hey, hey, hey! What’s going on everyone, freelance subprime hero, hope you guys are having a great day.

I know i am everything is wonderful.
Everything is going really great guys, and you know there’s so much to be thankful for in this world, and you know you can be very caught up in all the bad stuff like today.
I’ll be honest with you guys, it was a rough day at work.

We struggled, we had some apps, but the apps weren’t, really the best apps um.
You know there was either something missed, whether it be down payment credit um.
You know job time, residency, time, uh, negative equity.

There were so many things that we were trying to overcome today, but man it’s a character, a character building day.
You know, like i mentioned when i put comments on this thing.
I said when the tough gets going.

Excuse me when the going gets.
The tough gets going right and that’s what we have to do here.

We have to try to encourage ourselves to understand that through the bad there’s always going to be some good somewhere.
So i’m really excited about that.
So you know that’s what it’s about.

That’s what my whole mantra is is just to keep growing and to look at the positivity and stuff matter of fact.

We got mr patrick right here that don’t matter right there, what am i doing there? We go.

Oh, oh there we go all right, so so we got patrick um.
I was just talking.
My whole thing today on my lot.

Walk is about how it was a rough day today, and i said you know when the goings get when the going gets.
The tough gets going you know and even though you have a bad day, there’s always room for growth.

I know that you didn’t have the best day, but you have something set up for next week.
That’s gon na possibly be a two-car day.
Yes see what i’m saying so, there’s always some kind of light somewhere.

It may not be instant gratification, but when you work hard, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I know that that’s exactly what patrick is and uh.
I appreciate that about patrick patrick brings a lot of light to the showroom.

So i appreciate you afraid stay uplifted, be upbeat, that’s it as always.
Tomorrow everybody everybody setting up to make tomorrow better.

That’s it so he’s right.

Wise words, you know, patrick, is a veteran he’s been doing things besides this his whole life so he’s also a trainer personal trainer.

Things like that.
We got look at that over here grinding on the phone still and that’s what i mean like there’s always opportunity.

You can always find negativity, but there’s so much light here.
nino had a rough day.
I kind of got on him a little bit today.

You got ta say you got ta stay focused, you know, that’s the thing! I’m trying to coach you on that stay focused.
Sometimes when you spread yourself out too thin, it can make it very hard to make one deal happen and then, when nothing happens, you’ve got to reflect on that either way.

I don’t think either one.

So it’s not a big deal, but we could have saved some time and maybe focus on something.

But i appreciate your hustle.
I know you’re grinding you’re trying to get your your units in at the end of the month, so we still got some time today.

Man, so if you got something to try to get it in here today, brother all right right now i mean that’s what i’m talking about.
Let’s keep it going: ! If you guys, haven’t seen the new pen phone yet cody’s got it.
Oh, he writes it.

Let me pick up the phone real, quick yeah, so today my theme on the show is about how um today wasn’t the best day.
You know if so, obviously, when the uh tuff gets going.
Ah, i said it wrong again when the goings get tough, the tuck gets going right so, and i appreciate you guys for keep rocking and rolling i i know you got what i’m saying: yeah steph got one today cody did you get one out today, but he Got one out late last night with me, which i appreciate, and i know he was over here, helping everybody out today, man which is a big deal when you’re somebody like that, when he’s been on this floor for a long time, so he’s a leader on the Floor when you’re a leader you step up sometimes and cody’s, been doing that a lot lately, which i appreciate a lot yeah.

He has so you know it’s teaching the new person and cody’s definitely about that.
I think it’s helping him get better at his job.
When you, when you mentor people you you self-reflect a lot, so you have to be what you say: yeah yeah and he’s doing his thing man.

So i appreciate you guys, keep rocking and rolling.
Let’s finish the rest of this day, stronghold, one or two more so keep rocking guys.

Thank you.

Thank you appreciate it.
So that’s pretty much it we have one guy mister i mean i need to make a matter of facts since i got these in here and they’re friends.

We need to make in case he sees it.

Adrian, congratulations! Congrats to you man.
He just had his baby.
Like like, within the hour right, yeah, so baby boy, first child ever i’m so excited for him man.

We can’t wait to have you back, but take your time enjoy your time with your family, because you’re going to need that time and you’re going to need to help out.
So it’s going to be a lot of fun the next few days.
So we love you adrian! Congratulations, brother man.

Yes, sir, so you know it’s just all about that kind of stuff man we do so we have that.
Then we have frank he’s with a um he’s at the upw event, with tony robbins virtual event with matt damos.
My general manager right now and he’s he’s just trying to get uplifted right now, so i’m real excited for him he’s trying to grow so we got all kinds of stuff going on.

We got a new baby in the mix.
Now we got, we got customers pulling up right now, as you guys can see, there’s one and then another one right behind it right there.

You see it in the back.

Yes, so we have a couple more.

Thank you christina.
She says positive thoughts, create positive outcomes.

Stay up my friend 100, you know on this team, that’s what they’re all about, and i love that about them.
You know so man.
It kind of got cloudy out here.

As you guys can see, the weather dropped temperature dropped quite a bit.
You know we were kind of hanging around the mid 60s all week and today it feels more like probably mid 50s, which isn’t too bad.
Just the cloud cover is not really helping when you have sun out.

It really helps out with that, but it’s obviously already getting darker earlier right now.
So, but it’s all good today’s a beautiful day, man, it’s it’s one of those days where you can go outside and just enjoy it to get a little cool breeze.
It’s it’s fall time folks get used to that thanksgiving’s right around the corner, we’re only what five six days away from thanksgiving so start getting thankful folks be thankful for everything.

I’m thankful for my team, i’m thankful for this dealership, the owner, all the management here.
I’m thankful that we have cars all over our lot to sell because there’s a lot of dealers out there struggling with vehicles on their lot.
We did struggle for a few months, but now we’re back up to where we need to be we’re a little light.

But we have a lot of them coming in there’s a bunch of them that are just got off the truck getting inspected.
So we’re expecting to have a big week last next week, thanksgiving week here at the dealership, usually is pretty good week here.
So we’re excited the guys, are real, pumped up they’re working really hard and, like christina said, they’re keeping positive thoughts, so they can have positive outcomes and that’s what it’s all about.

So i appreciate you guys all for jumping on here.
I’m not going to stay on here too much longer, but you know don’t forget, there’s light everywhere, even on cloudy days like this, it’s still light light light and light is inside you how you do it light’s inside you light is everywhere.

So if you guys understand that – and you guys use it, it will help you glow it’ll help.

You grow it’ll help.
You know right, i feel like lou when i say stuff like that, but you know it’s, but it’s true and it’s coming from the heart guys be the light, show the light and exude the light and share the light.

All right.

So do that don’t forget folks, you need to forgive a bad day like this, so you can focus on tomorrow, so you can focus on the next sale right and then you fly fly everywhere.
You need to go and keep growing.
You all have a great day.

I’m freelancing subprime hero, i’m here at budget car sales in radcliffe kentucky the dealer for the people whoa.
You all have a good one.
Let’s brew! .

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