You can’t see your arm yeah exactly what’s going on everyone throwing arts subprime hero here at the dealer for the people in radcliff kentucky you can see.

I got the short sleeves on today got 70 degrees out here in kentucky beautiful day.
I can’t complain about the weather at all man.
If anything, i wish that i was off so i could have played a round of golf come on.

You know what i’m saying so good weather good times, good people.
We got some great clients in here.

They’re purchasing vehicles, as we currently speak.

I got my general manager over here giving life advice on coaching advice to our team members as their working deals.

I love watching that happen as it goes down, because it’s a lot of fun.
I love to do the same thing, so i kind of like to follow his lead on that so appreciate that matt way to rock it today.

Let’s go talk.
Some facts, hello people.
So talking about beautiful day now, here’s my beautiful team right here look at that! Look at the ladies in here now i got one back here.

I got stephanie stephanie’s doing her thing.

You got the boys, you got cody canoop.
How are you cody knew what’s going on buddy and then, of course, your glory goddess right and then you got adrian gibbs, hey buddy man.

How was your day off yesterday? Cody, that’s good man, i’m glad you enjoyed it.
You were off yesterday too right.
No! No! Today’s job, if you need to you’ve, been like you took two off, you know you’re good, but yeah.

Sometimes it’s good to be here for a little bit and get that time in you know.
Don’t over burn yourself out.
Work have fun, but i’m glad you’re here today, hopefully uh.

Hopefully you pick something up to make business happen.
Yeah yeah! That’s all that matters, that’s what it’s all about anyway! So do your thing.
So i’m glad you enjoyed your day off yesterday.

Cody is the current salesman of the month cody.
I want to do an interview with you man, so i let’s let me let me talk you into that here in the next day or two, if you possibly tomorrow, i’m gone from i’ll be gone friday and saturday, but if you could tomorrow or monday the only Days, you can do it man.
What i’ll do is i’ll, send you a link to my stream yard and then all you can do is jump on.

I can do it, while my deer can’t i’ll do it in my tree.
Stand all right.
I’m just here hunting, but i’m gon na go ahead and talk to cody.

Today, what’s going on like this, everything will be fine.
You know, but no that’s cool, weather’s, nice today, man, you guys hope you guys know the weekend’s gon na be nice, enjoy it with your families.
If you have some time, you know we’ll get home a little bit earlier, so at still sun’s gone sounds good, but it’s supposed to be a nice weekend so enjoy it dance in the moonlight yeah.

That’s what i’d be doing dancing in the moonlight.

Well guys keep crushing it um.
Obviously we have a little bit of time before mid-month pay.

You guys know the deal.
Mid-Month pay just make sure everything’s clean.
You guys have been doing a good job coding.

Let’s get you back on that ball, going get you.
So you can get your mid-chip month check going since you’re at that higher percentage.

Appreciate you, man whoa.

I don’t see no franco mueller there nobody’s back here.
Let’s see if i got anyone else, tyrone had to go.
Uh sign this customer up out in bardstown.

So he’s not here right now and of course he got my office, which is right there so beautiful day.
Folks, awesome day i had a.
I had a good one.

I hope you guys all had a good one too, but you know the teams and the things the end of the day.
Um they’ve been grinding, the phones actually with all the leads we had they’ve, actually done a really good job with the leads.

So can’t really complain about that.

You got.
Ah, i got a couple of these sexy guys out here i got the new.
I got new guy scott yeah yeah.

How was your day at today? That’s how that’s just the way it starts and it gets easier.
You just started too it’s the beginning of this week.

You got plenty of time.
What’s going on michael landis appreciate you for jumping on and then you got frank miller time over here doing his thing: how’s your how’s your weekend up so far uh i was doing pretty good just uh, i said i’m getting my weak set sets uh set up And i’m helping scott here got his customer coming back from a test.

Drive look at that lovely, so you guys will be i’ll talk to you guys about that in a minute.

Good luck with that test drive try i’ll close that bad boy all right.
So you know you got beautiful out right now.

I know it’s, it’s not even cold at all.

