Jessie, it’s a pleasure and an honor to have you on oil deal in youth.

The reason I’d say that is because your mindset and being so positive out there, I watched you a couple of times and then I started sharing yourself.
I share everybody’s comprehend thought.
Why share people at a positive mindset? I want to talk to you about the coronavirus, the impact that has had in our industry, and I can tell that your dealer should be doing very good things, and I tribute at somebody like yourself with that mindset.

Please share with us, so we can learn how you keep that mindset going and that positivity going everyday.
The people that I’m surrounded by you know the leaders that we have in our store the people in my personal life that I allow into my personal life and say if they don’t have their lives under control or they’re, not in the positive mindset they’re, not growing.
I I don’t contribute to that.

You know I don’t hang out in that arena.
Every morning I don’t wake up with rainbows and butterflies over my bed.
You know every one of us has our own trials and tribulations in life.

I have a story just like you and every other person who’s – probably watching this right now, but every morning I get up – and I review my – why I know exactly why I get up and do what I do.
You know I get my morning mindset routine on.
I journal every morning what what five things went right yesterday, you know what five things am i grateful for today.

You know.
The first thing is: is Kelly the love of my life, the woman.
That’s beside me when I wake up in the morning.

I make sure that I tell her that I’m grateful for her.
You know that she’s a gift from God, you know, and then I’m thankful for the day because hey I woke up today.
I have an opportunity today to get better to grow and impact someone’s life.

The way that someone impacted mine – and you know the speed of the ship is the speed of the leader.
So if, if I’m not a positive mindset, I will have my attitude in check and I don’t come in here – ready to rock and roll first thing in the morning, then how can I expect anyone on my team to do this? I can’t I can’t feature preach and tell them to do this or that, if I’m doing it myself absolutely and you know, the other thing is a lot of people – don’t understand how hard it is to have that positive mindset and have a mindset period on getting Things done, motivating your staff, helping your staff get to that next level because you got the new right, a lot of negativity in the world.
That’s going at you.

So it’s a lot of work to just be positive and it’s not easy work.
You do there’s a lot of time and effort and a lot of thought process that you put into and I’m just making a statement here, because I know what that’s like you know, and congratulations on that and the other thing is: are your sales managers blast for Brainer in your auto group, do you help out your salespeople? Do you guys have a corporate? We know our group here at this location.
You know I got to get my endorphins up in the morning and and to have a training prepared for every day.

You know so that so I’m not coming in here shooting from the hip.
You know, I think it’s important to be intentional.
You know it’s just like if you’re gon na call your customer with a purpose, I have to come in here with training for a purpose.

If I’m not prepared to train you know, then then how can I expect them to be prepared to learn right, and you know what it’s really good, what you’re doing so you are like.
I can see now okay, so you are a trainer also, I guess cuz.
You know how to motivate so well right and Jesse.

I don’t know if you’ve known this, but in the automotive space there’s a whole different thing going on with tick-tock.
Are you guys on to talk yet no I’m on LinkedIn, but I don’t use it.
You know I play in the space that works.

For me.
I use Facebook to impact lives.
I absolutely don’t use it to sell cars.

That’s the funny part, those videos, that’s just to share what I’m going through, what I’m growing through but yeah.
I don’t.
I don’t use that to sell cars and the tic-tock.

You know, I see people, you guys know, but I don’t know how they’re using it in the car business I mean as far as like social media.
When I get off my morning, video I’m off social media.
For the day I mean I’m busy all day long.

You know if you’re in the sales desk position sales manager head coach trainer, whatever you want to label it as you’re busy all day long.
It just doesn’t stop right and you know Jesse.
No, what are the things that I’ve noticed is deals that are on teh top are really doing really good.

Ah – and I got that data from Rico – and he said, the post of a salesperson on takeoff had had a tremendous amount of success.
So I want to say here you know I’m on tick-tock now and I try to go to every platform where I can get.
My brain out there and might be – and it’s really about brand recognition right and it’s about name and all not even about leas.

