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 Hello, auto dealers, sales personnel and automotive groups and welcome to a very special episode of auto dealer news.

I’m your host Jill Nicolini here to welcome you back to your number one source for everything happening in the auto dealer world now, we’ll be speaking to industry leaders and some celebrities as well, and experts to catch you up on sales, marketing and all the technology strategies Out there that will help.
You succeed all right, we’re here.
As always, with our sales expert, CEO of dealer, source group and Universal marketing solutions.

That’s Richie bell there.
He is automotive sales, trainer and business entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the automotive retail industry.
Our sales grew reaching Bella once again welcome Richie.

We have an amazing show ahead of us.
Don’t worry, thank God.
It’s Friday, first opportunity.

I have an amazing show.
Oh we sure do.
We first have a show favorite returning to the show.

That’s John J, Grillo, CEO, pure auto price and precise, auto price, helping consumers and dealerships alike, save money with his expertise in the automotive field.
How you doing today, John very good thanks for having me again all right.
This is really exciting because you also have a connection with our other surprise.

Guest here been a friend for over like 35 years right, absolutely okay, so special celebrity guests in studio right now round of applause, everybody, while I introduce uh-huh CNBC’s new series, stepping out and hustle about five entrepreneurs.
You know that on haunts from Staten Island – and you guessed it the hustle, hey new business, we have dom the boss, that’s ari there.
You go the group’s connector welcome.

This is really really exciting.
Let’s start with, if you don’t mind, first, just talking about what we’re all doing here together, Richie we’re doing here together.

Let me tell you: I spoke to Dom right before the show and I learned such a great deal, automotive dealers.
I learned a whole lot about the hustle.
It really has a few different businesses and what you see I mean you guys should really watch this, because just maybe an hour and a half ago, he showed me a lot of stuff wow.

This is great.
Maybe I’m going to load that up with my e-learning amazing, I really want to spend more time with this gentleman y’all for this guy uncle Dom is like amazing, dumb.
If you don’t mind for those that don’t know about the show on CNBC airs out Wednesday, could you tell us about the concept of the show? Well, it’s about me and five of my close friends how we get together.

Every week we have luncheons, and we came up with this idea of doing what we call the Staten Island hustle is the guy who gets up very early in the morning and works very late into the night.
We work hard to support our families.
This is about making money to help better our children’s lives and along the way we make money.

We make a lot of money, but we make a lot of good friends in the process of it.
So we’re doing the show we, we have many products that we brought to market and it’s showing us how we can make money and happy good friends all at the same time yeah.
You know, unfortunately, some people consider setting out, like The Forgotten borough right.

Unfortunately – and I have a lot of friends from Staten Island and they feel a little left out, but now this show is actually putting you guys.
Staten Island on the map, which is very important to see if we were at Mount, is a great place and you’re doing great things there.
I thank you for that, and we we trying our best to do the best at Staten on is a beautiful borough.

We are the borough of parks.
Most people don’t know that the people are very close-knit.

We have great schools a great opportunity and what we want to do is enhance the businesses of Staten out, so they do even better so that they can exist forward to the future.

Now how’d, you guys all get your nicknames, I mean.
Obviously you got the the professor, you got the hustler the negotiator, so that’s pretty cool that a Staten Island thing.

It’s it’s a Brooklyn, Staten Island thing, I’m a Brooklyn transplant and that’s why John John, I know over 35 years.

We know each other forever forever.
Remember probably a bar fight, but we know each other since we’re kids and we became became good friends and lifelong friends.
That’s great! I always stayed in contact.

You know I want to eat a car.
I call John and John hooks up, but a call them out away.
You are in this country precise.

What is the precise, auto price? All right? I call him up.
I get a car tell him.
I need a chevy, suburban and 28 hours late.

I have one sitting in my driveway: does the paperwork and everything right there in the household it became a way of doing business today, that’s a great hustle.
By the way, I want anything done with construction.
That’s that’s a negative or derogatory word, but I don’t agree with that and I know you all don’t agree with that.

Right, tombi, absolutely not it’s a living! It’s a way to make a living the right way, the good way and it’s to help your family.
That’s right and to help your community as well we’re all in this room right now: Grillo Richie Belo as well our cheese speaking of hustling where’d, you put together this really amazing event.
That’s May 9th it’s the cigar event.

If you want to talk about that, one behind the camera – I won’t say, but so it’s his cigar night right, he’s gon na be a special guest as well.
Yeah he’s gon na be a special guest and the next after the 20 minutes are up wan na bring them in.
Let me tell you something this cigar event.

