, hey matt’s over here, preaching some truth up in this mug.

What’s going on, everybody showroom lot walk 2021.
First, one of the year look who i got behind me.

You got patrick jennings over here sweating this last couple hours right, uh-huh.

I love it though man, mr dream team, and then we got mr gary over here worthy adversary, hey what i do need you all to do is write down every deal that you guys had, so i can really compare make sure that we’re locked in okay.
So i’m not gon na go by that.
I’m gon na go by what’s the truth, so i need y’all’s numbers write those stuff down.

For me.
We got tight race boys, oh my calendar in there, but yeah.
I’m sure you guys guys back there.

Look at all the stuff look at look at there’s paul damos.

I guess gary won, but we’re going to still.
I want to write those i want to check it out, make sure guys before we say this, because i believe it gary bam, patrick what a heck of a team right there.

I love it man, you guys had a lot of fun watching you too.
This last month go at it it’s the beginning of the year.
You guys ready, always because you know what year’s over with salesmen of the year was, who me that’s freaking right.

It was so that’s what really matters at the most, but we got this new year, starting gary just got here.

Gary just began he’s it’s only just begun, but we got people in here who are just as hungry sometimes, but when they are man, this is gon na be a great year man once we can get everybody in the store, pumping and operating at the level which You guys were this month, man, i know it’s going to be a great year.
I’m excited to see what you two are going to do.

Congratulations on everything that you guys have done in 2020.

Wait for 2021! It’s gon na, be an amazing we’re here.
I shouldn’t say: wait: get ready for 2021 we’re going to crush it all together as a big old team.

I appreciate you.
That’s right! Y’all keep rocking man.

You got mr ad ryan over here.

What’s up man what’s going on, did you get your one today? I know you did one and a half, that’s right, one and a half.
It’s a good way to finish the the the way to finish a week out like that man good job way to go start rolling into the next year.
Getting some momentum, i’m excited about 2021 man.

You need to be too it’s time.
No excuses make it go my friend i know you can do it.
So, let’s make it happen.

My friend i got your back dog.
Let’s go: let’s go all right, so you know we got some stuff going on up in here.
We got people over here getting ready to sign.

Looking for insurances, then you got this motley crew right here: motley crew, molly, looking crew nino.
How was your new year? It was good yes, sir.
Yes, sir, you got one out today.

Didn’t you first one in 2021.
That’s right! What about you, frank, yeah! I know what you differentiate, but how was it he was at the roller rink, with his family dude doing midnight skate.
How cool is that folks yeah? I haven’t done that in a long time.

I’d like to do that.
How about you, michael at home, with the wife and kid, are you ready for this new year and do not listen? I know you’re, the new guy.
Don’t be the new guy who just sits there and just kind of just disappears, be the new guy who stands out and shines out.

Do you know the difference? Do it, man don’t be scared too man, there’s plenty of room in here for you to shine so shine your way through it man i want to see you do some things: air force, vet.
You got a family, you got all this stuff.
You got reasons you got to why so, when you need something, you need purpose, why i’m going to act like something that makes me uncomfortable or why am i going to do something that feels weird think about your family? The moment that you feel like you can’t do it think about your family.

Just do it you’d, be surprised, most of stuff, that we do everybody does me you anyone that does something new.
It always feels weird.

It doesn’t feel right.

It feels uncomfortable until you get used to it.
Man and i promise you if you get used to it, you’re going to fly bro so get used to that uncomfortable.
Let’s go all right: rock and roll all right, so that was about it right there we got other.

We got people there.
We got customers over here, saying hi, hello, congratulations, y’all, yeah, yeah yeah! So anyway, just wanted to throw that out.
There love people.

Hope you guys having a good one.
You know this is brother, not sub prime hero.
This is my first lot.

Walk of the year 2021.
gon na have some fun.
You know we do have a lot of great inventory.

You know i haven’t done this in a while, but my inventory is looking really good.
We are pre-owned, store, nothing but pre-owned vehicles, guys we have everything from small suvs cars all the way up to the big trucks and big suvs.
We have it all.

We have luxury cars, non-luxury cars, we have very reliable vehicles.
We have everything.
You know we we’re here just to solve transportation problem, so we have a vehicle for every problem out there, a solution for anyone out there who has a problem so make sure you come give one of our guys a shout out here in radcliff kentucky.

We also have a store out in muldrow kentucky, that’s doing their dang thing up there, that’s where lou, the car guy my homie my partner, that’s where he’s at as a sales, uh general sales manager up there, but you know we’re just here to do our thing.
Man we’re here to keep growing, so i hope you guys are doing the same thing.

Hope your year started off great.

This was our first day back of 2021 back to the dealership and we had a great successful day.
We got to help a lot of people get into nicer, newer vehicles and myself people got to try to finish off and do their thing going into next year.

So i’m excited about that.

I hope you guys are too it’s kind of cold.
I’m gon na go back inside, but you guys have a great one, be safe out.
There enjoy life spreading our cellphone hero, .

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