I do it not for any leads just to be out there.
So when I’m one-on-one with a dealer, he knows I’m out there.
You know I can’t sell what I sell.

I have a lead, gen business and I have a digital a little bit of a digital business.
I can’t sell it if I’m not out there right, but I’ve noticed that I’ve posted some videos and I’ve got good results on it.
As a matter of fact, I have something called the be back boss that I did a video long term software in general.

It’s every customer that comes in it’s automated and you want to know something I got between what only 200 followers.
So it’s something like.
Oh, I don’t even know how this thing works, but you know what I got to asshole deals.

I got Santoro motors, which is one of them and then there’s another D ILI’s out in Georgia, really small worship, it’s an independent dealership, but at least I got to lead you know so you know.

Well, I think it’s gon na work, pretty good.
You know, I think it’s not a terrible thing, that of this tick-tock and maybe you’re positive and all your positive stuff.

You do.
Videos anyway, should be out there because people look for that.
You know Jessie, there’s a tremendous value in you, which is that you know you can change somebody’s life by being who you are? You know somebody might be having a bad day.

You know when I first saw you.
I had a lot of stuff going on all that and I was having a very unfocused a sometimes it happens to the best and I’m not shocked to say that and I’m not embarrassed to say that, because it happens, you know I watched one of your videos And I took a different view and I took a different approach and it worked out for me, so I want to first.
Thank you for that.

You know I mean you didn’t know that, but you know you, you think you can make difference on somebody’s having a bad day, and you should be out there a lot more on believing you are because it’s Twitter, all those things you know absolutely.
I need to be out there doing more of those things you don’t it’s always carving time.
You know taking the time out to figure it out.

You know and now that you’ve put me on the spot.
I absolutely will well you know what just I mean you have such good content.
You know and you have such good content and you’re, so positive and you’re so out, go and then you’re you’re, so good at what you do that definitely be out there more.

I mean Anthony, I listen to avid following Anthony for quite some time now and I’ve been listening to Anthony a lot, and I learned for been this tremendous deal for Anthony.
You know, I really do I mean I think Anthony’s a great guy.
He was on my own training, news and boy he’s really really a real, true, professional and he’s a great trainer, great motivator and great people guy.

You know and we need more people like yourself like him.
You know and people need to know about this.
You know, because you can make a difference on the other side, is.

How is your dealership performing now with coronavirus? What have they done and how have they doin? I mean successful with the marketplace right now.
Well, thankfully, you know, even with you know, we’re like any other dealer group, you know we’re, you know we’re fighting inventory, you know and when I say inventory I mean you know you’re, not you know having new cars produced so you’re low low on on new car Inventory and we’ve been blessed because I had quite a few new cars on the on the ground just had to play really smart chess.
It’s like I think, running the desk and running.

The inventory is like a really well played game of spades.
It’s a long game.
It’s not euchre, it’s not it’s, not a few cards in your hand.

You have to play a long game.
So anytime I make a trade with somebody.
You know you always we always have to work together.

You know so he’s won a better.
My my dealerships inventory, because it’s my fiduciary responsibility to make sure that I’m doing the the best things that I can for our store for our people, our dealer principle, so I can put us in a better position to win we’ve cleaned up our used car inventory.
Thank goodness, you know.

Last year you know our dealer principles he’s hands-on every day and I’m thankful for that Brett.
You know, Brent’s had us going in a direction of really focusing on our turn on our used cars, our appraisals, you know what we send a wholesale.
What we transact on it’s all about customer experience and that’s the thing that I’ve really focused on since I took this position, was customer experience working on video.

You know helping our our team get to the next level and even when sales diminished a little bit, our profits actually went up.
You know it it killed.
It pains me to see that across the board nationwide that dealers believe that they have to be negative on the front end so that they can make props.