Ever since I announced a grill abroad uncle DOM and the cast over ever since I announced that I got over 20 automotive now, automotive people, I got a lot of people from Chevrolet from that franchise from Chevrolet.
A lot of people from Chevrolet has applied a lot of people from Chrysler and from different areas, Long Island and different boroughs that are coming down: general managers, sales managers and a lot.
So this event really really gon na be good, and I know Joe, like you’re, going over there and doing a live right absolutely to the beach club over in Ronkonkoma.

And honestly, I’m really excited about this, because what we also are going to be doing that evening and we’ve been talking about it on this – show it’s all about reputation, management in our business here, but in any business in general right.
We know that video TV, social media, all these things, are a way to get your business more publicity into more sales, more revenue, you name it so speaking of reputation, management! Richie, if you won’t mind, don’t mind, elaborating a little bit.
I’m gon na give a shout out to mr.

Nicky good, Auto Sales 112 less live.
He mentioned about reputation, management he’s really into that reputation management, so we’re gon na drop by there on Tuesday and, of course, Nick Egan yeah is watching want to say hello, give them our thoughts on that he’s done a great job.
What his reputation there and the pre-owned apartment and we’re taking it 2-1 to the next level.

I should say right, but we’re gon na come to your dealership.
We’re gon na sit down with your customers, get those reviews on camera and we’re gon na help.
You out.

Just in case you have a bad review; sometimes it happens, doesn’t mean you or your dealership deserves it, but we’re gon na turn that all around for you – and we have some great package, deals that we’re putting together you’ll, see.
Trust me we’re gon na have examples of this very very soon and hopefully we’re getting a lot more business out of this.

It’s only in turn going to help your business, so you see we’re hustling dumb absolutely, and the idea is that Nick Egan is really the type of guy.

That’s always looking to learn and grow and maximize everything he’s all about the learning yeah.
What about the other? Guy, I 112 is it: is it Gary right, yeah yeah, I’m going to go by there too and just see them.
I haven’t seen him in a long time and go over a few things, and I’m also gon na go by my friend at a Mitsubishi.

112 Joey Lanza, I told them about.
I went over there with Richie.
He wasn’t around, but I talked to a few people there.

So I’m going to go with you there on Tuesday, all right, good Jill Nicolini is gon na, be on a 112 on Tuesday good.
Alright, let’s talk about John Grillo and I’m now your connection here cuz you guys kind of there’s an overlap with your business.
Obviously, if you don’t mind, I’m just professionals, I don’t know explain what you do for a living besides being a reality.

Superstar, oh, I don’t know about being a superstar, I’m a general contractor and I probably buy something in an award in general contractor.
I work all over the city.
I work in New Jersey as well and parts of Connecticut.

I do a lot of franchise.
Restaurants, custom homes, commercial buildings and we hustle every day, and aside from that, we do products, I bring products to light and I buy my cause for, and I mean whatever whatever I need any type of instructions on.
I just call DOM and sense people and get it done, and I can tell you the work he does is phenomenal.

I mean it’s.
The only person I would ever use – and anybody I ever gave to Dom – gave me rave reviews about his work and I’m happy to be his friend as well.
I was overhearing this when I walked in.

Did you say: seven children huh? I have seven children.
Yes, I do from ages 30 down to ten, yes, you’re kidding said I’m kids, Instagram Jeannie right so she’s a hustler herself with all of our businesses, big-time hustler, it might be the brightest hustler we ever raised.

She’s got an online saw she raps a medium.

She works in my wife’s store.
She just and she’s a full-time student she’s going to be a surgeon, which is probably my god.
It’s great the happiest day of my life that to see that appetit 4.

0 average student she’s gon na be going to medical school this year and you could see her on the show as well and should, with all her side, hustle yeah she’ll, give you a run For your money, I’ll tell you that, but we’re having a great time doing it and we’re having a great time helping the community out in the process.
When Richie and John contacted me about doing this venture Garvin, I was ecstatic to do.
It was a little unknown secret that they don’t know is that I was actually worked for Lichtenberg Buick back in the day and I was a sales master award winning sales.

Now I put 200 cars over the curb, Oh God, when the dealership only did 500 for the year Wow.
I work for John Rosati.
Applause, Oldsmobile, Honda, Brooklyn, so yeah I’ve had a a lot to do in the automobile industry.

As you know, Mike Palmer was on the show on time and Audis auto repair in Staten Island, so we’re always involved in cars and trucks.
I guess so.
This makes one good that’s a notch yeah and to come out and help you guys and support you guys.

The way you guys have supported me and the cast my wife Jeanine and everybody I really want to say thank you very much – you’ve been making replicas anytime.
You know I’m going to talk a little bit about Grillo, there’s a lot of guys out there that I have to say platicas Grillo, what’s what’s different about mr.
Grillo, is that he builds a relationship with his customers, okay, and he makes them into a friend first And then worries about there’s a dealership that griddle gave him his service for a long time and then an even invoice and that’s correct.

