Yay, what’s going on everyone, froelin arts, subprime hero, it’s monday the weekend left.

It has now arrived it’s the week, it’s monday, it’s the end of the first day of the week, folks, so pumped up it’s martin luther king jr day.
Also folks, i hope you guys are celebrating that at least putting him in your memories and your prayer and your thoughts and and also encouraging the movement that he tried to start so anyhow.
Um folks hope you guys are having a great one.

I know i did.
We had a really good day, a little slow at the dealership, but as in uh spirit of the dealership, very good teams doing everything they can they’re doing their best man and that’s the only thing you could ever ask out of anybody.

You can’t ask them to go more than they can do right.

So if they’re doing their best and the day still wasn’t the most productive day is that it really a bad day? No, it’s not, because what they’re doing right now is sowing seeds for the future.
So they can harvest that fruit, that they are right now currently planting and taking care of, and i know that they’re doing a great job with it.
This team is killer at that kind of stuff.

I can tell you every one of the guys i have on my floor are always trying to be better than they were yesterday.
Um very proud of them.
I mean all of us, we’re not perfect.

There’s the days that we come in and we kind of are tired or we maybe don’t feel like we’re up to it, and sometimes it’s hard to get over that.

But for the most part you know my team does everything they can just like me and, like you know, i try to do my best to lead by example, and but they also follow by example.
I love what they’re doing i love to watch, what they’re doing and to lead and follow their lead in a lot of things.

You know i have a lot of great people on this floor right now.

I have a lot of people who are very forward thinking.
They’re going to start, they start branding themselves they’re trying to get more better at their digital marketing, they’re trying to learn how to treat their customers and grow with their customers and to maintain their customer base and to get those repeats and referrals all that type of Stuff, what a great team i have very very blessed man today, like i said today, is monday.

It’s the 18th time is going by fast folks.
Take advantage of every moment.
Do not waste it.

Yes, so true right, so i don’t know you know, i’m i’m not going to stay on here too long, but i do want to go around and go talk to a lot of my team members, so you guys can get introduced to them a little bit.
You guys kind of already know him if you’ve been following this, but let’s go see how everybody’s doing real quick house first time, let’s go check it out right now.
I got ad ryan he’s doing his thing over here, mr adrian, how you doing today, sir? I’m doing very good.

This thing has been done.
One thing that’s been done that car sold today keeps the bill connected away.

You know how that goes.

Every single day make it happen.
My friend hey, you know on a monday like this, i need a deal.
It was you know i was talking about how today it wasn’t the most productive, as in like we had a lot of traffic or sold a lot of cars, but i do know everybody’s trying their best.

I know everyone’s doing well, so i know that what seeds you guys are planning today we’re all going to harvest those foods later.
So i’m excited about that.
So just keep grinding away, keep doing your thing selling a car, even though he sold once a day.

I’m sure he still got on the phone made.
His phone calls did all that stuff because you can’t just sell one and hope that another one lands in your lap.
You have to get that one to land.

Your left, you have to go fishing for it.
Put the right bait on there go put a bunch of different poles in different different spots, different parts of the lake and different streams.

So you can try to catch different types of fish and whatever you can get as many lines out there as you can, and i promise you it’ll work out great.

So that’s awesome man, i’m glad you got one today, keep growing.
Keep doing your thing.
I appreciate you man and uh.

You know, that’s how i do dawg.
I do it quick.
I just wish i could have got more of those deals paid man.

There was a lot of non-funded deals, but hey that’s a good thing.
When we sell a lot of cars because of that so we’re good! That’s right! I appreciate you dude! Then you got each team right here, how you boys doing crazy monday, crazy monday, all right, we’ll keep doing your thing.
Man tomorrow, that dude will be here at noon.

We’ll just wrap that deal up.
That should be good.
You know some customers, i love them.

Sometimes they just a little bit more difficult and sometimes it’s just miscommunication, so whatever it is, doesn’t matter they’re coming in tomorrow, we’ll get it done.
You know what i’m saying so bam we’ll get that stuff done.

