Uh uh, what’s up people fred leonard subprime hero, as you guys can see behind me through the window, it’s still another snowy icy day, but man we’ve been doing it.

We’ve been grinding and we’ve been working hard and we got a great team of people out here.
Doing their best to make things happen, i can’t be more excited about that.

Folks, i’m going to forgive the snow that we just had over the last week, i’m going to forg i’m going to focus on what we got is the future and we’re going to fly to it and make things happen, so keep growing doing our thing.

So i just want to get out here and do a little showroom talk with my guys.

Let them know how much i appreciate them real, quick, so folks, what’s up man see, we got two.
We got two guys in here with their website set up.

Yes, why? Don’t you throw out the websites real quick? You can find me at patrick jennings, for the people um it’s at wix.
com or you can go to my facebook page.
I’ve already shared the link there.

I’m actually getting plenty of organic shares from there now so you’re going to see it eventually.
Kentucky’s favorite car buying coach reach out to me there as well.
What mine i just started up is get approved with gary and it’s also wix.

com website.
I sent you the link right just so you have, i already checked it out just so.
You have proof that i did it.

I’ve been talking about it.
He knows that i want to see him grow, that’s all, and i think that he needs to just reach out a little bit more.
Gary does really good just being here.

Making the phone calls doing it.
The way that a new guy would, but now that he’s been doing it long enough made salesman a month.
You know i’m saying it’s time for him to show.

What’s up, he should be very proud that he’s making this a career, i’m very proud of you for making this website.
I’m glad that patrick helped out with that good job, guys way to team up and make that go um, but hey guys, that’s just the beginning.
We’re gon na see a lot more stuff happening between these two.

I got a feeling you’re gon na start, seeing gary on social media a little bit more.
I hope and pray that we do, because gary on social media will be dangerous and it’s also gon na be great for you guys, because you can see all the great clients that he’s been helping out the people that he’s been solving transportation problems for man he’s Been doing a great job with that, make sure that you guys reach out to gary because gary will make sure you’re taken care of he will treat you what like your family period, just like patrick patrick.
Does those he’s going to treat you like you’re on the dream team we actually gary and i teamed up today to deliver a vehicle and put a dream in the driveway, oh yeah.

I saw that.
I showed that on the on the budget, page great job guys it was, castro actually signed it.
So i didn’t just see it, but i saw it and i signed it and i smelled it and i felt it.

It was all the above man, great job, guys way to team up, and do that today way to help us um get one out today we’re getting ready to get another one out here.
In a moment we got it looks like raw tea.

Finally got him one.

This week, so that’s always good.
I know it’s been a tough week for everybody, man, it’s been just weather, but you know what people been working.
If you keep working, you will see the fruits of your labor happen this weekend.

Just make sure you keep grinding, you keep letting people know how important it is to come in and how much of a deal and how much effort you can give them during this time, because you have so much extra time right now, when someone shows up.
We know they know that we’re going to treat them to the fullest they’re going to get the full red carpet treatment or white snow salted treatment, one of those things right, so we’re going to shoot him good.
I appreciate you guys, look at this.

What’s this, what’s your name wayne right, wayne’s? Well, by the time i know, matt’s saying it that just came in my head, i didn’t mean to i’m sure, you’ve heard that way too many times another marine in his office.
Oh okay, cool, i’m just playing! No man appreciate your service.
Man appreciate you for uh we’re looking forward to seeing what you can do.

Listen to these two you’ll learn a lot, keep growing and keep doing your thing, man all right, all right, yeah yeah forward to it.

So what’s what’s uh? What’s the way they can get a hold of you? Oh, they can reach me at all my personal sales, 270 995 and i’m in the process of doing it.

Uh perfect man this week he’s just like me.

I didn’t have facebook until a year ago, but now you see me all over that month, but that being said, it really helps man and it lets people know what you do.

The key is in this business.
You have to make it a career or you’re.

Never going to go anywhere, if you just think of it as a job, nine to five, you go home and you have to worry about no more.

You will probably sell five to eight cars on a good month right then, what? If you make it a career, though you’ll get up to that double digits, you start making that different percentage and income.
You start to really feel that car guy life and what that lifestyle can do, for you is change it.

I don’t know how you come.
I don’t know much about your past life besides you’re a marine.
So if you were a marine you’re going to see a big increase in pay but um i was in the military too.

So i know i’m not going to say what branch since you’re a marine but the uh space force – that’s great, but anyway, uh being said.
No, but what i’m saying is it can change your life, but in more than just monetarily it really builds confidence inside you can really network you up with people for other business ideas and future thing being in sales is a great skill set to have for everything.
I don’t know how to explain it, but it does even works in personal life like if you’re a single person having good self skills means you’re going to be able to pick them up real quick example.

That’s how it goes down.
It works really easy that way, but usually the gift to gab is key, but the biggest thing, and if i was to give you one tip besides being completely um, taking this as a career instead of a job.

What is is to always have integrity with your clients, don’t try to.

Sometimes you got ta paint a picture but don’t paint a picture of [ __ ].