And then, when the dealership says, I don’t need your service.
The boys is really I’m not even charging you, and this went on for at least a year.
Okay, now, please understand it’s about building that relationship and it’s not worrying and that’s why grill has so many stores all over the country.

Now, a couple of years ago, on LinkedIn guerrilla puts looking for sales managers right, that’s how he grew and the reason for that is because he builds relationship.
He touches and feel every customer not really about anything else, just building relationship and then it’s there where other vendors just worry about that and don’t build the relationship and don’t give that free trial.
Now Grill has come up with a free trial.

You know with some sort of guarantee where they’re gon na sell a few cars within that few hours.
Absolutely now, let me just say this mr.
dealer, you got two or three deals in a few hours right after that two or three deals that you sell in a few hours.

Why wouldn’t you sign up and deliver 30 cars? True I mean I got ta.
Ask the question so in other words, just serviced you’re, not charging the deal.
Unless you sell basically they’re paying a fee to have us there once they see that we could sell them cause, so they don’t pay.

I might go there for an hour and so on.

Five cars at no cost and if they like the product and they put the same result but again, a second, a sales team for free, correct, try, there’s only compensation he’s what if he sells to call why wouldn’t every deal in the world sign up.

Thank you, and so mr.

dealer call on this number right now.

What’s Broyles number.
Just imagine you sell four or five cars as a trial.

You would sign up a contract with this guy for a year, because you got 25 or 30 cars that you’re gon na sign that you’re just gon na sell.
I would do that all they want.
First of all, you create morale in your showroom.

You create productivity.
Your sales persons are motivated.
Your sales managers motivated your service department, is so busy because of your selling pre-owned cars.

There’s go your reconditioning.
There goes your cash flow come on, I mean, let’s go sign up now and it’s the quality too.
You know a lot of people, anybody could drive traffic into a showroom, but it’s the quality of customers that you drive into the show.

I’m not looking to drive somebody into the showrooms.
That’s looking for a free tool box, a lot of dealers giving away free stuff to get people through the door, but that doesn’t translate into sales.
So, basically we’re only going to drive people that have an interest in a new or pre-owned vehicle, they’re not coming there.

For kool-aid for hotdogs or a free tool box yeah we’re gon na drive buyers into the showroom we weed it.
We make sure that we have quality people coming through your door, so it’s everybody’s time is valuable.
We realize that so we developed an Express buying process that makes sense and there’s a saying when you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Why not try it and now? Let me see if I understand this correct, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain so I’m gon na try it either that or I’m gon na get my head examined.
Do they have a cat scan here Ritchie? I thought that he just did that.
For me, no, I mean really, I call them blow your cover, I call them up and I tell them.

I want a Chevy, Suburban and the next day I had to call the guy came in.
I signed the papers in the guy left.
He came with another driver.

I never had to go in the dealership.
I know the car I want it.
Ya know it’s not like years ago.

Well years ago we used to build a car, it’s a it’s a package yeah.
I neither want everything you wanted up.
A B or C it is simple, I mean precise, auto price.

I guess that’s a great way, precise! That’s a beautiful name, really really is the service.
I can tell you by the service that I’ve gotten it’s fantastic, why dealers are not breaking your doors down to get you working for them is beyond me.
You know, there’s a thing called the salespersons blues right.

Every salesman has the blues.
How do you get rid of the blues by getting your showroom, selling automobiles they’re, not sitting at the desk? I watch it all the time they’re sitting at the desk just looking up in the air.
That’s that they have.

No, they have no enthusiasm.
The enthusiasm is gone.
Guerrilla brings that enthusiasm he’s a great speaker.

He motivates your sales person he brings in a team when you bring in a team.
The sales people are around it trying to learn from it trying to get better because they have a family and they’re trying to pick grilles brain they’re trying to learn, and if you watch these testimonials all these sales people are giving him testimonials.
So it’s not only about selling cars is about increasing your productivity, increasing your knowledge, your morale and motivating your whole sales team.

So you got the three of best worlds.
So please call him now and get this product going in there you’re motivating your sales team and get rid of the salesman’s blue.
It’s gone forget about that and move on it’s a great product, I’m so impressed with this product.

That should be in every store.
How long have you been doing this doing this company for three years, but we have another company for five years pure doing the same thing: yeah yeah I like that name, yeah and you know grill, there’s a lot of other companies that do it.
The difference is guerrilla, went to na da he’s a professional trainer.

He knows what he’s doing.
He looks at every number and man he’s really really knows what he’s doing knows about case studies knows everything, so he, when he walks into a franchise, whether it’s hard, the Chevy that he’s got the knowledge base.

Really I’ve talked to him a lot.