But in the back I don’t understand that.
I think every deal should stand on its own and I think that everybody should win the the customer should win, the dealership should win, you know the the salesperson should win and these things can be accomplished.
Our profits have gone up because we’ve paid attention to every piece of the puzzle and that all starts at the top.

That’s top-down leadership you know from the man in charge.
That’s has his boots on the ground every day.
That’s very important point because a lot of dealers start the deal.

I teach you and then going to hold back just to roll a car, because the general manager is kind of them.
Listen I care about how many vehicles in operation I got because at the end of the day, I’m gon na make my money in fixed ops right, that’s that’s great if it works for certain dealers, I always all these other thing thing.
You did maximize every opportunity right, take and reveal, but maximize that area and start at the right.

You know a little bit up there.
You know how low can you go? I don’t believe in that because the customer doesn’t see any value in the dealership when you start when you start solo, an invoice for under invoice, you know it doesn’t it really is not not feasible, it doesn’t work and you know you want to be profitable.
A real real dealership wants to be profitable and every department not buy a lot of profits, but you know what fair fair market value you know your errands folks in the district is 1200.

You want to be right around 11, 75 or 1225.
You know you want to be a little bit better than the average, because you have a 5-star dealership, first of all, you’re there, so that alone has value right.
Just having you there and the other thing is your sales people start getting confidence and start feeling better about themselves and feeling good about where they work.

It’s all morale issue too right, so once you feel that way, positive, and also where you work that you’re gon na make money, then everything really works and your dealership starts coming what I call it on the spiral up and there’s nothing that anybody can do to Bring you on the spiral town so the same thing with people you’re on the spiral up and up and up and you’re gon na keep on that spiral, because you have everything around you the right way: you’re mindsets, the right way, you’re floor.
This is amazing.
It’s in the right weight for grouping share that with your team and get them going you’re going to be unstoppable.

That’s what my fault anyway! Well, I think when you, when you make sure that number one you came to serve in any position, I don’t care what position you play in the dealership.
I started cleaning cars and going to work with my dad.
When I was in grade school, I was going to work with him in nursery school, not working at the store but and in grade school.

I was working every Saturday at the dealership, washing cars started at the bottom started: cleaning cars full time.
For my general sales managers dad when I was 15 years old, you know and and if you’re building excitement, if you’re truly a servant.
Leader, okay and I’m talking that true world class experience.

If you’re, if you’re, selfless and you’re making sure that your customers are having a great time, your professionalism is on point, you know you’re informative.
If they, if they ask you something, you don’t know the answer to it, you absolutely positively tell them the truth.

You know you, don’t you don’t ever have to lie, cheat or steal or fake it until you make it to sell a car.

I don’t believe that.
I believe that if you do the right things and you serve you, you train every day.
You learn your product.

Knowledge and you can give them – you know when you sit down with your customer and you follow all the steps you do a great CNA and you find out all their wants and needs, and you work and you find the right solution for them.
You don’t have to be afraid to start a sticker.
That’s the manufacturer’s suggested retail price now if they qualify for a great discount other than that, the rebates that are given on your brand fantastic, give them that and we can work from there.

But we should never be starting at Ground.
Zero profit is not a dirty word.
No business is built on losers.

You know even my attorney my doctor when they’ve come in and they brought me a true car.
I’ve always told him.
You know I didn’t go to true dot-com or true lawyer.

com and say I wanted the the cheapest.
You know medical visit or the cheapest legal advice I could get.
When I came to you.

I came to you because I felt, and I was referred to you number one you’re the best and I’m willing to pay just you know I want your best work and I think if you give your best work, you have you have the right to ask for Their business and to earn a little profit, it’s not saying that every deal is going to be a mountain.
You know that you’re gon na make all the money, but I think at the end of the day, people will meet you there and you will be possible and we have then, and we will continue to give the better.
You know with that somebody training how many causes a you selling right now.

I think we were at 137 or something this morning.
We still have me.
That’s really good out there, of course, and I think we’re we’re at 2 to 250 store every day of the week before covet and we’re on our way back there.

