hey: what’s up everyone, fellaini art subprime hero? Yes, it’s saturday today is the fifth of the month.

It’s december, it’s the season for giving folks and we’ve been giving away cars all day long having fun.

Once again, it was one of those saturdays where we started off kind of slowing as the day went by the momentum gained and it just kept going and going.
We turned out to have a good day.

We’re still doing some stuff out here to make some magic happen.
So man, my showroom, is just about empty of this easy.
But let me see what’s going on over here, that’s right, well good job! Today, y’all thanks great great job.

You have fun today, always yeah! You know i’m telling you stuff you’re starting to look like a car person out here the way you’re acting the swagging.
I like it now you’re feeling i know you’re feeling it aren’t you yeah you’re, starting starting to get the way.
The feeling of that the force right now and the force is really big deal in the car business.

It’s yeah.
It’s just understanding you just kind of start getting it like.
You feel the feeling of the deal when you’re working it yeah adrian knows i’m talking about.

Don’t you oh yeah, 100 yeah yeah, yeah yeah, it’s like hold on! So how about you over here man you’re starting to see this magic happen around here? Oh yeah, we’re putting dreams and driveways.
Today, that’s right man having some fun.
Just doing your thing, guys, saturday, we did kind of start off kind of slow, it’s kind of scary! Just like last saturday remember that it was slow momentum pick, we finished kind of strong.

We still got some time.
Hopefully we can get one or two more, at least, if no more, i’m still pretty satisfied with how you guys did today, you guys did a good job because everybody kept their head up, kept it on a swivel and kept moving around doing your thing.

Making that money how’s that baby doing barry g keeping me up at night, like you’re supposed to how’s mama, doing she’s doing good, i’m letting her sleep at night yeah! That’s why i used to do the uh like the feeding at like two or three in the morning, to let her sleep because she’d be with them all day.

I would get up to i’d feed and do all that, while she’s sleeping then i go right back to sleep, but you know that’s just something you got to do that’s part of being a team man.
I know we work and everything, but you we understand, you.
Don’t if you ain’t there with the baby all day long, you don’t know how much work.

That really is.
That is endless, and it’s every moment there is no break when you’re taking care of even when they’re taking a nap.
You still want.

You still go in there and you’re checking on a breathing you’re like yeah.
Oh he’s, good he’s good yeah straight baby straight.
I remember that i remember being nervous about every moment.

Man, i’m like man.
He ain’t moving dude he’s been in there quiet for too long.
Now let me go check on him, but but then they turned 17 and you know all that crap crazy anyway, we’ll have fun with that.

My friend, you guys have a good weekend.
If you guys, don’t if i don’t talk more or if i end up getting busy doing something, i hope you guys have a good one.
I’m sure i’ll see you knuckle punch or knuckle punch.

You my knuckle punch, that’s what i do up in here.

I knuckle punch all my sales people welcome to the car business.
All right, we’ll see: y’all, hey buddy.

We never got a tie.
Cutting ceremony.
Do you have some kind of tie situation stuff and then has have you sold blake? Have you sold your own by yourself? Yet, okay, once you get your first one, we need to cut your tie.

We need to get a tie cut.
We need to do all that, but we need to get some kind of ceremony for you to get you you know broke into the business.

Everybody deserves it, yeah, so all right! Well, congratulations today, guys appreciate the hustle.

I know he’s been waiting.

I know he’s been waiting, one and only patrick jennings, mr dream team himself, mr shaft aka, the dark knight aka.

You know i’m gon na keep him coming right.
[ Laughter ], but uh, but yeah.
So how was your day man? It was great.

I was actually in the process of uploading a testimonial video to my youtube channel, uh, youtube channel, uh steph, and i just delivered a vehicle to a wonderful family collectively as the dream scene, myself steph the mccown family, frederick, the managers behind the desk.
We were able to come together and make a dream happen and put a dream into a driveway derek.
You know it man, he always looking sharp.

Don’t you man, i tried there she’s trying man.
I said you look so sharp dude.
It’s just like.

I feel like he’s at prom every day, freaking day excuse my language, oh yeah.
He is killing, it derek hope, you’re having a great day man.
I appreciate congratulations on your engagement to your future wife man, you’re a lucky man, she’s a lucky gal.

It’s a good relationship wish you the best man, wish you nothing, but the best in your business in your life and all that man make sure i get an invite to that bad boy.
If you guys do something decent like i know, there’s not a lot.
We can do right now, but i want to see that congrats to you, man and, like i said, kicks hopefully you’re having a good day at work yourself.

I know we did.
We finished pretty strong hope you guys are finishing strong.

