What’s up everyone, how you all doing it’s friday, it’s showroom.

Talk lot, walk whatever desktop.
Oh man, i’m excited friday.
It’s been a good week.

I hope you guys are uh having experienced that and experience like we are having right now.
Um we’re having a great week.
We started the week off strong and we’re going to finish the week off strong.

You know we had kind of like a wednesday that was kind of like what’s going on, but we’ve ready the last couple days we’re already rock and roll, and today we had a great day yesterday we had a great day now we’re rolling into saturday, and if We go into saturday doing what we’re doing now.
We’re talking bonus land right, that’s the best way to go, so everyone stay positive, keep growing because it’s great out there, i’m all the way in a small town called radcliff kentucky.

That’s what we do business at right outside fort knox, and here we are experiencing growth, so you guys should be experiencing the same thing.

I hope you are at least you know.
Life is good.
Folks, just be positive, it’s all about! What’s going on, i say it every time, i’m on here, what’s going on in between these two years, in your own mind how you take control over what you have control over.

Don’t let outside forces that you don’t have anything to do with that.
You have no control on determine how your day is going to be how you’re going to be how you’re going to grow, because if you do that, you will not go where you want it to go.
So stay positive! Think about what you have control over and work on those things.

You know that’s what we do here at the deal for the people, that’s what my sales people are doing every single day.

They come here and they’re just looking for ways to be better than they were yesterday, they’re looking for ways to help customers better than they did yesterday and they’re doing a great job, i’m very proud of every one of them um this team, that’s going! We have right now we have some new people.
We have some veterans, mostly new people, though, and these new folks that are on the floor.

You know they’re they’re running, like veterans, we got the salesman of the month.
Right now was only four months in going into his fifth month and he’s already rocking and rolling to us today.
Today is the eighth i already should have known that today is the eighth and he’s already got six out for the month.

What he’s pretty strong and he’s rolling he’s doing his thing and he even took a day off so he’ll be going he’s got today the rest of today and he’s still got tomorrow.
I promise you if there’s a deal, he’ll find it for me.
He always does, and i appreciate that, then we got right behind him.

We got patrick jennings, mr dream, team and i’ll go out here and i’ll talk to these guys here in a moment, but they’re doing their thing, guys and man, it’s pretty cool to watch them.
Do that and you guys should uh, you know, take key from these people, man, it’s it’s about! What’s going on here once again and finding different sources – and you know people always say, find different sources of income, it’s kind of the same way in the car business.
You can’t just use the leads, your your dealership’s, giving you or you can’t just depend on lot, ups, yeah or just referral.

You have to get all of it.
So if you’re fishing and you have a line in all these different places, you’re going to catch more fish, you’re going to have more opportunity to figure out where the real fish are at least be able to figure out where it’s the best place.
To put all your effort into, but having multiple streams is the best way it’s like that in life.

It’s like that in a car business.
It’s like that, any which way you want to think of it so make sure that you guys take that tip and use it and run with it, but but man i’m excited folks, i’m excited about this week.
Hope you guys are too.

Let’s go out here, michael michael how’s, your day going my friend pretty good, we’re good the people that i had an appointment with sorry did you follow up? Did you get a hold of them afterwards? Two of them i haven’t been able to get a hold of.
You know.
I call them all the time.

Okay, okay, you do one of them i did get.
All of them did uh next week.
Okay, well, don’t just stay positive man.

Just do your thing.
You know just you know it.
Sometimes it can be tough appointments, the more you get the better.

It is because then you, even if ones don’t show it’s going to make it easier, but obviously it’s key to follow some techniques.
I know you’ve been paying attention.
I’m sure you’re using those things, but sometimes when it gets cold and it snows people change their minds.

You know so you got to keep that in mind.
Just stay with them, do not forget about them and keep calling them until you get them in here.
You know um, there’s an old saying and it’s kind of an ugly saying, but it’s called buy or die.

You know, wear them out to they buy or die in a sense.
It makes sense.
I get it you know, but you want to die as in like they just go away like they’re, not gon na they’re gon na just quit, bugging you or you’re gon na quit them.

But i appreciate you, man, stay positive.
Michael, keep doing your thing! Bro! We got you bro.
If you need anything.

Let me know, let me know up in the house.
Um all right, frank nasty up in here mr frank, nasty, how’s your day going frank, you’re, doing pretty good all right miller time.
Well, i hope that you’re doing well.

Um, i know that this is getting ready to be saturday.
Tomorrow we got a bunch of appointments on the board.
How many you guys want? I see you guys he’s got eight appointments set up tomorrow.

So let’s say that the average eight appointment set.
Fifty percent show up right, that’s four, so at a four you’re at least gon na sell one, but your odds are because you’ve been pulling credit.
You’re, probably gon na get two out of those four right.

You might even get all four.
That’s just the way this car business is.
I love it, especially when you’re solving transportation problems, frank, good luck tomorrow, if you need any help, let me know: let’s make it happen for you bro.

Let’s have it make it a big day.
Let’s make it a hat trick day for you yup, that’s right! You need a hat trick.
Don’t you? We all need hat tricks up to him.

You did so folks.
Yesterday, you noticed that yesterday i was telling adrian gets on the ball.
Guess what he did today.

So two of them bam almost got a hat trick.
This close this close, so good job man a way to get back in the game, and then you got these two guys over here trying to battle hardcore right now.

I know adrian will be up in the game here in the next couple days, i’ll be over here talking about all them in the battle, but right now i’m gon na talk about these two i’m gon na talk.

I actually already talked about youtube in this video, but now that i have you in front of me, let’s go ahead and talk about y’all, some more all right.
Let me change my sponsor, really quick, all right so that that being said, um, so who’s gon na win, anybody’s match we’ll know in the last days, you’ll know on the last day see i love that maybe you know they have respect for each other.
That way, but uh i’m excited to watch this.

