Success…How to Achieve It and Live Happy and Healthy

Expensive cars and big nice and fancy homes and luxurious vacations: this is how today’s society views success.

The purpose of this message is to explain how success is more than a lifestyle.

It’s a state of mind you see.
Success is a word that has many different levels of meaning, and it’s often used to describe those people who seem to have been an Arab genius of item.

You notice the solutions they come up with, it’s the the way that they apply their talent and it’s their ability to focus on achieving their dreams.
That appear to be out of the reach of what many would consider to be ordinary mortals, but these people may be mathematicians scientists, entrepreneurs with whatever it is that they do they perform it at an extremely high level.
That appears to be absolutely amazing and the way society typically classifies.

These people is that successful.
Now we also use the term successful to describe the the big play of the game or the title of a person in business or a certain status of wealth in our society.
But I don’t believe that the worst successes as precise or direct or to the point as many people believe it is – I mean this word success.

We want to shout it out, and many people live their lives.
For that very moment of recognition is that nothing else is important or is it? Nothing else exists, and I don’t know if it’s by accident or by design, but a lot of people believe that success is reserved for a select group of special people as if they themselves are not worthy that if they had a show, they created a show called The americas best to doing absolutely nothing that i know some people who would win hands down.
I mean these people would receive folks to be the undisputed champions of the world.

How many of you know people like that? You see.
We must begin to understand that success.
Isn’t something that that’s given to us and it’s not something that that that just happens? Success is something that we experience when we do things and when we act in a certain way.

Now, let me ask you: would you like to learn the blueprint to create happiness, attract more success in to double your income in three years or less? But let me ask an even more important question: when you receive the formula to create more happiness and attract more success and to double your income in less than three years, will you use it now? Here’s why I ask that you see many times we watch and admire the accomplishments of of super achievers, and it appears as like it’s something that just miraculously or have been supernaturally when, in truth, when we witnessed the brilliant performance or and the successful achievement of a Person in his or her profession, what we are really witnessing is someone who has thrown themselves passionately into their field for some time, and these super achievers have applied the same exact formula that I’m sharing with you here today to manifest their heart’s deepest desires into their Physical reality, so when we watch and we admire the accomplishments of these super achievers and successful people, what we are really witnessing is the tail end of a much bigger and broader picture.
You see in most cases, these people have worked night after night, practicing over and over again for this very moment of triumph or for that very achievement, which means that we too have the ability to develop our talents and to become anything that we set our hearts And minds to which means that you can become that successful CEO, you can become that great musician.
You can be that oscar-nominated actor or you can become extremely successful at doing nothing and say I want to touch on that that person that develops the ability to do nothing.

You see the same way.
We have to develop our talents to experience, achievements and accomplishments in our profession or our crabs.
The person that becomes good at doing nothing.

They have to learn to be that way.
You see when we’re children, our curiosity and our enthusiasm has us trying and testing everything but see.
Is that child matures? What happens? Is they begin to build their curiosity and daughter, ambition and dole their will to act simply by ignoring it, and that’s where the true disappointment comes in? Perhaps the most difficult and vital requirement for true success is honesty.

You see honesty requires that we ask and answer difficult questions about ourselves.
It means that we’re not telling ourselves that we’re perfect and that there’s nothing that we need to improve.
It means understanding that there are things about ourselves that we must change in order to improve our quality of life.

There’s a quote by one of my favorite authors by the name of anita brookner and he discusses self-analysis and what it says is that what is interesting about self analysis is that it leads nowhere, because it is an art form in itself.
I want to repeat that what is interesting about self analysis is that it leads nowhere, because it is an art form in itself.
You see, we have to be realistic with ourselves and we have to ask ourselves, you know what is it that we that we believe in what is it that we want to achieve, and what is it that we choose to focus our attention on you see reaching This peak of success and riding this wave is not something that happens by accident or by chance, and it’s not something that’s reserved for a select group of special people see is something that we experience and it’s something that comes by divine, passionate design and guess what We are the architect, you see, being honest, often involves us being critical and – and this can be extremely difficult for a lot of people, and let me give you the example of this: have you ever met somebody that everything that goes wrong in their life? No matter? What it is they blame someone else.

I mean everything I mean if they lose their job, it was the management team and their co-workers were plotted against them.
If they break up in a relationship, it was the other person who had the problems or the issues and if they don’t have enough money or their careers, not going the way that they plan it’s a government conspiracy.
Another way the man is trying to keep them down, keep his foot on it through and when I hear these people talking like this, I just want to grab him and just shake some sense into him, because they’re looking around that everything else to blame, except where They should which is inside themselves and as a result, they see a very narrow field of opportunity in front of them and many times they miss their chance to seize the moment and take action.

