It is time to have a good time good morning, good morning, ramirez the car guy.
This is frelinar’s sub prime bureau and we are excited to have a special special guest inside of the cafe today.
Nancy, benjamin is brewing solutions with us and we are exactly what’s going on.

I’m excited to be here guys, it’s a good morning, it’s good to do what we came here to do.

Thank you for having me on the show, couldn’t pick a better show to be on um and, and i’m actually like.

I just learned something that you guys are probably going to mention later, but it’s about your coffee but, more importantly, back to the subject.
So i yeah i’m excited to be here, i’m from auto loan options, i’m the dealer, relations manager for the company um been doing this for eight years now with the company.
I was one of his first employees and there’s nothing that i love doing more waking up making sure customers are happy, our dealers are happy and you know just making sure everybody knows what to do and in order to get through the day.

So this is.
This is what we do here: um, we generate special finances subprime on auto links, and we also have a subprime bdc here at our headquarters here in um, auto at auto loan options in royal oak michigan.
So behind me is you know some of the ppcs.

Some of the you know the we have an amazing team here: programmers um ppc team.
We have account managers that are hands-on with our dealers every single day and in front of me, which is what something you don’t see is our bdc center.
They are hustling every single day with the dealerships with the customers, every single lead and we we generate thousands every single day.

That’s so awesome we’re going to get so deep into all that stuff, and i want you to talk about your business.

What you guys are doing, how you guys are changing, how you guys are being solutionaries out there in a world that needs solutions, because there’s so many problems, another go ahead and tag a card now tag a card down drop their name into the comment.
If you know that they need to get them, some of this go ahead and drop their name in there share share share share here.

We , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , [, Laughter, ], oh , , [ Applause, ], .
We’re excited to be here with some more solutionaries uh.
Another superior that’s doing great things up in michigan and just excited to have it here, but we want to let you all know that this brew has been brought to you by big egg and elite five players.

That’s why i have some incredible individuals and companies that have definitely seen that we are here to bring some solutions to the industry, changing mindsets into a positive mental form, so that we can do great things.
I’m just excited to have some great people here.
I love how you broke the sentences like they once sound likely, but no, we are we’re super excited.

This morning we have a special guest nancy nancy’s, been somebody that i’ve seen on social media.
That just brings light every time she puts a post out there.
She has a she.

She definitely is all about making things positive, putting things on a great note.
I know she’s been through some stuff over the last couple of years in her life yep.
She still is a beacon of light out there and i’m so called people on the show she’s, a former podcast host himself, i’m gon na influence and make her do it again.

She needs to be out there doing seriously.
Your voice needs to be out there, but the most important thing for me about podcasts.

So you know – and i think that maybe you probably already know that it’s bringing other voices into allowing them and when you can do that, your podcast will just it’s just it’s butter, you learn so much you shared so much and then you get you and everybody In the world gets that little piece of that, so we’re so excited to have you here.

Thank you so much this morning good morning to be here.

I’m excited to be here and yes, i did have a podcast before we’re going to leave that later on and we’ll talk about this more yet it’s it’s nice to be on one again getting interviewed this time, not being the one interviewing.
I know what you mean when i get interviewed it’s um, it’s a different rush completely.

When i remember the very first time i ever was interviewed.
I was extremely nervous almost to the vomit point, but once i was like one second into it, i was fine, but it put them all the way.
Leading to that moment i was like, oh, my goodness, am i going to be no, i was probably everything was great, so we’re excited so we know you’re going to have a great time today.

We know you’re going to bring some knowledge.
We know that you’re going to have some you’re going to be able to share some stuff for people that are just going to be able to open their eyes, and hopefully some people can give you reach out to you afterwards if they need some help in their Dealerships, you know, that’s, that’s let people know what you do, how you do it and how to get a hold of you and we’re going to make that happen for you today so before we do that before we do everything.
There’s as the formula to make sure that we keep growing, and these three f’s include you wiping off the weight of failure.

Unforgiveness fear worry doubt uh or anything that somebody has said negative about you all that negativity has to get off your shoulders.
You got ta wipe it off then number two we are going to take the hands of the free to do great things then focus on where it is that we are going and then we’re gon na fly three motions.

Here we go on three one guy across the road there you go, one two three say forget it: yeah go home right here, live hey, keep growing, keep growing creep, yeah get something there we go.

You did that you know what that felt good.
It starts up.
My day, i like business, that’s it that’s the best way to start the day.

There’s no doubt so.
We are going to jump into our flight line a week for nancy and our five learner is designed to just bring out you talk about your origin story from what how you be where you began to where you are now.
So i’m excited about this.

Let’s get this thing started.
The very first question i ask everyone is the same exact question that i ask every person that comes on my show: it’s their.
Why it’s their purpose? What drives you, when you wake up every morning, to get out of bed instead of sit down with this news button 20 times and sleep in all day long? What motivates you to go ahead and just try to be more than you were the day before? Oh, that’s a loaded question.

