so , what’s up everyone, foreign hero, i am here in the office of amazing people.

Look at that! That’s right! We do.
We got some people in here that are some studs.
We have some salesman of the months.

We have a new lady who’s, starting to rock and roll right now, starting to get the momentum, you can see it in her face.
She’s actually got a little swag.
I’ve noticed the last couple days ever since saturday she’s been walking around like you know.

What’s up so, but you know we still got to finish this week.
Strong, you guys have thursday friday saturday keep working hard.
Let’s get this momentum going one more check before christmas.

You know make it the best check that you possibly can, so you can have the best christmas that you possibly can.

I appreciate you guys, though you guys having a good day, yeah yeah.
Actually it was nice and sunny.

It was actually a pretty day outside.
It was a little cool, a little cold, but it was actually a really pretty day so, but yeah kick butt.
If you guys need anything, you know where i’m at i’m gon na be off tomorrow, but i’ll be back on friday.

So pick some bucks.
Let me come back to friday with a bunch of stuff on my desk.

I’d appreciate it.

I know you guys would appreciate it too and then tomorrow’s payday everyone’s getting paid tomorrow.
So you guys know patience and everything everyone’s happy.

I love these guys, see you.

That’s cody for you! No, i hear you, though yeah everybody, even when you have a big check, we all want a little bit more.
That’s the way it goes man.

I appreciate you guys, keep rocking and rolling guys keep rocking and running.

It is matt.
Damos’s theme song guys, then you got oh, we got nino, we got frank.
What’s going on guys end of the day time to keep rocking and rolling.

You guys got about 30 minutes.
Try to get one more appointment in you know not in, but try to get one at least one more written up.
If you get one in i’ll.

Let me know i’m in, but you know what i mean, though, set it up so how’s y’all’s day been so far: um .
Just consistent.
You know you just keep reaching out and eventually they will call back man.

You know people are busy, but once they get freed up, they’ll reach out you just got to make a priority leap.
Try to get clever with your messages, try to get clever with your uh, your voicemails, all that type of stuff, the more clever you are, the more unique you are, the more they may reach out to you.
It may be something simple: hey i got great news.

Call me back soon simple, as that you know something generic, but anyway, i do appreciate you nino great job today, getting a hold of the guy, giving me that information that me, that’s that’s exactly the process of what i wanted man.
You did a great job man.
I appreciate that thanks man keep rocking guys, i see patrick, i see you patrick.

What’s up man, oh he’s been putting out some videos he’s got the shaved head now he’s trying to match his babies.
What are you doing? I do.
I love the family pictures man, those turned out really good.

I know i posted you, you mentioned something on there, but i think they look really good man.
Those are awesome.
I love how you guys did them immediately too.

That’s a good time.
Those memories will never go especially.
I know that’s your first child and i know that it’s for a second but having your your first child, especially you’re gon na take so many pictures, it’s funny.

If you have siblings, yeah, okay, who’s, the oldest me you, you probably had more baby pictures than your sister did.

Probably i was the first, so i have all the pictures all the way up to about five.
My brother has a pretty decent amount.

My sister, like none, it’s non-existent almost so by the time i got to the third.

It wasn’t so have fun with those pictures you know people but what’s cool about today’s world, though, is we have our phones? I think pictures are being taken a lot more.
A lot easier we just have to develop film back in the day.

It’s crazy! That’s right! So, what’s up man how you doing today, i’m not ready for any kids or anything when i was younger, take some pictures of it.
You should post some of those online before and after before car sales after car sales, [ Laughter ].
It did for me my first two three years in i’ve got up to about 230 pounds.

I weigh like 180 right now, so i was a big boy for a little bit.

That’s because i got lazy.
I quit playing sports.

I quit skateboarding then, and i was just eating junk food every single day and you know just had a baby.
So all i did was sleep feed him.
Take care of him go to work, but when i turned 30s when i was like, i can’t do that.

No more so i’ve been pretty much like this, since i was 30.
kept myself in decent shape.
You know enough.

They always say you put on the baby weight too, but it’s always after they have it.
So your wife puts on that baby weight when she’s pregnant right or your girl right and then after she loses that you start to gain all the way she loses.
That’s sympathy weights.

