What’s going on everyone frelin our subprime hero, wow, it’s monday, it is thanksgiving week.

We are officially kicking it off with a bunch of gratitude, a bunch of happiness and just having a good time this morning, um you guys, if you saw the live that i put out.
We did our turkey ball this morning, man.
That was a lot of fun.

New guy blake blake 2.
0, as we call him, he won it.
He got a perfect two balls.

He threw two tens in a row and then second place was tyrone and third place was gary.

It was a lot of fun to watch them.
Just uh hurl, a turkey down the thing and it’s a bowling pin so guys have fun with your team.

Be grateful for your team, be grateful for having the opportunity to have a team there’s a lot of managers out there right now that are no longer managers.

They don’t have jobs, their dealerships shut down or they cut the they cut the employees in half where they, you know, decided to try to go more digital and less people right so be thankful.
If you’re working right now be thankful for your team, if you’re a manager be thankful for your managers, if you’re a salesperson, be thankful for your family right, be thankful for your friends, be thankful for so many things.

I know i am i’m going to be talking about this quite a bit this week about thankful about uh gratitude about all these things.
You know my team, my family, my friends, my life, my my podcast, there’s so many things that i could be so grateful for.

You know my list is so long.

It’s just so easy for me to write down a lot of things just because i see that now i can write a long list of things that are not great right now right.
We all can do that.
I’m sure you guys know what i mean, but i do not see it that way.

I see it as a great time right now in the world a great time to become better than you ever.
That’s called every minute that i have right.
So speaking of that, let me go into the showroom and start looking at all my friends.

All my team members see what’s going on, you all have a great night.
Thank you for your business, all right.
So mr dream team himself.

It’s weird to call him dream! Team himself there he is it’s not a real.
It’s not a this time.
You use a real phone, though that was really nice guys.

Thank you guys appreciate your hard work today.
I know that today was a good day, considering i appreciate you guys for putting it in.
Did you guys have fun with the turkey ball? You just got out of the place and you got third place right.

Second, did you get? Second? Did you get my team? I thought that was true.
You got nineteen hours about 18.

It’s all good either way it doesn’t matter great job.

It was fun.
Cody was the funniest one though cody throws that first one as i’m dead.

I would have done the same thing.

He’s all real bolder.
So when you’re bowling, you like feel that little hook in the ball and if you throw that hook in that turkey, it don’t work, it’s like it doesn’t naturally bumps everywhere.
So, but that was fun man you guys are ready for thanksgiving absolutely.

I know i and you guys, i know we can’t do big things in our state, but i’m sure you guys are getting together with something i encourage that actually phone party in his house foam everywhere.

You guys go in there, just get all nasty and dirty have fun, but now, let’s, let’s finish this week’s strong, you know i just realized we have monday also for this month.
Next monday yeah.

I didn’t even think about that.
So we got six total date.

Five left, but six to make it happen guys.
I appreciate you guys, you guys, keep doing your thing good job, all right, all right girl keep doing it, get it for me by tomorrow.

Let’s look at tyrone.

Tyrone looks sad over here.
Man tyrone’s, usually the chipper guy, let’s see what’s going on with tyrone today, tyrone.
Are you just tired today? Don’t say yes, don’t say yes, don’t say yeah then stand up move.

You got to shake that body when you’re tired, bro get up and move a little bit.

It’s the best thing to do when you’re, tired there.
It is we’re almost done man.

So, let’s see we got about 20 minutes left before we go unless we get another up on this lot, but in that meanwhile man, you know, i encourage you get out of this office for a little bit.
You’ve been back here, you look you’re making me feel like i’m sad, don’t be sad man, you need to smile a little bit.
Hair looks good today, though, by the way keep rocking it man, all right, tyrone, be happy.

My friend, oh i’m, waiting on you, mr dream, keem himself, always waiting on me.
Let’s see what he what’s what’s up dream team how’s your day going, i see you over here.
You got blake 2.

0 over here running around with you, hey young blake doing his thing.
I know right, that’s what i was saying.

I just talked about that over there dude he threw literally through, like the turkey, never hit the ground and hit the pins like he threw it across the whole thing he was like yeah.

Did it again yeah he was actually instead of bowling.
He was.
He was actually doing some cornholes what he was doing.

, yeah lou says he likes it.
The dream team himself yeah.
I keep saying it it’s weird to say it that way, but that is what it is: guys: hey, lou, abracadabra, [ Laughter, ] anyway long time, big story, but hey i appreciate it.

How was your day blake? It’s pretty good, pretty good.
I learned that somebody is always saying yes, tony is always saying: yes, there’s always a way to help somebody put a butt in the seat as we call it, because it sometimes it takes a little extra work, a co-signer.
But if you can find the way you can make it happen, you know, patrick, is one of those guys that if you i tell him, i could tell him the most ridiculous thing he needs for a deal and he’s always like all right i’ll, be right back Blows my mind: i’m always like man that really that’s how it’s impressive.

It’s a way to keep that attitude and way to stay positive about it.

I love that it’s a good guy to follow right now, patrick, is really doing some things.
I got a feeling next month is going to be really huge for him because it’s going to be the first time he’s been dream team solo, dream team.

So i’m excited about that now.
So folks that dream team does not mean him.
The dream team includes you all: you people out there looking for a vehicle in this local area or anywhere across the nation.

Really, if you want to get a hold of him, he wants you to be part of the dream team.

His team is getting bigger.
Every single day he just added a new two new people to his uh to his team and the team.