It’s it’s loaded because there’s so many things that built up to this moment every single day that you get up.
There are people that depend on you.
You know they rely on you um.

They look up to you, they’re, inspired by you or you, you know you’re inspired by them.
It’s an opportunity to do something better every single day, and you know it’s for me.

I came from very very humble beginnings, so it’s the the fuel that i get from that humble beginning is what drives me every single day? To be honest? Oh yes, i love it.
It’s that it’s the drive to to be more and know that you are more.

You know there’s this united states the world and it allows us to become people that we want to be that’s right and you don’t let the past determine your future.

So that’s right right! That’s so true right exactly you know, and everybody can start over right.
Second, you know no matter what morning is a chance to start fresh.

Do not let your past define you, you know, and i i love that you said that because it’s so true because everybody has a checkered past at some point right, everybody has made mistakes.
Everybody’s! No one’s perfect in this whole planet, but what we all strive to do is just be better and you don’t have to even be perfect.
You just have to be better than you were the day before and that’s that’s what we strive to be, and i can tell that’s what what your purpose is just to be better to help more people to do these things so you’re a solutionary at heart period.

That’s where you’re that’s, where your drive comes from, to be a solution, so welcome to the show right.
So thank you.
Thank you.

Just jump in there real, quick and dig into this.
This humble beginning side of it because there’s something about this business that is nearly magical.
It’s if you can come in one way, don’t know how to dress.

Don’t really know how to speak.

Don’t know.
Uh people don’t have connections, don’t have an education may not have graduated high school there’s so many things that have been weights on people to jump into a profession where they can make real uh good, solid money and i mean become millionaires.

You can really find your way whether you’re you’re cleaning your car up to owning the dealership uh that pack can be created inside this business.

That’s why i love uh this business uh.
We do come from humble beginnings as well uh, but as as far as the humble beginnings that you have um and how you’ve seen the business uh be able to bend towards helping promote and build up other people.

Remember it’s not been race hasn’t stopped.
People from necessarily succeeding inside of this religion hasn’t stopped people from succeeding inside of this business um political parties preferences.
None of that stuff stops people from succeeding in this business unless they let it unless their humble beginnings or things that they take back in and they use as an excuse for why they can’t advance forward.

So real quick.
I just want to dig a little bit more into that.
I guess i’ll go ahead and use that, as my question describe some of these humble beginnings that you’ve come from and how you found your way to the car business.

Oh, let’s start with growing up in the roughest part of detroit.
You can possibly live in um i mean.
Obviously we detroit is detroit right, so um it has a wrap and it lives by it.

So it’s it’s very real.
It was very scary um from some months.
I thought i wasn’t going to see the next month some some years.

I thought for sure this is going to be the last um.
You know robberies you name it my house getting caught on fire.
I watched everything burn and that kind of stuff shapes you because it thickens your skin at a very young age, but you carry it with you.

You know all those memories, you don’t forget.
So obviously you never want to go back to that moment and that’s why you have to keep trying harder every day.

That’s right! So how did you find yourself in the car business? So when i left college and decided to go visit, my father, who lived in arizona at the time um i had to pay off college debt.

So i started with the infamous van tile group out in the southwest.
I started one of the largest honda dealerships in the southwest um and got my start there and honestly.
For me, it was just something to get you know to pay the bills and at the time i did not know i was entering my professional career um.

It was just it was.
You know.
The van tile training is very process driven the 12 steps.

Never forget them um and that’s really what got me uh? I guess excited about the business and the opportunity to make so much money at such a young age.

Um it just it was fun.

You get to talk to people.
I was able to be myself.
It was a very non-judgmental business um and you know everybody takes you for who you are as long as you’re treating each other.

Well, everybody’s selling, cars, everyone’s happy and your consumers feel like you know, this is a place i’ll come back to again.

It was kind of a no-brainer for me and uh.
I didn’t want to stay in arizona.

So in 2012 september i came back to michigan two weeks later found auto loan options.
He hired me and a programmer and we were his two first uh employees and it’s been eight years later and i wouldn’t trade it for the world.
That’s so that’s a great story.

You know this business because it has a way of sucking people in you know.
It’s addictive because here’s the thing bottom line we do make money, but what the thing this business does it solves problems for people.
It helps other people, it changes people’s lives.

It does so many things that are beneficial as a human being to other human beings.

You know so we we provide a great service, whether you’re in sales, retail or vendor, whatever you’re doing you’re you’re, definitely you’re you’re, helping other people, and it’s it’s like that.
A lot of things you can.

Actually, if you really dig deep, you can find that type of motivation in almost anything you do in this world um.
You know, there’s there’s ways that you know what you do is it’s beneficial to the human race you’re, helping them you’re, helping the race or the people move forward.

Correct people be able to live well, but the thing about the car business is that it’s an amazing business there’s so many amazing people there’s so many different levels of this business that if you want growth, you can find growth every single day.