I don’t see any reason why we can’t be there in July Wow, and let me ask you another question, which is really really key, that I want to ask you in your in your way of business right.
Do you use feeding skill arts appointments? What do you do? We’re a cradle-to-grave store, so we don’t use a BDC and that’s, I believe, was probably the main driving factor behind some sales diminishing.
You know the number of leads it’s number of inventory, but you have to have bodies to and I’m talking professional bodies.

You know you have to have professional salespeople, professional consultants and that’s you know so we’re cradle to grave.
Are people take it from the moment? The lead comes in in real time.
We work internet leads seven days a week.

Our people still work their leads on Sundays.

We’ve done really well with purchasing cars.
They do that as well.

We have a couple people that do that that sell and they also buy like kpv purchases, and we have a very, very good process for that.
I think a lot of people try to do that, but they don’t do it well, because I think they try to get two people to transact on the other side.
You know the question I often get when people want to sell their cars.

Do I have to buy a car from you, and I say absolutely not: we will transact with you.
However, you deem you know that you want to do you know if you want us to just buy your car, we’ll do that.
We have a lot of people that come in, tell us their vehicle and come back a month three six months later and purchase a vehicle from us.

Many of them come in to sell us a vehicle and end up purchasing a vehicle, because we’ve we’ve taken the process as such that we’re gon na transact.
The way you wish to until you say that you want to shift gears and you want to go into a purchase Wow and that’s really good what you guys are doing and Jesse.
The other thing is, I know, a lot of sports, that quote, that are not using a BDC, what a BDC 50 okay, but what they are using is automation market.

Now we do have.
We have a bot and she’s our most consistent and dependable employee and she responds non-stop email text message.
So when we follow the process, we get all the the information we’re supposed to gathered from a customer.

Then she can do her job day in and day out.
Without question, without fail, no exceptions, 24/7.

What we know is we’re bleep generated, so we’ve got a product as sub-prime right now.
You know.
Sub-Prime movies are very hard to bring into this world right.

Yes, very difficult! Does that, like other Levi’s, overly busy, which is view car in used car back, they show up all the time you call them set up an appointment.
They’re there right subprime, you got ta, take them right, so our product with the subprime.
We just started doing this to last, maybe 30 days.

We have two appointment at ease right, so the customer actually comes into your dealership and says I’m here and I was referred by staff smart for a test right, sporadic 400 leads, we might get you 50 appointments.
Okay, because it’s reported, we talked a little bit more for that, because we do automated and there’s two things while we’re doing it, we wanted to find out if the automation marketing really helped out the lead, gen and it did, people are showing up to do tremendous Amount of testimonials or my partners is a company called Leeds fast right and we have it pretty much.
The metrics figured out in the marketing aspect, where we have any automation, figure out right, and you know it’s so funny more data, because there’s a lot of different talked about having a BBC versus today having automation, marketing.

You guys wound that.
Well, I think if a BDC is run correctly, it can be very beneficial to the dealership.
Absolutely I also think if it’s run incorrectly, you can you can destroy a CRM in a very short amount of time.

You could.
You could really taint your customer base.
So I think you have to be careful with that.

You know if you’re gon na run a BDC, you have to be it’s like anything else.
It’s like Anthony Santangelo, always says you have to be all-in and – and I believe that the automation is the way to go right now and I, as a salesperson.
I always wanted to be on the phone with my people right.

I want to be in contact with them, I’m there cradle to the grave, and I still have people to this day.
That call me to service their cars from dealership that I’m not at, and I still help them.
I will set their service appointment with their service advisor for them.

You know I I want them to think all cars.
Think me, you know when you, when you need a service appointment, call Jesse.
If you have an accident man, I hope you don’t, but I’ll tell you what if you have an accident, I want you to call me first.

I want to be present when you’re here, if you’re at the collision center, you get an estimate.
I want to be involved if you’re back there for service and you’re having an issue.
I want to be involved because I’m the bridge, you know if somebody else is trying to be the wall to the customer, I’m the bridge that bridges the gap.

