wake up that alarm.

Just went off man, everybody needs to wake up, it’s the end of the day.
Oh, i know it’s dark outside if you’re on the east coast, for sure it is dark out there.
But you know what it’s christmas coming up and we get to see the stars and how beautiful it is and when it’s dark outside the freaks come out at night tonight, i’m saying it’s christmas time.

Folks, i hope you guys are having a good one.
I know that today was a great day here at the dealership.
Actually it was really slow, but what i mean great was it was great to see, hear christmas music playing in the background, see everybody smiling, sharing caring, loving talking, i’ve never seen the team do more.

You know getting together and just communicating with each other so great day when it comes to that and we are getting ready to sell here a few at the end of the day, which is great last minute, deals are my favorite ones, because you need them.

So i’m so glad to have.
I got patrick here with the dream team.

What’s going on patrick all, right, wonderful doing great, enjoying the festivities um got to talk to some previous customers today, um plan on making some christmas dreams come true put some drinks in the driveways yep.
That’s awesome awesome! How about your home plans? You got any major plans for the two days that we have off.
Yes, um, not really major, but major for me.

Um plan to watch my before yo unwrap a multitude of gifts because she deserves them and just hanging back and doing just the family thing.
That’s always good man, that’s what it is.
It’s just get together, nothing crazy! You know.

Sometimes people go to ski trips.
They do all this crazy stuff, but you know it’s, but usually when they do it, they do it with their family and that’s what it’s really about this year.
I think it’s a great year for everyone.

Just to get together have close-knit families get together, spend some time share, love talk about and reminisce about, 2020.
what a crazy year, man! I i’m glad i got to do it with you glad you were here this year, we’re going to keep rocking 2021 there’s nothing but upward from there right.
You know what i’m saying: 2031.

right here: dream team’s going for it folks you’re watching out for him we’re going to see some more social media.
I hope let’s go.
I appreciate you man and then we got these people what’s up people hello, merry christmas! Merry christmas – and i appreciate you guys, i hope you guys are having a good day.

We have christmas music, just jamming.
In the background all day long, i think we heard the mariah carey mariah carey like 50 times today.
That song is like the big i hated it all day.

Normally i like the song, but i don’t think i’ve heard it so many times in one day in my life, oh, it’s called yesterday yeah, it’s all right.
It was yesterday too, there’s paul damos at the helm right there what’s up dizzle, so you got steph and we got the adrian man, i’m so excited about 2021.
Coming up too.

How about you guys me too yeah.
We got to finish strong this month, man.
You know there’s plenty opportunity, believe it or not.

The last week of the month is huge month.
It’s been like that a huge week for us here at the store so and i’m not just saying that, but usually we look back at last year before that last week, crushes so make sure you guys take advantage of it.
Stay positive, keep working on your leads right now, because that’s what’s going to present you for next week, it’s going to be kind of hard to get some people in the next few days.

Not a lot so just set those appointments up for later make sure you keep a bug in their ear too, by at least following up with them before next week and seeing how they’re doing where they’re at um you know.
So we can get them in here, but folks, i’m excited so excited about 2021.
I’m excited about christmas too, and i hope you guys are too have fun with your families.

It’s the first one with you having your you having your own child.

Oh little boy that has a person christmas pictures.

Christmas presents one that the child won’t even remember, but the pictures are what they’ll remember the social media posts that you put out there and all that type of stuff.

That’s kind of like the new family album now it’s social media, i’ve kind of learned that and that’s why i think i’m gon na start getting more on it, because it’s a way to go back.
You know what i look at my grandkids, but you know what 15 years ago this is what i was doing and there it is right.
So you know same thing for you guys, i i know with you and i know with her with her children.

She has a whole lot of them.
That’s all right! She has the right amount.
Actually, you said three right: three yeah, that’s such a cool amount of kids.

I i was one of three.
So that’s why i love that number, yeah and and then adrian’s got well.
Two in the house now, both boys yeah, that’s gon na be so much fun.

How many? What’s the age difference? Two years, oh man, they’re gon na, have a lot of fun growing up together.
Man, oh dude, that’s gon na be really cool, they’re gon na hate each other, but but have each other’s backs.

At times you know they’re going to be competitive, they’re going to be all mom dad, but you’re going to they’re going to love each other just moment that one person says anything bad to the other one they’re going to be like what you talking to my brother.

That’s right, that’s how it goes down.
So nah man well, merry christmas to you, guys, we’ll see you all later.
I’m sure you guys are gon na get out of here.

I’ll, probably be busy doing paperwork.
We got a couple deals going down.
You guys have a great night be safe and i’ll.

See you tomorrow appreciate you guys, keep rocking nino.
We got ninja nino in the showroom right there.
What’s up, yeah man how’s your day, going, i’m pretty good! I said about five opponents for this weekend and tomorrow.

So yeah see that’s always a good day.
Man be positive, keep going strong man! I promise you you’ll hit a couple good ones right before the end of the month.
You know what i’m saying you always do all right.

