it’s christmas time, everybody what’s going on hero lot, walk, show room talk today is monday, the 21st of december.

I’m so excited we’re just four days away from christmas.

Three, if you want to discount the days between now and christmas, for the man hope you guys are having a great time enjoying your time with your team, your family, your friends and everybody else.
It is that time, time of year, it’s that season, love everybody share, grow, do all those things! Folks, okay, what’s up people all right? Yes, sir where’s, the cowboy hat he took it off.

He must be getting how he’s on the phone right now too.

Oh okay! Okay, look at that.
I love that cowboy hat he got that today for secret santa man.

How cool is that and you got nino what’s up brother? What’s up yeah, i’m super sad.
It was pretty cool man.
I had fun today.

I hope you guys had fun today too man good times how about you mike first christmas with us, the first christmas with us here, hey man, i’m glad you’re here.
Congratulations appreciate you for being here, i’m going to leave you guys on the phone all right, then we got these two guys here, peeper bam.
What’s up so cody man, you got ready for christmas.

Getting there we’re just like a few days away.
I’m excited cody has some children, so it’s always a fun time this time of year, i’m sure, but especially his little ones too.
So they they really love some christmas.

They still got that santa claus.
Vibe, that’s awesome, man! What about you? You ready yeah your kids ready yeah.
I appreciate that bottle bourbon today she got me some wood for how nice of her leave it to the lady at the dealership to get the burger for the guy.

I appreciate it.

I appreciate it.

No, it’s nice to have you here seriously.

We appreciate you for being part of the team.

I know this is your first christmas year since cody’s, like six or seven cody’s, been here for such a long time.
This is that chair you’ve been in that chair for a minute.

This has been your office pretty much the whole time, man for a while.
Now he did you had that one over there for a little bit.

You were in that you were in that one.

Were you ever in that one over here? Good, that’s! Why he’s still here? No, but i appreciate you guys hope you guys had a good day.
It was a fun day to me.
I know we didn’t have the most traffic today, but as a the first half of the day was so much fun, be able to you know, gift and do all those types of things with everybody and enjoy a good christmas breakfast or lunch whatever you want to Call it it was lunch, it was not even close to breakfast thanks for the present yeah, no problem at all.

We appreciate we appreciate you guys straight out of radcliffe.
That’s our logo here straight out of the rack with y’all.
I appreciate you guys seriously.

You guys have a good one if you need anything.
Let me know we’re almost out of here here soon, what about half an hour boom gary? She got her ugly sweater she’s two days early, but that’s that promised you that’s not even her if she was to wear ugly sweater.
That wouldn’t be it.

That’s not ugly enough, and she knows it.
That’s actually a dope sweater, it’s kind of like the hot thing right now to wear the ugly sweater everybody likes them.
You know so people are getting like these fancy sweaters now when, but then, when we do ugly ones, you should see how ugly ours get we make them nasty anyways.

I haven’t seen that yet i look forward to it.
No you’re gon na have fun map glad you’re here for your first christmas with us renee, i’m glad you’re here hanging out with us, it’s good to have you here appreciate you and i’m glad you got to be part of this.
That was a lot of fun.

We are about that here at the dealer for the people.
That’s right.
Thank you very much and then, of course, you got paul damos running the desk he’s doing his thing.

Trying to put together a sticky deal, he’s throwing it against the wall.
He’s like come on.
Stick baby.

Stick, stick he’s working hard um, you know we’re getting a little bit more money down, but paul is that guy paul’s that guy, when he bring him a deal, he’ll find a way to make sure it comes together.
Somehow some way so make sure you guys send us everybody down this way.

Paul is on the desk all week long we’re here to we’re here through wednesday, we’re off thursday friday, but we’ll be back on saturday to kill it.
So you all have a merry christmas.
I’ll see you guys tomorrow, though, for all y’all out there, but man what a great week paul.

I appreciate you man, you merry christmas man.
I appreciate the gift card and i appreciate the the bottle that your wife got for my wife.
That’s so awesome you guys that snoop dog bottle is so cool.

You know it man.
I appreciate you paul yes, sir, so that’s what we got going on up in here got a lot of great stuff going on.

You got, you got, you know everybody doing christmas.

Cheer today we did our whole.
You know gift exchange, the secret santas, the all the aboves, and we had a lot of fun doing that and man.
I i love this week.

You know this week is a unique week when you, when it comes to this year 2020.
You know it’s 2020.
We’ve all been so worried about everything, hating, so much stuff, oh man, this is horrible.

The election, this, the coronavirus.
This is happening.
You know everything.

You know from the bri everything nationwide that happened this year, so much crazy stuff, so much stuff we could be negative about, but this month this week, especially this week, it’s a time to be positive.
It’s time to focus on what’s really important.

What’s in front of you what i talk about all the time once you have control over it’s your own, your own attitude, how you are with your people, how you are with your family, how you are with your friends, you have all control on that, so be That person be the light like i always talk about.

You know i’m gon na get off here, because we do have a couple things working, but guys i just want to let you guys know merry christmas.
This is my first lot walk showroom talk of the week.
First, one for the week of christmas, not gon na, be the last one.

I still got at least three more i’m gon na do before the uh before you know, uh two more before christmas for one during one more during this week after that it’ll be on saturday, but i’m super excited.
I hope everyone of you all have some great plans for christmas.

I hope you guys are pretty much caught up in all your christmas gifts.

Maybe you got some last minute ones.

I, like last minute ones on some small stuff, it’s fun to go out and try to find that last minute.
You know present that you can get that perfect one and it always ends up being found on that last minute.

You know so hope you guys are not doing that too much.
That is a lot of pressure on you.
We only have a couple days left, but i do appreciate every one of y’all for being being on here.

I appreciate everyone you all for following us.
Over the last year, we are officially over 11 months on our podcast unreal.
I’m so excited to do our one year anniversary of season.

Two that’s coming out soon.
I’m excited about starting 2021 with this team here at the dealership and trying to make records happen, trying to change the world.
I appreciate every one of you guys.

You guys keep rocking and rolling, don’t forget to forgive focus and fly, so you can keep growing and be the light and share that light with everybody get that glow out there.
You know, like bruce leroy, you know what i’m talking about.
You got to have that glow.

You got to get peppa when you glow, you share it with everybody.
Love everybody! What a great week to glow what a great week to share and love folks give a smile to somebody give a high five to somebody just give them a wink when you walk by them you’ll be surprised how far that’ll go.

You guys take care.

I appreciate you we’ll see you all.
Tomorrow have a great night god, it’s the 21st, already guys.
Four more days, christmas is coming filling our cell prime hero woof.

Let’s brew .

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