Let’s get it what’s up: y’all whoa new year’s eve.

It’s new year’s eve last day of the year last day for car sales of the year 2020 is about done.
We got adrian over here c walking up in here bust.
It out show what’s up hold on hold on, we got to get it hold on there.

We go oh there.
It is get this thing on, but hey last day of the year, my last official lot walk showroom talk of 2020.
I can’t believe it’s happening right now, so folks hope you guys are all having a great last day.

We just got done, knocking out a few, and it’s kind of dead i’ll show them right now, so hopefully it picks back up for a little bit.
But if not, it is what it is, but real quick got matt damos right there last year, last one for 2020 man.
My last lot walk showroom, talk crazy man, crazy, crazy, crazy, so tonight, matt damos’s house.

It’s going down.
I’m gon na sing some songs and have some fun stay tuned.
You guys might see something you might see.

Some live.
Who knows, but you guys have a good night.
It’s new years, make sure you guys finish strong today, get ready to roll into 20 21.

Having some fun, i’m ready, matt, let’s do it.
Let’s do it all right, that’s what i’m talking about! Then we got it’s.
My last showroom talk for 2020.

It’s over 2020 is done.
It’s gon na be so much fun.
Man, i’m pumped up what you got planned for tonight.

You already told me yesterday: i don’t need to ask that so i guess the question is: what’s your biggest goal for next year biggest goal for next year, let’s remain on the top started on the bottom.
Now here started on the bottom line, the whole come here.

What’s up, what’s up, what’s up my man, how you doing i’m doing great brother, so big question? What’s your number one goal for next year to earn more of these and expand my social media games when he says more of these he’s talking about salesmen on the month, blacks, the dude’s gon na get it.

I promise you.
I can’t wait to see this battle next year.

It’s gon na be a lot of fun right now.

That’s right! I can’t wait to see how this month ends.
We still got today the rest of the day.

Any deal any moment get on.

It hope you guys crush it.
Man keep doing your thing.
Appreciate you happy new year, my friends! Oh, oh, oh! Oh! It’s a new year new year.

What’s your number one goal for this next year: um good goal, write that stuff down make sure you start writing down your goals and put it in front of you.
You don’t happen.
I promise you you’re going to get it just keep working hard.

You say get married to the president: okay get married, that’s why it’s not a bad goal, but no take your time on that find the right one.
What about you? What’s your number one goal? Brother get a bigger house.
I got enough room right now, but it’s all about growing right, yeah man having more space your family is growing and you’re gon na need that space man work hard get that stuff.

You deserve.
It bro jimmy lewis number one goal for next year: [: Music, ].
Okay, i like it that’s simple, like a pimple, all good right, there right love, it frank miller, time number one goal for next year: number one goal for next year.

Apparently what jimmy said be very well with this year and also uh.

I want to do a lot more than vacation.
That’s a great goal.

Write that stuff down plan them.
That’s what i do.
I plan them.

I book it.
I plan the vacation, tell them three months in advance and then get it done.
It’s the only way to do it.

Man you deserve it.
Bro work hard.
I appreciate you happy new year, bro happy new year, anyway, so there you go folks, that’s about it right there! Everyone else is kind of tied up right now, so i’m gon na go run back here say: what’s up to my boy, you got junior brown back here.

Junior number one goal for 2021.
uh, that’s all you have to be.
I love it frank happy new year.

Well, almost happy new year: what’s your number one goal for next year, my friend stay ahead: oh yeah, he loves it.
I love it.
He keeps it simple like what i’m talking about, then we got dominique.

I know you’re shy, but what’s your number one goal for next year, bro you’ll get it man just keep your head up, keep your eye on the prize, you’ll get it bro.
I appreciate you dominique yes, but there we are folks, it’s kind of windy outside yeah.
It’s kind of windy outside, but you know we’re having a lot of fun, they’re, picking up the tick and delivery of their vehicle right now.

Everything is good, i’m about to leave here in a moment to go, get ready for my new year’s celebration and everything, but when the meanwhile, hopefully they finish strong, we’re open until seven o’clock tonight unless it’s dead.

But seven o’clock is our time.
If you guys are looking for vehicle in our local area, come on in check out these people, man they’re hungry, they have goals, they have so many things that they want to achieve this year.

Help them do that.
I know that they’re really eager to do that.
For everybody, so let’s see we got michael.

What’s up brother, what’s up john pellegrino, my homie we’re going to be talking soon we got to get our taxes going so anyway, i’m not going to stay on here much longer, i’m about to hop off, but i just wanted to let everybody know what’s going on Hope you guys are having a great great day, keep going strong.
It’s new year’s 2021 is happening.

Michael number, one goal for 2021 boom, uh growing, my friend all right.

Well, folks, don’t forget to forgive focus flies.
You can keep growing and there’s light everywhere.
Man, it really is the biggest light for most of y’all should be 20.

20 is over.
It’s about done.
We got hours left, enjoy your time, do not waste it.

Folks, love, everybody call everybody that you know.
Let them know what’s going on.
Let them know how much you love them.

Have some fun.
Do it all? Well, that’s it! That’s! My last showroom talk lot, walk 2020.

What a crazy an amazing year, as i reflect back at this year, i think about how much fun i’ve had doing these videos how much fun it’s been to be able to share these these stories, whether we had a good day bad day, but to be able To sit down and talk to my guys every single day about what’s going on with them and doing that on a consistent basis, man, i think, even if it’s just these little things that you’re doing it makes a big difference with them.

Your team, with yourself with people around you, people that are watching what you’re doing you got.
You got to remember, there’s a lot of people watching that you don’t know that are watching so always have that integrity always have that empathy and always be the best version of yourself.

You all have a good one.
I’m feeling subprime hero happy new year, i’ll see you guys on saturday.
I might throw some lies on in between now and then but saturday i’ll be back at work.

I’ll be doing my lot, walk, showroom, talk on that day and also maybe some new stuff guys we’ll see.
Y’all have a good one happy new year: let’s go 2021 peace.

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