re going to get to what you’re looking for as far as your purchasing needs.
But the demonstration drive should be one of the best pleasurable experiences in the whole automotive buying process.
So why do we look at this so well, usually we’re almost at the middle of this process exchange this buying exchange this time of investment that you have made to go to the dealership.

What’s pretty much left are going to be the numbers, if you will so we want to make sure that the salesperson is giving us an enjoyable and enjoyable, a truly enjoyable, driving experience during this demo rut.
This method is not being taught that well at many dealerships.
Here’s what I mean, especially if you purchased a vehicle before usually they have a planned demo rail, they already know, what’s mapped out.

They already know how long it should take and get back to the dealership by insurance reasons.
Many times they must drive the vehicle off.

The lot first, so we have jobs, we have rules and regulations, so I can understand that.

But when it’s time to exchange – and you drive usually once again it’s a planned route – well, here’s my question: what happens at that planned route doesn’t give you everything that you’re? Looking for during that demo ride example, there’s no hairpin turn, so you can see how it feels when it’s cornering there’s no uneven or potholes.
So I can see how the cabin feels when the vehicle goes over.
Is there a place where I could at least accelerate a little bit? Don’t have to be long, but I just want to hear the performance of the vehicle if you’re not getting that, then that’s not a good pleasurable demo ride the next time.

You go to a dealership you when you get behind the wheel.
Let the salesperson know you, you, don’t have to tell me how to get back to the dealership.
I want to go out on a ride and you drive where you want to drive.

Let me repeat that again, you drive where you want to draw now many dealerships.

Don’t do that but you’re trying to get the feel you’re trying to imagine yourself going to work going to your social or going to see your friends and let’s face it on a planned route.
That’s that’s hard to do so.

Next time you go on a demo ride, you take the vehicle where you want to go now.
If you’re near a major industry doesn’t have to be a big city, but let’s make sure that that interstate doesn’t have any congestion or construction or accidents, because now that defeats the purpose, if you wanted to get on the highway and punch it a little bit.
Just have the sales consultant sitting on the other side or in the back.

If you have a another person with you, they should be sitting in the back with their mouth closed.
Have them just bring up on Google and let’s see what’s going on for the next two exits? If you will, that should give you enough time to see how the performance goals with that vehicle, but you drive I’m not trying to catch them off guard or anything.
You just want a decent job.

All right now, I did say something else, and I told you that salesperson needs to be quiet.
How many times have you been on a demo ride, buying a vehicle, and that salesperson is like a net talking about everything, except for the car about your kids, their kids baseball sports policy.
You want to feel experience the vehicle if that salesperson, doesn’t understand, buying signals that you need to take mental ownership.

That’s the only way by you experiencing it, then I would not deal with that salesperson when I get back from the demo now.
The fact is that the creator gave us all two ears: one mouth, a good professional sales person will shut their mouth.
If you have a question sure they’ll address it.

If you don’t have a question, they should keep their mouth shut, so you can enjoy the ride.
Now think about, how would you feel if a professional salesperson was allowing you to drive the vehicle that you want to take home and you’re considering, and you can take it where you want to go, not a plan route and they have their mouths shut.
So you and your significant other you and your neighbor, whoever you’re with, can enjoy the ride.

That’s the challenge that we run into, especially today at our dealerships.
Now, with this virus many times dealerships will let you go out on your own, but if you don’t know some of the technology yeah we’re missing it out.
That’s why the product presentation before you go on the demo.

Ride is so important now, if some of this makes sense to you come back again for another installment of shop, smart, autos, Brad and Hardison, as always in Party you go on out and make it a champion day.

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