Is i mean it’s huge, you know what would be really cool like a collage of all your clients, like, like a big picture, that you could post like it kind of zooms into one or zooms from one or from the most recent and it zooms out, and You start seeing it all like the brady bunch, looking a bunch of them, i like that.
That would be pretty radical anyway, just a tip all right, just just the tip.
So anyway, all right, my friend, i appreciate you guys keep rocking man stay tuned.

Welcome to the team: let’s keep it going happy thanksgiving week, be grateful, be thankful, always think of that every single day this week, man really think about your gratitude and think about what you’re grateful for.
I appreciate you guys so much.
Thank you all right.

So awesome man can’t help but love that team.
How would you not i mean if you were the leader here? How would you feel about a team like that great people they’re doing their thing? They’re always smiling.
You know cody’s really getting back into getting into these videos which i like, because cody would always put the fake phone up right.

The other day he put that pin on there.
Now it’s a joke.
It’s a fun thing, but cody’s really stepped up quite a bit and i’m really impressed by cody recent as of recently, especially because he’s doing things that make him uncomfortable he’s doing things that he used to do when he first came here back when he had all That enthusiasm, you guys remember that new, that new guy enthusiasm but cody has it again and i love it – he’s also helped training.

The new people here he’s been doing a lot of stuff and you know just doing everything he possibly can to keep growing, and i love that about my team.

I can’t help but be excited about it.
I’m very grateful for a team like this, and i know that right now i mean, i hope, just watch these people just keep growing and doing their thing.

Um we’re gon na finish this month.
Strong, i know we are thanksgiving week is gon na be a week of just giving giving giving, because the more we give and the more gratitude we put out there, the more you’re going to receive folks and that’s the key to life.
It’s always doing that type of stuff man, it’s a little bit chilly outside.

It’s probably one of the more chilly nights.
I’ve been out here, but let me get this collar up a little bit, but it’s still beautiful out here, man, it’s it’s really! It’s been a great day.
I’ve been very fortunate.

Last night we did a great interview with david munford uh.
I loved that interview.
It was probably the most fun i’ve had in a while with lou lou make cracked me up man.

It was just a good time inside joke, but but david thanks for being on the show.

We do appreciate it, man all the way down tennessee mr c and red podcast himself great time.
It was really fun tomorrow morning we’re going to do another interview i’ll announce that later on tonight, i’ll probably send out a little post, but it’ll be a good one.

Folks, it’s going to be a lot of fun and be there or be square 8 30 a.
Cgc early boo folks such a good time, i appreciate everybody.
I appreciate everybody for jumping on here.

I appreciate you lou for probably sharing this for me and i appreciate that a lot lou is doing his thing.
He’s got a lot of things to be have gratitude about.
I know that i do um appreciate you guys.

You know i appreciate you know i mean i keep going with this gratitude stuff, but i appreciate everybody who really shows up people who share my links, people who, like my who, like my stuff people who are using it to to get encouraged.
You know i appreciate every one of y’all.

I appreciate glenn lundy for being a good mentor.

El patron rudy from mineo man appreciate you man so much.
I appreciate you know all those kind of guys jason garris.
I appreciate the think tank to you know: derek perez and justin, cyril and and michael off, with, of course, over at elite f5 partners, my sponsors, by the way, www dot, fi marketers, that’s where you all need to go, and also www.

think aggro man, great people, great Folks, solutionaries in their own right always out there and they’re just growing and growing and growing.
So you know without further ado, i’m not going to stay out here much longer.
I don’t know why i say without further ado, but you know i’m going to get off here guys.

I just wanted to get on here.
Real quick at the end of the day, just throw some love and some thankful and some gratefulness out there and all that kind of stuff do a little love with my team.
I hope you guys are doing the same thing.

You don’t have to do this, video to love your team, but what you have to do is love your team, so love your team, whether you’re, the new guy on the team love your team.

If you’re the guy who’s running it all love them because the more love you get, the better it’s gon na be wow.
Have a great night solutionaries see you in the morning.

That’s what lou says.
I love it.
I appreciate every one of y’all: don’t forget, there’s light everywhere.

Look how much i just stepped into it right because i mean it’s symbolism, but it’s real light is everywhere.
Folks find that light hold on to that light.

Actually, the light’s inside you, you don’t have to really look for it, just pull it out of yourself and once you do, let it out share it with everybody.

Let people know how much you care about.
This is a great week to do that.
If you’re, not the type of person who likes to get all lovey-dovey, what a great week to be able to call somebody and say hey, i appreciate you.

I appreciate everything you ever did for me call somebody from 10 20 years ago.
If it’s somebody, that’s always been on the back of your head, you’d, be surprised, reach out to him with social media.
You can find all kinds of people now right make sure you do that.

Do that with your your close ones, your family, if you have children, tell them how much you appreciate them.
We all work so hard and we, you know we try to do everything we can for these kids.
We just think that it’s unspoken that they know that we care those words.

Those words coming out.
The mouth are powerful, especially when it comes from here, and i want to just said, but when it’s really meant, when you mean it, it really means a lot to people so make sure you guys do that, reach out to all your family, friends, everybody old friends, An old friend is the best make sure you guys do that have fun with it love it share, be thankful.
All right don’t forget to give everything of the past, so you can focus on what you really want in the future and then, when you do that, you can just fly all the way there like it’s nothing all right, i’m freaking out to sell prime meh and That was my lot walk.

Talk y’all have a great one.

Let’s brew, .

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