If you need something to learn, you can sit down and learn something every single day about how to do this job.
Better right.
People, like you nancy, are the reason why um, you know what you do and what you provide as a service with your with your company and with yourself is that you’re helping people do all those things you’re helping people realize that a dealership could you know talking About subprime and i’m a subprime hero, i absolutely you know, love self-crime and i’m all passionate about helping and bringing light to that, and what you do is very much like that.

What you do is trying to help people in that market that market is getting bigger, is getting bigger and bigger and bigger every moment right now, in this world, with the way coronavirus did with lost jobs and all these people who who had fair credit now they Have less than fair or people who have great credit now have fair credit? You know so there’s all this people who are now subprimed and dealerships have to help them a lot of joseph who wouldn’t even try to help these customers so now they’re starting to realize wow.

This market share is way bigger and it was always big.
It was always a huge market share, it’s just that they just ignored it.

They ignored it because their friends or their family members weren’t those types of people right, unfortunately, something that a lot of people kind of swept under the rug, and you know a lot of times you didn’t know you never knew who subprime managers were at a dealership.

You know – and it’s it’s crazy to say, but it’s reality.

You know longest time.

I didn’t understand why, because those that’s that’s your front line for consume those are your future consumers yep? That’s the man! That’s going to build that relationship with your future consumers.
I never understood why that subprime, finance manager or special or whatever they want to call it secondary, was the guy that wasn’t or the girl that wasn’t on their website most of the time believe it or not.
I couldn’t find those professionals on a website and for the life of me.

I never understood it uh, but i think, as time goes as time went by, i think more people realize that this is not going anywhere.
This is necessary.
You need to be more upfront about it, and you know what better, what better way to do it than just put yourself out there? Let people know you’re there to help them, and you know it’s a good start.

I i personally think that that is, if not one of your most important people at your dealership.

There’s no doubt about that.
I mean consumers that have had challenging times that maybe your consumer forever they’re going to bring back their family, their friends because you treated them right right.

The thing that’s actually starting to happen, big inside of the the shift from just the way people are purchasing right.

Now is that there is so much that’s happening, that’s affecting people’s credit, there’s so much that that has shifted, but even before um kovit came across or all of these other things have adjusted inside of our life.
The the the concept of a customer going through some bad times and then not being able to come back to you to purchase is, is like a mindset.

I can’t wrap around you spoken about about it, the other day on on how we were brought up in this business.
When we were brought up in this business.
Subprime was subprime.

The question we only had was: can i sell them a car? What can i do? What do you want me to show them where? Where do you want me to go? Do i need all steps, or do i need a couple right? [, Music ] banks came along and probably started to do more training on their programs, which i feel is extremely important um.
If, if i’m going to be honest, i’m going to definitely say, i think a lot more dealerships need to be over than open about all of the banks that are walking through their doors and you you have to stay in green mode.

You can’t sit there and and think that you know everything, because this business is an ever-changing business.

Yes, there are things that you will learn about these banks programs every single day to help you sell more cars and help more people, bam right.
You know and that’s the key and people and companies like nancy works for they’re they’re, going to help.
You learn these processes too.

So, like here’s, the thing you know, i know that i’m process driven.

So in order for me i can say hey.
I want to do subprime, but until i got my processes in play that i am going to use consistently and not in every single time, i’m not going to just fray from and sometimes work and sometimes not you have to do it every single day be passionate About every application that your sales person brings you as a manager, if you’re a salesperson, be passionate about every customer that walks on your life tell them how much you appreciate them! How much it means to you that you’re they’re, even sitting down with you, allowing you to take a credit out from them, because these people are going through things they’re embarrassed to show you their credit they’re embarrassed to talk about their past history, but so heartbreaking.

The things that i see every day, yeah, i think too, you know it does heartwarming.
At the same time, when you get help the right way, you should see the reviews they write for some of these dealerships.

It’ll put tears in your eyes, but the key to everything is: you can do everything right, and i mentioned this the other night when i was on a podcast when i was being interviews that you can do you can meet and greet them.

You can do everything you can show them the right card, they could buy the vehicle.
The payment’s, affordable, they’d, leave the lie.
You do a great delivery, but if you never follow up with these people, and you don’t send them a thank you note, you don’t call them periodically.

Let them know how much you appreciate the business and ask them how they’re doing they will forget you.
Even if you treated them like a queen or a king, they will forget you, oh yes, they will.
I mean they will come in and ask for someone else or just be like.

I don’t remember my person and at that point to me that means you don’t deserve that customer so always follow up.
So all you sales people out there, no matter what kind of sales you’re in whether you’re in car business, if you’re in pharmaceutical sales, if you’re in you know insurance sales, it doesn’t matter, you have to follow up with everyone.
You touched to include your current roster of clients.

Your current roster clients is actually where you can make the most amount of money, even in the future, if you use it right for referrals for follow-up or repeat business for touch-ups add-ons to their to their whatever right.
That’s such a golden thing and people under utilize, their current database of people.
So much that’s a whole other story.

We can talk about this more later, but i go into that so deeply.
Oh, i know you can so we’re going to get we’re going to get to the third question now.
So the third question i’m going to have for you is, and it’s it’s something we kind of talked yesterday on the phone.

