Oh, what’s going on everybody frozen art, subtime hero.

I hope you guys didn’t even hear me.
Actually i didn’t even double check the sound on this, but before i get any further, i’m gon na go just make sure that this headset that i get that got.

Let’s hope that worked, hopefully you guys get that give me one.

Second, let me double check man and i’m back sorry about that guys.
I had to do a little quick check on making sure all my stuff is working.
I hope can you guys hear me if so, let me know, if not let me know, but i hope you guys can spread our subprime hero today is wednesday.

It’s the 30th of december folks.
We after we leave here today.
We have one day left this year.

One day left of 2020 whether it was good whether it was bad, it’s only one day left enjoy it.
Man have fun celebrate, because tomorrow night is new year’s eve.
I hope you guys are going to have a good time.

I know i’m going to a little small gathering, but we’re going to have fun.
We’re going to share stories, have fun karaoke, do the whole nine enjoy that new year and then we’re going to be off work on the very first day of the year.
So i won’t be at work on the first, but we’ll be back on the second rocking and rolling hope you guys are ready for, but i’m ready for tomorrow.

I love new year’s eve.
New year’s eve is all about that excitement of the new year coming.

What is to come for 2021 man? A lot of amazing things are happening in in 2021.

You know we have in the car guy coffee world, we have season two starting whole lineup of new guests, and some old guests are coming back for the follow-up right and we have some new sponsors coming out here soon.
We’re gon na be announcing first thing in the morning tomorrow.
We do have the same ones right now and we’ll announce those in the morning too, but we’re going to do a huge announcement tomorrow morning make sure you guys hear our early brew tomorrow, be there in beast or be square right thanks mike.

I appreciate that loud and clear.
That’s awesome! So let me go out here and get a little love going on in the showroom see.
What’s up, you got brian over here he’s grinding away he’s in the corner office, as i call the cave he’s keeping the door open.

I like it trying to get that energy flowing.

Keep rocking and rolling man appreciate you taking care of that guy.
Where he’s trying to, i know that you, i know you’re doing your best to try to at least spark some kind of business there you’re hoping you come in here and you can sell them something.

That’s the kind of thing that you always have always anticipate that you know no matter what other people say, just believe what you believe and try to make it happen.
If it doesn’t happen doesn’t happen, but you got at least have that energy, so how’s your uh day going so far good man setting any appointments, uh lots of appointments today.
Actually that’s really awesome man, you ready uh.

You got appointments for tomorrow, uh, not yet.
What about saturday, not yet okay, we’ll keep rocking wrong today, all right man we’ll keep booking it and keep rocking it and we’ll be doing good.

You got any new year’s plans, nope just hanging out man, that’s not wrong with that.
This is that, if there’s a year to do that, tis the season right make sure this is 20 20.
stay at home, get messed up, be relaxed, do not get caught up in anything, have fun, but don’t have too much fun right.

Well, i’m gon na have some fun tomorrow night, but not too much.
I always have fun, but i don’t get too crazy anymore, not like i was when i was your age or anything like that.
But but i do appreciate you, man welcome to the team and you know stay up.

Man stay positive, keep smiling.
I know i talked to you about that earlier today and i mean that man you can do really well in this business.
You just got ta, don’t get stuck in here; it happens, i’ve seen it happen too many people, man, one of my best guys ever worked here, ramon.

He was got.
This was the last office he was at and when he was in here he stayed in here and he just killed him.
I don’t know what happened.

I don’t know what it is, but let’s kick that spirit out.
Let’s make you not make that happen.
Let’s make this the hottest office in the dealership, you know what i’m saying all right cool appreciate you brian got too much stuff going on in that office got a customer over there, and then i got these a beautiful paper.

What’s up what’s up guys new year plans, anyone know your plans i’ll be in sleep before me.
Is that right? What about you, i’m hoping to be awake every night, try to it’s harder for me these days, i’m not gon na lie.
I get tired we’re not that old we get so tired.

I missed last year’s we had to watch it.
I’m recording nothing wrong with that.
Sometimes i’ve missed a few before i will be kid-free, because the kids are those that all night skating, yeah right there, yeah nice man, that’s fun.

I remember midnight skating when i was a kid.
That’s always fun new year’s one too.

How about you? Michael? No just hanging out at the house watching the fireworks with the wife and daughter just be that’s smart man there’s nothing wrong with that.

Being those are the most important people in your life anyway.
So what better thing to do and spend time with most people and your people most important people in your life, so well guys how’s your weeks, wrapping up you guys gon na, have anything for tomorrow or you think that an appointment, good man, let’s get.
Let’s finish strong, let’s finish this month and you’re strong guys.

I appreciate you.
2020 is about done 2021.
We’re gon na have some fun all right appreciate you guys rock and roll here they are there.

They are.
I was.
I was looking for patrick to be hanging out his door waiting for me like wait.

Wait i don’t know if he’s very strong, you didn’t see my show the other morning, but lou got me for christmas.
This thing that says forgive focus, fly up right here and on the back, it says, keep growing.
So, in my show i felt like patrick.

I was like turning around going like this keep going on my bed.
There we go.
We even said something about that.

Like yeah, do your dream team move and i was like it’s all backwards yeah.

What is that? So? No man, you guys any big new year’s plan just hanging out the house yeah unblinding.
That’s it man, nothing wrong with that! Get ready for that 2021.

Do it with your family just chill out relax enjoy it have fun man um be safe.

I plan to upshift and uplift on new year’s eve.
That’s right keep it going and keep it growing guys.