What we call it right so enjoy that.
I appreciate you guys you guys have a great day i’ll be off tomorrow, so keep rocking bring me some deals to clean up on friday.
Man i need as many as possible, and i appreciate you guys – keep rocking and rolling.

You got anything.
Let me know all right.

Keep it going.

Oh no where’d! He go all right here.
Patrick’s day coming.
I know patrick always waiting yesterday.

I don’t know if my lot walked yesterday.

Oh man, so patrick dream, team, hey, you know, i’m gon na just tell you this i’ve been thinking about it a lot.
I love the dream team, but i think you need to come up with something new man.

I know that you, maybe you should have a dream team, but you need to come up with your own personal right.
The dream team could be your all your clients with the dream team right.

You are part of the dream team, but you need to come up with from the dream team.

I know you were digging that john chapman i was.
I was digging that something like that.
You know i want you to you know start.

I want you to think about that kind of stuff, because i think that it would really benefit you, because we want to the dream team is a great team to be part of, but who are you? You know you’re part of that team.
I agree exactly so.
We need to we need to do a patrick, jennings brand.

I want to find that out.
We need to figure that, let’s brainstorm on that son, think about that man, it could be something simple.
It could be something very complicated.

It does not matter.
Let’s get you rolling on that man, this guy is cgc approved all day has been since day one and i love where he’s going folks watch out for patrick.
He is on fire right now and he has nothing weighing him down he’s letting it all go.

He’s just like it’s time for me to rock and roll so keep rocking my man, which you got plans for the rest this week.
What you got you got appointments.
I always got appointments, but you know what i’m going to make sure i’m going to reach out to those um happy dreamers is what i call them.

Those are my previous customers to get those referrals in because i am kentucky’s favorite car buying culture.
You know that’s right guys, and you heard me yesterday he’s the hardest working man on dixie highway right.
So besides me just plain, though this dude works extremely hard.

I appreciate all your efforts, man and uh.
Thank you.
I’m gon na be off tomorrow.

So kick some butt bring me some deals this way i come back friday busy as heck man yeah all right, the big dog’s back by the way there you go folks, if you guys don’t know what the big dog is.
The big dog is it’s an auto group award, so we have a salesman of the month award that so he has that he got seldom of the month, of course, but this big dog is the top producing guy in the whole auto group for the month.

Now the key is to keep that in your office for the whole year right.

So i think that patrick knows what he needs to do he’s on a mission to maintain this dog, this dog.
It’s got.
It got scared up in muldrow it did it didn’t like it there it’s happening back in radcliffe.

I can tell it’s smiling again: it’s in its right spot by the window, so welcome home, big dog you’re, the big dog too, now you’re the owner of the big dog.
My man keep growing and don’t stop.

That’s a big deal.

Man getting that dog and i appreciate you having that as much as the plaque is cool and everything else to have that.
Let you know that you’re, the man of the whole auto group, which is the number one independent store in the state of kentucky and he’s the top guy, what who, what that’s right so great job, patrick man.
I appreciate you, congratulations to your salesman too.

Man really really awesome stuff, so i appreciate you keep rocking all right, so amazing, good stuff man, you got, you got the team doing their thing.
You got everybody just happy.
I got you know today like they mentioned it was a little bit slow.

It’s okay! Did we still moved some units today? We still had fun, we, the guys, were really good on the phones.
They were able to get their dials in.
They were able to produce what they needed to produce.

So they have momentum and also have what they need for the rest of the week.

You know um, this, the beginning of the month is all about building up for the rest of the month, but you, the key, is really from last month.
It’s how you finished.

Last month, it’s how did you use that last week to build momentum and to build your clientele for this week for the rest of this month so december, in a lot of places, people kind of give up, they throw their hands.
That’s december no one’s gon na buy, i don’t we usually break records here in december.

We’re gon na break records this year.

We always do it’s.
The only thing that i know how to do is – and that’s the only way i can stay happy – is at least attempt to break records, attempt to go for things that we’ve never done before.

I’m very, not a content person.

I i haven’t talked about a long time, but i love the uncomfortable.

The uncomfortable is is where it’s about what it where it’s at, so for you out there for you, folks who are comfortable at your jobs who are comfortable doing what you’re doing feel good just going in and going home and it’s the same routine every day.