You know we’re trying to just you know, get to know each other a little bit before the show started and um.

When we were talking you, you know.
I know you mentioned some people in the past.

I am sure that there’s somebody who heavily influenced you, somebody that you can look back at and be like this person made a huge pivot in my life by just what they taught me.
Who would that person an easy one um, and i i it? I can’t even talk about it, sometimes without getting emotional, because he took me at a very young age.
I mean i think i was like 22 23 and eight years later has turned me into the woman.

I’ve always wanted to be, and that is a man that works in that office right there and that owner of this company, bob chica, who owns and directs auto loan options um.
He has taught me more about relationships and the value of nurturing them and taking care of your clients um more than anybody has, and i think ever will and uh.
I owe a very huge portion of my success to them.

Cheers to him.
That’s always good to have a mentor person like that in your in your work spot.
You know those mentors eventually, one day are gon na.

Look at you as a mentor in a sense too, you know i have.

I have people who have coached me up raised me up, helped me become who i am and then now they’re looking at me, because i’ve really reached out and they’re actually they’re looking for mentorship for me and that’s a beautiful thing and that’s, but that’s what a Mentor wants like, i know that if i wasn’t mentored by my dad like if i could mentor somebody like lou right and i get him pumped up and then one day he grows so big that i get influenced by what he’s doing and that’s the whole.
That’s that’s beautiful! It’s your legacy, you know and you’re part of his legacy and you’re gon na have a legacy of your own, and i know it’s gon na be a beautiful thing and because you’re just an awesome person and you just keep doing what you’re doing reach out get Uncomfortable, like you know, i really want to see this nancy murray, benjamin podcast.

It needs to happen again, and i think that if you do this and you put passion into it, the way you are with everything else you do.

I know it’s going to be great and i know that i would be there to support it.
I know lou would be there and anyone and all these friends that are under watching now, there’s so many people who will support that.

So that’s a great answer to him.
So luke number four: do you really feel like he’s pushing this podcast? I told her that yesterday that i was gon na i’m gon na make sure she does this podcast.
I won’t believe it, so i really um for for me.

The only reason why, to be honest with you that i really stopped and um i’m gon na probably grab a tissue because it’s hard for me not to get emotional about this.

I only stopped the old podcast because after my father passed, i didn’t have it in me to interview one more person i mean it literally was cut off the moment.
The podcast was picking up and it was for being, you know, a no-brainer.

Obviously i needed some time to mourn.

You know the greatest man in my life and i felt disrespectful to continue it for a little while um and then covet him.
You know after after i actually had a little bit of uh.

I guess got to start the program up again, the beginning of this year.

We hit covet and that’s when things started to fall, for you know some of our dealers.
Unfortunately, luckily our company was untouched, as far as you know, um sales and things like that.

There were a lot of states that weren’t affected a lot of dealers had amazing record months, believe it or not, and some of them unfortunately didn’t have – you know – had some not so great moments and we stopped by those dealerships um.
In fact, i think we might have been the only subprime lead generator that stopped the leads for dealerships that forgot to tell us to turn things off, because we felt we felt it was the right thing to do.


We didn’t feel right that you know right to charge people for leads that you know you weren’t going to be able to work anyway right.

It was the right thing to do and i’m very happy that we did um and they have gladly all started up and come back, and i can’t believe what they’re doing now i mean i’m super super impressed with the dealers that have come back after colin’s industry.
Definitely is thought out a lot more than than it was um in the earlier months, but i’m happy to see everybody back at it selling cars.

You know helping customers every single day and for us it’s really important who we choose as dealers – and i didn’t mention this before, but um i’m not going to work with any dealer that wants to sign up with me.
I’m just not going to you need to have the right knowledge.
The right team, the right bank set up the right inventory, we’re going to be selective because we’re a company based on reputation.

If you know what you’re going to do or what to do we’re setting our customers up for failure and we’re setting your dealership up for failure – and i’m not here to just take your money, i like to work with you month after month, and the only way To do that is to make sure that we get all those questions answered in the beginning and that’s because you’re a dealer partner, you’re, not you’re, not a um you’re, not a vendor you’re, not an outside source.
You want to be a partner, that’s exactly right! When you partner, you take ownership of their business in your heart, you know so when they fail, you fail when they succeed, you succeed and that’s that’s.
The only way to to take any type of business when you’re helping other people is that you have to become one with those people.

You have to become bad so like if abc motor is my client.
I am now abc motor right.
You know when i’m when i’m working with them everything i do i’m gon na, it’s i’m passionate just like the owner would be passionate about this business.

I would be.
I would be upset if something didn’t go.
The way i was planning it to go.

You know all those types of things i could see that inside you.
I actually had your companies like that.
I love that your owner and your company decided to hold the leads even on people who didn’t ask to hold them, because it was the right thing to do, because you know those people.

