Yo yo yo, what’s going on brother nuts sub prime hero, tuesday taco tuesday, when i get home tonight, i’m excited about that for sure it’s always taco tuesday at the house on tuesdays.

But what i am excited about is terrific tuesday.
Today i am very thankful.
Thankful tuesdays right, i want to go around and talk about thankful miss with my team right.

So first thing i’m going to come in here real, quick and say: what’s up to mr gary gary young, hey ma’am’s, walking around today, i figured i’d.
Do a quick one and just ask people one thing: people for this year, family that huge – and i know that about you, man you’re, definitely a family man.
I love that you’re all about that type of stuff um.

You guys got any big plans.
No, it’s going to be a small little thing.

I think, with everything going on yeah, i think so too smaller than the usual for sure man.

So will you enjoy yourself? I’m sure you can have a go i’ll see you i’ll see you more tonight tomorrow, but i’m very thankful for you, my friend, i’m glad you’re here as part of this team.

Here we go.
We got one over here.

What up hi hey asking everybody? What they’re thankful for? What are you thankful for this year, my kids, it’s kind of a theme everyone’s about their family.
That’s a great thing to be thankful, for i know i am also how many kids, you got three three.
What’s the age range and what’s the what two girls and 12 boy? Well, congratulations on all that.

I’m also grateful for this job.
Oh well, you don’t have to throw that in there, but i do i do i mean that’s why i said you don’t have to say it.
We know you are, and we appreciate you we’re thankful to have you part of our team, keep growing and keep doing your thing, and i know you have a huge future in this.

Don’t ever give up, even when you think things are gon na, be bad or bad right, they’re better than you think, so, just keep doing your thing and i promise they’re gon na just get better okay.
I love that you’re here, so keep growing, yep all right girl.
Thank you all right.

You know.
What’s up hey real quick, i want to ask you guys just uh: what are you most thankful for this year? What am i going to thank for this year? Um still being in a career that i actually found last year that i love there, you go it’s a great thing to be thankful for, and we’re thankful to have you here.
I’m i’m thankful to see that you’re growing.

I’m thankful that you do try to grow every single day.

I’m thankful for this whole team.
I have because i do appreciate you bringing that up.

This place is great and he has found a career and he’s going to make it a career young in it reason to keep going.
What about you? I just found a path where i’m able to help people every day.

That’s awesome! That’s awesome man! Well, i’m thankful to have you here we’re looking forward to seeing you and getting to know you.

Man just keep your head up, stay motivated and do your thing paul.
I got to ask paul what are you most thankful for this year? Not catching corona, hey! It’s true, though paul has had a bunch of his.
I mean his daughter had it and he didn’t.

He was lucky.
He didn’t get it.
You know, but paul’s right paul keeps it keeps it clean.

You see that mask yeah.
He does that he sanitizes.
He does all the right things and he keeps his health up he’s taking his vitamins doing all that stuff trying to stay fresh.

I appreciate you i’ll tell you, i’m thankful for you paul, i’m thankful for our friendship over the last 20 years.
Oh yeah, i love you, man, all right, good stuff, oh tyrone, no he’s not good tyrone, real, quick man.
I want to ask everybody real fast.

What are you most thankful for this year? What am i most thankful for my job? Let’s take that out, because i can appreciate that, but if you took away the job, what has been something that you’ve been thankful for? That’s happened for you this year.
Well, i’m gon na be honest.
Like this year has taught me a lot about.

You know how to maintain and how to grow my relationships, but in addition, it made me appreciate the relationships that i did have because the people that are in your corner, when hits the fam, are the people that are gon na, be there for you for real.
You know i mean you have a lot of friends, especially being a young guy.
You go through life, you know having tons of friends, you know and uh, as you realize, you know growing a little older and older every day.

Is that not everybody’s there? For you? When you need them the most so having people there for you, especially i mean down here, you know i mean i would say my work.
Colleagues are my family.
You know, i mean taking me back and forth from work.

Giving me rides here and there especially now so in case you guys didn’t know, i got a car, i got a car, then i hit a pothole and the entire control arm fell off so not without a car again and so everybody’s in my corner.
You know giving me rides and – and i’m really grateful for everybody – just be grateful – hey, there’s, there’s going to be a lot more to be grateful before, but i want you to start this year, man, i want you to start every single day and i’m going to Actually hold you accountable for it write down what you have what you actually have gratitude for.
I don’t care if it starts off small start off, even if it’s that i woke up today that i actually have pulled my legs that i have water that runs at my house.

Eventually, if you start paying attention to that, and if you write it down, if the list gets bigger and the things become bigger like when you get to work anytime, just do it throughout the day, man write it down once a day and then i’ll come in Here we’ll talk about that man, i have a book a journal.
I have a book that dedicates that i think it’s a great idea.

I hear about that from other people and it really helps me.

I think it would help you too, because you have a lot of things that are more amazing than you think.
It’s hard to focus on it and it’s hard to remember those.
Sometimes it’s best just to write it down and if you do it on a daily, it becomes a habit when you think of stuff – or you say things they become things so remember that man, i appreciate you, i’m thankful for you, brother, all right just got back From vw, real quick man just real fast, what are you most thankful for? Over the last year, um, i was uh able to switch to my family that was off yeah man.

Actually, that was great for you yeah, for a while getting better growing, keep growing, keep growing, all right all glory god.
I appreciate you man, i’m very thankful for you being here seriously all right, so there you go.
That’s pretty much most of the people here.

I think there’s a few other guys are busy working some stuff, but man.
You know i’m thankful for this team.
I’m thankful for the opportunity that i have here on facebook and how i have on my with my podcast and with everything that i’m also thankful for lou ramirez lu ramirez has really been a good person to have in my corner.

He’s been a great partner that i’ve had throughout this business, but since we really partnered up over the last year, pretty much we’ve really built something here, and it’s something that i’m super excited about.
It’s something that has been able to help me be creative.

It’s been able to help me share, it’s been able to help me, learn and educate and then network.

My network is so huge.
We all hear that old, saying your network.
Is your net worth right.

I believe that my network is really growing right now, so i’m very fortunate for that.
I’m very fortunate for a lot of things, but i’m super thankful.
It’s tuesday folks hope you guys are having a great one.

It’s almost thanksgiving, you guys are 48 hours away from eating turkey and doing all that good stuff, actually less than 48 hours, but if you’re eating it on that night, 48 hours away, you guys have the best day ever.
I hope you guys have a great night.
I know i’m going to i’m going to go home tonight.

I’m going to love on my wife.
Tell my son.
How much i love him! I’m going to you know the plate.

My dogs, i’m gon na, do all that type of stuff, maybe even jam on my guitar a little bit but either way.
I do appreciate you guys all for being here.
Hope you guys have a good one.

Just remember: there’s light everywhere around you focus on that light, focus on what you have gratitude on focus on those things when you focus on it, it becomes your life.
Whatever you focus on is what you become all right, so focus on that focus super hard and when you do, life is full of light all the time enough for you to share with everyone.

You know all your friends, your family and anyone that could possibly listen to what you have to say right, make sure you share it share it share it share it because the more you give the more you get.

Don’t forget folks, forgive focus and fly, so you can keep growing.
Keep growing.
Y’all have a great day i’ll see you tomorrow, it’s wednesday tomorrow’s hump day, but it’s the day before thanksgiving, even better thanksgiving eve right, y’all have a good one.

Let’s brew! .

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