That’s fine in a way, but eventually you’re, going to get really old, you’re going to start hating your job you’re, going to start hating what you do you’re going to be thinking that you wish you did something else, even though you’re doing what you love, you just Got ta tweak it up a little bit change it up.

You got ta, you know, throw a little spice in your life.
Right, have fun reach out for goals that you never reach.
If you’re a 15 car guy go for that 20 car mark even on a month like december, it’s there’s so much opportunity, patrick last month, dominated on a month where most people did not he dominated, and that’s because he kept that mentality of hey.

I’m ready to keep growing hey, i’m ready to keep moving hey, i’m ready to do all these things to be the best that i possibly can be, and i love that about it.
I really do so frank, eckerd man.
I appreciate you.

What’s his show rate sharp dress man, his show rates extremely high matter of fact, we have thousands of leads that we give these guys he’s.
Probably the guy who uses the least amount of leads patrick and he doesn’t make the dials like most the other guys here, but he uses social media.
He uses referrals repeat business.

He he uses that a lot he’s all over every social media thing that you can imagine from tick.
Tock facebook, you name it instagram, he’s putting out posts about referrals and programs like that be part of the dream team come join my dream team.
That’s what he’s doing really he’s doing some amazing stuff and his show rate for his appointments are extremely high because of that because they are referrals, they’re people that trust other people that bought cars from us.

So they reach out to them, ask them and then they come in because they know about their experience.
They know: hey bob had a great experience with patrick over there at budget car sales, so i’m gon na go down and i’m gon na see him right.
Oh see aj says can’t, stop.

Won’t stop! That’s right.
You know.
What’s up i’m going on my eleventh hour today got ta hustle, it’s the only way to be only way to be last night.

I was up to three o’clock in the morning doing podcast stuff with lou.
We were talking.
We were planning out for the next month and a half before our our one year anniversary.

But this next month and a half of our podcast is going to be a lot of content that we’ve done in the past year that we’re going to re-release.

But in different segments and different ways and new creative ways, so you’re gon na see like a revamped car guy copy over the next, probably starting in about a week.
All this new content coming out.

That is just unique.
That is content we’ve had in the past that we’ve never been able to just produce out there for you guys to see so we’re gon na keep doing that.
Put it out there, throw it out, see what you guys think about that, because we’re going to be going into the next season.

The next season is going to be a lot of fun season, two of car guy coffee starting 120, 21.
How great is that going to be i’m so pumped up about that too? I got a lot of reasons to have a lot of gratitude, a lot of reasons to be so happy we’re getting ready to donate six thousand two hundred dollars to a local um, a local issue.

Here in town we have a, we have a young man.
That’s right now currently has bone cancer he’s a local student football player, that’s actually a friend of my sons, so it’s really nice to be able to help his family right now.
So we’re able to donate some money here soon and that’s nothing to brag about.

I’m not talking about that to make it sound good, but i’m excited about that.
I’m excited about a lot of things that we’ve been able to do because of what we do here at the store.
I’m pumped up about that.

I hope you guys are too you guys have a great day.
Just remember, there’s light everywhere, even on a freezing day like this, when it’s ready to sunset, there’s still light.
Look at the light above me there’s light everywhere, but even if there wasn’t, it was completely pitch dark.

I still have light it’s in my heart.

It’s in my soul.
I have friends and family and team members that are great people that are just trying to do.

Some amazing stuff so make sure you guys find that light if you hold on to it, you share that, like it’s so important, the other thing is once again is to forgive everything, so you can focus on what you want and fly and keep growing.

You guys keep growing all right and keep loving and keep sharing and keep doing the things that you need to do to be the best version of yourself and guess what no matter, what you’ve done today, no matter how bad you think you did, if you didn’t Make enough dials, if you didn’t talk to enough customers, if you just sat around all day, it’s okay tomorrow, when you wake up, you make that decision that i’m not doing that anymore.
That’s all you have to do just be better.

You were today make a couple extra phone calls tomorrow.
A couple try to talk to one more customer: try not to sit on your butt all day, long as easy, as that, just do a little bit more and then the next day do a little bit more than that a little bit.
One percent! Folks, all right! You all have a good one, i’m feeling our subprime hero.

Let’s brew, .

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