Special Time For Our Special Guest Anthony Santangelo National Trainer

So let’s welcome Anthony, he is unbelievable.

Now, let me just say this Anthony Facebook bleaching he’s creative, because I remember when he first had Facebook nation.
I said what is this guy well, but I got ta follow this guy, so there’s so much talent here and the company that he works for automax right there.
They really have a product for the automotive industry and I’m going to let Anthony answer this their recruitment, but they have the human resource.

They put the right person in the right place and that’s something that the automotive industry needs for an example.
My good friend Brandon.
He spends so much time he has a human resource background because he works for the OEMs and you want to know something Anthony tell us a little bit about your process for dealers to when they see this call tomorrow, yeah absolutely Richie.

Thank you.
So much for having the opportunity to be here, I’m just trying to share it out here for everyone to see it here, but I’m really really appreciative that you changed the time for me just since I was doing interviews today and I had a dinner with our Dear client at a bar burger tonight know so, but yeah.
Basically, what we do is you know, I’m independent contractor for automatics recruiting and training.

I’m in my 23rd year, the automotive industry, my fourth year as a recruiter trainer and we recruit interviewing trained salespeople and bdc representatives and staff.
Any position in the store from poor to the president is what we do.
You know with it, so we have different, unique processes that we do.

We have on-site training, we have off-site training remote, recruiting as well, but well we screen the applicant and we do the advertising springy applicant and find the best quantity of quality of applicants for our.
Do our clients across the United States and Canada Wow you know, Anthony, is really an amazing.
It’s an amazing thing.

What you guys do, because the dealer it needs this product, if I would have in my company a company like yours with a guy like you right, I would hire you because human resource is important, even indicator inside my photos like a door nose right, even in That side and in my company myself well sometimes you hire somebody, and I don’t know you know, and I don’t really interview you know other people in my team do.
But you want to know something I would use this product.
I’ve seen dealers hire salespeople general managers in five or ten minutes because they don’t have enough people on the floor.

Okay, as a matter of fact, they said one of my friends has never in the car business somewhere.
He told me they didn’t even ask him anything.
They tie it in right away so that that’s I mean that’s, not good.

That’s not a good process to have, and if they have enough guys on the floor, they might not hire them, but somebody might come in with tremendous talent.
So that’s why it’s got ta.
Be a third party is what I agree with, because dealers do not have any human resource.

What are your thoughts on that? No, it’s a very good point that you brought up there.
I think the first point is when it comes to the hiring process.
Usually this is what happens for a dealership.

Do you need some help? No, I’m good, I’m good! I can do it myself, I’m fine we’re fully staffed for five and then some time goes by and there’s this busy Saturday.
You know Saturday is the busiest day and the carbon is its core business week and you end up having your sales people that are doubled up with customers, and then customers will have the door and somebody freaks the hell out.

Maybe you better call automatic, oh Anthony and get him up there.
When can you get here and then they’re there drafting out of need versus drafting out of power, so yeah, that’s okay, then you can do it that way, but to be consistent and to bring people aboard, even if you feel you have enough.
If somebody deserves an opportunity, they deserve an opportunity.

They shouldn’t be no knocking the opportunity, because you feel that your staff is full or because you don’t have enough desks, go buy a desk, for god sake.
You know it’s not the end of the world, so I think that’s the first part of the process.
There is when you have the initial need.

Maybe it’s just good to be consistent and keep doing that and I’d used the example of the San Francisco 49ers back in the late 80s, when they had Joe Montana, Steve, Young and Steve bono.
Now, Steve bono was never a Hall of Fame quarterback play Steve Young with Montana work, but he was much better than the third-string quarterback.

He was very serviceable when he was a starter in the NFL.

That was a good problem for George Seifert to have head coach.
The Niners back then, so what we want to have that in our stores to be able to have that best quality of quality of applicants and find spots for them.
So, instead of drafting out a need.

