yo folks, what’s going on it’s the end of the day and it’s my daily lot walk showroom, talk i’m about to go out here and have a little conversation with my guys, see how they’re doing, but before i do that, i just want to Remind everybody: it’s the holiday season, hope you guys are out there giving as much as you can like.

I said it’s not just about the monetary giving it’s about, giving your time, giving your love even just looking at somebody when they walk by and giving them a smile that can change their whole day, just like it could change your day.
The smile, the most important thing you wear all day long, so folks, man, it’s been a lovely day.
We’ve had an opportunity to sell some few cars today, which not the biggest day ever, but it man momentum and we’re using it and we’re using the excitement and the enthusiasm of our clients to help us get through the day.

So we have some people out here.
I need to go talk to you, so let me go run out and say: what’s up first things: first, you can see.
We got mr new guy over here i got mr brian.

What’s up man for learning, art stuff, like you know in case you didn’t know.

Now brian he’s brian’s new here he’s been here for how many days now uh a little over a week a little over a week how you liking it here so far.
I love it.

Do your thing, man grind it out.
I know you’re in here trying to get your your game.
Perfected you’ve been in this office pretty much all day.

What i can tell you is this, and i appreciate that you’re trying to come here to work and not play but play a little bit, have a little bit of fun, because you do this for about three months, you’re not going to like doing it.

Trust me.
So make sure you enjoy it and have a few moments set out throughout the day.

Hey i’m going to do this for so long.
I’m going to go out and enjoy a few minutes talk, but don’t the thing is you can’t do that more than you do this? You know what i mean so have fun, you know being in the car business.
We have a lot of opportunity to go out and have conversation with our teammates joke around watch them do what they’re doing on the floor.

You know what i mean, so i encourage you to do that.
I don’t want you to get stuck here until you don’t like it.

I want you to love this job you’re going to do really good at this job.

Just keep it moving all right, stay positive! My friend get ready for the holidays.

All right appreciate you brian! Then i got mister mr baby, daddy how’s, the baby.
Doing right now he’s doing great yeah doing the same thing: eating pooping sleeping you know, keeping me up, but making me happy.

That’s what it’s about man you’re gon na enjoy it, because all that stuff goes by.
So fast that, even if those seem so difficult now it will go by quick 17 years later they’re driving around hollering at their girlfriend.

You know going to the store buying gifts for you, instead of you taking them to the store, knowing what they’re getting it.

So no, it’s actually pretty cool man.
Congratulations on that! So how’s your day was it pretty good? Did you have anything good man? We got tomorrow’s going to be a big day.
Let’s make it happen, man, i think tomorrow’s going to be probably the biggest day of the month.

If we all can get the appointments in.
So let’s make it happen.
My friends all right appreciate you, man keep it growing.

Let’s see, i got these two guys here.
Nino got all these deals cleaned up today.
I know that feels good.

That feels really good, and then you got frank, mr frank, miller time you guys having a good day.

That’s right, two for one deal there yeah, i got two more set up for tomorrow.

That’s good man, we need, we need a big day saturday.

I have a feeling tomorrow, guys is gon na be the biggest day of the month, so get that stuff going get those appointments and the banks are buying right now.
We just need you guys to get some appointments in here and we will crush it me and matt running the desk tomorrow.

Guys, let’s go all right, appreciate you guys rock it out nobody! Nobody, oh, i know he’s been waiting.

I can tell he always comes out and of course we got patrick jennings, mr dream team himself.

Oh folks, he’s he’s got his special ink pens hey when all of us fails.

We don’t email.

No, but no.
It’s cool guys he’s got his own pins out.
Show that real, quick okay, so these are go to his clients every time somebody buys a vehicle they get a pen with it.

That’s the start of something right.
There guys you know giving out little gifts like that is what customers remember when you just hand them a car.
They remember that, but i could tell you firsthand that even the people who have the best experiences at dealerships after they leave here, they still forget their salesperson’s name, because they don’t have something in front of them with their name all the time.

So having a pen like that’s something they can use on a daily something they can keep in their purse or inside their car glove box whatever.

Now they always oh yeah, my car guy was patrick yeah.
He’s the dream team.

Yes, sir.
That’s how that works now, as you do that you’re going to start as you start selling more cars, you’re going to start coming up with cool ideas, i encourage you to always do them, but do that that everything needs to stay so do that continuously and then Keep adding on to it right now there you go.
Did you adjust it? I did all right.

That’s awesome, man! What about you steph, how you doing i’m all right, i’m all right not having the best week, no, not at all yeah.
What do you think? The difference is this week, maybe sitting inside an office all day long.
You have been and don’t take that the wrong way, but you need to get out that office.

You’ve been in that back office.
I’ve never seen you in office more in the last week.

Direct result and that’s not a bad thing.
I love you and that’s why i’m telling you this or i wouldn’t care, get out.
You need to be more you you need to be more active.

