What’s up what’s up brother superman hero? Today’s showroom talk lot, walk man.

I got my peoples in here running away.
You got it adrian over there trying to get some appointments set up, see him he’s going for it and you got it frank going for it.
Look at him making sure he’s getting some stuff done: , good guy.

There looks like he’s messaging.
Hopefully that’s it, hey, it’s better energy! For you, brother.
You sit up and you’re doing that feel better.

I know it’s other day, though man.
I appreciate it.

Thank you so grinding away.

Doing this thing appreciate you good job today you see you said your customer’s coming back with his wife tomorrow: okay cool, so that hopefully that works out.
If his wife has the credit that she says she does, that should be a deal.
Yeah those two combined together should make it work.

Cody newt doing his thing, cody question thanks for giving me some of that mcdonald’s earlier man, i appreciate that man.
Thank you very much for looking out, for it means a lot.
That’s my man! I appreciate you guys.

How’s your day going, you guys have a good day.

Yeah every day is a great day.
Today was a beautiful day.

It was fall, it felt like fall outside.

I liked it.
I appreciate you guys.

I’m gon na be gone tomorrow and saturday, so you guys rock it out i’ll i’ll be back though i promise i won’t go.
I won’t be gone too long.
I appreciate you guys seriously.

Mr one half of the dream team, patrick jennings, have you been thinking about a brand for yourself, i’m working i’m working on throwing stuff around and get finished watching some new social media content.
People should check me out.
You should break it down like jack, feel, like i’m feeling you know, i’m just a chef, maybe not something like that.

You know we’d be like whatever the name is and he’s a bad child.
I’m just talking about.
You know saying whatever.

This is why i say that i can’t help it he’s always in black, his black’s favorite color.
He wears black a lot and he always has – and he has his shaft jacket right on the money for it right here.
So folks, if you have any ideas, what i could throw at him for a nickname for that that’d be a pretty cool thing.

Now, don’t keep in mind.
It’s got to do something with the dream team.

So it’s a brand inside of a brand.
So folks, let’s help out patrick find a way to get him his own personal brand for his own name.

That would be fun and catchy something he could just throw out there part of a dream team thing.

Absolutely i love it.
Man well we’ll keep thinking of it.
Man all right, how’s your day been going uh.

My days are going pretty awesome, but i’ve launched a whole lot of new social media content.
Remember you guys will be watching this.
You can still check us out on youtube dream team for the people yep.

Yes, we have a channel um and just made a lot of wonderful contacts.
Today got some deliveries happening tomorrow.

A few appointments set up so i’ll be busy fellas.

My man see always moving forward, keep growing.
I love it.
Man, good job, patrick man, appreciate you bro seriously.

That’s my man right there.
You know patrick always grinding away.
You know him him and um like you’re, always working hard, always trying to find a way to get a deal going, so i’m not gon na stay on long guys.

Today, it’s really dark outside really dark it’s midway through the month.
So there is like no moon right now, so, as you guys can see right now, it is pitch black out here right just about we got just our.
You know our regular lights.

As you can see my dealer for the people logo up there, we got going on um, but nah man, it’s beautiful.
This team is amazing.
We have today truthfully guys slow day.

We didn’t have a lot of traffic.
Today we didn’t sell a lot of cars.
We didn’t move cars and we’re actually still working a couple.

Deals got some people coming backwards, co-signers, but we got one right there.
You can see right above my shoulders he’s test driving a vehicle right.
Now, it’s an equinox he’s got he’s, got a tyron’s been working.

His deal all day working trying to find the right co-signers and he finally did so we’re going to help him out with that one right there and so on and so forth.
But man inventory is great.
Life is great, got my white button up sure i love white button.

I’m sure don’t know why i like it too, so i’m actually all like.
I had one that i loved a lot which are the cleaners and they put a stain in it.
I had to get it replaced, so this is what i replaced it with.

I do like it enough about my shirt so, but you know we got our lights on on this side, but now everything is great folks, it’s all about.
What’s what you, what you do with your team? You know if you’re a leader on the floor, if you’re the general manager you’re the sales manager, finance manager, you need to go out and talk to your people on a slow day.
It’s not necessarily a bad day.

Just because traffic’s on the door in the doors, which is what we want, you just can’t have multiple days like that.

But, like that’s a good time to catch up, talk to your team, you know training some sit down and do some dialogue.
You know hey what would you say if they said this that type of stuff and it really works, especially when you do it among your peers and even as a manager, you walk in, you can say, hey.

Is there any closes that you might need help with, or you know some objections that you’ve been hit with that you haven’t been overcome lately, that’s what you do as a as a leader and that’s it’s appreciate that michael uh, but you know that’s what you do As leaders, you try to coach them up when you have that time, because a lot of times, i’m too busy, i don’t haven’t, had enough time to sit down with my guys on a slow day.
You have plenty of time sit down with them.

Do your work? Try to catch up, get ahead, sit down with your guys, catch up with them and get ahead with them, because your guys is what’s going to determine what happens at your store.

You know you could be a good leader, but if your team is falling apart and you’re, not there truthfully you’re, not a good leader.
If your team’s going apart, you need to go in and talk to them because a lot of times it’s something an easy fix.
Just having a conversation with somebody on your team can change it all if you’re a manager talking to another manager who’s having a bad day or he’s.

You know, just maybe griping about everything, have a talk with him a lot of times.
It’s something that he just needs to have a conversation, let off his chest and then he’s back to normal again right or she or whoever it is so make sure you guys do those things work hard on your team, because without that team you’re not going anywhere, You can’t just sell cars on a lot with one person.
Do all your paperwork, finance them get the approval.

Do the lot.
You do all that stuff.
You have to have a team of people to be super successful, to be able to move a lot of units and solve a lot of transportation problems out there.

So key folks make sure you do that with your team.

I absolutely love my team and that’s because i love them.
I know they love me back and i appreciate them for that and it’s not a fake life.

It’s real so anyway enough about that folks, there’s light everywhere, i’m gon na! Let you guys go light everywhere, for you guys to have make sure you get that light you hold on to it and share it with other people, because it’s always inside you lights everywhere.
Everywhere, it’s important to do that and when you do that, you’ll be happier you’ll, find joy in everything that you do and makes makes life and work a lot more fun.
So you guys do those things have fun, forgive focus and fly.

You got to do all those things to keep rolling, so you guys have a good one enjoy your weekend.
I will see you guys, probably in a tree stand.
You’ve probably seen me throw a little video with me up there in a tree stand this weekend, but if not, i appreciate you guys, you guys rock out.

We got some aerosmith rocking in the background, we’re ready to end this day strong.
Hopefully we get at least one more out before we go.

We got about 20 minutes before official close, but we probably won’t close until the last customer leaves that’s what we do here.

You guys have a good one.
Peace out enjoy your weekend.
Let’s prove .

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