I want to make sure that they know that their experience is important to me in every part of the store, not just at the time that I’m collecting their money and then I’m collecting a commission, and I think that sets you apart.
I truly do I think that you should be all things automotive.
You know hey, you know my daughter wants a car fantastic.

You know you can call it a thousand salespeople, but you called me.
You know you called me for a reason, because, because I’m your contact for everything, cars and – and I think that a lot of people think that it’s a nine-to-five job sales is not a nine-to-five job, and that’s probably why it’s so hard on on marriages and unions.
Speaking of there’s, my girl, if you know when, when, if you don’t have that partnership at home, I mean you know this this.

This business is tough, it’s a lot of doors, it can be grueling, it can leave, it can, leave you bitter.
You know you need time off.
You need to make sure that you have a safe place to rest.

Your head, you know you have to have a place of refuge and I’m blessed.
I have that and I think that people as far as that goes like they.
I think that that’s a philosophy that if anyone adopted it if they took the the work ethic and a servant, leaders attitude and they made sure that they got up every morning and they they got themselves prepared for the day and Kelly will testify.

I don’t wake up sunshiny and rainbow singing every day.

Now I love to sing and I can’t wait to get Anthony Santangelo Indiana.
So we can go karaoke and we’re just talking about this.

The other day we got a group here, that’s ready to go, live when Anthony comes comes to Indiana and he’s gon na be staying at our house, because he’s got an open invitation.
We got a room for him because that’s what family does and I think the car business is a great big family.
It’s the best business in the world.

I think it’s the best kept secret in the world, some of the best people I’ve ever met in my life, some of the most positive growing people that are not only growing themselves but bringing others with them.
That’s the biggest thing I see in this car business and I grew up in it as a kid it wasn’t that way.
When I was a child, you know the business has evolved, yeah.

Anybody that thinks that the car business is what it was.
It’s not it’s not even same industry.
Oh no, and I think, if you can do this, you can do anything.

I’ve seen people from all other types of retail sales come in and fold at car sales and I’ve seen people that have done car sales well going on to be amazing, real estate agents and and financial advisers – and you know it’s a tough, tough business.
You know, I think, if you can do it here with the right attitude like I say you have all those ingredients, you know and you’re you do that cradle to grave and you’re all things.
Cars to your people, like Fran Taylor, says you always have to be prospecting.

Everyone you meet is a potential customer or idea, but but it has to be the real deal.
You know you can’t fake it.
You know and I’m I’m an extroverted introvert Kelly I’ll.

Tell you when I get off work, I’m not the kind of guy that it’s hard for her to get me out of the house, it’s hard for her to get me here out, but once I’m out there you know I’m like a duck in water.
No, I’m glad you brought up a point, one of the biggest points you know years ago.
There was all these people that fake it till you make it okay.

Well, that really is a bad process.
It’s true! Let me tell you why that’s a bigger class! Your mindset is confused right, you do a show like you’re making it and you really are not you know so and being humble is a god thing right.

So the more humble you are, the really the more you make it.

You know, and everybody has different goals.
You know about making money myself, I would roll and my company is to make money not to have an airplane.
You know have a fancy car I’ll have a fancy watch.

Our goal is to get the nonprofit Institute that we have the veterans where we green.
Every veteran for nothing and we put them in the automotive space for nothing.
Okay, so we have a non-profit in Arizona.

Well, that’s what our goal is people get motivated by different things.
You know that’s what our goal is to have one of the most successful nonprofits as the profitable company is growing.
Put it into that nonprofit.

That’s what I’ll blow is we wan na know something it’s about doing the right things by people, we’re giving you know, and we’ve noticed that there’s a lot of people out there like that that fake it to make it and that doesn’t work and you’re right.
You hit something you can fake, you got, ta, be transparent and very upfront and very matter in business.
That sees you have to be yourself because it’s easier to be yourself than it is to be anyone else, and people will see through you if you’re fake, okay, I think that’s why so many people don’t make it in management because they want the title to be.