Sorry, after you had a best available and if you look at the NFL teams that are most successful, they do that and you know what Anthony I’m glad.
You brought that up because my good friend, dr.
John I’ve been within the pinnacle some group at Rell’s and at Polk and that’s what they had with him, because he had testy character, personality and a lot and a lot of time.

He interview t pick C choosers right and he puts them in the right place.
I thought maybe somebody would have been good for data or maybe somebody would have been good for a consultant or somebody would have been good in technology.
You know they measure the talent and then development wise.

They put modules together for training, because now you match this person with this training.
That’s gon na work for them, so you got a better shot of succeeding.

Then hiring somebody building a career night, putting their career night together, hiring somebody and that’s it and then hope that your module works and then and then dealers say you know what this guy’s training is not good.

Well, wait a minute we’re not looking at the whole thing just like the Legion I Drive leads to dealers.
Sometimes they tell me that leads.

Have you ever thought that maybe it’s your process, because if all the stores are delivering 14 to 15 percent right and penetrating the market, why ain’t you right? So dealers don’t get that all this training is done with notes? Maybe your process, it’s maybe the wrong person.

That’s listening to your training.
Why does the Jim Ellis? Why is Brandon so successful? Because Brandon spends a lot of time, interviewing people, analyzing people and the numbers show he’s number one in cpiotto he’s number one in new cars across all different brands.
They got eighteen dealerships right, he was at DC age.

It was the same thing and the other the other thing that there is.
I have an institute.
You know when I think that or if I really want to sit down with your company, because recruitment is very important, I can have a career night and then I can hire.

Then I think trains up vets and what do I do? I put them in dealerships and they’re, not gon na succeed, you know.
So there is a big difference.
You know and that’s why I wanted to invite you because I’ve been watching what you guys do and have been learning more about all of us.

I really didn’t know all relax to be honest with you before your time.
I know that the owner yeah he’s on my LinkedIn and all that, but I I really didn’t know what you guys did.
I thought it was like the old times.

You know you hire you recruit and you put salespeople and you have them buy, of course, of something for $ 300 and the deals you give the faculty or whatever.
But I didn’t know you know that you’d actually spend time into your human resource first and then a trainer and a consultant that’s lethal.
For a dealership me Nevada, Vaman owner, that’s the training company.

I don’t wan na hire because they’re taking responsibility of hiring the right people for the right job.
You might interview somebody you might say you know what this person is perfect for BBC, because he’s left brain right.
Then you hire somebody like me.

That’s totally right, brain and he’s good for sales, so you guys have that! That’s your DNA, so you guys have that.
So I say to myself mr.
dealer: there’s a great solution out there for you to succeed instead of hiring a trainer and hoping that his modules work to an audience.

That might not be the same thing in marketing.
You know when you do marketing and you don’t hit the right audience.

You’re not gon na convert.

Well guess what it’s a same way in training.
What are your thoughts on that? Well, I think you know when it comes when it comes to that I mean it’s just so many good points you had there, I’m not even sure where to start.
You know when it comes to that, but you know what you have your process and you have the recruiting process.

As far as the interview know, it’s important to have a scripted interview, it’s important to make sure that you were on point when it when it comes to things.
You know you mentioned before earlier about getting people hired within five minutes or you know, hey you’re, Harvard away or something like that.
You know you want to make sure that you really understand the applicant and you’re gon na look past the talent look past the resume.

I’m still here with applications with my training class tomorrow and you look past that look at the character of the person and the hunger desire and rise.
Here’s a perfect example, this interview, okay, this morning late this morning and I’m go through the process and she’s very nervous, very nervous, and you see it and I could see in her eyes, she’s a confidence issue, she’s a confidence issue.

It richie and i sat there and i did my scripted interview, but i knew in order to get the best version herself.

I wasn’t have to call an audible and for those in our football fans it’s changing the play she’s a little play.
I spent a little bit more time with her.
You know and me a little bit of time to process us.