I appreciate you guys, i’m glad that i did 2020 with all with both of you guys, i’m glad you guys made it through the whole year with, and you guys are actually both of you guys are in a better spot.
I think mentally than you were being here seriously, it’s crazy as this year was, i think so man.
I think that you guys are both being very positive being very foregoing.

Your confidence has never been any higher, and your in your motivation is pretty good man.
I actually love what you’re doing right now so because we have to overcome the obstacles that we had during everything else boom.

You heard it here.

First, it’s the truth, though, and it’s almost over.
You know we all want that.
To conclude, we want kobe to be done, it’s not, and it’s and it’s not and the odds are it’s like the flu dude every year.

If you guys don’t remember, the flu was something that came, i’m not comparing two like everyone’s all comparables to i’m, not comparing it, but i’m comparing it to a major thing.
That’s across the world that people were like putting masks on.
For you know flu.

It’s spreading everywhere, you heard about flu season every year, go, get your shots, get your vaccines and then so it’s been around.
I think hope is going to be like that, but i think it’s going to be to that level like where you know only so many people really.
You know, i hope and pray at least that’s what the case is, because i don’t want another year like 2020 that way it’s not fun.

It’s just not fun doing it.
That way.
You know you learn.

You grew.
We did some amazing stuff, but at the same time, it wasn’t near as fun as if we had the normal traffic that we had.
If we just had normal business going off, we could actually shake hands and hug our customers and thank them for business.

You know what i mean, so i don’t know about the huggins, but you know what i mean guys.
I appreciate you guys have a happy new year i’ll see you tomorrow keep rocking.
Let’s finish this day.

I know we only got a little bit of time left before you guys head out here less than half an hour and you guys drive safe, it’s raining but be safe, appreciate you keep it rocking all right.

Let’s see we got over here, like i said you could tell by the way he walks he’s a car salesman, no time to talk yeah.
Definitely not so make sure you guys keep it going.

Don’t stop, don’t stop! You know.
What’s up, you saw it here right here: we just did it man, i just did it with mr gibbs himself, so you have got any new year’s plans going to my girlfriend’s sister’s house and uh chilling out.
I got my little boy, nothing wrong with that.

That’s perfect man, that’s a good thing to do.
I know i’m going to be doing hanging out with this guy right there doing some caddy okay night long, we’re gon na have some fun.
You know have a couple drinks, not too crazy, but you know nice little spot to hang out with can’t wait to do it.

Appreciate you happy new year to you we’ll see you tomorrow.
My friend folks, yes, upshift and uplift 2020 needs no help.
Lots of left maybe time to just chill at home, obviously by 11 50.

My kid and yeah – i guess, sir, that’s exactly perfect! I’m i’m going to be at my friend’s house, but we’ll probably leave like right around midnight.
Go home we’re all just at that point, but i am so looking forward to the year ending, but i’m excited, i love the review of the year and the year was great for us and i’m excited about what happened this year.
I’m excited about not okay, don’t take that the wrong way.

I’m excited about how much my team grew this year, how much we elevated our social media game, how much we elevated each other up when we were so low.

A lot of people gave up well, my team, didn’t i appreciate my team for not giving up.
I appreciate my team for being here and trying to put the work in for doing all that crazy zoom.

You know walk-arounds that we had to do when we couldn’t even talk to a customer.

Couldn’t even have them in your showroom, my team.
They persevered through all that they didn’t look at how bad that was.

They looked at as opportunity to build different ways of helping customers buy vehicles to learn something different, just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s wrong.
Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t as fun, but it worked and it was actually kind of fun in some situations, when you did sell a car the first time we did it virtually.

We did it all.
What an amazing accomplishment that was how much fun that was.
My team, i love them all man they put up with it, they did it.

They went through the weird schedules.
They went through the ups and downs of having inventory on the lot.

We went through so much as car dealers this year, but at the end of the year we are rocking it we’re on top where momentum is going, the team is being you guys, see how they are, and i know that’s like that in a lot of dealerships Across the country, and if it’s not guys, if you’re a leader just reach out to your guys, talk to them, have a daily conversation with them.
Let them know you care up shift and uplift them, like patrick, had wrote right, so you got dj, says he’s gon na be home with the family last year i was in church, but don’t think that’s happening this year.
No, it’s not gon na happen.

This year odds are dj, i hate to say that, but nothing better than being with people.

You love your family, so i’m not gon na stay on here much longer.
I just want to throw this out we’re getting ready to sign a customer just um, getting ready to purchase a maximum beautiful, beautiful maxima that they’re going to absolutely love.

So i’m going to get in here and knock that out.
But folks, don’t forget there’s light everywhere.
It really is, and if you need light right now, 2020 is ending after tomorrow.

If that’s the light, you need it’s done.
No more 2020 you’re on the 2021.
It’s time for you to get everything that you want done and have a whole lot of freaking fun.

All right, you guys keep looking for that light.
I know where it’s at 2020 is over folks generate 2021.
I can’t wait guys, forgive 2020.

Forget it all! Let it go this way.
You can focus on 2021 right, it’s so important for gift 2020.
Forgive everything that happened all the crap, all the good, whatever let it go focus on what you want now and get ready to fly and fly and fly and keep growing.

You guys take care of fellaini’s subprime hero.
This was my showroom.
Talk lot walk for wednesday hump day; god bless it.

The 20.
Excuse me the 30th of december 2020.
I only got one more lot.

Walk left this year before it’s time to go on to the next year.
I’ll see you all tomorrow, take care, keep rocking.
Let’s brew: .

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