what’s up everyone, fellain artists are prime hero.

Today, it’s monday, the 16th of november man.
What a great day it was.
It wasn’t a manic monday.

It was a, i don’t even know what rhymes with manic, but it was awesome.
I hope you guys had a good day too.

I’m gon na run around talk to my crew blake.

What’s up brother, how you doing my friend, sir yeah? What’s good man, it’s good! You look good.
Today, man appreciate it.
How was your trip to michigan? It was good man, that’s got to see some family get some stuff knocked out.

That’s good in the leaves.
That’s always fun.
Man, that’s really cool yeah.

Well, i’m glad to have you back.

Well, hey! That’s! How you’ve got one out today, man, great job man, it’s a good good way to get one going and i think yeah you can’t get around.

He told me we could do flats on old age units anything over 90 days old, which is not.

We don’t usually carry too many, but when we do have that it’s a benefit to get a little flat on it, so it pushes pushes the unit makes people not go sell around it.
So blake doesn’t sell around anything anyway.
He can sell he’s gon na sell.

He’s like hey yeah, if they people need it, they’re going to get it so, and i appreciate you brother always have always.
Will i love you dog i’ll talk to you later? Oh, look at these three in here.
What’s up people, how was your day, wonderful, nice productivity? Do you see that stop sign folks that stop sign was his way of stopping clients from driving through our lot [ Laughter ], i love it.

Man don’t just wave and smile and keep driving.
No! No! No! No ah talk to me at least for like five seconds gotcha [, Laughter, ], hey guys on time.

I just want to say one disposition away from getting.

He needs to get it, though.
That’s how you get.
We got these molito bucks going out right now.

Don’t miss that dude do not miss that hold on one.
Second, i got to do a quick, little they’re saying something wrong with my video, so let me put the wi-fi on: maybe that’ll fix it now.
The wi-fi here is horrible.

That’s why i used to get off there, so hopefully that fixed that michael, is it fix it if it did send me a message back, i appreciate you sending that over.
Hopefully, maybe it was just isolated to your your phone.
Maybe you need a new phone michael just how was your day today stephanie? I know you just delivered one um.

It was awesome.
That’s always awesome, yeah, we’re good good good.
We appreciate you guys from from me to you.

Everything is lovely.
I appreciate it.
I appreciate you for being part of the team.

Mama bear right, yeah.
No, we appreciate you being here.
I hope that you do keep rolling and don’t stop.

Won’t stop it’s just monday too.
So you got all week long to get something going.

Oh yeah yeah.

We still got two weeks left of this month next week is thanksgiving, so be thankful.
Use gratitude every day.
Make that, like your thing, gratitude throughout this month of november always be be thankful for everything you have.

I appreciate you guys.
Thank you.
Let’s see frank is probably up there talking to mr matt damos.

Getting some lift coaching, so is that a yep it is working michael.
I appreciate that.
Thank you so much.

Let me go up here and see.
What’s going on up front, there’s frank miller time right there what’s up brother how’s your day, yeah, you know it was pretty good.

I’ve set up a few appointments, set up, i’m ready to uh, sell some cars uh thursday, friday and saturday, i’m doing a little mini vacation.

So that’s why you are is that, starting tomorrow or no wednesday, thursday, our little cool man, health growth? You should do that.
Every day whether it’s at that thing or whatever always try to grow, but he’s been coming to me talking about hey, where can i get blazers, if he’s starting to start trying to get that g up? I like it man.
I appreciate you thanks frank and then, of course, the one, the only matt damos up in this bc, what a day that was a great day, matt crushed the desk today, guys, if you’re in the car business, you know what i mean when i say there was Some poundage going on so great great.

It was a great time, but it was fun.
I mean clients got great deals, they they just had really good credit today and it was really smooth.
You want to know the best part of today.

What’s that, aside from all the deliveries, was over a thousand outgoing phone calls today, i’ve just started a thousand outgoing phone calls.
What that turns into if you do, that consistently is a thousand car deals.

[ Laughter, ], hey could happen at least 25.

at least 25 right.
But now you know these guys worked hard today, you’re right, our team is they’re, crushing the phones right now.