It’s not a problem at all.

I said he did call around today and let me know I said: okay, if it’s not, for you doesn’t make you a bad person.
It’s alright, but hopefully I’m able to give you some information to impact your life as I don’t leave you better than how I found you you know, but if this is yes, nice bet you if you say yes to the honor, your word to be there.

So you know I called her back tonight in chants and more questions and I just kind of went off of some things and gave her that she was very grateful to be able to understand that now from a regular dealer, standpoint can put forth the time to Do that now I don’t know if our dear clients gon na hire her or not come Friday.
I hope they do, but I know she’s going to class and I know right now, she’s in the position of gratitude, and she appreciates that.
I took the time to do that, you know and that’s what we want to look for when it comes to onboarding and hiring process.

I had a dealer tell me in late April, they were looking to you know to do hiring and I noticed it and I reached out them.
They know who I am.
I said: hey do you want some help? No and I’m good on this one.

Okay, no problem at all.

You know what do you look before? You have the time those yeah I’m gon na interview them and I’m gon na bring more the first week in June.
I said well we’re in late April yeah.

I know okay, I hope that works for you, but you know in the corner street, if you have somebody come in, they want to buy a car.
The it’s home, gon na, be spotted a month later that doesn’t work.
You know just I mean, what’s the old school course saying, if you don’t spot him, you don’t got ya a school that goes back to you know when we both start it.

You know you, you know, I know the Millennials.
Don’t understand that term.
That’s how it was that so, typically your employees and their retention, it’s important that you spot your employees again, the start as soon as possible.

You know and make sure you have it that what well I’m not ready for that.

Why aren’t you ready for it, but I loved s, I don’t know people, I don’t have time to train them.
Well, sadly, say it in New York and Philly right.

I know a guy.
I got a guy yeah, you know I mean so it’s just that’s the real process with it and again don’t get me wrong.
I mean every dealer can do what we do at automatics.

Yes, you absolutely can mr.
dealer client, mr.
client, but you have the time to do it, and then you have to ask yourself that million-dollar question the time that you invest in putting out a proper ad where to advertise, and I have news for it: throwing an Ad up and indeed doesn’t get you the best quantity of quality, of applicants yeah and for technicians forget about it.

As we would say, you know, that’s not how you get tested to denim arm, you know so the proper ad and then when they come in.
As an enquiring application or you getting back to them, like that, that’s we need to do stuff like that.
You have to get back to him.

You know to do that and they’ll take the time when they come in for the interview what usually happens, you’re working two deals: it wants a third sales person he’s an appraisal behind him is one of the ladies in accounting.
Looking for clarification, we had put in the back street of a deal two days ago behind her is one of the service writers looking for a 15 an hour, okay for use for a safety check.
The other is texting you.

How many deals do you have out for today you haven’t had your CIT meeting, yet you have a half million dollars at the street and now your receptionist will the st.
Brittany comes up and says: hey that interview said to the week ago she’s here now: what’s Your response, oh the only one, who’s, have a cheesesteak.
You know it’s just well here.

Have her fill an application out now she fills the application and gets it done in 15 minutes and 12 seconds, but you don’t sit down with her 28 minutes and 22 seconds later.
Those 13 minutes her mind is starting to turn a little bit and she’s watching it thinking.
Hmm, I guess I’m not important, maybe maybe her stereotype.

Maybe my outfit isn’t good enough.
Then she looks around he’s a bunch of guys and sees one woman on the floor.
Hmm, you know, and these are the things that happen in the cornice tree and that way you do interview her.

It’s like she’s already lost, and even if you do bring her aboard, if you the proper onboarding process happening, are you giving them your time to see you can give somebody’s your time? The best thing give somebody your time, you know or or you just kind of letting it go and fly to us even pants.
Well guess what they’ll be around for four or five weeks, but really that first day they mentally checked yeah.
They were to put their resume back online.