How’s your day been going today, frank getting my week set up.

That’s all that matters.
Man plant those seeds, bro plantar seeds.
I’ve been saying that a lot in this video plant those seeds.

So we can sow all that stuff later sodam seeds.
So we can go ahead and harvest we’re going to harvest some good fruit later buddy some tomatoes and potatoes, some naders and maters, and all that kind of stuff right.

That’s right! It’s whatever you call it right! So hey! We all have our own way, but i appreciate you too: keep grinding man keep working hard.

I know you guys are, but let’s get the rest this week rocking today was an okay day, but let’s make the rest.
Let’s make this week a great week.
We can do that.

It’s good to have a sometimes a day like this to get caught up to get the phone calls in get all that type of stuff.
So do your thing, boys, we’ll see y’all later and i’m sure i’ll see you before we head out here today.
But i appreciate you guys: you guys have a great night: okay, all right, and boom patrick moved to this office for the day, because he knew this would be the last one i went to so he liked he remembers.

The old last is best.
So he wanted to do that.
So now, how’s your day been going so far, my friends, it was actually pretty busy.

Today i had um.
I had three uh potential customers approaching.
Not right now deals, but they have a plan set.

You know problem solvers, so in the future those will turn to something spectacular super catch, a fragilistic expialidocious that sounds really cool to me.

Yeah and i know that you’re definitely planning a lot of seeds.
You always do man you’re, always out there, making sure that you’re ready for that next level for that next day for that next week, for because it’s not just it’s, what you’re doing now was not what you’re gaining just now you’re going to be gaining for the Future and you got to set yourself up this business – is about being set up, having the appointments being um consistent with that making sure that your clients know where you’re at.

But when you have a pipeline full all the time and your bucket’s constantly overflowing it’s easy to keep selling cars when that bucket starts to empty out it’s hard to keep filling it as it’s as you’re pouring out.
So it’s like gosh dang it.
So you always want that to be full.

You want that pipeline to be busting out the seams.
So keep doing your thing, you do the you’re the best here at that man, so i love that you’re.
Doing that, keep doing your thing.

Keep growing! Don’t stop, michael! How you doing my friend doing pretty good? Actually that’s good! For this week there you go you’re sitting in office, the right guy keep listening to this guy.
This is who i would be trying to spit game with who i’d be trying to role play with? Who i’d be like? How do you do what you just did? That’s the guy right there, so salesman of the year, i mean hello.
All right guys have a great night: let’s keep rocking bros.

So i love that great team.
You know what i mean um.
I know there’s some other people outside right now, i’m probably knocking around.

We do have a deal going down right there, mr gary and his people awesome good job gary, so we got one more delivery.
Getting ready to happen so i’ll, be here doing paperwork for a little bit longer, but i love it when that happens.
So, anyway, i’m not going to keep you guys much longer.

I just want to throw some love at you really quick.

Let’s just see what’s going on this, you know this dealership, whatever dealership you’re at it’s about your attitude, it’s about how you feel it’s about how you act right, ain’t that right guys, how’s your day been going good, that’s good! Yeah! That’s why i was just talking about that.
You put some phone calls in, though yeah.

That’s that’s all that matters, it’s just because you didn’t sell a car today as long as you’re working it’s every day.

There has to be some kind of effort put forward and if you do that, every single day it will all end up happening some days.

You’ll have a bunch of deals in one day.

Some days you have none some days you have one.
Then you go a week just one one one or zero zero five.
Something sometimes just happens like that, just all about consistently working.

So you know when you’re putting into work.
You know when you’re, not so just keep putting into work every day.

Leave here tired leave here exhausted, like i’m ready to go bed type thing, and you know i’m sorry.

I hear you.
I appreciate you.
Both man keep doing your thing.

You guys keep grinding.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, you know like like we’re saying today.
Wasn’t the most, it wasn’t the most active day at the dealership, but they all put in a lot of work.

You know guys like cody right there and stephanie.
They were on the phones all day long they’re they’re calling their leads.

