What’s up, what’s up people freylin arts, subprime hero, end of the day of veterans day, today’s 11 11.

make a freaking wish today was cody newton’s birthday today, where’s cody at he’s, probably outside he’s outside.
So you know we let i just i let all the veterans we’re kind of light on people.
I let a handful of veterans leave early today about 30 minutes early, so they can go, enjoy their veterans day finish it off strong, because they came in here worked hard.

Steph got her delivery.
Today, didn’t she that’s right, tyrone’s working on getting a delivery! I was working on it.
I know y’all keep working hard tomorrow and i’m not a military veteran, but i’m an affiliate there.

You go your friends and family right and that’s true and that’s the one thing about being a family member of a veteran is that you are part of that culture.

You understand what it’s like to be part of that a lot, but actually the family members go through it.
Tough, especially when your family’s deployed or something like that.

So that’s not a whole new language.
You know it man, your mom’s from germany, originally right, yeah, yeah stephanie got her one a day.
Her and cody delivered it good stuff.

Everything is wonderful.
I’m not going to be on here long guys we’re kind of light we’re getting ready to head out of here too.
We just finished up our last deal of the day, everything’s looking lovely.

Let me check out this lot real, quick folks.
Our inventory is wonderful.
Right now we got a lot of great things going on.

We have plenty of vehicles, suvs, we have some trucks now.
Finally, we got a great lineup of small cars, as you guys can see right there, big old road, those we got some midsize mixed with small cars over here.
We even got that full-size charge that charger over there.

It’s nice loaded out guys sunroof leathera.
All that good stuff, but no man, this team man, i love them today – was a fun day.
It was veterans day we kept it light spirited.

We worked hard.
We made sure that we got everything we’re supposed to get done done today.

We moved some units, we helped a lot of people out.

We kept people encouraged and kept our team encouraged.

We did some training today.
We did a lot of things that you’re supposed to do on a day like this and man.

Just it’s just an honorable day.
I love it.
I got my camo wand today for my veterans out there.

I’m a veteran myself who wrought air force did my time back in the late 90s and got out in 2001.

You know much like a lot of people.
I appreciate your service hope you guys.

Um had a great day if you’re a veteran, if you’re a family, member or veteran, i honor you two, but you know today is veterans day man what a cool day so we’re gon na head out of here.
In a minute, but folks i want to get on here before the end of the day, just to let you know that there’s so much positivity going on in this world, and i appreciate every one of you guys for loving, sharing and coming on your commenting and And being part of the the solution, not the problem right, that’s! The key is like a lot of people.
They talk about problems, they do these things, but they don’t do anything to make a solution for it.

It’s our job as humans to find solutions, quit percolating problems, right, sip, on solutions just like who always says, but guys i’m not gon na stay along.
Like i said i appreciate every one of you guys, you guys have a great night.
We encourage today’s update.

It’s wednesday, so we got thursday friday saturday, most places sunday to finish your week, really strong we’re going to be halfway through the month after end of this week and halfway through the month, you have two weeks left to crush it right.
But where are you going to be midway mid? My uh part is a good place to see how far you can go.
It doesn’t mean that’s it.

If you had a bad first half of the month, you have opportunity to finish strong for the last half.
It’s okay, it doesn’t matter great things happen.
The moment you try, you got ta start right now it doesn’t matter what you did yesterday or today or the day before.

It’s all about what you’re doing right now from this point on so make sure you do that and terry.
I appreciate your positivity, my friend, you always bring in the positivity.
Also much like everybody else in our network we have a great network of people.

You guys need to find that use the social media to get that there it’s going to help you there’s light everywhere.
Social media will bring light for you, friends from social media.
Your work, if you work hard and you just love what you do, even if you feel like you, don’t you need a loved one so much to love about this job.

You get to help people every single day, the grand scheme of it.
That’s what you’re doing and the byproduct of helping people is bringing a little income in that is what the world is about.

Everything every product is to help people you are that product be that product, be that person be the light.

All right don’t forget to forgive focus and fly, so you guys can keep growing, and i appreciate you, you guys have a good one.
I’m gon na get cody before he gets on the phone real, quick well before we do cody good job man.
I appreciate you taking that turn today way to crush that dude no problem, sir cody’s been crushing it boys happy birthday, yes and it’s his birthday.

I mentioned it a moment ago, but it’s 11 11.
, what a cool birthday to have that it’s fantastic! It’s like wilson trevor.
You know like an eleven eleven supposed to make a wish and it’s veterans day and it’s your birthday.

So it’s kind of like glory to god every single time, but yeah cody’s question he’s our reigning salesman of the month.
It’s his birthday.
What a cool month to do that, and i have a feeling – he’s gon na probably pull us over a month again this month.

So now, but man, great people, great team, i’m looking forward to i’m gon na get us out of here.
I appreciate you guys for jumping on share, if you think somebody needs this.
If not, i appreciate you for just watching i’m probably a mess, but that’s okay.

You’ll have a great night, we’ll see you all tomorrow, fellaini subprime hero, let’s brew, .

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