I mean this is just reality.
What goes through that, and it’s sad it.
It really is, you know, and we have to ask ourselves: where is that line when it comes to be investment? We won’t invest in our people.

Jonathan Dawson, my friend, you know he put a post today up about how a dealer was averaging 270 cars a month.
They are now averaging 70 cars a month.
I don’t know the details of why and they reached out to Jonathan, for Jonathan’s training was so college and Jonathan, I guess, gave him the investment and their response was that’s too much we’re not interested right.

But how much is that costing? I mean they had a production drop of almost 75 %, you know and it’s like they don’t want to invest now to their people.

That’s a little bit tough.
I mean an system.

Where do you go with that and and I put a comma in there I said my friend I feel you know I’ve been told that before you know, you know and it’s just what we got to figure out ways to better swallow.
The ego that I told you off camera before just let’s just help people you know with with it.
You know I mean that’s all we want to do and again I mean you know off-camera.

He said a lot of nice things about me, but I mean it’s a total team effort with automatics.
I couldn’t do what I do without you know the team in automatics and for me personally there were six training companies that somebody get bent.

It’s an Anthony.

You weren’t a GM, you want an owner, you never had a piece in the store, so I guess you can’t be a trainer okay, but Craig and Ernie didn’t look at that.

They didn’t judge my book by its cover.
They didn’t look at this hot Italian.

The hot-headed Italian that you know never was a GM before and I guess we can’t help.
They saw something in me and I was not a natural recruiter.
When I started, I had natural training ability, was it being 19 years selling cars Norma trainer, but able to develop through the grace in the tutelage of automatics to be a natural recruiter, which is an art? It absolutely is dealers and one of the things Anthony you’re, a great merchandise, huh.

Okay, I got ta tighten that you know great and Merchandising yourself, you’re great marker, and that that’s talent that comes from being in the car business.
We all even the car business that you do, you have it be a merchandise for first and then you had to be a marker, because you have problems.
If you did so.

You said something before that’s very important.

When I got here Long Island I worked.
I was at Apple Honda.

I was sent out here by dr.
John Menard check.
Ok, let me tell you what I did.

They have a local newspaper called Newsday.
I looked at the warnings in Newsday and I said: AHA there’s dealers that every week are looking for Help Wanted salespeople.
I said they.

This is a great infamy all right, because now I know they can retain salespeople.
You know I got a do.
They set up a process of and retain salespeople, so the Nicholson group came down and we put it together.

Let me tell you something: I saw that.
Well guess what customers that your customers see that you’re turning your people around also, ok, this door fixed a problem.
After he was told that to do, I make a pretty big group every week on news day.

Let me tell you something: customers know when you when you’re looking for help.
They know it based on social media today they know it based on.

Indeed, so now our customers, looking at that, okay and the stores that have harder a company professionally, like Anthony’s company right, have an advantage over you.

So guess what you don’t want your competitor to have something that you don’t because that’ll hurt you and customers today are very smart.
Customers today are very different and they won’t.
We will sell because I see in the so rude customers lachie’s.

They know more about the car deal than our salespeople mmm.
Okay, they know about that.
We used to know about that.

I have a module: how to convert information into a deal salespeople duh, not doing that right.
Now I walk into these stores.
They just take customer information, they give out information.

There’s no focus customer throws at you information, and I see that all the time how you handle that is selling their knowledge.
Now it’s selling and mentoring, your customer.
Will he converts a deal? Okay, that’s how you do it! You guys know how to hire the right people, you’re, great trainers right and taking that away from the dealership right.

The dealership is that trained to do that.
They don’t know the time they’re gon na invest to fail.
I rather just hire somebody that’s gon na help me succeed, a coach.

I have a few coaches that we hired in our organization and the reason we hire cruised.
We don’t know so why not hire them and they’ll.
Give us they’ll.