I’m the manager, they think that the the sales staff worked for them, where I have an opposite philosophy.
I work for the salespeople if it wasn’t for the salespeople on this floor that follow and that that worked their butt off my family wouldn’t live the life that we live.
I wouldn’t have a job.

They wouldn’t need me.
So if I don’t come prepared to serve every day, then I’m not ready to leave.
You have to be prepared to serve most people, do it for a title or for the money.

I came to change lives because somebody changed my life.
I was digging ditches.
Pour a concrete Bend and nails busted knuckles 20 years, and a guy gave me an opportunity when probably a lot of people told him this guy will never make it and and all I had to do, and I think in any industry, if you just outwork everybody, It’s not Talent, I think a little bit of talent can go a long way just a little bit right.

I have to have a work ethic and you have to have the heart behind it.
It has to be for the right reasons.
You can’t come in here and fake it.

You know, you know, that’s why managers burn out in a year.
You know if you don’t come here, prepared to serve every day, because things are gon na smack you in the face anybody behind a sales desk, and it’s been on my side.
You never really realized what goes on in my day until you’ve sat through it and it Kelly gets the other side of it.

She gets the I get home, I’m wound tight.
You know whether I’ve had a great day the day I didn’t expect or the you know didn’t get the things that I wanted out of my day.
You know you have to really learn how to tie your happiness, not to the sales result of the day.

I tie a lot of my my my joy to did I learn something today.
Did I impact a life today in Arnold that most people manage the numbers and the numbers absolutely matter? There’s no doubt the numbers don’t lie people.
Do I don’t look at the numbers as much as I look at the people when the numbers are down.

I’m not gon na fire, my son, because or my child, because I got a D in school, so why would I go out and beat up a salesperson? That obviously has something going on, and I only know this because of my own experience.
Okay, any time I had a lot of ups and downs in the car business on the sales floor and any time that I wasn’t reaching my goals or reaching my true potential.
It was because I had something going on at home, something that my personal life was off and you know any time I found somebody that actually dialed into me and said: hey, you know, instead of beating me up coming up and saying you know: hey Jessie, your Numbers are a little off they’ve been down for a couple months.

How are you are you, okay know? What’s going on? I know when I worked for a guy that all he did was beat on me.
I it didn’t change.
I didn’t grow because I felt like you had a thumb on me and all he cared about was his paycheck well enough money for him.

You know so maybe he could buy a nicer house or a bigger car, whatever the case may be, but when I, when I went to work for a guy that that truly cared that actually pulled me in and wrapped his arm around me and said you know, We were praying for you this morning in our management meeting.
You know and and and means it and it, and you know that that’s a game changer.
You know that gives you you know, that’s the kind of guy I’d, be that’s the kind of guy.

I want to be every day right and people are always going through something.
If you got 16 salespeople, you have 16 different personalities, 16 different.
You know issues going on, one might be having a problem at home with their spouse, one of them their kids might be ill.

Maybe they need a heart surgery.
You know, people are human, we’re messy, you know, but it’s humanity.
101, it’s just like with your customers.

It’s dating 101.
If you don’t want your customer to divorce, you don’t stop doing the dishes.
Okay, all right! All right! Don’t stop taking care of them.

Pick their car up for service, make sure that they know that you care send them a thank-you card when’s.
The last time you know how many people get away from that handwritten thank-you card.
You know that that personal message that video hey, you know Anthony Santangelo.

I was thinking about you today on your birthday, yes, and he sends me voice messages on messenger quite often, and those Mia does make my day yeah me too.
Well, when I talked to him, he said to be moist, that’s a good process.
He’s got yeah.

He was the first one that started saying Facebook nation, just what you know, and I don’t there when he did.
I think his first live.
I was right there.

You know, as I’ve been following him for quite some time and he did that Facebook nation, I said, wow pretty good, announcing what people say.
Facebook nation – and I know this had started.
That was him.

