wake up guys.

It’s the end of the day.
It’s getting close to it.
It’s beautiful day.

It is monday man, everybody, wake up and enjoy your mondays mondays can be one of those days where either you hate mondays or you get in you’re, ready to grind out and get to your goals.

Mondays, that’s the one i’m going to choose.
Don’t hate mondays guys! You got to love them.

You got to love being able to see your team again.
You got to love being able to come help, clients again, especially if you’re in the car business world, because your clients will read that all over.
You believe me they’ll, see that mondays are very tough if you don’t get in the ball with that.

Well, i’m following us a subprime hero and man.

We just coming off a great weekend.
I came off a great weekend at home yesterday with my family.

I hope you guys enjoyed your sundays with your family.
I hope you guys had time to do whatever you needed to do.

This holiday season is coming up so fast.

It currently is the season, but very soon we have christmas.
The season of giving you know this morning, i did my whiteboard quote of the week and it was a winston churchill quote.
It was we make a living by what we get, we make a life, but what we give and that’s what this whole season is about.

Giving giving giving you know what to get people on me.

You don’t have to do that, but if you want to go ahead, but it’s about giving your time giving your heart giving your thought giving people the uh notion that you care, because it’s true, if you care, give people that feeling give give give.

Because the more you give, i promise you the more that you’re going to get back without even asking for so reach out and do that so folks, man, what a great day it was.

I came to work this morning and matt damos my best friend my also my general manager at the store.
He had a special gift for me me and lou ramirez.
Actually, we had our managers meeting and then this morning he has this cool backpack guys.

Look at that he got it customized with the car guy coffee logo on it’s all sewn in got some legit stuff right there.
I already got some stuff in here.
I got my journal, i’m gon na add some more stuff tonight.

This is gon na, be my go bag.
That’s right! My brew bag right! I’m real excited about that.
What a great day! What’s up charles higgins, thanks for jumping on man, i’m looking forward to seeing your your podcast, you better get me on as a guest too.

You know it so life is good everything’s going well the team’s doing.
Well, it’s been a cold day today, so even when it’s cold outside the dealership’s been warm because these guys have been grinding working hard on the phones getting up helping each other.
The motivating matt did a training session with two of our new guys this morning, which was super awesome.

What’s going on man, how you been doing? Congratulations, yeah, i’m doing really good.
I’m on live right now, so this is facebook live folks.
We have return customer here today, this your daughter, you’re, hoping to buy a car huh.

Congratulations on that! Well, look at that bring back his daughter and he just bought his daughter.
A car, well i’ll, be seeing you in a few minutes.
Congratulations great job! Today! All right see, i’m i love it.

Man, three clients are the best ones in the world to have, and then we got the two guys in here they’re on the phone you got nino acting like cody.
Nowadays, when i walk in i’m on the phone now he’s always on the phone, when i walk in and then you got frank over here he’s doing his thing too, so keep rocking and rolling guys i’ll quit bugging you, but hey get the rest this week going Guys we got this last week for mid-month pay, rock and roll clean deals clean.
Those appreciate you guys keep rocking he’s on a mission he’s on a mission there.

He is and then look at that look at this.
Who is that guy? I don’t even know who that is: [ Laughter, ], [ Applause ].
This is good appreciate.

You barry how’s your day been going so far, yeah so you’re.
How was your? How was your phone call? Did you get enough dials in today, yeah? That’s what i’m talking about man cool just keep that up the rest of the week and i promise you by the end of the week you’ll be rocking again my dog.
Let’s keep it going.

Christmas is coming here.
He is.
We got, mr patrick jennings, mr dream.

Team himself, mr aka, come see me and be part of the dream team, aka shaft aka black mamba aka, all the above man.
You got if he’s in here crushing it he’s trying to hit some new goals this month and he just got his first lead from tick.
Tock i’ve been preaching it all year and it happened guys.

Tick tock is the future.
All social which are free.
Just remember: social media is free to use you’re silly because you might get that one lead.

Even if you don’t get a lead for months and you’d still get that one.

It was free, it didn’t cost you anything.
You know how much money dealers spend every month.

Every year on advertising throughout the nation, not to mention fred you’re, the only one that has access to that league stop giving away all of our secrets.

Social media is reserved for us only that’s it.
It’s a secret, no one knows about it and it doesn’t work.

It doesn’t no, it doesn’t work guys.
So, yes, matt, saying it’s pretty cool to see that happen.
I know patrick got real excited, i i’m excited for him and i hope that he gets more and more.

I think you will get more as your your audience grows.
There, as that gets shared more as you start to do it and you got to push it just like anything else.
It seems slow.