Take us to the next level right, executive coach: you got a higher people and if I’m a deal what’s the reason I would hire you, you travel all over the country.
Your your thing is you’ll.
Give me an idea from another dealership that could work in my store and I can turn numbers around just based on three or four ideas that you give me by just a 3 % increase when you’re dealing in the car business.

That’s a big increase! Well, you know, and what you’re said here makes a lot of sense for dealers to really pay attention and hire a company like that, the Fortune 50s and the fortune 500 companies have a human resource department, but they have a human resource.

Consulting companies, that’s what they do.
They follow everything by the book and nothing passes that and you wan na know something when they hire you you’re gon na succeed help your people that you hire succeed, give them the tools.

If I hire somebody now, don’t give them the tools, what am I gon na do mmm? You know it’s very important when you guys bring to the table, we’re hiring process, trainee and a follow-up process for to see if it works or it doesn’t.

That’s you guys have the 3-prime process, which I would call and it’s a very lucrative process and it’s a very detailed process and watching you and I know a few deals along that have used you.
I know you, you were in Kia generation and you’re at Honda.

You know I see what’s going on, but those doors are hitting their penetration.
Yep I’ll, actually be a generator I’ll.
Be there too, we two weeks from today I’ll be up in Bohemia from with for Joe stork up their generation cave, but I’ll be I’ll, be there, and the automotive group uses myself an autumn axe as well.

I was emailing back and forth today with Peters or Z, and you know we’re put something together at some point.
You know so so yeah I mean it’s but here’s the thing you know when it comes to recruiting and interviewing and training.

You know what I do in Long Island is a little different than the store I’m at here in Illinois, which is a half hour from st.

Louis I’m not anywhere near Chicago, I’m a half an hour from st.
No, you know, and it’s a much different area and the one thing in you know I’m from Philly.

You know I still have a home outside Philadelphia.
I was at a place in California, but you know I’m affiliate your New York guy and you know what I’ve seen and I’ve been a growing ABAB is different areas.
You know people in the Midwest and the south and all that to be able to make that adjustment that’s necessary with it, and we do that with our customer bases as well.

Every customers might be somebody hey.
This is the car I want.
I want that.

Slt model I want beige interior blue, got this that you know are blue the outside.

You know leather Center.
I mean all these different stuff, something like that.

They’re, not sure they want.
You be a little more patient with the process.
You know with it and also from negotiation standpoint the negotiate at what some people are just boom-boom room, other people, you have to process a little bit kind of you have to almost roll out of them a little bit in the talk at the same thing.

When comes to recruiting and interview go back into the example of the young lady today, I had to kind of just talk through it with her to see if it was an opportunity.
You know with that, but she’s valuing it.
You know where, if I you know that wouldn’t have worked in Long Island it just what you know type of a thing, so that’s the thing that you grow and we’re always evolving.

We talked about this at automatics, we’re always changing now, everyone’s talking about pivoting.
Now, yes pivots this big word now, you know it’s a vivid every day at autumn acts and the audibles and the changes that we do shipping on the fly in a transaction.
What works, what doesn’t work? How are we gon na do this? You know I mean it’s just it’s a it’s a lifetime commitment.

It really is, you know, and that’s important to do that and you make different decisions now.
You know my campaign this week is going very well the campaign next week, my mind’s already on that I’ve already been communication with Jane or executive recruiter.
You know what that’s a long.

This is the first time finding that right now, but next week’s a longtime client, you know, but I know the market in the area and it’s different.

Do we have two people, so I mean it’s an ongoing change, so I guess one off all over the tangent.
There, but that’s that’s what it’s about you know, I’m glad you brought up about change.

For example, this show I do this show I’ve been doing this show for a year, automotive training.
I did the other day automotive dealing news about three weeks ago and I changed the time you know I make it convenient.
I mean the coach was on coach, Michael right, he’s great mule Don.

