what’s going on everyone, what is up brotherhood subprime here, i’m here with mentor moment, matt damos right here, what’s going on everyone, i’m sitting here, just talking about that new app clubhouse with him and how he needs to get on there.

Because this morning we had this huge subprime meeting and all these people are on there and they’re.
Like all friends of mine, i got the wrong phone.
He’s got an android, but that’s okay, they’re going to be coming around to android really soon, so, don’t fret, if you need an apple product, any apple product, computers, whatever just get one.

If you need one, if not, clubhouse will be around for you guys, but it is actually kind of hard to get in right now.
There’s a lot of people on a wait list so get on it, but we got some stuff working right now, i’m not going to go much longer and i’m going to walk around, but folks hope you guys are having a good day.
This is my show real talk, see.

I got the two studs right here: hey boys, so we got the reigning salesman of the month right there and the reigning salesman of the year right there.
Folks, that’s what i’m talking about mr dream team himself and mr gary.

I’m never too young to sell cars.

That’s what i’m talking about right out the hip like that.
So i hope that gary keeps doing his thing.
I appreciate it.

Gary’s rocking right now so is patrick, but gary kind of jumped in here this month was like.
Ah, i like it, i love it.
Keep the momentum going, do not lay down, because what happened – and i know you won’t and and don’t you know, i just got ta, throw it out there in the universe, don’t lay down.

That’s why i could say in the future, when you do, i told you not playing.
I didn’t say that he’s not going to lay down this month is going to be big, i’m looking forward to seeing what the number is going to be for salesman a month.
I want to see a big number, all right, so get it guys get after it encourage each other keep pushing each other.

It doesn’t matter who really wins at the end of the day, it’s about having fun the whole time and when you do at the end of the month it doesn’t.
The plaque is cool, so was that bonus? Don’t get me wrong? Yeah, i’m sure you know what that felt like right, that felt good, throw that little extra little lack on top of that, but good job last month, good job last year.
I’m looking forward to this year so wipe that last year off it’s time to go here over here, everything’s ordered very nice.

He wrote his zeros real quick, though all right, you know how that goes appreciate.
You guys keep rocking.
Those two guys are kicking ass right now.

What’s up hope, that’s them never mind all right.
So you know things are going good, they’re kicking butt taking names.

You got mr holy car guy.

What’s himself, writing good people what’s going on hey? What are we doing? I’m editing videos right now trying to get everything going.

Keep that social media game up.
Man um! I i’m looking forward to it every time you do tag me and every post that you do and i’ll be happy to share it for you and i’ll do all that type of stuff keep growing your uh your game up here, man, it’s it’s gon na! Be a lot of fun, keep being you know positive, no matter what, even if it feels rough talk to somebody man make sure you stay good.

I want you to do well here derek.
I know that you’ve had some success.
You’ve had some places that didn’t get.

You what you didn’t treat you the way you should have been treated, i’m not saying that we’re perfect here, because no one’s perfect folks, but what i’m saying is i want to encourage you to grow to be the best version of you, man, you from this town.
You went to high school the same time.
I went to high school.

You know what i’m saying: what’s up, love it north heart trojan.
I thought i told you so you know what i’m talking about so late.
Man appreciate the encouragement.

Oh man just keep doing your thing.
Man – and you know obviously my door’s always open – i’m a busy guy, as you can see throughout the day you i was very busy, but i, but i do get freed up, especially now that payroll’s done i’ve got all the deals sent out i’ll be busy.
Probably tomorrow to about one and then i’ll be pretty freed up the rest of the day, so bring me some deals tomorrow and, let’s rock it out, let’s help you get that money.

You need dawg.
I know it, mr newlywed, so hey you already know.
If your wife is watching right now get on him, i know i know i know he’s gon na be doing his thing, but stay on him every day.

Ask him how many people he called how many people he talked ten meaningful conversations a day that has been the ticket to the car business since day, one so ten meaningful bro.
Do you think so? Thank you, man, all right, so big double d, doing his thing.
So i’m gon na go out here.

We got got somebody in there right now, michael’s in there, and so is frank with a another client.
We got paul nino hold on a second.
We got follow you over here.

I think if you were getting ready to work out a deal, i know you gave her some a path to purchase, so she’s gon na be back to get this thing wrapped up man, i’m excited for you.
Good job.
Keep rolling nino do not lose this momentum.