He does it effortlessly and thank you, brother you’re welcome and effortless you’re an effortless pimp dude.

I love it all right appreciate you guys, of course it is every day.
What else do i drink right? Let’s see what’s over here, [, Music ].
I love it.

He always does the fake phone and stuff when he walks in you got matt mashed up like a g like a g.

Hey man good finish today, man, great job, yes, sir.
Yes, sir, it was great mentor moment if you guys didn’t see that i dropped his mentor moment.

Little taste a little flavor.

You guys seen one before that was our second one, that i dropped they’re getting they’re getting good you’re going to like it they’re going to be really fun.
He’s always going to look snazzy he’s going to be dropping some knowledge.

How many years now matt 24 years, 24 years? How many years did you travel the country uh 15 years 15 years, all over the country, teaching learning absorbing doing it all he’s a master guys? He is a mentor and he has his moments.

That’s right.
So i appreciate you man way to rocket today: bro yeah yeah, so yes good times good places to be very happy with the results of today um.

You know we could always wish for more, but i can’t complain about what we have, what i can everything that they could produce what they needed to produce.
You had a manager in here running the desk.
Like a champion, you had a you had me spinning paper like i was a ninja, spinning, ninja stars around or dj turning turning the turntables.

I was killing it, but man signed up a lot of great people, a lot of people that were in need of a nice newer vehicle, a lot of people that were looking for some an easy, easy process and we were able to deliver all those things at A very, very good good rate – i mean man, i’m excited, i don’t know if you guys can tell i love when dave’s finished strong, because you know sometimes it’s cool when a day starts off.
Really you know really bad at like really bad.
You know you’re like all right cool, it’s rocking and rolling you’re like yeah dude.

We got a lot of deals happening and then it dies and then the last three hours of work, you’re sitting there and you’re like what is going on right.

It’s i like it when it’s pretty even throughout the day, but i’ll take any spur.
I love having the finish strong, you know, there’s nothing better than like sitting there.

It’s like man.
What’s going on and all of a sudden, it’s like: bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang and you’re killing it.
So that’s what i love man! I love that folks, that’s the kind of um attitude you have to have you got to take whatever you can get.

You have to believe that you know you need to go for what you can get and go after it and have goals and have your eyes on the prize and all that type of stuff.
But when you get something, don’t don’t look at it as it’s? Not a gift, even if it’s you know less than what you were hoping for.
You know it’s like you, remember those that christmas morning you woke up, and it wasn’t quite the gift that you were hoping for as a kid.

But yet you were still very gracious and you went to your parents.

You were a little sad, but you you know, i remember that feeling you know, and that feeling is really it’s different and it’s definitely um.

You know, because you don’t want to make other people feel bad for getting you something that you that’s really thoughtful in a sense you know they’re thinking about you they’re trying to do the right thing, you’re trying to oh, my goodness, oh, but you know that’s, you Know so you don’t want to tell them you didn’t like it, so you still love it.

You love the meaning of it right.
So that’s what i’m my point is.
Is that sometimes even things that don’t seem really like exactly what you want it to be, but you still get something out of it.

Just remember that there’s meaning behind that that there actually is love, so look at the meaning of it.

Hey, even though i didn’t you know, sell three, or did my hat trick that i was hoping to get today, i sold one and that one person man, it really changed their life.
They were, they were so happy they they.

They couldn’t believe.
You know that they were able to even buy a car today or you could look at a sales person on the floor, who didn’t get one out who didn’t have an appointment, show today or something like that and see that you’re on a better spot? There’s always someone in a horse spot or there’s always a reason why things are great, so make sure you guys look for those things.

When you do everything seems to turn bright light seems to surround you.

Everybody seems to surround you, because people are attracted to people in a good mood.
You know, but very much like people are attracted to people in bad news.
You know it’s the same way when you see somebody, that’s negative people start to become that around them right, but when you see people that are positive positively charged, you know in their mind their soul and everything and they’re out there just trying to be the light At all moments that they possibly can because no one’s perfect, don’t get me wrong.

We all have a little darkness that comes screaming out every once a while, but when you really focus on the light you tend to have people attracted to you because they want to have that light too.

Man, there’s nothing better than having a group of people, like-minded individuals just trying to shed light and share light and love.

It’s nothing better than that man.

You know when you can have that it turns into magic turns into a rainbow of laughter.

That was the cheesiest thing, i’ve said, but i don’t care but guys you guys have a good one.
Just remember, forgive focus flat, focus and fly and keep growing.

I’m following our subtime hero.

Let’s brew, i can’t turn you off.

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