I got my short sleeve shirt on.
I was wearing my blazer earlier, but i kind of got hot signing a couple customers.
So i took that off, but i’m outside and it’s actually still beautiful, um folks.

I don’t really have a lot to say.
I got to get back in there and sign stuff, but i wanted to just go around.
Do my lot walk? Do my shows and talk with my guys because man, i love this team and i love to bring them up.

These guys do amazing job and, as you guys can see, they’re in here constantly grinding, they work to the very last minute.
We got new guys that are shadowing guys, who’ve been here for a while.
Now this one right here is going to be pretty special.

This is a nice one.
It’s a cash deal that we’re working and hopefully it’ll work out.
Michael says hello to scott i’ll.

Let him know that you said that, but guys um today and then i’ll be here tomorrow and tomorrow, it’s thursday, i’m normally off the dealership on thursdays, but i’m taking friday and saturday off to go to deer camp this weekend with my good friends, josh, hope and Justin hope out there in henderson kentucky i’ve been hunting with those guys for eight nine years now, they’re like brothers to me, and we always have a great time.
It’s something, excuse me, it’s something that we look forward to doing together every year and having fun doing and um.

It all started with just our sons being friends, and then we became friends and then we started hunting together and then now we do a lot of stuff.

We do vacation.
Together we go to the lake together, we do a lot of things, but deer, season’s just guy nights, we sit there, we start a fire, we hang out drink a couple mil miller lights is what they like to drink, but it’s a great time so i’ll be There tomorrow, but i’ll do some posts, while i’m out there in the tree, stand um, maybe talking about some stuff or maybe i’ll, do some posts like during the day while i’m not hunting, so you got just to throw some stuff out there.

But if you guys are needing anything, you guys are looking for some energy out there, man, folks, it’s in the cafe.

We have a lot of things going on there um tomorrow night on thursday night.
The think tank is having a great um guest, we’re actually having glen lindy on the think tank.
That’s gon na be pretty cool.

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing glenn twice.
I’ve been on his show once it was really awesome for me.

The rise and grind show and um.
You know i’m excited about that.
I’m excited about everything.

That’s going on, michael! You have a great weekend.
My friend too, keep crushing your thing.
I appreciate all the support from you.

Folks enjoy your weekend.
I know i’m going to.
I always look forward to this.

This is like the kickoff for fall for me, the deer camp.
Then we go to thanksgiving and, of course, all the holidays that come in after that.

I’m excited about all that stuff that’s coming up, but i’m also going to be working and grinding and making sure the podcast is well making sure our guests.

I have a lot of guests lined up tomorrow morning by the way 8 30 facebook live.
Just like you guys are watching me right now.
We’re gon na have david villa folks.

Come on now, it’s gon na be a great show.
We’re gon na have a chance to do our five liner with him.
Ask him some questions if you guys want to come on and ask some questions too and make comments, please do it’ll be on facebook, linkedin and youtube like it always is.

Unfortunately, on linkedin, i can’t put a link out there for you guys to put a reminder at, but if you’re looking for us in the morning, it’ll be on our car guy coffee page for our business, page and it’ll also be, of course, on my business page On there and then you can always go to youtube check us out subscribe to us it’ll, send you a uh alert to let you know that we are live and then, of course, on facebook.
They also, if you can, put a reminder and set an alert to know that we are live, but all you got to do is get up around be on be on the internet around 8, 30 and start looking for us.
I promise you we’ll be there and you guys have a great night, don’t forget to look for all the light, because lights everywhere around you stay positive, stay motivated, keep grinding, love your team.

I love my team, they love me back and i appreciate them.

Don’t get me wrong, everything’s, not always perfect, but when you love each other, it’s just like a family, no matter how bad things get, you always go back to the love and you guys do the same thing.
Forgive everything focus on what you want, so you can keep flying folks and keep growing growing growing.

I’m fellain artists, subprime hero, i’ll see you all tomorrow.
Have a great night drive, be careful on your way home and all the above.
I love every one of you guys, love yourself.

First share the love with everyone else and always be a beacon of light.

You all have a good one.

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