I hadn’t put the schedule Michael Bert, yeah, Bert great guy.
I think I’ve met before his breakup.
I put the schedule together that works for him.

I have some people that I got ta put the schedule again.
You know what that way.
I can see what might result is.

Maybe I don’t wan na clock his own wrong time.
I don’t care, you know, I want to learn and see and engage that’s what it’s about.
It’s not about me.

It’s that the shows not about me.
The show is about bringing people like yourself right and other people that I’ve brought in that have a solution for the dealer, because what I really cared – I’m gon na say this.
What I really care is about the dealership, hey, I care because of the people they employed when, in always, when I’m sore dealers go out of business, I saw 7080 people lose a job from the office staff to the service department to sales.

There were gone okay, so I developed this to help the dealership because there’s a local economy, I mean it was terrible here in Long Island.
When that happen, you know until the cash for clunkers it was bad.
You won’t know something: that’s what the shows, without the shows about I got ta make a change I’ll make them the shows about bringing solutions that actually work.

I follow people for a long time.
I use Facebook as a recruiting arm for solutions for dealers and I watch the talent and I see, and then I bring you in because it’s very important in my area to help the deals as much as I can, because there ain’t about the deals.
I don’t do it for the dealers, I do it for the people that lose jobs that have been like there was a store that went out of business, a Ford store here, the guy who was there 60 years, and there was 78 people that lost shouts.

I knew them all great people, they had a rough time that year and a half till they got back home on track.
You know and that’s what I don’t want to see.
You know what am i dealing with this coronavirus.

You know I get flashbacks about this whole.

It’s about.
You know really really putting the right solution and now trainings more important than ever, because you got a women.

Tell me and everybody’s in that up a digital guy.

Okay, did you know retelling? We will see how many digital guys eight are.
Okay, because did you know retail, you got ta, have a trained staff, but, like you guys know how to do, because now you got conversion, it’s and it’s getting very close in the carcasses with Corona.

We were making appointments and selling cars.
Okay, let me tell you something: now: digital retailing he’s gon na get and I’m so glad about it because I don’t believe in SEO.

I believe in paid search build your organic a little bit, but I don’t believe in SEO because SEO it is really doesn’t exist.

You know a lot of people spend three four seven thousand dollars on SEO.

I take that same account and put pay search on it and it converts like that and they’re making money.
Okay SEO is great.

It’s building your organic is good, but let me tell you: what did you know? Retailing, you better have a trained staff because you’re not in front of them one-on-one.
Now it’s a whole different animal.
Okay, now you’re selling, either on video or on the phone and not everybody, knows gon na sell on video.

So it’s you you’re talking about a whole different landscape.
That’s gon na go on in our industry and if we don’t pay attention, we’re gon na lose a lot of deals.
The right people at the right time with good trainers that know and they travel around the country and get what somebody else is doing.

I want to know, because that’s how we all learn, so I think your product is great and I think more and more dealers should pay attention to you guys, because what you’re doing out there in the industry is making a difference.
Thank you very for saying that I really appreciate it.

You know you brought up, you know, that’s the advertising, you know that you know, and I think, and it’s funny excited dealer I talked to last week about this.

Yes, he said no.
Where should I put the money that your failure at autumn acts I mean, should that go in your advertising budget or in train, has to go in training, expense, doesn’t go in your advertising budget he’s on my controller face in advertising.
It’s not it’s! It’s training! No! The successful dealers have a separate training budget, you know and a lot of times, they’ll say well.

I don’t want to invest X in training and recruiting, but you’re investing X times 10 in advertising, and I think we get so caught up a lot of times in our immediate results where we we live in a world that we want, that immediate satisfaction right away.
Well, sometimes it happens, but sometimes it’s a it’s a growth process where we can’t just look at the 30 days.
I know we do that.