Sometimes you may not get nothing.
You mean i get no lights, you mean i get no views.
You know that you’ve been doing social media for a while.

Do you put a video on? Sometimes you get tons of reactions? Sometimes you put a video out, you get none, but the key is not to worry about how many much reactions just takes that one reaction.
Just takes out one person who says i need a vehicle, it takes that one person that says hey.
I know somebody that needs a vehicle that one person who shares it to their best friend that says: hey, go see the dream team up in radcliff and i promise you patrick for one he’s gon na have fun two he’s gon na make sure you’re taking care Of the three he looks like chef, so take care of you.

Man he’s a bad brother she’s, your mouth.
You know i’m just talking about patrick so, but it’s so true man and i’m proud of you dude, keep doing your thing.
Keep growing! Let this last three.

Three weeks of the year be the three weeks that you go through and you just crush it man, you get that momentum to go into the next year, because i know patrick has some big goals and i want to see him hit those big goals so and Then we got mr new guy, i don’t even know your name.
Haven’t you met you yet brian brian, i’m fred, i’m the finance manager here, mr prime here i was kind of busy today, but i know you were in a training meeting like all day today with matt, so that can go on for a long time.
So it’s always good.

You got ta, that’s how you get broke in at the dealership.
It’s the five hour session with matt damos all right.
I had that same session 18.

19 years ago, man swear he’s the same guy who brought me in taught me.
My ten steps taught me to road to sale, explain the different style customers, i’m sure, there’s a lot of stuff.
He just mentioned to you guys today how body language, how everything matters so like all that stuff reading people’s body.

What i do, i still remember the things he told me because i use those tools to this day.

Matt’s one of my greatest mentors you’re, very fortunate.
You know you may not even realize it until maybe one day you’ll, you may go off and try to go to another dealership.

You know when you’re growing you’re looking for opportunity and you go there and you sit down with another guy.
Who does what matt does, and you realize oh they’re, not as good as matt, so but you’re getting trained by that now so learn from that mimic what he does act as if you’re matt damos when you’re working deals and when you do.
I promise you that confidence will exude all the way through and through so be strong, don’t be weak.

That’s the key to the car business.

Be ready for the nose, be excited about knows.
When someone tells you no don’t go.

Oh my god.
What do i do? Next get excited because you’re getting ready to learn something you’re, getting really teach them something something is about to happen.

But if you just go ahead and let that rejection make you fade away, that’s when you’re, not a sales person.

So if you want to be a real salesperson, get used to the nose get ready for the nose because everybody can work yeses all day long.

It’s simple, but the moment someone says no is when you become that person and if you have that in you you know you have that in you then you’re ready for this bro and i think you are you wouldn’t be here.
I don’t think that right.

So i can tell you this: you know this business has produced a lot of money for a lot of people.
I’ve seen people’s lives changed to improve myself and a lot of people around me, and i in the future is bright.
This year was a crazy year, and yet some people still shine this year be ready for 2021.

Welcome to the team brian.
I appreciate you for jumping in we’re excited about having you here i know paul was they talked really good about you, so be ready.
Just make sure your your deals are super clean.

I want my damn steps and you’ll know what i mean eventually bro.
It was nice meeting you we’ll talk soon.
Kung fu.

Is that your name on poker right now, yeah, i like party, was it kung dot food? Folks, if you’re ever playing poker online – and you see kung got foo fold, i’m just saying i’m just saying so: yeah uh matt damos, crushing the desk today just got me another deal about to sign up we’re going to be uh getting them done.
Hopefully we can find one more in this last hour, at least one more and if we can great, if not we’re going to use that momentum from this last deal to go into tomorrow and be excited about it, but the guys crush the phones.
Today i went around talking to him.

I know man, you can always unwind look at that.
He got that custom beard a little bit.
One of our vendors dropped that off they dropped some offer.

How cool is that man? That’s my name that is matt damos written on the front of that engraved right here.
Really nice.
Some makers mark can’t go wrong.

So all you vendors out there that know me.
I, like maker’s, mark ii, guys i mean woodford, did i say baker’s mark woodford.
I actually was declining makers.

My i don’t know why.
I said that i don’t even like paper.
Smart makers works good for all.

You makers mark guys out there, but don’t know why.
I even said it makers.
Oh anyway, good stuff folks appreciate woodford reserve is the one man woodford blanton’s come on pappy’s all that stuff.

I knew never even had pappy so a vendor out there.
If you have a bottle of puppies, i might get you in the door.
I might sell a few of your products so anyway, let’s see what that’s about so good stuff man, you know we’re having fun at the store.