They don’t think about all the little bills that they’re paying out the dealers and stuff like that, because they’re absolutely forget all the expenses that you’re you know yeah and by are you guys taking the initiative and saying hey, look we’re gon na pump the brakes on This for you guys, because it’s it’s what we should be doing, because i’m gon na be giving you leads that are just going to sit there for no reason right.

So you guys all did the right thing there that that shows you guys that you guys are not about the money you’re you’re, about people over profits.
Integrity is one of the things that he taught me yeah and i i love that and that’s integrity is my number one to me.

It’s my biggest core value.
It’s something that i really try to focus my whole life around, whether it’s my home life, whether it’s my work, life, it’s always going to be with integrity.

First, if i start with integrity, everything falls into place right.

So i love that you guys are like that.
I love that you’re like that, and i know that it’s just going to blossom from there.
This whole thing was a was a great time for a multitude of things.

You know i’m not saying the world, i hate to say you can great with the word kobe, but i look at the bright side of everything that we’re doing.
I look at when i see life and something negative happens, there’s always a yang to that.

You know what i mean so there’s always a positive side to something negative and if you, if you focus on that negative you’re gon na yeah, you’ll you’ll drown in it.

You’ll feel like man.
Life is horrible.
I can’t handle.

But if you focus on the positive for knowing what the positive is gon na be because of this negative, it’s easier to stay positive, keep moving forward, doing the right things.
Having that integrity, helping other people grow and you’re doing that nancy, and i and i see that i’ve seen i’ve seen even the growth of just the last few months during corona with you, you know i’ve seen that you’re posting more you’re starting to get more excited About doing things – and i really want to keep encouraging you to do that – it’s not to stop because when it starts to get uncomfortable, is when you’re doing it right right so keep being uncomfortable right.

That’s literally what we preach now behind you.

What you guys don’t see right now is our bdc is working at all of our dealer accounts right now, right behind you and it you know they walked in and they’re like.
Let’s you know they they feeling what was going on, but it was interesting, but they uh they’re happy to hear this because they’re getting this insight from people outside of the office that are in the business and you know feel the same way about how we, how We value you know our consumers, our clients and everything and that’s what we teach them to do as well.
I mean they’re here um because they want to be here, they’re, not here, because it’s nine to five they’re here because they actually enjoy what they do.

You know – hopefully they like me, but uh, but the vibe is very it’s very you know, i’m i’m an open person, i’m here to help.
I love people.
I love life.

I just want to encourage people to enjoy life too, and that’s the way that translates to your work, your workforce too, when you provide that to everybody and everybody’s going on that vibe and they’re feeding off each other.
It’s it’s just a good good thing.
You know: we’ve had some people jump on this morning, yeah exactly it’s a family, so i want to throw out a quick shout out to a couple people there’s mariana uh talent, who’s.

I hope i pronounced that right.
She says nancy with the red heart.

You got tamra well, there’s some unique last names.
I love them, though it’s kiana, tawani love that last name.
Hopefully i didn’t butcher it too bad.

I think it’s so cool if you could show me how to pronounce that.

I would love that last name anyway, with the purple heart, you got michelle streets who’s, one of the sisters of savings up there rainbow motors saying good morning.

We got me, i post a comment and ask questions.

Anytime, friends, you got jason grimes, saying good morning: matt damos, my brother.
This is my first guy.
You know you’re talking about your your guy.

Now matt was the dude who taught me everything when i first started so hello matt what’s up good morning brother, then we’ve got no matt he’s awesome and then we got steve tagliante.
He says nancy, marie benjamin is a total rock star right amen.
I i second that so so what question we are third question.

We might be no we’re actually on number four, but i got a couple things that i do want to pull in there that you you’ve said – and i kind of want to pull out.
Okay, real fast, because the relationship that you put together between uh, not just your staff there, but through the relationships that you have with the dealerships and we posted up here a moment ago – relationships over revenue, um you’re, telling us how your mentor uh helped.
You understand the value of building those relationships.

You’ve also explained that you still had campaigns still had things going on, even as this crisis was beginning to occur, where you could have been producing revenue uh.
That would have done nothing for the people that you have valuable relationships right.
You understood these things.

You have a culture inside of the building that you’re in inside of the company that you’re in that’s promoting people.
That’s building up people in order to make the company uh stand rock solid.
You have people that are passionately believing in what it is that they’re doing what it is that their mission is and that culture is is spewing over into the business that you actually have with the dealers that you have that relationship with.

So, as i kind of lean a little bit more into that and understanding that there’s there’s so much that happens there, you explain the processes that you have to have in place, because you don’t want to just work with anybody right.
You don’t just let anybody into your life as a person as just a person, and nor do you let just anybody into your business to do business with them.

Uh there’s key things that have to be in line like you said the inventory, the the actual processes you need to have the banks.

You need to have the people that understand the mission.
All of these things are key pieces to making a business happen for car guys.
Business happening for the vendors actual success occur for customers who are trusting to give them their personal information to spend their valuable time then spend their hard-earned money right.

All of these things you’re telling a dealer i’m going to get you people in front of you, but i want to make sure that you know how to take care of them when they get there.

