What’s up everyone from another subprime hero, i’m gon na get my showroom.

Talk dealer in lot walk early, what’s up tyrone what you doing today, this is: what’s the cell man, we got a lot of nice vehicles out there.
What else we got out there tyrone! We got a dog train truck tuesday man.
You already know what it is.

Tyrone trucks tuesdays folks, so you guys heard it here so got a dodge ram with a hemi make sure you guys come and check it out, because there’s not a lot of trucks out there, especially at these deals that we got him at man.
How’s your day.
Going so far, that’s awesome just make sure you capitalize man, make sure you take advantage of every moment all right, brother, good job he’s not there.

Okay hold on again, but tyrone’s doing his thing.
Let’s see, what’s let’s see if these people are doing their thing, let’s see what’s going on up in here, what’s up girl how’s your day going pretty good yeah yeah yeah, she got her deal all stuff in for one deal.
We got that we got that done.

That’s good to know yeah, which paid on that one, and then we got blockade what’s going on man how’s your day going! Well, i’m good yeah adrian, and i got one going out now and i got another one.
That’s supposed to be back here shortly finish up! Super duper, cooper, scooper, yeah, all right all right.
What i would suggest stand up move around a little bit.

Man, the energy, seems real low.
Your customers give it a show up.
Let’s get that energy up, that’s what they deserve, and that’s what you deserve make you some money get that energy up this office.

This is his office is way too warm guys.

I’d be in here like i’d, be in here like this.
That’s where i got this.

I feel like trying to go to sleep like all right, so i appreciate you guys, keep rocking the road.
Let’s finish the stage strong got a couple hours left: let’s do it so yes, good energy in there good people, man and then we got mr gary young up in the easy how’s it going how’s your day, going so far, good waiting to show up.

That’s right! Man get that happening man.

I appreciate it appreciate your hustle keep grinding it out and, of course you got paul damos and dad got cody on the phone.

That’s my man right.
There dude he’s doing this stuff.

He got one hour earlier today.
I delivered one from yesterday that we did late last night, which is cool that one wrapped up, but now i just want to get on here a little bit earlier than i normally do.
I know i got a couple hours left, but i have a feeling these last two hours, because we have a lot of appointments.

Getting ready to show up, i’m gon na probably be covered up.
I may not have time to knock this out the other day or at least be able to talk to the guys like i just did um we’re a little short staffed today.

You know on tuesdays, we tend to cut it back to the hair um.

I think three people are off today, so that keeps our team at around six or seven right now, but no man, it’s still light outside.
Let’s see right now it is 505 eastern standard time.
It’s still got light outside not for much longer, but you know what i’ll take it man, you know folks a lot of times the sun starts setting earlier it rises later or whatever the days are shorter, but that’s okay.

You still have the same 24 hours.
That’s how i look at it i used to not, but that’s the kind of positivity so get the cop get the coffee on.
I already i’ve made me a cup, it’s actually sitting in my office.

I figured i’d knock this out by the time i get back to be cool enough for me to sip on right, but um ryan, thanks for jumping on here man brian.
I appreciate all your continual support of you always coming on.
You always liking my post.

It means a whole lot, brian you’re, an amazing dude.
I hope that you uh have a great day great week and you know, enjoy your coffee.

My friend have that energy.
I appreciate it, but you know it’s windy out here.
Hopefully it’s not affecting the bike too much, but but you know it’s just that’s what it’s about man, it’s just about having fun with your team, taking advantage of every day having that energy, like i said like so that’s right, so you know but yeah we, you Know that coffee energy is what you’re talking about.

You know, that’s what it is.
It’s just the car guy copying us it’s yeah.
Do we have coffee, we do.

Is it something you can drink and get energy from? Yes, but it’s the car guys that energy inside of us, the energy that’s needed for people, that energy that you you exude to other people when you’re, when you’re a sales pro and you’re talking to people, you can’t have low energy.
That brings them low energy.
You are contagious, whatever you are to your client, is what they’re going to be.

If you’re, not a nice person, they’re not going to be a nice person if you’re an absolutely nice person, they’ll be back to you, nice so always be nice to them always be attentive.
Listen to your customers have that energy form they deserve that energy, but most important.
You deserve that energy you’re, the one who’s here, working your butt off every single day, you’re, the one! That’s there catching the ups, getting the phones doing everything you’re supposed to cleaning up the lot moving cars, putting balloons out you’re doing all this work, take advantage of it take pieces of it.

You deserve it man, but you have to have that energy to give people drinking a kill cliff.
Now, i’m gon na switch it up with some coffee, sometimes jason, you drink what you need.
You know it’s the whole thing about car guy copy is inside you.

You have that energy folks, if you’ve been doing this long enough, even if you’ve been doing it for a week, you’ve done it long enough if you’ve only sold.
One car you’ve already done more than a lot of people have done selling cars.

Use that be energetic, be that with your clients, use that car guy coffee inside of you use it be that share it spill it into people.

You know i i tried, i tried being like a trainer early in my career, because i really enjoyed what i knew and i wanted to share it.

But i knew that when i was training and i’m pouring into other people giving them my car guy copy, i knew that i was growing because i was learning it was forcing me to hold myself accountable.
That’s all it is guys.

Take it.
Take that.
Take that to heart how you want to take it whatever, but my team they’re amazing, i love them.

They all exude the car guy copy persona.
To me, they all exude the for the people, which is here at the dealership.
We’re here to help people, and that’s something our owner is key about.

All about is making sure that we’re for the people that we’re taking care of our clients – and he also talked about us too.
We are for us, we’re people.
We deserve a respect.

We deserve the love also because we work really hard so make sure that you guys do that.
You have that energy you blow up.

You do everything you can to make sure your client is happy that you’re that when they leave there, even if they don’t buy they’ll, never forget you and not in a bad way, but in a good way.

So you guys take care.
I’m going to get off here, just remember one thing: there’s light everywhere around you just got to look for it.
You know right now we don’t got a lot of light.

The days are shorter, but the light is actually inside of you.
All you got to do.
Is find it and let it out let it glow let it glow right, get that glow on share that with people give people light when they’re in dark.

It’s the only way that people can get out of things when you see someone down, lift them up, give them a flashlight.
You know what i’m saying make sure you guys do that.
Forgive focus fly so you guys can keep growing, and i appreciate you guys for jumping on brian jason.

Thanks for the comments for anybody else, who’s watching you guys have a wonderful day, we’ll see you guys around the block.

Frelin art subprime hero, .

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