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Hello norwall share from nwa conquer what you chase: sales training as well as varsity ford on my drive into work this morning here back in michigan, left 80 90 degrees and sunny and southern utah back here in michigan 50 degrees.

It’s rainy it’s cool damp, but i wanted to talk about utilizing what is free and what is available to you.
Okay, i’ve been selling cars for 15 years, been in the business for 18 years within the last couple years.
A couple great groups have come out 30 sales a month.

Six figures alpha dog, tribe, sale, pros, there’s a whole bunch of them out there, depending on which one you like to follow the most.

But there’s a lot of good information out there a lot more information than when I started, and I do see a handful of these rookies of these newer sales, people that are posted on there.
That are commenting that are getting a lot of knowledge from it and kudos to you on that Brandon Smith’s one that comes to the top of my head.

Nate D Allen is definitely a bolt hands in both feet first, but if I had this same kind of groups in pure peers and set up that’s available now, I think my career would have started.
I would have taken it to the next level much earlier in my career rather than in my fifth year, so just wanted to say utilize.
All those groups that are out there make it a great day.

Remember no means I’m not ready yet and just keep on pushing pushing pushing we’re in sales.
Our job is to overcome objections.
I don’t care what anybody says.

We overcome objections, Noah, Walsh, conquer what you change: sales training rock it out.

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