We got cody.
What’s going on cody, oh everything’s, great man, you got your christmas all set up too much man, i’m excited about it.
I know that um christmas can be stressful for some people, but i think, for i don’t think i’ve ever seen.

You stressed out during christmas time.
You usually seem pretty calm like i don’t think i really ever see.
You stressed out too much yeah you’re, pretty pretty cool chilled out man, so the kids all pumped up ready, yeah yeah.

You tell me all your kids, don’t believe us.
That’s right! [, Laughter, ]! Not true man it’d be weird, but not really sad.
What’s that he’s real, he is real.

What are you talking about, i believe in santa, but you don’t get anything unless you believe right.
I remember i try to think like.
I believe my son is 17 and we still write from santa and we don’t put the presents out until he goes to bed that night.

We do it all man, even though he knows, but we still, we still play the game heck.
No, he loves it.
I appreciate you, man, you having a good day today, yeah man, you ready for the rest of this week.

We got tomorrow and then a couple days off and then saturday, all right man just finish this month.

Strong bros get you a checkmate and let’s get this getting 2021 rolling bro.
I appreciate you cody, that’s our power to the people.

Cody is amazing.
I got gary he’s with some customers right now doing some paperwork and then i know i got frank out doing test drives right now: uh corolla so great times, great stuff.
Folks, i hope you guys are enjoying yours, i’m not going to take too much time, but let me go over here and throw a little love to daddy damos right there look, you just got a grip of down payments, hey look at that! Those look like 100 bills, too nice down payment there, folks, that’s not what it takes.

Sometimes it takes down payment to sell on somebody a car, especially to get them into their affordable payment range and these people they they put commitment now, which shows a lot to lenders which help them get to the payment range.
Because one thing about down payment down struck, it gets them below where they need to be.

When it comes to percentages which can help with rate your you can get better fees, and sometimes you will even get a little dealer.

Uh little dealer cash there so make sure you guys work hard and you get that money in there and keep working customers to the last bit man.
These customers were gracious enough to put about 7 200 down.
That’s right, so great stuff man.

They just got themselves a nice affordable what kind of vehicle they buy.
They bought a 17 rows.
17 broke folks, that’s a pretty vehicle good gas mileage.

All that stuff man awesome good job.
Today, matt appreciate you bro matt kellen.
I hope you guys saw his little video he did earlier today.

He was giving little quick tips on gifts, ideas and stuff that you can give your your salespeople on the floor.
He had these books that he showed and they’re really great books, they’re like encouraging books to help people grow and do all those types of things and so yeah, and then he also talked about a planner.
So those are good little gifts.

As a leader on the floor, you can give to your team members.
This way you can show them how to grow and how to be more and all that type of stuff um, but those books are really they’re key.

If they read them and always don’t get them like a thick book, get them something small and that’s what he talked about.

I was really cool to see him.
Do that, but folks, i’m gon na get out here really quick.
You can see.

My lot is getting filled back up.
We just got a whole bunch of cars, matt just purchased over the last couple weeks, tons of vehicles you can see.
I got rows for days.

I even got some up on my back hill.
You can see it up there and behind the behind the fence, we got tons getting ready to get inspected, so we are ready to rock and roll the rest of this year.
Going into 2021, we got more vehicles coming.

I’m super pumped up man there’s light everywhere around me.
You can see my team they’re amazing.
We got the christmas music going, we got.

You know activity happening at the store.
I have you know my family at home waiting for me to come home tonight to have dinner with me and we’re gon na.
You know share that time with my son and my wife and then there’s christmas coming around the corner and i’m excited about that and i got i got.

You know my wife’s family coming into town, her sister and all that my brother and sister already in town.
So we’re gon na have a great holiday season, see some nieces and nephews i haven’t seen in a while ones that are in the military that are back all that type of stuff.
I’m pumped up man, there’s lightning everywhere, folks, christmas time, it’s easy to find light.

Even when it’s dark outside like it is right now, last night we had the christmas star wow, the bethlehem star was that last night we had the three planets lined up just about saturn, jupiter and pluto.
What amazing, so very fortunate man, what a crazy time in life 2020 is about to end 2020.

Folks, you guys could define it, how you want to define it, i’m defining it as another year of growth.

I hope you guys do the same thing.

We had a year of growth whether it was not the way you wanted to grow.
I didn’t plan the way everything happened and just things happened.

They did, but i kept growing and i hope you guys do the same thing.

Don’t forget, you need to forgive focus and fly, so you can keep growing and be the light for everyone and share the light when you’re the light.
I promise you everyone else around you.

They get lit up to just like a christmas tree.
You all do the same thing.
You all have a great night i’ll, see you all tomorrow.

Tomorrow i got mine.
Obviously my quick brew, i’m gon na have a few other things, but man.
I appreciate everyone for jumping on here tonight.

Dj man.
I appreciate you, you have a great one 13th month, my minute.
That’s right, you all have a great great great great night, i’m probably not a sub prime hero.

This has been my showroom talk.
My lot walk.
Let’s brew! .

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