We’re trying to keep the energy live, we’re trying to keep the energy positive we’re trying to keep our guys wanting to grow.
You want to encourage your people out there.
You know, as a team leader we got here because other people encouraged us to get here.

Maybe we used a little of our own gusto and we pushed ourselves and we asked for this job and we worked hard to get there and we learned so maybe some of us were a little bit more, but you still had somebody that was like a mentor.
Somebody that showed you hey – you can do this, so maybe they told you you need to wait a little longer, but they were trying to give you the right information right, they’re trying to coach you up, so you can be ready for what they’re trying to do Now, because a lot of times, people try to jump into management so fast, nothing wrong with that, it’s good to fast track.
I love fast tracking, the only way to be, but i’m telling you when it’s the right time.

It’s the right time so encourage your team to do that, encourage your team to become better at their jobs, encourage your team to be the best at what they’re doing for that day be better than they were yesterday.
They don’t have to be you that you don’t expect anyone to be you you.
They can’t think the way you think they can’t dress the way you think or dress.

They can’t speak the words they don’t have the same body, language.
Let them be them but find the best version of them and help them find their best version.

That is what a true leader does.

That is what a mentor does.

That is what a person that is, a human being that cares about other human beings does right.
So make sure you do that, charles higgins, this is definitely brother and we got mike what’s up mike man, i hope you’re having a good time up in louisville hope you guys are having a good day too.

No one! No, no is one step closer to.
Yes, mike i mentioned that earlier, i’m sorry, i didn’t see that comment tonight.

Yes, because when you hear that know that he’s right, it is that one step closer to yes, but i get excited when i hear notes, because it doesn’t always mean no, it just means hold on a second i’m a little nervous or hold on.
I need to really think about this for a moment at least or i need somebody to make me feel comfortable about this purchase this position, i’m in right now i don’t know if i should take the car and go home will i regret it later? Well, that’s the biggest thing that i think most clients have most consumers have.
Is they don’t want to have buyer’s remorse? They don’t want to have regret that they could have got a better deal that they could have got a better vehicle.

They could have got all these things, so you as a salesperson has to eliminate all of those issues that they have get rid of it.
Don’t let them think, oh man, you know i have all these insecurities about buying a car, eliminate those insecurities figure out what they are.
Ask the questions: ask a lot of questions figure out what their insecurities are explain why those insecurities are not necessary, explain why buying from you is the best decision they can make you’re not just buying a vehicle.

I talked about this on my podcast last night, when you’re selling you’re not just selling the product, isn’t just this vehicle right here right.

The product is also you.
The salesperson.

The product is the dealership.
The product is the the whole the whole process they’re going through.

Not just during the sale but after the sale, how are you going to treat them after the sale? Are you going to follow up with them? Are you going to if they have an issue with the vehicle? Are you going to take care of them? Are you going to help them get through any situation they’re at when it’s time to trade in? Are you going to make sure they’re taken care of on their trade? Are you going to make sure they get the right loan? Are you going to do all the above eliminate? Let them know that’s who you are and that’s what you’re going to do so they can trust you because people buy from people.

They trust unless it’s just such a great deal, but we all have great deals.
We all can match this number.
We all can do that.

What separates you? Separation? That’s the key.
The separation is being you.
Separation is caring about your clients following up with them, loving on them and my team.

They do a great job with that everybody can get better at it.
The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.
I talk about that all the time, so appreciate that i love that and i just want to keep them growing.

I want you guys to keep growing out there.
I appreciate everyone for jumping on no means no, if you’re on a date, [ Laughter, ], yes and kinda anyway, i appreciate everybody.
You guys have a great day.

Keep crushing life, don’t forget to forgive forgive all everything.
Let all that weight of unforgiveness get off your shoulders.

This way you can focus on what you need and then, after you focus on it, man fly get your ass there and fly fly fly in, keep growing all right.

Folks, you guys have a great night great week, great december, happy holidays, i’ll, see you tomorrow on my lot, walk, don’t forget! I also have my quick brew tomorrow and of course, i got all kinds of other stuff that i’m going to be dropping.
You guys checked out some of my new content, i’m doing some fun with it.

I didn’t drop a hardcore, but today matt damos that backpack, i showed you guys at the beginning.
I did a video, a thank you video, but then i did one last night with lou just messing around really goofy car guy coffee, one they’re called jump cuts and just check it out.

It’s a new style of editing that people are, i guess, encouraged to do and it’s supposed to be like a new way to attention.

Do you guys like it? Let me know if you don’t like it or what you think i could change.
Let me know, i’m always looking to get better one percent.
That’s all it takes.

You all have a great one.
Let’s prove you got g man up in the house.

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