You need this momentum, i want you to do double digits this month and not barely.
I want you to do it to where, if anything’s even missing, you still got 10.

You know what i’m saying.

I know what you’re going you got.
It bro go hard, go hard, so, yes, nino’s doing it he’s rocking man he’s got he’s, got his months cut off really! Well, i’m real proud of him.
What he’s doing so he’s just got to keep doing his thing.

I’m going to walk out here, real quick! Do a quick lot walk because folks it is cold, it smells good outside i smell fireplaces going somewhere, so somebody’s got a fire going.
I love that part of winter, but folks here’s the dark side of the light.
As i call it, we don’t really have good lighting on this.

I think some of the bulbs are lightweight they’re out.
We probably need to get them out here to fix that, but this is a dark side of the of the lot.
Now, let’s get back to the light side, we got cars over here, suvs couple, a couple things matter of fact: my demos right there driving a charger.

We’ve got a bunch of beautiful vehicles for everybody out there for if you’re looking for a car look, i got a car like that right there, beautiful.
If you like a truck.
I got a truck like this.

This is a beautiful dodge, ram, full size, cab.
Everything that you want.
The mega cab.

Four wheel drive nice size bed on it.
It’s got everything.
It’s it’s pretty.

You can see it’s the classic 5.
7 liter big engine on that thing.
If you do anything you want, then you got all our suvs out front.

Oh man! Actually it feels kind of good out here got some small cars right here, as you can see behind me, got a lot of them actually got a lot of cars.
We just bought a bunch, so we got a bunch on the hill that are coming in ready for inspection, ready for cleanup ready for the lot.
This way, people and all the clients out there have a solution for their driveway right, so we’re gon na make that happen.

Man with my team, you know they’re kicking butt man, they are doing it.
This year, 2021 is going to be special and and our team they’re so strong right now and they’ve.
What they realize is that even coronavirus, coveted restrictions didn’t stop them so now with that strength and that confidence they built over the last 365 days, my team’s unstoppable.

So is your team if your team was went through this and they worked hard throughout there’s not i mean how much tougher can it be for a team? It’s not going to be any tougher.
So remember, your team just went through some of the craziest stuff in the world and they are on top.
So my team is the [ __, ] and i’ll say it with pride.

They are because they are stronger than any other team out there, that new people don’t even know what it’s like people who just they made it through covet.

Now, they’re here kicking ass this year, 2021, it’s a year we’re gon na have fun.
Oh man, all day long, we’re gon na do it man and i’m real proud of these guys.

I’m really proud of everything that they’re doing man.
I can’t really complain.
I can’t really say much about that, but folks before i let you go, don’t forget: there’s lights! There’s light everywhere, folks, just look for it search for it.

It’s everywhere, it’s actually inside you, you have light if you’re breathing, you have light inside of you.

If you have love, if you have a wife, a child, a parent, that’s still alive, there’s light inside of you.
If you have brothers and sisters that you talk to there’s light inside of you, you have a roof over your head.

There’s light folks light all around us.
People will encourage you, there’s people out there that want to help make sure you reach out to those people, i’m here to help i’m here, for these, these videos are to help uplift.
You up shift you into a better lifestyle.

Just be better than you were yesterday, that’s all you have to do and if you do that, i promise you you can forgive.
You’re gon na have to forgive everything first, so you can focus on what you want.
You’ll start flying and that’s how you keep growing guys, keep growing, keep growing.

Don’t stop, won’t, stop i’m freelancing subprime hero.
So this was my lot walk.
My showroom talk man.

I love my team.
I hope you guys do the same thing.
If you’re a leader out there, make sure you love your team, make sure you show them a light, show them a path of getting to where they need to get to much, like i do with my clients here that buy cars, they get a path to purchase, Whether they buy or not do that with your cup, your sales, people, a path to the promised land, a path to happiness and that all starts with loving themselves.

It all starts with just creating a better situation for them in their own world in their own bubble.
They have to understand that they have to focus on themselves and be the best version.
They don’t have to be better than you.

They have to be better than anyone else out there.
No one doesn’t matter just be your best version of you every single day, and i promise you if you keep doing that and you keep trying to grow, i always say it’ll.
Take you a whole long way.

You all have a good one of filling us up on hero.

Let’s brew, .

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