I mean I do financial sense.
Myself has been the contractor, but I don’t look at that and say: okay, Oh in April it was tough and I literally had less you know: minimum wage income.
If that you know III, don’t look at it that why don’t that pay? How am I gon na impact lives? I’m gon na keep growing and what’s the what’s the main goal in the long haul, and that’s what we need to do as a store on that and sometimes that return does come faster.

I have an automatic graduate in Tennessee.

I graduated him February never sold cars before his three children, two hundred age of five 117 and in his third month of the business in May u-235, cores which he had made 16 rain, not 16 grand gross for the store he made 16 grand before taxes.
For his total income of thrones’ and commissions, you know, if you told me in February I am I’m gon na – do a 35 spot three months in it makes sixteen rent I said.

Well, I don’t know about that, but it’s possible.
Well, guess what he made it happen down there in Franklin Tennessee, you know so mean the opportunity.
Is there, but and here’s a crazy thing about it.

When I interviewed him, he was uncertain and scared about this house.
He had a position that he was doing well, but he wanted to get off the road, but he was scared to do it and he wasn’t sure – and I’m telling you if it did not go through routing process a month alone about me specifically.

But if he didn’t do through a set recruiting process, he would not be in the corner.
Street was now him alone in that the into the money he made for the dealer last month alone.
There’s a longtime client of ours.

That’s gon na pay literally for the next ten campaigns, and that’s just him.
Nonetheless, the other three people that heard ammeter crushing at the did.
Well, one day there were twenty deals.

There are two double-digit deals, so all that return, the investment that there is.
You know I mean so me, it’s just a you have to be able to look at it that way.
What is there, but are you willing to take that time to be able to understand their needs and show them that you care about it more as a person than production cuz, I guarantee when you do that the production will come.

You know what Anthony dealers always look guys training as an expense.
Oh, when I worked in a dealership had my beginning years, Jackie B Cooper, hey, look, it’s an expense yeah.
We always looked it’s too much.

So do you want your on training staff to handle your customers? I never understood that all right, you rather have untrained staff handle your previous customers right.
So let’s kill your retention.

Look at this thought it’s too much and too expensive.
Look what you said about.

Dodson right look: what happened all so, it’s too much money! No, it’s never too much.
If you want to retain your customers.

Even we know that there’s 1.
4 million new car buyers every month, based on registrations and based on loans that are up.
We have that data that data exists.

It’s takes hundred thousand subprime customers every month.
You wan na burn through those customers right and you’re gon na you’re gon na hate your numbers, some numbers you’re gon na play Russian roulette.
Oh, you have a trained staff.

Now, your penetrating our market, now you’re penetrating a percentage of your body now you’re, looking like a hero in front of the OEMs, now you’ve increased your floor traffic, your travel rate on allocation.
They give you more cars, your turn you’re turning the inventory better and you’re building a tremendous she’s called the partly because the more cars are coming, the more trade you do.
Okay, so really really in between the charges you $ 7,000 a day, your ROI is humongous.

When you look at the corporate side and what its gon na really do to you, if a dealer, one dealer Academy, okay and graduated from there there’s a lot of metrics that you need to look at one of the main metrics is have a trained staff.
I’m going to penetrate my market on registrations, I’m gon na do more concourse tales.
Okay, not only that, I want to increase my travel rate on inventory and now I’m gon na turn my inventory and I’m going to get more used cars.

Oh and what happened when you get more used cars, your service business blows up.
Now you are being profitable and you’re.
Never we got ta pay attention because a dealership when, when somebody explains that to a dealership, it’s over, they say.

Where do I start? Because it’s that simple, you got ta show the data to the dealership and they’ll pay attention, because you know what it makes.
No sense.
What they’re doing or I hear people say you know what it’s just too much money all.

So you want your untrained staff to the your customers, I mean you know Anthony and the value that you guys have so that that’s one part of it, but the other part is they picked the right people for the right job.
There’s no other company that I know of that.
Does that so now metrics is what works here.