Tremendous amount of knowledge, this crew was amazing and I know real quite some time now.
Thank You, Richie.
That’s very kind of you, hey, listen! We all get along because we share the same vision, trying to deliver a good product to good people at a great price.

You know and that’s what we do and as Dom put it I mean he’s been hustling since I know him.
This is not new, they should have made a show years ago about them, not making money.
It’s true and the biggest compliment – and I mean this from our heart – is Dominic – is a good dad and a good family man.

It’s it’s.
It’s really.
You know he’s like somebody to look up to and – and I always did because he always had those qualities and there’s you know his morals are amazing and it means a lot.

You know that’s the difference between meeting somebody, that’s just trying to make money down once I make money, but he wants to give a great service for that money.
I want to get one thing straight here and now: I’m the boss in my house, until my wife comes home, [ Applause, ] god bless my wife.

I wish she was here today.
You know she owns the country mouse holding store on Staten Island off Forest Avenue, its Communion season.
Okay, she is extremely busy.

She was sad and not to be able to come tonight, but business first she’s got a hustle.

Harvin Jeannie are kicking butt at this time of the year, god bless them and the clothes are all custom.
I mean all the clothes they make.

You see it’s custom clothing.
It’s like you know it’s not like.
You can go find this stuff elsewhere.

She said she’s a designer yeah, so it’s it’s quality.
The guy, your daughter will be wearing a one-of-a-kind.

She will nuts.

She looks in the registries.
She has all the churches listed and if you in the same church, you can’t have that dress, she will not.
She will not.

No, it’s good people pay a lot of money.
These dresses, you don’t want it’s like a bride.
You don’t want to be two brides of the same to say it’s the same thing with communities.

She gives that personal touch yeah and that’s what it’s all about.

That’s what the hustle is all about its being providing the same service but being different all at the same time, and that’s what becomes a game changer, I’m so amazed at every deal in the world is not slowing about.
With this I mean, if you told me, listen Dom you got to pay twenty thousand dollars a year, so I would take it easy, okay, but he’s willing to go in there and show the dealer how he can make them money.

It’s a no-brainer like I was sitting somewhere yesterday.

Newsday comes in and said that gentleman turns it over to me and the guy says: listen.
I can get you a thousand impressions.

I said okay, good bye, 18,000 a year, I said: do you have any type of free trial? Oh no.
We don’t do free trial.
I said: what’s 18,000 impressions gon na, do to me when it’s not custom audience.

What is that gon na? Do I spent 800 or 1,000 on Facebook at custom audience or in my own customers, with their emails and I’ll, spend $ 300 and hit them every day? True, okay! So, but you have no free Wow.
He wanted me.
He wanted us, the guy, the guy.

He wanted the guy to sign a contract for 18 grand.
I said you got a better shot of seeing Santa Claus outside right now.
It’s true, you got a if you could get thousand impressions for eighteen thousand a year.

What is that gon na do a lot of restaurants? Give you tastes like they give you a couple things you’re, not sure what you want on the menu.
So you get a little bit of a taste of everything and you get to make a decision.
It’s the kind of the same thing with everybody.

You should be able to experience a product before you pay for it.
That’s that’s my belief.
Happy go.

Get me wrong news De Backer.
Today, every car dealership was on there yeah.
You know – and it was great, but you know it’s just that day – they got to do something and give something as a trial, something so people try to go back into it.

You know they get free tool boxes away, they cost them $ 30 away.
Of course, of nothing right now come in and I’ll make them when you go based on performance, you know based on results, you know here’s my results and here’s this and now get my service, and you know there’s a lot of traffic today.
There’s website traffic and there’s social media traffic, okay and then there’s really that show of traffic anymore guys, because that’s minimize, because everybody’s too busy today, okay, so now, the other thing you want to have is phone traffic.

Okay, now just imagine with John Grillo.
You get phone traffic, so now you get web traffic, social media traffic and you get phone traffic.
The three things you can get conversion on.

We call them the lanes into a dealership.
This three lanes, your conversion rate on the web, is about five to eight percent.
Okay, if you haven’t set up right, that’s what you should get on your social media.

If you got a social media, the problem, you should be converting eight to twelve percent.
Now with grima’s program you should be.
I mean you’re gon na set thirty forty appointments.

I mean I patron: does a great job would make it a lot of appointments? Just imagine if he would have a company like Grillo’s or Grillo and hi at him.
He would really really create tremendous because he gets the phone traffic.
It ain’t just about the web traffic.

Well, social media traffic, it’s about the phone traffic, that’s really important! I know.
If I’m a dealer, I want phone traffic cuz.
I got the live customer on the phone in control, selling appointments, not selling a car selling appointments.