He said when we have a limited view of ourselves and of our abilities.
What we are really doing is limiting our choices and the point that I’d like to make here is this: we must pull back the veil of darkness and we must remove the negative self analysis or the negative self-talk, and in doing so, what will reveal what we Learn is that what we thought was limited ability and limited possibility was really just a case where we refused to see any other option.
You see there’s a lot going on around us in our everyday lives, a lot and as we’ve matured, we’ve developed the ability to block a lot of things out but see success needs fresh eyes.

Success needs new options and new pathways.
The CC test requires us to endure.
It requires us to open up new doors and continue moving forward with our eyes steadily focused on our goal, and it doesn’t require.

A new way of thinking is really an old one that you’re really familiar with it’s the way we were when we’re with children.
Now I want to ask you: do you have small children? Are you around small children quite a bit? If so, then, you’ll agree with me, you see if you take a small child and you ask them for 12 months out of the year what they would like to be when they grow up more than likely you’re going to get 12 different answers right now.
Why is that? You see? That’s because when we’re children, we have not developed a fear of failure, but what happens is that the parent or the adult figure in the child’s life begins to pass on their own failures and their own prejudices and their own experiences? And what happens is it begins to break down the confidence of that child and we should teach children, and we should learn in ourselves to embrace our failures, to learn from them and to grow because, let’s be honest, failing isn’t really failing in a sense like most People believe it is all feeling is, is we learn the right way and how not to do something so the one thing that we should be taught to embrace.

We begin to develop a terrible fear of, and it causes us to duck our heads into run for cover to be successful at anything.
So we must find what it is that that drives us and what gives us passion and enthusiasm.

What is it that that makes you feel good you see? Success is more than cars and houses, and vacations success is doing whatever it is.

That gives you a feeling of self-worth, but it appears is that this aspect of success is something that we have gotten throughout.
Our development and to find what that is that drives you, and that gives you passion and enthusiasm.

That’s the one thing that you must rediscover in yourself.

In order to experience true success in your lifetime, you see we must begin to to change the way we think and asking ourselves.
The right questions is the key to deeper knowledge and understanding and I’ll, be honest with you.
Yes, there will be obstacles that come up during your lifetime.

We see obstacles are meant to be overcome.
We must begin to change the way we see obstacles to be truly successful and to achieve anything in your life, you must begin to see obstacles as seeds of opportunity, because that’s really what they are, aren’t they.
So when you, when you face a difficult situation, what you got to do is you got to get yourself planted firmly? You got to get your balance, get yourself together, you charged ahead, knowing that this is only for a moment and that it too shall pass.

So when you, when you face a difficult situation, what you got to do is you got to get yourself planted firmly? You got to get your balance, get yourself together.
You charge your head, knowing that this is only for a moment and that it too shall pass.
And yes, it’s natural to be afraid.

You may experience period times, but I assure you that the consequences of you giving up are far greater than whatever it is that you fear and they will have more of an impact on your life than you can possibly imagine and yeah.
We may have to struggle a little bit to break free of the negative beliefs that I’ve held you back, but we must continue moving forward towards our desired goal.
Think about what it’s like to be able to to plan your own future to visualize it I mean picture yourself seeing your future as you staring down.

The pathway to prosperity means that, in a way that you can create your future or let me put it another way, the future is used to create.
I want you to think about that for a minute.
That’s a very profound thing to understand that the future is yours to create.

Ask yourself this.
If you can do anything that you wanted to do, you can be anything that you wanted to be, and you can have anything that you wanted to have.
What would you do, what would you be or what would you have if you knew that there was no way that you could fail and whatever your answer is: that’s where your heart is and once you know and understand that it makes it that much easier to Move towards accomplishing your goal, you may be familiar with the book of your life up to this point any, and you ought to be because you have lived each and every moment in each and every situation, except for now.

The only difference is that you know that the next page is blank and nobody knows how the story will go except you I want to close with this.
You are a special, unique and beautiful being and there’s a greatness inside you that was willing to manifest your heart’s deepest desires.

All you have to do is decide what it is.

Once you decide what it is that you want.
The next step is to is to visualize, see it if it’s that car or that house or that that relationship see it see yourself doing it being that having it once you do those things the next step, which is keying, it’s vital to achieving anything which is Taking action – and you take concentrated action with focused attention – determine to accomplish your goal.
If you put everything you got and to being whatever it is that you desire to be your chances of achieving success, look extremely bright.

I wish you the best of luck and thank you.

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