Data is what works the metrics is you mean to tell me: I’m gon na hire a company.
That’s got ta hire the right person then train that right person, hello, mm-hmm.
That’s what makes you guys different.

You know, and I’m really so glad Anthony that you came to the show, because I had a chance to engage with you a little bit.
We never talked like this first time and I’ve learned a lot from you instance.
I’ve been following you in today.

I learned a lot more than I ever thought.
So I mean it’s great, you know and I think it’s a really good product, you guys yeah and it’s you know the great thing about it too, is that you know that there’s we have other trainers as well, and you know not.
Every person is a fit for each store, maybe I’m not the right fit for your store.

It’s okay.
We have other trainers as well.
You know I mean I don’t have all the answers.

You know I mean you know, there’s there’s some trainers that you know.
Automatics want send alone that I’m in Long Island hold on you know, there’s different personalities are like that.
You know everything is different that way, but it’s forever adapting it.

You know with that.
So we’re changing everyday we’re trying to figure out we’re just regular people, people putting their pants on late a time just like everybody else, but the key is: are you willing to work the inside out yeah working the inside out? Second basketball? You can chuck up threes like Golden State.
Does fine, but you know what, if you live by the jump shot you’re gon na die by the jump shot, but if you learn how to work it inside and working in the paint you’re gon na be successful night.

In and night out and that’s what you got to do with your Pete starts with your people.
If you want to produce the ROI, you want to increase your production and your service retention, and your lease retention, of course, make more money that most people are driven by.
It starts with developing your internal talent, and sometimes that talent is like this much talent, but I will see taking the time to show them.

They can do it and develop their mindset and that’s exactly what it is.
That’s what I teach when I train you know when I start my train tomorrow, I’m gon na find a program at four day: five million 10-day programs.
We have I’m gon na find a program like the three days of interviewing.

I finish up today and I start my training tomorrow.
I’m not gon na focus in the steps of this sale.
That’ll come Friday morning.

You know I focus on the first day the ups and downs in the corner Street and how the win the next 15 minutes mentally.
You know what that preparing your minds, that’s what you need to better do to win the battle of mind every day and also develop the confidence you know with that, because not everyone’s confident people have sleepless nights tonight.
You know I sleep with my.

This is next to my face every night in the phones ringers all the way up.
You know and it’s like when I turn it turns with me.
I have people that will text me at 3:00 in the morning.

Some excuse that they can’t come and I hear the ding and I wake up if I’m already awake and I respond back to it and I repair from there help them with their mindset.
Oh, yes, you can do this, you know and that’s just what I do and some people say.
Well, you you get a life, that’s not our supposed to go.

You know what it’s a better defining purpose.
My defining purpose is to positively impact lives and that’s what we’re about at automatics and we do it the right way and we never touch dishonest hours and that’s what we bring other training companies can’t do that.
But when it comes to the character and when it comes to going the extra mile, I’m proud to wear the autumn, ax hat absolutely a.

and you should be proud to have us in our stores as well.
Absolutely and Anthony thanks a lot for coming over and Dan hat is worth for me, and let me tell you something I mean, although max is really a really good company and he I think more dealers should use them.
I know it’s late and I know you’re tired and you got ta get up early tomorrow realize what time it was.

I lost track puppy because I enjoyed this conversation.
So when you have two Italians talking, the time flies so anyway I mean I’m so glad we did all this and thank you so much for your time and I really value your your time that you put in the business but, most importantly, I can always call You in you’re right there for me, so thank you so much and enjoy your day and it sleep well so tomorrow you can do what you do the best and thank you, mr.
Facebook nation, Thank You, Richie, I’m really blessed and thank you so much for the Invite to be on your show and for working that overtime, I’m in Central Time, so I’m an hour ahead of you right now in Illinois.

So I know it’s quarter after 11 out there in New York.
So, thank you so much and thank your family and your significant other as well for taking time away from them.
Thank you.

So much Anthony god bless.
Take everybody.
Thank you.

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