yo, yo yo.

What’s up everybody fred lennart, let me flip this to the side, for you guys just like.
What’s up got my team up in here we’re we’re up here, late, finishing strong, got a couple deals and we’re signing up.
Thank you great job today, guys.

Where did he bring an app after app after app and not giving up on your customers going that extra mile you good job, helping out killed it? That’s what i do, but these guys they really killed her.
If i didn’t have the traffic i couldn’t have done nothing so i had to have people bring people in this team killed it today.
So i’m not actually i’m real excited right now i mean i really guys i didn’t know.

We were gon na hit our number, but we literally did hit our number we busted over.
So we did a good job appreciate every one of you guys for putting in that work.

Hopefully you guys got some money made today.

You know i’m saying that’s what we do yeah.
You know what i’m saying matt you see this, do it right.
We are hey nathan.

What’s up buddy yeah, we’re finishing strong, this team can’t help but get excited about a day like this, and hopefully this means that the next month is going to be just like this.
I hope so i hope that’s better all next week we keep crushing it and taking this momentum with us, but guys great job, we don’t have to leave monday open.

That’s what i love about it.

So it’s official today is it as long as your deals are clean.
You guys should be good.
There’s only a couple missing things, so you guys did a great job.

Man seriously really good job today way to work as a team guys.

I appreciate it man, so i got paul signing up the last one right now: nino good job today, how many cars you sell today, uh one and a half one and a half, my dog, great job, nino great job but yo folks, and i’m not going to Stay on long, i’m just finishing up the day, but i do got to show off some of the swag i got going on today was where your favorite t-shirt day.
So i wore my favorite hoodie, it’s a new one.

I got some, i think, aggro hoodie.
Look at that thing.
Folks, are you kidding me? Look at this thing swagged out salmon up in this mug right.

It’s even got the freaking double freaking strings up in this you got the white or the salmon as they call it now think.
Aggro folks, if you guys haven’t, checked them out www.

com, they got all the cool swag.
They got.
The greatest thursday night show out there.

It is called thursday night thirsty, thursdays think tank with the think ad group.
Of course i’ve been able to come on there, one of the founding members great time.
We also got elite fi partners out there doing some amazing stuff.

Folks, if you haven’t checked out michael offmatt, go to their website www.
com and of course we got exo gloss.

You see right there right there, yeah exo, gloss love them too.
Then we got dealership toolkit folks, come on dealership toolkit, crushing the game right now, bringing all kinds of energy bringing new flavor for everybody out there, and we also got the next cell app folks, don’t forget about them, but man.
This thing this thing hoodie’s dope.

Folks, i love it, i wore it all day, phil and fly.
I don’t know why i did, but i did, but no man, i’m really proud of my team.
We we had a number we need to hit today and honestly, it was like man, we might miss it by just a little bit because it’s a very difficult number to hit.

Not only did we hit it, but we exceeded it and it was so much fun.
I was at the desk all day today i was doing i wasn’t just being effing.
I was doing the desk thing.

Folks, that’s what it’s about you get out here and you start working these deals.
You start getting people motivated, you put the time in and you go out and you make it happen and your team will work for you.
They did a great job, i’m very proud of them.

I’m proud of everything, i’m proud of our month, great job january.
We finished strong, we hit our bogey, we’re going to go for it next month and go even harder hope.

You guys are doing the same thing.

Folks, there’s so many reasons that you can just give up on life or quit, but just remember there’s light everywhere around you.
So if you ever need anything, just look inside yourself find the little stuff start working on your gratitude for the small stuff, small stuff becomes big stuff.
I promise and, as you start to love things and start to enjoy things, things start to get better.

Just keep being positive, keep staying that way, forgive focus and fly, i’m not going to stay on long.

I need to go because we got this last deal getting ready sign.
Then i’m gon na go home we’re already late anyway, as it is we’re running yeah, not bad.

Only an hour on a saturday late can’t help it, but we still had a monster day.
We’re talking double digits folks: peace, 10, yeah! That’s that number holla! .

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