You know he you know when he sends you out of voice that room.
He makes you pay attention he’s like in the room.
You know what I mean so he’s very, very small.

You know I want to tell you something.
They say that when your passion is greater than the money, the money becomes greater than any passion you’ve ever had yes, so when you do something for the passion first, the money becomes so much greater right.
So why not do stuff for the passion? Yes, instead of there’s a lot of people that chase the dollar amount and really chase you’re packed and not even chase the opportunity, you know people chasing opportunity, the good people that I want to pray really matter.

They don’t chase you.
They chase the money chase.
The passion find something you really like that you have a passion for it and go after that passion and that money becomes greater and that’s what you seem to have.

You seem to have passional right and that’s the driving force.
I believe in you.
It’s that passion.

You know yeah, I mean it’s like amazing.
How you are you have that passion follow that whatever your goals are mean.
I don’t know, I don’t know how long you’ve been in the business, but I can tell you’ve been to visit quite some times.

You are true professional right and you believe in train, as you mention Anthony right, so, okay, so you’re, a professional that believe we’re getting trained right and love knowledge, so that right there is, you got everything going for you right.
Then you got ta remind that, but um.
The other thing is whatever you do, God in your life and you have a package.

Please follow it because we’re going to be very successful at whatever you do.
It may be now they’re already going to be the trainer.
Maybe one or more you’re gon na be a marketer whatever your your end goal is right.

Follow that because your very passion, person and you’re gon na be extremely powerful out there, you don’t see it because, one times when people have talent real talent, they don’t even see with writing how people got ta see.
You got tremendous amount of talent, tremendous amount of passion, those things combined follow whatever goals you have, as we all have gold written down car business or out of the car business, but those are great goals that you probably have written down.

Follow that you know, because you’re gon na meet a very successful man and you’re happy at home, which add more to the winning prosper and being successful.

Oh absolutely, all those things go hand in hand.
You know it’s a team effort.
I can’t do what I do without her support and vice versa.

I support her and everything she does.

She owns her own business as well.
She works non-stop.

There’s my nice I’ll roll in at nine o’clock at night, she’s still working.
We both been up since 4:30.
5:00 a.

we both gotten up, we’ve gotten our exercise that she makes sure that I have all the food I need for every day, I’m spoiled people walk into my office every day and they’re like you, have a professional chef at home.
Yes, I do.
She loves me that much I am spoiled beyond belief and I wish that I could spoil her the way that she spoils me.

I really do I try to my best to get home and do something every night.
Do the dishes or couple laundry when I’m off make sure that I’m doing things to to take that load off of her because life’s a team sport, so is sales.
It’s the same.

It’s the same deal.
You know you have to come to work to work.
You know and to make sure that you’re working for your people and that they know that I believe in the John Maxwell questions every day.

You know when, when someone comes to the desk – and I have interactions all day when I go on my way home and I’m driving most the time – I do my audible app on the way to work, but on the way home I ride in silence most times, Unless I’m making a phone call, I tried to make a call at least three days a week to call somebody I haven’t spoken to in quite a while to just reach out and bridge the gap I think life’s.
So short, we miss out on those opportunities, and sometimes you know, especially as we gain we get a little older.
You know we lose some friends, life happens, you know, and I don’t want to see that pass by before the people that I care about, know that I care about them, but but you have to come to work to work when the people know that that you Truly care about them, because no no about the five levels of leadership right.

If you follow John Maxwell, you know that they only follow you when you get into the title, because their paychecks tied to you, they have to follow you yeah right, you’re, the boss.
I never wanted to be the boss.
You know I wanted to be the leader when they asked me.

If I wanted to be the manager, I remember vividly the day that Britton Davis sat in the back room with Josh and asked me if I would like to be the sales manager, a new chevrolet-buick here at Ben Davis, automotive, and I said no.
I never wanted to be a manager and I never wanted to be a quote/unquote salesman.
I want to be a Sales, Professional and I’d love to be the leader of this team, but the team will decide whether I am the leader or not.