If that makes sense, they will read that [ __ ] some of them won’t, but in the end they will and then, if they find out even if they buy the car they’ll, never come back and see you, you burn them once it doesn’t matter.
If it seems like, even if you didn’t mean to they’re, not coming back so just always do the right thing and i promise you’d do well.

So you may not even sell the car that day you may be like.
I should have just done the wrong thing, but you know what dude it’s going to come back to you 10 times.
If you do it the right way, every time i promise all right so keep grinding, appreciate you being here all right.

Let’s do this, so i got adrian over here.
What’s going on adrian, so what’s going on my friend waiting on these uh well, these people to come in, but you got an appointment tonight.
No, no, no people are scared of the ice, so i’m trying to get them to come in this weekend.

Gotcha it up just let them know man hey, it will be and they are going to miss an opportunity, but here’s the thing they just got to drive.
Slow homie all right drive, slow, homie, what’s wrong with that.
Try slow slow, but that’s what it was.

I remember that song now that was paul.

It’s i remember that was a great song when i was actually probably one of my favorite ones.
Today yeah it was.

I forgot how good paul wall was too, if you all think about it, y’all be missing.
If you ain’t listening to paul wall got a mouth look like, i got a mouth full of what what do you say? He says something about looking like.
I got a disco ball.

Somebody got more carriers and bug buddies lunch.

That’s it man.
I always liked paul.

While it was funny amazing, but anyway i appreciate you.
Adrian man keep doing your thing man.
I know you’re trying to work on some new stuff.

You need any help with anything you.
Let me know man, i got your back, hey i’ll, give you a quick tip, follow up yeah right.
I remind you every day since you said that all right, what’s going on big, will we will over here doing his thing too.

Let’s see, what’s going on over here, oh hold on, i got this rubber ducky boots.
Hey look looking like she just came straight from moscow with her hat on right now.

Right that keeps it warm, though i appreciate you how you doing today, good she got one out.

She got the one deal out yesterday.
We got at the very end of business, so awesome appreciate you doing that, making that happen, and then there’s code meister how you doing today, cody man, you guys stay in one of this office, man, it’s nice and toasty in here they know.
What’s up it’s hot up here, i appreciate it man, so you guys got big plans for the weekend, got appointments and all that kind of stuff working on it right now.

You know just do your best.
I think the ones that do show up odds are they probably know they can buy.

That’s why they came in two they’re gon na be more serious and you’re gon na probably they’re, probably not gon na be looking too much they’re gon na probably be like i’m ready to buy right now.

So just do your best to get people in here man.
The more you can get in obviously the more opportunity you have simple math.
So i do appreciate you, two man, you guys keep doing your things, stay positive, be leaders on this floor.

I need you to be steph.
I know you’re new, but you could be a leader on this floor.

Leaders can start from day one it’s just about doing the right thing and you already kind of lead in a lot of ways more than you know.

So just keep doing your thing.
I appreciate you yeah.
I appreciate you too all right that one right now we got, we got people in here.

Buying cars.
Zayn is wonderful, so everything’s going good um.
You know, as you can see, we’re moving units we’re doing our thing.

Everyone’s staying positive, everyone’s working and they’re trying to get things to happen, you know, even if it doesn’t happen right now, doesn’t mean it’s not possible.
You just got to keep moving forward and you got to keep growing right.

You got to always look at that whoa.

It is starting to snow again there it is.
It came back, but hey it’s okay, we’re supposed to get another two three inches tonight, but that’s fine! Look at it out here! It’s beautiful! Let me get out here in the snow, real, quick! So but guys.
You know i’m not going to keep you on much longer.

You know how i do i like to talk to my guys a little bit my gals and just see how they’re doing obviously they’re doing well, i mean even with the traffic being a little bit light because of the weather, they’re still doing their thing and they’re Still staying optimistic, they’re still making the phone calls they’re doing their follow-up they’re using their planners they’re doing everything they can to get to the next level.
That’s all i can ever ask of my team.
What i can say is that i love them and i appreciate them, and i know that they appreciate me when i’m on my game.

It’s like, i appreciate them, but i’m always going to be on my game for them at least to the best that i possibly can.
It is cold out here guys, but i’m going to keep doing my thing.
You guys have a great great great day tomorrow.

I will not be doing anything, i will be home and i will be sledding with my son we’re going to be doing sledding all day in my backyard.
I might put some videos out of that, but sledding is going to be a whole lot of fun.
You guys enjoy your day when it snows.

I said yesterday i might go on my quick brew when it snows make snow cones, but here’s what i’m want to say when it snows go sledding enjoy life, have fun, be more encourage.
Other people to do the same thing and when you do you’ll find that you’re smiling dance.
Oh right, enjoy yourself, don’t forget to forgive focus and fly.

Keep growing folks keep growing, keep growing and be the light like that right.
There use the light inside you and let it out share it with other people, because when you share it the light it gets amplified two people with light going out.
There is more than two times the light.

It ends up being like four to five times.
It really brightens up the whole room brightens out the world so always encourage other people always be a light to them and they’ll be a light back to you and naturally you will just glow so keep glowing.
Y’all be .

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