Just because you build a hospital doesn’t mean that you got doctors that know how to do surgery, right and and so doing.
Those things is helping to make sure that success comes to the people that you’re helping the dealers right.

Success is is seen through the action of the purchase that happens with their client, but you’re also hitting a fine niche and you’re letting people know or you’re letting your dealers know hey i’m going to bring you the customers that a lot of banks don’t want nothing To do with or a lot of the prime banks right right, the prime banks, you’re helping them understand.
Look these are valuable people.

It’s going to take a little bit of work.

It’s going to take a few different processes.
It’s going to take custody like inventory.
That’s nearly custom for them right that is set up just right for them, there’s so many intricate parts in that.

So i love the entire understanding that goes into putting a cardio for somebody that is really sitting at the desk with the sales people like man.
I really hope they can get us done and they wait for that.
One answer from their sales person to say: hey, do we get approved? Do we do we? Are we gon na go look at cars now we’re approved.

You know that i get to because in my posture in the dealership i get to hear what’s going on, i get to hear the conversations between the sales people and and their customer, and i get to get to hear that customer saying what what we’re approved when Someone when a car is outside and it’s all blown up and ready for a complete, beautiful, walk around right and they say: hey come here.
I got this, i got.
I got to show you this car.

I want to show you this and it’s outside they’re like we’re, going to go, look at a car because they’re so used to being told if you bring your child, your sick child, to the hospital, and they say we don’t know, what’s wrong with them, and we Can’t help them, how does that make you feel how what kind of rage rises up inside of you when you’re like? What do you mean you’re, the place that has all of this stuff to fix us? You have doctors, you have all these people that can help me be better or diagnose what my problem is and you’re telling me.
You can’t help me well.
This is what happens when a customer that has had a couple hiccups in the past.

Maybe a lot, maybe complete calamity, maybe they’ve never had anybody tell them how to pay a bill or lick a stamp.
It doesn’t matter whatever.
The case is uh they’re inside of your dealership, because they need help.

What is that that they need? They have a transportation problem right.
They need a vehicle and you’re there to help them with that.
So as long as i’m getting in it, the philosophy is: is that you’re providing a way to help build that relationship with people and saying i don’t care what your past was.

I want to help you out.
I don’t care what your actual roadblocks are.
I want to help you out you’re doing that, but you put processes in place.

What i want to ask and what i want to know about what i think many people probably do want to know, is: what is it that you do or how is it that you encourage these dealers to adjust their mindset towards looking towards these people? What would you say to a person that you’re delivering your product you’re saying? Look we’re going to bring you these people, they have these issues.
This is what’s going on, but they actively want to purchase something.
What would you say to them to get their mindset in place to be able to help put that relationship over revenue? I would say the biggest thing is the opportunity, um you’re you’re, going to probably speak to somebody who you know is completely afraid to speak with anybody.

Who’s never done this process before and you’re, creating bridges that you’ve never otherwise had before with you know, people that can become a long-time customer.
You know you just never know um.
Obviously i mean let’s, let’s, let’s look at it two ways: you’re you’re you’re, building relationships and and you’re also getting a huge gross profit.

I mean what you make out of subprime is normally a little bit more than what you would make in other sales and i’m not saying it’s not all profit but profit’s, not a bad word.
You’re you’re going to work to build a life and all that um and and pay your bills and and feel good about what you do you’re in sales, but you’re also, i mean you’re looking at this consumer and you’re, giving them the opportunity to go into a Car that they never thought possible, they could ever drive and they take that home they’re.
Coming back to you, for you know, forever they’re gon na tell their family about you, they’re gon na.

That is the greatest customer you can have.
They literally do the work for you, i mean really you think about it.
What work are you doing? The consumer is really doing all the work they’re, bringing their steps together, they’re, bringing everything that they need all you’re doing them all you’re doing is really helping them.

Get from point a to point b, um and helping them get into a vehicle that they never thought possible right, you’re, a confidence builder and that’s what salespeople are you’re.
You have to build their confidence up.
You know when you have an approval at that point.

It’s just building confidence and letting them know that your product is good, that you’re good, that the dealership is good, that they’re going to be able to afford it that they’re buying they’re making the best decision.
They could ever possibly make a confidence builder.
And when you do that and you’re good at that – and you want to look people in the eye and honestly make them feel comfortable, make them feel like hey.

This is fun, and i know that i’m making the right decision here, because this guy is all comfortable.
He seems really smooth about it, he’s not all raggedy and all trying to be shady with me he’s just being honest having tons of integrity.
He has a lot of he’s friendly he’s got manners, you know, he’s got all those things or she or whatever the sales person is in front of him.

You know they got to just take care of the customer and build the confidence in them and the confidence even with people who are begging for a deal they still nervous.
They don’t want to make a bad decision.
We all we all out there that doesn’t want to make a bad decision.

Let’s see, so the key is just to make sure that you, you coach them up, and you do that.
You know and that’s something that you know you touched on a bunch there.
You know how these clients are amazing.