Okay, you can give me the title you can give me the desk.
You can give me the check, whatever you want to do, but they’re gon na decide.
If I have the influence they’re gon na decide, if they’re following me, because they have to know they have to truly believe that I care about them, I can help them and that they can trust me, and you know I look that up, because one of the Things that being happy, I told me myself if you look at my brand, maybe a couple of years ago, three or four years ago, I wasn’t that happy, so I found the solutions where I left and you know I’m with one button now.

That really makes me very, very happy and that’s where all my stuff is coming together right, that’s what I’ve grown a lot in the last six years right, I’ve broke tremendously, but in the last two and a half or three years, I’ve really grown a lot more Right and you’re right about something if you’re not happy at home, I mean do something about it, because until you do something about it, you’re not gon na get to that level.
So there’s a lot of things that we touched on that make a lot of friends, and I you know me myself, I lived it so I know know we’re on the car business.
You know they you they used to say in the 80s, if you’re not at least divorced, once you’re, not really a car guy right.

So reality is.
We all know why you know because it’s hard it’s what we do for a living.
You know a lot of a lot of people, don’t don’t realize to passionately.

You know it’s drilled to us with all the training and all the stuff.
You know I mean it’s, that’s what it’s about you know, but you’re running you got a lot of good valid point, maybe a very good content and very good information to help others that I want to thank you so much guilty and if there’s anything ever ever, I can do for you to help you in any of the what I mean about help.
I really mean help.

I don’t think help and hire me.
A lot of people say help, and then they want a paycheck just reach out to me I’ll be more than happy to help you with anything.

Thank you so much, I’m I’m humbled and very honored to be invited here this evening to speak with you.

I’ve only been doing this seven years, you know, and oh you say if I would have worked as hard selling cars consistently, because when you get behind the desk, you can’t take a day off.
You know you can’t sell a car.

In fact, yourself on the back and take the day off you well, I guess you probably, but you wouldn’t be doing it very long, because you people have to know you’re working for him so to be where I’m at right now, seven years later, because of the People that helped me I’m so blessed I didn’t get here by myself.
I think that if we could the takeaway for me – and I hope this is the takeaway for everybody here today – each one of us has an opportunity, just like he Anthony Santangelo, says to give somebody a shot.
You know look past the clothes they’re wearing and I know that’s hard because I used to look at people when they would come in the door, and I take man get that guy out of here.

You can’t do that.
Maybe maybe that’s the the greatest salesperson of all time and you have the opportunity to help them get started.
You know.

Maybe they just can’t afford the nicest shirt.
Maybe they need a new pair of shoes, but to meat-and-potatoes it’s not like a car that the body’s beat up on it, but it mechanically is sound.
The meat and potatoes are there, it just needs groomed, it knees polished, it needs buffed, it needs extracted.

We have to remove the toxic things from it and then we can we can, we can market it.
We can put it out there for the world and see what kind of impact that can make and when you do that, like someone is done with me, I truly believe that’s why I do what I do, and I know that.
That’s why I do what I do, because somebody did that for me, and somebody gave me that shot and I want to impact lives that way.

So thank you for inviting me on here today.

Thank you for adding value to the car business because, at the end of the day, we’re either adding value where we’re taking it away.
Thank you so much for joining up and we look forward on a few other shows to bring you back.

We have automotive training and automotive digital help, and I want to bring you in the automotive digital retail.
I want to know what your property is doing to retail vehicles, weak or pollution would feel attracts that in the next few months, were you belong there as a consumer you’re going to be able to vote on their apply for a loan? We can go right to your dealer track because we have all the inventory of the country in our website which shop smart orders.
So let’s talk a little bit more god bless and say hello to your wife.

We give her a big hug.
Can we get thanks? A local making common I so much appreciated and have a blessed day.
Thank you.

So much again, thank you.
Yeah awesome night, my friend bubbly .

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