Why wouldn’t I want to do that? Oh that’s! How that business change years ago was all about getting those the traffic, the floor, traffic, that it went to phones, and then it went now.
It’s so everybody’s doing their buying on a computer, stroe, yeah and also women were intimidated years ago.
Let’s face it, they’re going to a dealership, okay guys were hounds back, then okay and they got intimidated and they signed paperwork that they didn’t understand.

What that at least in their home, they could do in the coffee, yeah that feel more comfortable.
They could compare right online and when they go to you, you’re gon na take all that hard work out of it for them.
So I don’t understand why.

I don’t think there’s gon na be show dealerships too far into the future.

They’re just gon na be car.
Lots just send the cars out it’s true yeah.

They make it ready to send them out done.
So I think that you’ve had a lot of talk with mortgage companies and a reverse mortgage company.
Just imagine if grills product I could just bring that into there where they get full traffic.

My digital company, I’ve talked to my partner about it.
He told me: do you think he can get full traffic for us understand because I mean phone traffic is key when you’re on the phones and you’re good, taking a phone call and selling an appointment? Why would I want to do that? I got construction company.
You just you, don’t even know that now um now, when you leave you just got ta, say room where whites right, it’s a no-brainer.

I I don’t.
I see, there’s a great product and a great way to get traffic into these dealerships.
So I’m I’m in order.

They’re not even ready, don’t I’m amazed.
Thank you your five years it I don’t question what about bad credit? Did you get people that I feel like marginal credit and all that absolutely help them? You know yeah banks for everybody.
They know.

I know you do, but people that have marginal credit like send the traffic in yeah traffic.

Absolutely now you can use car deals for that to help those people.
You know that only to make that big profitability or that just to help them and get them started because a lot of those poor people take the bus at all.

It’s true and let you know you know what the problem is.
Everybody says we need more traffic, but they got to do a better job with the traffic they have and when we go yeah we everybody learns.
You know we’re gon na teach you about.

The phones teach you about other good, follow up with the customers and all the old.
Let’s take a break and we’ll be right back with another special guest.
Oh my god.

Yes, sorry for the confusion.
Thank you right.
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Three select the vehicle.
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What the customer is looking for and is ready to select a vehicle in inventory, if possible, for presentation and demo.
First and foremost, you want to get this vehicle away from the other cars.
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Five trial clothes, the trial clothes could be actually anywhere in the process, but it’s just a subtle question to find out if you are on the right vehicle six trade in evaluation walk.
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We are here with Uncle Tom, the boss to Tory from CNBC’s new, serious cat now hustle and we are now also joined by a very special cast.

His brother-in-law Steven Raiola, and some of you may know him as big and his brothers.
So welcome back guys and, of course, Ritchie Bello how’s it going good all right.
We have this big event that I know Stevens involved with our cigar not coming up on may not.

Actually, my nickname is stevie cigars.
I have a couple of big things for them.
As well [ Laughter ], how many years, oh my married to journey 27 years, movie 28, I have to say it’s the best thing that might happen to my sister.

I might say the same thing.
Thank God that way, we have a great relation to Nina and I and we have a great releases Steve and I I could have not because I’m sitting over here next to him, but I’ve been very blessed my whole life to have him as a brother-in-law.
I couldn’t actually about the brother-in-law, thank you very kind, very generous and the biggest sport that there isn’t to a fault.

Actually, because when I go to my pocket I go I got, I ain’t got it, I tell he doesn’t even give you a chance to pay the check, I’m embarrassed to go out with the guy, we call it, we call him cheap, it’s a connector he’s the Furthest thing from cheaper, it makes for good jokes anyway, we love each other and that’s what family is all about.

We support each other, that’s how I got the name Uncle Dom.
If everybody watch oh yeah, how did you get the name uncle Dom? Well, my wife raised not only my seven children, but she raised a bunch of my nieces and nephews as well and they were all in the house at the same time.

So as my niece Raquel’s girlfriends came by one day, 10, 11 12 13 years old.
She would introduce uncle Dom so automatically, they would call me uncle Dom and as it went on and on and on over over years, everybody calls me uncle Dom.
I have he’s I’m not gon na say how old, but he’s older than I am, and he calls me out, even though I better look good, but I am alone and he’s definitely got a better chance.

I got it actually.
This is a Hamilton on the 10 min.
Nobody knows this, but he was the filling for tonight.

No, nothing else, so that’s family is an important part of what I do in my life.

Everything I do from the moment I get up in the morning till I go to sleep, it’s for my family.
I’ve never cared what kind of car I Drive.

I got a pickup truck by the way.
Okay, it doesn’t matter as long as my children have what they need.

My wife has what she needs.