You need to talk to me.
I know that you have a good partnership going on over there, but this is a team yeah, it’s all of us, so being with one person, you start to you start to floss it together.
You start to be identical and then, if you get isolate yourself, that’s what happens so make sure you don’t do that get out there spread your wings, be active.

You need to.
You need to be active, you’re, you’re, very good.
When you’re active, you are the best when you’re active so be that for yourself, i encourage you and i want you to be doing really well here all right, so do that i’m proud of you girl, keep growing.

That’s true, i’m saying so.
Yes, mr new guy mike, is that right? Yes, i haven’t really got to know mike yet folks, you guys notice that about me usually takes me about a week or two before i get their names, but that’s because the new guys, what i call them right.
So the new guy is a great place to be it’s a great chance, because you have nothing to do but go up from here.

So i’m excited to have you on team.
I understand your air force veteran yourself yeah.
I was air force myself, that’s pretty cool! So at least we got that in common.

I knew that about you, hey, so air force is a really good place to be most of the best car guys in the world matter of fact, the best car guy i know, came out of the air force.

Just being for real but yeah so anyway, so if you, if you’re anything close to that guy you’re, going to be really good at this job, so anyway man.
I appreciate you for being part of the team how’s.

Your experience been so far.

These first few days learn don’t be scared.
We’ve had people who started three four days later say i can’t do it, i’m leaving you just keep understanding it’s about being uncomfortable.

If you’re comfortable in this business, it means you’re not making any money.

Just saying you’re comfortable.

Your parents obviously don’t look like this yeah, so folks keep doing your thing.

I appreciate you guys welcome to the man.
Thank you, mr dre.
Thank you use that advice.

Steph, i’m telling you! Okay, don’t use that right.
There look at him, mr mask.
So anyway, i’m gon na go out here.

Do a quick, little lot walk and then let you guys go but man, i love my team they’re doing their thing, they’re having fun.
You know you keep encouraging, but the same thing as a leader.
You can’t just tell people they’re doing good things if they’re not you have to also encourage the stuff that they did they’re doing good, bring out their best traits their best talents, but also explain what they need to work on.

You know everybody needs to work on something to include myself.
That’s why i do these quick brews that i do every day.

Those are things i’m working on myself, i’m trying to grow i’m trying to keep growing, i’m forgiving my past, so i can focus on my future and fly to those heights that i want to go because i can’t help but want to keep going.

You should do the same thing and you need to encourage your team to do the same thing.
Your team needs to be able to have sites for them to be motivated because when they start to get complacent and things start to become comfortable they’re, not growing anymore.
They’re not excited about their job, their clients are going to feel the same way and in sales.

That’s huge enthusiasm excitement room opportunity, growth.
All those words are what we got in cells for when you stop being able to have those words or feel those words you’re, not growing any you’re dying inside.
You don’t want to do this anymore.

A lot of people quit this business walk to do other things.

They come to remember that the car business is great.
A lot of them come back, but it’s just sometimes you have to have that reflection.

Sometimes you have to step away in order to find those things.
Sometimes you have to be encouraged the right way.

I think the encouragement from the leadership on growth explain to them how they can get to that level where they can get to where you’re at or beyond.

You have to be that person.
You have to be that person period even when you’re, not the management level.
When you’re on the floor be a leader on the floor, i’ve talked about this multitude of times be a leader.

You don’t have to be a leader by being the boss, you’ll be a leader by doing things the right way to be a by example, a leader by example.
So, anyway, folks there’s light everywhere.

Christmas is coming.

I’m excited my team is doing their thing, they’re, bringing momentum we’re going to have a huge saturday tomorrow.
I know we are hoping you guys have the same thing.
The weather is a little bit cold, but it’s not near as cold as it’s been.

I appreciate you guys hope you guys, like my holiday scarf, my wife got me.
I love it.
It fits with everything this time of year.

What what i’m frying arts i’m the subprime hero, hope you guys are having a great week, forgive focus and fly, so you can keep growing and be the light, be the light.
There’s light everywhere.
Folks make sure you guys put that light inside you when you let it glow you, let it glow so much that everyone around you is going to exude that light too.

Everyone around you is going to be in a better mood.
That is the key to everything you be that person, if that’s there’s.
No, if there’s no one else in your life, like that, you can be that it’s okay do jumping jacks dance around fake it till you have it, but when you do it you feel it inside.

Let it come out.
Love love, love, love! I love you guys.
Thank you so much for joining me tonight.

Hope you guys have a great night jason wood.
He says have a great weekend.
We are hoping for deals here and and laura will tomorrow, grow grow bro, yes, sir, and i wish you the best chasing.

Everyone keep growing, grow, grow, grow, grow, don’t stop! Won’t! Stop! That’s right! Car guy coffee, let’s brew! Y’all, take care.

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