You know, if you guys do that, all the time.

I promise you, you guys, will freaking go far far far into this hard stuff.
I appreciate you tyler get that 80th.
One don’t miss it.

So i’m gon na go outside real quick and do a quick little lot walk.
So folks, man, my team, is amazing.
They’re doing some amazing stuff today really was a great day here at four.

This monday was amazing.
We put a lot of money in the books today, so everybody got a nice check coming up for that, and the dealership got a little boost in sales and and puts us in a better spot every week what we have to do for the next week.
We re-evaluate like where we’re at how far we need to go to reach our goal, that we have the beginning of the month and we were after the first couple weeks.

It was kind of like whoa.
What’s going on, you know we did okay, we finished wrong.
Last weekend you know we had a good friday and saturday, but the week was kind of like just a couple cars here and there so we’re going to reevaluate.

Today this came in and our guys stepped up.
I think it’s just all the hard work they’re putting in it’s finally starting to pay off um, and i’m very appreciative of these guys were kicking butt and that’s the light i see today.
Folks, i see nothing but great things.

My team, i love them.
Like i said you know, i got a great group of guys that are out here just doing what they can do to make themselves better.
As you see, you heard like frank talking about he’s, trying to he’s going to be going to a thing this weekend, where it’s a tony robbins event and he’s going to learn some stuff from there learn, what’s going on in his mind, how to use his mind Better and how to use his time better and network with people who are on that same level, i’m proud of frank man he’s really trying to do some stuff.

So hopefully that does really well for him and i’m sure it will folks.
You guys should do the same thing.
It’s not you don’t have to just go to conferences for that.

You just need to read a book.
Watch videos learn stuff talk to peers at your work that are your bosses and see how they got to where they’re at hear their story.
Ask them their why their purpose, how they got in this business, what their goals are in the future, why their goals are that way, you’d be surprised what you can learn from that and how you can use that to help set your goals up, because a lot Of people are scared to take goals because they’re like i, don’t really know what like how to set goals and how to achieve them.

Though you know it seems easy people who do it all the time, but when you’ve never done it, it’s very difficult and it can be very overwhelming, almost scary to the point where you’re just worried, you’re gon na fail.
Well, folks, people who set goals don’t worry about if they’re gon na fail, they only worry about like how they can how they can get to the next goal and how they can keep growing.
Even if the goal doesn’t happen, they know where they need to go.

It’s not a failure, it’s something they learn from so guys, there’s light everywhere, just like that.
Just if you think that way, it will be that way.
So i hope that you guys get that hope.

You guys are just enjoying life and i mean look for that light guys.
We got thanksgiving coming up.
I’m excited about thanksgiving, you know with my local family here.

We’re gon na have a couple small little things, and just be thankful for that.
I’m thankful for my family.
I’m thankful that we’re all healthy right now and the ones who didn’t sit during this time got better really quick and their lives are going really well.

So you guys do the same thing.
Look for that light, be thankful for your life.
Be thankful for everything that you have, even if it feels like you have nothing.

You have life.
You have a body that you can do things with right.

You have, you know a mind that you can use.

You live in a country where you have free free will you could do i mean you could just do what you want to do in a sense.
You know what i mean.
There’s lots, but you know what i mean you can be, whoever you want to be so be whoever you want to be folks.

Use that light to guide you there, but be that light and help other people get there, because the more you give the more you’re going to get i’m feeling so subprime hero, forgive focus, fly, let’s brew, yes, brian norris late night brew folks tomorrow morning, 8 30 A.
M: eight eastern time me and lou are going to be going on our cgc early brew be ready for that.
It’s going to be a lot of fun.

We got some announcements to make.

We may even have a guest on there if you want to be a guest holler at me, brian, by the way brian norris man.
You need to hit me up brother, because i would love to have you on the show.

I think it would be a good show.
You’re you’ve been nothing but supportive of what i’m doing, and i have a feeling that bleeds over to your life.
That tells me that you’re very much like-minded like me and you’re doing some amazing stuff.

So i need to hear your why i need to know which, how you got to this business and how you do what you do so anyway enough about that folks have a great one.
Let’s prove .

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