That’s it.
My wife takes care of the family.
I take care of the business, but now over the last few years, since the kids got older, she has the country, mouse and Staten Island, so now she’s just as busy as ient, if not busier and keeping it all together is part of the hustle and that’s Where the hustle comes, hustle is a good thing.

Okay, it’s meaning that you’re willing to do way more than everybody else is willing to do to get to where you need to get, and that’s why hustle is a good thing, not a bad thing.
This guy is up for 30.
I mean, I don’t know who does he’s at 4:30 every morning, I things out there.

Every morning, 5 o’clock in the morning out there hitting the streets always always listen.
That’s how come I’m not only a general contractor, but I work with many products right now, Richard I told you about the energy box.
This is a box.

I know people are going to say.
Are we heard this? No, this is we have five patents on it.
We have it in Andrews Air Force Base, we have it all over the country.

The UN has now just contacted us that they want to install it in.
We got the government GSA contact us.
They want to put in every governmental building around.

We have to set up some meetings with them, but this is a real real product.
If you got a data room, anything that uses big motors supermarkets, we have min Hilton hotels, we have in 7-elevens – and you know where negotiations talking with them now about getting into all that 7-eleven.
So this is a fantastic product.

This is one of my favorites.
It’s made on Staten Island right on Richmond Terrace by a company called MHT lining and named energy.
So this is a real-deal product if you’re interested in saving money contact.

Us, okay, is that like for servers in Orland, and you got a data room which service anything that has multiple motors, what happens with people? Our understanding is, they have a spike, the electric companies, they call it a spike if one time in that 30 day period, if that needle goes all the ways up, that’s the maximum charge, you’re gon na be paying for the entire month really Wow reach out.
To my friends out, it look smart and ex cocktail world.
The servers are, this is a great product.

Please contact that’s right, uncle, Dom detorri what social media, yeah, MHT lighting and named energy, but contact me and we’ll put you in touch with the right people.

Correct all right, also another favorite product that I’m working on is as you’ve seen on the show it’s a 3d 3d.
I apologize a three-button phone, it’s called kids connect and now kids connect.

It’s very simple phones that you can plug in your phone number and your child can text.
You call you and only you and it could go mom, dad grandma, grandpa and there’s a GPS tracking device on it.

So if you got to send him somewhere, you put it on him in his phone.

He just goes.
You can watch them from your phone if he leaves that designated area that you sent them to.
It alerts you, which we also put on the show.

If you watched it, you’ll see that we have these senior connect, it’s not called CJ.
It’s called easy connect that if you have parents that have golf Abid have Alzheimer’s or children with autism.
These work great live alone because or live alone.

You could also from your iPhone, listen in to what is going on around them without them, even knowing that you’re doing that.
So, if you don’t want to wake up your parent or somebody, you could see that they’re.
Okay, that’s nice! It’s also a great security feature, and let me just share this.

I want to give a shout out to a guerilla marketing event.
That’s actually happening today tomorrow, the whole weekend and I’ll.
Please share this live based on that energy stuff and based on what Dom said, share it and a special shout out to Mike C Lewis.

I know you’re there great job and share this live at your event.
I know you got a lot of audience there.
Do me the favor share this out.

Thank you very rich.
I got.
I know that you’re very involved with the veterans.

What could mean yeah with the veterans, I’m developing a a show with them right, that’s gon na be true here and I’m gon na do it.
It’s gon na be TV veterans TV because I have an institute and I made it together what look smart, okay right there, my partners and it’s about workforce and training, and that’s why I developed my e-learning platform right and I’ve been trying to get the full grants Right right now I got somebody funding them.
In other words, I put them through by e-learning platform right, I trained them, and I want to put them in the automotive work place, so I have like major world backing them up.

I have a list of dealerships that, after they passed my training, they will put them in the workforce.
That is fantastic right.
I am proud to say.

I’m a named my next-door neighbor Brian dela Brant is a triple amputee.
29 years old he’s got a smile on his face all the time and he’s always looking for work and I’m like how are we not helping our veterans? This does not make any sense to me.
Alright, I really.

I really applaud what you’re doing right to help them and I’d like him to be part of what you’re doing and he’s got hundreds of friends who I’d like to bring in as well.
They could use jobs and they can use the help and a lot of times.
It’s not just about the money.

It’s what do they do with themselves quality they need to produce, because that’s they are their soldiers.
They need to be on those frontlines, whether it be in an office or in a battlefield.
It’s the same thing.

It’s keeping that mind occupied to keep them going, and I think we need to support our veterans.
Priority number one: well a special shout-out to Ralph Paglia, because I’m I’m talking to him about this and Ralph’s a great content.
Writer and he’s been writing my content for quite some time now on my blogs.