It’s been fun, it’s been a little bad or, as i see gary grinder now gary the one thing i’ll say is this you’re grinding.
I don’t know how you’re doing it well, i do know how you’re doing it.
You’re hustling, your ass off.

You don’t got no appointments on the board.
That’s my secret attack.
They want to see.

I bet you if we have a spiff that said appointment jones.
Fifth, all your appointments will be on the board, but you’ve been getting that extra.

Getting here early catching that early up, that first up of the day is crucial.

I don’t know if you guys noticed that, but our top guys a lot of times like ramon when we used to do.
I don’t know if you guys still do that, but your salesman a month to get first up of the day right and the first up of the day, tend to be a car deal most time, and so that’s why a lot of this that guy, you know, If you’re saying a month, you end up getting like five six deals just from that from for the next month, just from catching it.
If you work it right so so getting here, early bird gets the worm.

I get that 100 percent get that i was never the early bird i’ll, be honest with you, i’m shocked.
I just show up to work on time.
I never was late, though i’d be out real talk, because i liked my job and i like money but – and i didn’t like being suspended for a week or being called dirtbag, but i would show up if it was 10 i’d.

Be there one minute till that was me, you know, and so that’s just what i am.
I got ta i kind of got a free schedule.
Now i come in between eleven eleven thirties, my my schedule, it’s pretty dope, i’m not gon na lie.

Well, you know i’ve earned that i put almost 20 years in the business, but at the same time i appreciate you guys for doing that.
If i, if i was in this store, i would have to come in early though you guys are all in here.
Early i’d have to catch that extra because i’d have to beat you, but i wouldn’t let you beat me patrick and i come in, and then we usually check the inventory and get our stuff done.

Make sure that there’s you know no steps floating around yeah, believe it or not.
We strategized with each other a lot during the day.
Gary knows that i’m gon na tag him in when i’m overflowing, vice versa.

Until that last day of the month, and then it’s hey patrick, could be sitting here doing nothing.
Everyone else is busy like i’ll wait am sure they could do.
No, they can’t buy okay, sorry, but no, but now i’m excited to see this month.

You know we’re just starting we’re a week in basically, we’ve got tomorrow to finish the first week.
We have great momentum going.

We had one down day this week we sold only one car, ah sucks, but we’ve been multiple cars since then, every single day.

Besides that we still have tomorrow, we have tons of appointments on the board, be ready for some fly-by appointments, so you might get some half deals guys because i know there’s some guys like frank and frank’s not going to handle eight appointments in one day, especially be Selling one of them right, no one is no one could do that so he’s gon na have some overflow so be looking into that um.
I know.
There’s a bunch of other people got some appointments on that board.

Just not you! So it’s all right, hey all part of the strategy.
It is part of secret sauce.
I don’t know how to do, but adrian man, great job.

Today i was happy to see you go knock out.
Two deals like that.
Dude, that’s what i’m talking about we’re bird.

I knew you would man.
I appreciate that dude keep rocking guys, be ready for him.
That’s all i got ta say be ready for him all right cold out here, but so i’m gon na go.

Do a quick little lot walk! I’m not gon na go to the dark side.
A lot like i normally do.

I’m gon na go walk this side, so we’re getting really close to closing it looks like we’re dying out honestly.

I didn’t see up on the showroom.
I don’t see it up out here, um.
I think we might have one more person showing up that we already had pre-approved right before close, which is fine with me.

I’m excited one more deal we’ll make this day just a little bit nicer.
So, as you can see it’s about that positivity, it’s about like our top guys, even them that you see that energy and spark they have just sitting there, they kind of got a swag going.
You can kind of see they’re kind of like we did our thing and then in that office, adrian all of a sudden popped in there, because he’s feeling good, because he’s got two deals.

You know what fixes the bad feeling of selling cars, what fixes the depression of? Oh man, i this this job ain’t for me, sell a car and when you sell two multiple cars in one day that whole thing makes it go.

Bingo, i’m back in the game and he’s feeling it so he’s sitting there with his swag on going on in that office.

Now you know we were talking about gary and his appointments and i was joking with him but same time.

I was being serious with him, but i do know that he gets traffic in here.
I don’t there’s not a day.
That goes by that.

I don’t think gary’s gon na probably sell a car, so i’m excited about what he’s doing right now watching him grow continuing.

What he’s doing so, we’ll see what happens well, folks, i’m frail and arts and subprime hero, and i’m going to get off here, i’m going to get back in here and see if this last minute up shows up, but if it does wonderful, if not we’ll have A great night anyway, tomorrow is saturday: let’s kick some butt tomorrow, every one of you all out there get to work tomorrow, focus get to work ready with your shoes tied tight, get your dope socks on get everything going, so you can be ready for saturday saturday’s.
Always a big day folks, it’s it’s only not a big day.

If you don’t think it is, there’s always opportunity.
There’s people off work, there’s so many ways you can get.

You don’t have appointments.

You can make phone calls they’re going to be home tomorrow.
Get those appointments set up, so you can have a great week next week there’s a way, there’s a win every single day.
There’s just because you don’t have a deal, there’s a way to win.

Look for that win, make sure it happens.
I promise you if you start sowing those seeds now and you start putting it down, it will grow and they become a group that you want to one day harvest right.
So do that y’all have a great one.

Forgive focus, fly, keep growing, y’all, be good.
Keep growing – and you know what’s up right so we’ll see you all later.

What’s up okay, so we out of here peace that was the general manager, so i’m gon na bounce.
You guys have a good one love you all! .

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