So if you do your job, you go all the way through all those points you deliver the vehicle and you treat them right.
It’s so simple.
I mean it’s like that, even with prime customer support.

So all of a sudden we’re talking about even prime customers with a great perfect credit.
They still don’t want to make mistakes, they still want to feel confident in their purchase.
People want to like the person they’re buying a vehicle from, and they still need up just like all the subprime customers, so follow up, follow up, make sure you treat everybody like a millionaire.

You know be right, make them feel comfortable and build the confidence in them to understand that they are making the best decision they can make at that moment.
So, let’s get to a couple of comments: real quick, yeah uh.
We got steve, but we’ve already said that he is a rock star.

I 100 believe that uh he says that he’s been working with you for six years and you are the best, i’m sure he knows man, terry from the think tank he’s the best says uh.
How does the subprime customer experience differ from the prime customer experience during the purchase? The one thing that i would normally that i would answer on that is well i’m going to need you to prove that you make that much.

That’s one thing that changes between the prime customer and the uh customer.

Usually that’s the one thing that changes we have to prove what it is that we’re saying you know what i mean.
That’s usually not that big of a problem you shouldn’t be able to prove everything, you’re saying yeah anyway, whether you’re prime or not, then to me and i’m gon na i’m gon na fancy answer this after two but um.
For me, the difference in experience is nothing.

I’m still gon na treat them with the respect, i’m still going to show them a vehicle and just give them the best features and benefits and demo drivers in their life.
I’m still going to ask them questions.
I’m still going to.

You know investigate what they’re trying to do what’s the best fit for them, i’m still going to investigate what their monthly payment needs to be.
I’m still going to investigate what their last interest rate was, what their last vehicle was with the last i’m still going to do all that, so the experience difference is only if your dealership is making a difference if your salesperson responds differently right right.

I believe that when you deal with customers, you treat them all the same period so give them all a great experience treat everyone in the state.

I don’t have a spectrum department in our dealership.
We don’t i’ve, never had one in any of the stores.
I’ve worked in because we don’t have a different division for some private.

It’s the same person, they’re human beings that came on my life.

That’s all they are privacy, that’s something we talk about when it comes to lenders and stuff, but when it comes to people it’s people, so it’s i’m not even going to take it a step further and say you might, you might just have to have a little Bit of empathy a little bit, this person has went through possible hell and back.
You know, god knows what they went through, that that the course of the last few years, and i think what might happen if for that consumer is, if you know, if they experience more empathy um, you know they will be more comfortable with you.

They want to know that you’re, not judging them, that’s right, and that is only in the case that somebody, you know obviously just went through just horrible things.

Um, there’s nothing wrong with showing your human side.

That’s right! That’s right! John maxwell said that it doesn’t matter a person doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care and when you’re sitting there with that customer, and they understand that look.

I know that there’s challenges and i’m here to take them on with you.

Actually you’re sitting with me because we’re the best at being able to overcome these challenges for you and when you put that type of a posture towards that customer, you start to build up on their certainty.

You start to build up on their uh belief that there is success for them.

There is somebody that wants that right and that, ultimately, is what leads to the referrals, the other people.
That start to say, man you’re certain about this person, helping you, you weren’t.
Judging me, i want to go see you guys.

Well, we’re drinking car got coffee.
If anybody wants to go get themselves some car guy coffee, they can go to car guy coffee dot.
That’s right! Some of this caffeinated consistency.

Before we get to the fifth question.
We got some of these more comments.
Matt a moment ago said everything is possible when you fall in love with your customer.

I love that i was talking about that earlier.
You got charles against charles i’ll, see you later today, brother.
Absolutely i have seen many dealers take a look at a credit bureau and make a decision for the bank fight and never send the application over basically saying he says that he has a post, a note that says just send it.

Sometimes you never know what the debate is willing to do.
I agree there is a slight line that you’re going to have to alter like if they don’t have a job.
You can’t submit that deal if they don’t have a way to pay the vehicle back.

That’s the only time i don’t submit like if somebody literally there’s people who do it.
Folks, the people who walk in has no job, no income, no i’m getting ready to get a job.
Well, that’s that’s! I.

I want to see makeup, but i can’t right.

There are some cases where you can’t submit every deal, but i submit every qualified when it comes to their income and things like that 100 of the time.

Let’s see you got randy, he says we just had a customer come back traded in her 1990 19.

95 percent.
Going for a 7.
7 she’s happy will be a customer for a lifetime yeah.

Yes, she will one hundred percent.
What about you guys, yeah and then randy says bad things happen to good people.
I love that.

I say it all the time.
It’s so true! You know everybody’s been through something in their life everybody’s been through.
You know, people have been through divorces, people have been through coronavirus lost their job.

That was making like six figures and now they’re, making nothing or they’re making half of that right.
So their life had to be altered.
You know so things happen to good people this world, it’s just it’s just ever-changing, but here’s the thing everybody goes through bad spells right when you go through a basketball, eventually you’re going to get back up.