He’s a automotive content.
Writer he’s an editor for a lot of major magazines in the automotive district and I’m gon na put something together him or he trains them as marketing.
So they can work out of the homes if they’re good writers, a good content.

So that’s something that I’m gon na develop when he comes out to the cigar event, because he’s gon na be a speaker there.
So I want to help the veterans a lot more.
So that’s what I want to do for the veterans.

It’s great! That’s fantast! Actually, I just thought my next-door neighbor just had an operation in the VA, and I and I’ve been helping him out because the guy lives alone and and and I went with the whole nine yards with him – you know when they really are a great organization.
If the VA hospital yeah how they treat the vets, they really treat them good.
They really don’t know it’s better they’ve, gotten much better.

One of the best organizations out there is my friend runs it and she runs it really good Amy Palmer and I want to reach out to her on this live.
She does a great great job and she runs soldier angels, dot org, which is for disabled veterans, and she was a colonel in the Air Force and she does a great great job with this organization and she helps the disabled veterans, like you can’t believe.

Anybody that’s disabled out there please and just call her her name’s Amy Palmer she’s, a good good friend of mine.
I do a lot of marketing for her on Facebook.
Well, you know just as a that’s a great thing, just as a gift.

We applaud her.
She does great stuff for the veterans.
You know she’s liked, amazing what she does for them.

Well, I think that’s fantastic.
I think it’s fantastic on your part, Amy’s part and everybody else who gets involved with the veterans.
We have more veterans that are disabled.

Yes, today that we had and all the other wars combined yes correct, we may have had more debts, unfortunately back then, but the disabilities, the amputees.
With these stepping on these landmines and stop is the number is staggering.
Okay – and these are young men – okay, just beginning their lives, a lot most of them are under 30 years old, so they have a long ways to go before they mature into that golden ages.

So what do we? What are we going to do to help them? Now, that’s the question: what a we do so much to help them! I mean obviously, if it’s like what a 97 billion dollar business right now with you and your friends getting them into the automotive industry.
Because that’s what you know the guy we had on the show a few weeks ago, right he’s bringing all the veterans into the auto business and training them, so they can work at dealerships which is a great one of my partner’s Rebecca Turpin.
She does financing right.

So I just want to reach out and say something sales people in the automotive business that are veterans and want to learn finance.
Please contact me because Rebecca is a great finance person, but she has the funding to me to start doing that and we can get them trained right without your dealership, paying listen to this without your dealership paying and you passed all the certification and now you can Go to your dealership and they’ll promote within and dealerships when you promote within what happens? Is you increase morale? You give tremendous opportunity around your environment.

Remember something learn your surroundings, it’s key when you learn that, because that’s key important your employees, if you can retain your employees, you’re, never gon na, retain your customers yeah and there’s nothing better than a veteran, putting discipline and respect to help out the automotive industry, which Sometimes, unfortunately, like we have been mentioning with the reputation management program, we’re doing not.

Everybody has a great reputation in business, but when you get a veteran there who has that earned and that innate respect and discipline, it’s a win-win situation for any dealer to hire.

One of them, of course, to work with there’s a three prong and really a three prong process with a veteran veterans are great listeners.
They got the infrastructure of the government, but that’s not only it.

They don’t belong to a group.
It’s a brotherhood after that, your marketing drops okay, because veterans sell to veterans.
The veteran community is very big.

The third thing there’s a lot of veterans that don’t need the benefits that a dealership gives.
So now your retention increases.
They sell to a the sell to a brotherhood down.

Why does your retention increase very simple, because they’re selling automobiles to their Brotherhood? So now they don’t? They don’t depend on your traffic.
They depend on their prospecting.
Just understand that so everything they have is a go.

Go go not a no, no, no, and they believe in the long term and they’re used to patients because they don’t they go to the military and they spend four years or they resign for another four years.

So now they have it in them to have the patience.
So if you analyze everything around them, there’s no reason why they’re not gon na make it in the automotive industry.

Well, I’m gon na tell you something.

The Brotherhood with the veterans is strong, and not only are you gon na be selling veterans, I see, but veterans have family and they’re gon na be selling them because they help that veteran out, so it could disk it mushroom into something comfy much much comes much.
I know if you told me Brian next, to my next-door neighbor.

If he told me to go to this dealership or because they hire veterans, I’m gon na go, I’m and so on, and so the family member is gon na, say, wait we’re helping out we’re by getting what we need and helping out.
At the same time, it’s a massive market.
I love it.

I like it that you said it’s a brotherhood, there’s a brotherhood, there’s a brotherhood absolutely and they sell tumescence and the other positive thing.
That’s really positive is dealers.
You save money by hiring a veteran because you’re not giving him the benefits, help it’s a lot of them right there, woman! So now you got a hit your employees for fifteen eighteen hundred or two thousand dollars a month.