Calling referrals they’re calling repeats they’re calling like fresh leads.
You know these people that we’re getting internet leads are all that type of stuff they’re doing everything they can to be the best version of themselves to make sure that they’re set up for the rest of the year the month the week, whatever the situation is whatever Goals they have they’re going to make sure they get there and by doing that, planning making sure that you mark off all your stuff doing all those types of things is so essential for growth, a lot of times, people just wander through it and it’s okay.
You can do some people are good, some people have mindsets or mentalities or they’re.

Just got that kind of mind where they can remember everything they need to do that day.

You know i remember most of stuff, but i will forget something sometimes something’s super important because i get busy or i get in a conversation.
You know, life happens, you you sit down, you get home and you know you plan on spending time with your your loved one, but then you know it goes longer because your conversation went great or they stayed up a lot later than they normally do.

And then the time that you had to do something else was put to the side and that’s okay, just that’s why having a planner is so important, because if you forgot you see it there, you can just move it to the next day.
Make sure you do it the next day you don’t forget and then or keep forgetting right and that and that’s the problem with most things like that is that you put something to the side and you’re like okay i’ll do it later, and then it just ends Up being a month later, two months later, then it never happens.
So growth is so important.

Write things down, plan your day, get a planner.
Do all those things plan your day your week and your month and then quarters? That’s how i do it.
I do it.

Every year, like that, i do it every quarter like that and it works extremely well for me.

I try to pass it on to my team.
I try to show them where to drink the water and a lot of them do drink it.

It’s pretty nice! You see them doing what they’re supposed to do: they’re growing they’re, using daily planners or desk calendars or whatever they need to do to stay focused on what they need to make sure happens every single day, um great team love them absolutely love them.
I love what they’re doing.
I just can’t ask for much more than that.

You know um, you know if, if you’re looking into building a team or wanting to rebuild a team, you know look for people that you know are gon na, take guidance.
People who are looking for more than they have now, you know sometimes it’s best to go with people.
Who’ve never had experience in the car business.

This way that they can learn these new style of selling cars.

You know it’s not the way it was before.
Everybody tries to go.

Oh it’s going to go back to the way it was no, it’s not.
It might slightly go back that way, but there’s always going to be a slight edge to digital.
Now, there’s always going to be a slight edge to being more active with that branding yourself branding each person you know branding is going to be huge folks mark.

My word branding is going to be huge, and i talked about this with john resurrection.
Last night he brought that up.
I agree, 100 by the end of this year, folks you’re going to hear nothing but stuff about brand brand brand brand, so brand yourself be ready, get active out there.

Let people know if you’re selling cars you need to.
Let people know that you sell cars, let everyone know massive action, massive massive action, that’s exactly what i did when i started my podcast.
I made massive action happen i put out in the universe i’m doing this on 120.

20 last year was our first episode.
We’re two days away from our one year: brewer bursaries.

We call it, but you know it’s massive action.
I put it out there made shirts.
I went and got the equipment i built the studio.

I did it all to work.
It had to happen when you do that things become things.

Ideas and dreams become real, oh so great to dream and see a dream happen, it’s nothing better than that.

Folks, we all need to do that.
I tell you what’s also awesome is having a huge dream and almost getting it, because that all that other stuff that you reached out for that you almost that you got because you were going for that big dream.

You would have never thought you would have had either so it makes it so worth it have gratitude so make sure you guys do that, don’t forget to forgive focus and fly and keep growing keep growing, be the light, be the light, be the light in your Team be the light in your own self, be the light in your family be the light everywhere.
You go be the light when you walk in a grocery store.
Have your mask on when you’re in there walk in and just dance have fun make people smile? Do those things do the things that no one else is doing be weird? Who cares? People won’t people? Remember the smile on your face.

People remember the energy.

They won’t care that you’re, silly or goofy be goofy, enjoy it folks, i’m fellain arthur subprime hero.
This was another showroom.

Talk lot walk martin luther king jr day, man r.
p make his legend legacy, move forward forever.
You guys have a great day.

I appreciate every one of you all for jumping on i’m fellow narcissist hero.

Let’s root .

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