At least we hope right once you get back up you’re, going to remember the people who helped you get back up.

So that’s that’s the whole point of all this right here.
So i love this.

So, let’s, let’s get to the fifth question for you today, i’m excited about this fifth question.
The fifth question is something actually lou was one of the first ones asked this question it’s about.

We all have things in our life that we’re very proud of things that we received, or actually you know accolades, that we were like wow, but there’s something that in your life has been the greatest reward.

The thing that, because of what you’ve done or what you’ve been through, there’s something that’s come out in life.
That has been something that you absolutely just love.
What is that reward? What would that be? Oh man, uh.

Oh yeah, that’s a good one! It’s a good one, you know it, i don’t know if i can sum it up into just someone else at the end of it, i would say, let’s say a couple of things: let’s i mean first and foremost, hopefully being um.

A good example of you know leadership, that’s something that i hope people have taken away from all this and i i hear it a lot and i i guess i’ve been happy to hear um that i have changed.

You know some people, especially past employees that have gone further in their lives now that are come up further in their positions here.

That is the most fulfilling thing you can hear from.
Somebody else is that what you taught them allowed them to grow yeah.
That’s that’s exactly.

That’s that’s huge and that’s something that i take dear and heart, like people like people, i’ve been the leader of in the sense.
You know that i want to make sure that i was able to help them grow and touch them and help them be encouraged to do the same thing for others right and also also in my even with like peers.
You know people that are you know that are at my level.

I hope that i do stuff that influences them to move on and do things like that too so and you’re just starting, you know you’re still a young puppy, so you got a lot of time.
Left in life to do all kinds of amazing stuff and you’re just beginning and you’re, you know you you’ve you’re, definitely blossoming, and i think that you naturally shine.
I think that, if you add more light to that shine and you keep pushing towards it, it’s going to really do amazing things for you for the business that you’re at now and for whatever future endeavors that you do and we really hope to be.

You know we appreciate you for being on here, doing that so and answering these questions now we do have another section we’re going to get together.

It’s our fresh news, and this is where we want you to talk about your business, some more and what you guys have to offer and whatever else that you want to talk about, you know whatever i’m just saying but uh, but i want to you know we’re Going to get to that, it’s our fresh news, section, folks, fresh news is awesome.
Nancy marie benjamin is on the card.

Guy coffee, podcast she’s been an amazing amazing guest to have this morning.
I’m so excited i’m wide awake.

I’m ready to attempt today and get encouraged and help other people get encouraged, because that is a great word to have is to help other people and help them become more.

So, yes, nancy is a solutionary that is rising in this industry and is continuing to solve problems for people uh and she’s, not letting whatever the issues are of customers or business limitations or mindset things to stop people from being helped by your company, and we do Honor that we appreciate the time that you spent when this goes off, you need to go back.
Listen to it.
A little bit she’s overcome some things that all of us encounter all of us encounter uh loss inside of our life.

All of us encounter situations where we need to find a way to continue to drive forward after life hits us with some pretty heavy things, and i’m so thankful that we’ve had the chance to have nancy on this section of car guy coffee podcast.
We are on to fresh news right.
You got ready for that.

I am ready to jump in there.
You still miss a couple moments and we are going to be right back.
This is luke ramirez.

The car guy he’s spreading ourselves: , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , so , [, Laughter, ], oh , [ Applause, ], , car guys and car downs.
Welcome back to the podcast.
This is lou ramirez, the car guy.

This is freylin arts, the subprime hero, and we are excited to be doing solutions.

We got some fresh news for you, everybody.
We just got done finishing up a five lineup with nancy marie.

It was a great live liner, i’m so excited that we had her here this morning.
Her and her team over there are doing some amazing stuff folks, if you guys, are needing some help in that fni department.
If you need some leads she’s about to go over.

All the stuff that she can provide for you make sure that you guys get in touch with nancy.
If you haven’t already get in touch with her, even if it’s just for a conversation, she can just break it down, for you show you how she could benefit.
You in your business and if you guys see something, give them a shot, they’re doing some amazing stuff and obviously she cares about her clients and you guys can see that right now, this whole spotlight definitely highlights everything we’re talking about.

I can’t wait for her to drop in these nuggets car guys and car gals.
Welcome back to the screen, miss nancy, benjamin, getting something folks, she’s she’s she’s, all about the benjamins.
You know what i mean, so i’m so excited to have you here.

Thank you for uh, you know the five-liner that was that was a that was a blessing for us to listen to your story, hear where you come from, what which motivates you who you know who motivated you and also what your rewards and what? What what keeps you motivated and i’m excited to – have you here now it’s time to talk about what you are doing over there up in michigan helping out people across the country? Let’s, let’s get this: let’s get this thing going so today our fresh news segment folks is coming up.

We have an amazing solution here, nancy, marie benjamin, and not only is she an amazing person but she’s also a great business mind, so we need we need to.
We need to talk about what you guys folks get ready to hear what she she’s going to bring and i can offer to you and your business nancy now.

What you do for a living is an amazing thing.

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