The veterans, you don’t need to hit that truck bottom line, is they make more money, but your ROI is better okay on your financial statement.
So if you hire 30 percent to 25 percent of vets, your ROI is better.
Your employees are much happier and you’re gon na sell more cars, but your marketing drops.

So therefore you can concentrate more on conquest sales, and now you get more money from the factory based on conquest sales.
So I have it all laid out, yeah well, you’re, doing the career nice trick all laid out on where the dealerships ROI increases right, where the morale goes and where everything else just increases.
Now any deal that I want to talk to me, and we can have a conversation about this.

Please call me human resource and all this stuff.
I have all the analytics why it’s good for a dealership, it’s a matter of fact.
I’m gon na mention that a few dealer associations have been looking into this for quite some time.

Ya know about the e-learning right to help them with job placement and, of course, help them finding a job with this career night.
When exactly are you doing this? I’m planting another County at night real soon I haven’t figured it out yet, but it’s gon na be at the beach club, okay, but it’s strictly for vets to help.
I totally love that yeah, I think, there’s another benefit to on owner taking on veteran.

I think there’s also a tax credit that you can get from the government.
Yes and I believe as well so now, you’re gon na get a great employee, you’re gon na get their Brotherhood that come along with them right.
Okay, you’re gon na save money because you don’t have to pay for their benefits for most of them because they have governmental benefits.

I think this is a win-win.
Okay and I I Got News for you, I’m thinking about this more and more.
I think I’m gon na now in my construction business, I’m going out to the Veterans, Administration and hire vets, correct and that’s what we’re gon na do – and I bet you with my following and with the people that I am involved.

I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of companies.

That’s one of my hustles.
I not only I not only just sell products and build homes and build commercial real estate.

You know I work for the celebrity types I work for Daymond John.
I built 45,000 foot offices.
He has a shared workspace blueprint that Karl, I built that I think if we could hire veterans and he and I get him on board, I get a lot of people on board with this.

I think this is a win-win situation for everyone, and just think of the feeling that you’re gon na have of doing this, and knowing that you did something they did what they had to do for us now.
We need to do what we have to do for them.
That’s the bottom line right.

I don’t think I don’t think there’s any more.
That needs to be said, hire veterans yeah and I just want to give a quick hello to a Denise tasco who’s.

Writing us here Joey little Paul, Sansone jr.
Of course we appreciate seeing you on here.
Thank you for watching us Joey.

Little, though, has a question just want to go back to you, one second about dealers.
He thinks small.
Sometimes they get a little suspicious when they hear the word free trial.

As we talked about earlier right, he says, since they don’t give any free trials at their dealerships.
So what do you think about that? They want some feedback from you Richie in regards to that wood grill.
Oh, it’s that really a free trial.

It’s based on results.
If he doesn’t sell the vehicles right, it’s got a free trial right.
It’s really results.

If he doesn’t give them the he doesn’t perform.
He doesn’t get paid, he doesn’t get paid, it’s not really.
A free trial got it boy, he’s got to be good.

I got a family to feed right, so he’s the hustle or two, you know he’s got a really perform precise, auto price.
We’re doing so much here we’re helping veterans, we’re helping auto dealers and a special shout out.
I know that Joe little was looking.

You know.
I really appreciate him.
I watched his live all the time.

He’s great he’s got ta live like cooking.
In that I wish he can come to the cigar event.
So uh.

I told my partner over there Bart about him and he says: oh, let’s bring them here, so you can see the kitchen.
Maybe he can cook with us yeah what about sit, sit Michael’s also weighing – and you know it says – oh yes, all right.
What’s going on, as he has a traffic angle he’s at this little secret angle in traffic, I should say – and it’s one that you just can’t share so yeah.

You know I know, come on you’re the best and voiced Russia.
You know that there’s a cottage there’s a cocktails, I’m gon na get a quick story.
All right when I was selling cars guy would walk in what’s the famous way for them to get out of the dealership, they say.

Well, I got ta talk to my wife.
I say myself under my breath what the hell’d you come in here on the outside and say: okay, so one of guys are coming it’s about two minutes.
I said why don’t you go home and get your wife and bring it back? The guy says.

Why would I have to go home and get my life? Well? We know the woman make the decision.
[ Laughter, ] on that note, really guys, I’m fair to say we’re gon na wrap this on that rock.
I don’t want to say thank you guys, all so much for coming down once again stand on the hustle watch Wednesday night CNBC and, of course we appreciate bringing your brother alone here.

Steven bring Ola.
Thank you so much and of course, Ritchie Bella.
Thanks for having us here, autos have a great selling Saturday.

Yes, yes, remember if you’re, not hustling you’re, not making money.
Thank you so much Steven thanks again.

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