Yo yo, what’s up everyone for leonard subprime hero end of the day, wednesday hump day, hope you guys had a good crushing day.

We flipped this over good, crushing day hope you guys had a fantastic just warming day.
Man today this dealership started heating up.

We knocked out a few units.

These guys are doing a great job, staying positive working hard on the phones.
Today, phone calls were amazing on our on our things.
I’m excited about that.

I got the team all everyone’s packing up, getting ready to leave but got cody over here, crushing his things.
If you guys didn’t see his little uh photo bomb, he did on uh on adrian’s post earlier y’all missing out.
It’s really good! So, but now man good job today, cody appreciate you, man appreciate you appreciate.

You yeah appreciate you.
I know you guys can already head out.
I appreciate every one of y’all.

What do you got to say? Patrick? I know you always have something to say we don’t.
That’s right: there you go it’s just simple, so yeah have fun, be be strong.
With your team enjoy your team.

Do your thing and man we about to roll out.
I just want to jump on real quickly.

You guys are good to go appreciate you guys.
Everyone have fun enjoy your night, see ya good job today, stay hot, stay, cold, good job, frank, you’re, good man.
Take your time.

Take your time appreciate it.
So that’s it guys! I just want to jump on here.
I didn’t really have a lot of time today to get on.

At the end, i ended up signing like two deals right at the end of close um, which was awesome because i didn’t have to uh believe that you’re good there’s nobody in here right now, you’re solid but uh.
You know we everything is good, guys, don’t forget.
There’s light everywhere man, my team brings me light every single day, even when they have mrs tips.

They bring me light.
They make me laugh they do all the things and i’m trying to do the same thing.
So you’re good frank says: he’s got to use the bat before he goes so, charles higgins, what’s up my friend? Congratulations, how was your experience today? Hey one look at that smile that says it all right there.

We appreciate the business so much happy.
Clients is what makes this job worthwhile.
You see that when you see a smile like that, it’s not just about making those dull it’s about the people, it’s about being for the people when you are for the people, things tend to do really well, for you make sure my office is all good to Go yeah everything’s good in here all right so be for the people be for the people that you care about be for your clients, because it’s always people over profits.

100 of the time, and when you do that life is wonderful and everything you do will be better trust and believe that you know it’s it’s a culture.
It’s a lifestyle, it’s what you do at the store and you have to encourage your people to be that way, so be the light everywhere.
You go folks, be the light, don’t forget to forgive focus and fly so you can keep growing.

Oh by the way.
Did i show you guys, i know i showed on a post, but have you seen this amazing guys? The solution sack is what i got right here.

It’s car guy coffee! What it’s my solution, sack right there guys this bag’s got full of solutions.

It’s going to help me get to where i need to go.
You guys have a great night man, i’m gon na get off here, but be the light.
Forgive focus fly and keep growing guys.

That’s what it’s all about in this world y’all.
Do that i’m feeling our subprime hero whoa? Let’s brew, .

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