Hello, what’s going on everybody fred linards, we’re in it is tuesday yeah, it’s the 23rd folks, it’s jordan day.

That’s right! So hey just wanted to get on here.
Really quick! It’s the other day, we’re just finishing up a pretty good busy day, we’re still working one more right now, hopefully we’ll end up getting something else in before the end of this, we got 30 minutes we’ll be closed technically, but man what a great day, the guys And gals here they killed it.

They got the showroom filled up.

Today we were able to sell a handful of cars, which is amazing um.
We got to keep this momentum going we’re trying to finish strong so here at the dealer for the people in radcliffe kentucky folks.
If you’re looking for a dealer, that’s going to help you, you can see that over my shoulder right here for the people, that’s what we do here, we’re here to help people so we’re gon na do everything we can.

My team is doing everything they can today.
Not only do they help sell a lot of vehicles and help people get into their next nicer newer vehicle, but they were also able to get on the phones today and able to set up appointments to be successful for the rest of the month.

The rest of the week, i’m really excited about that.

So let’s go man.
I got a lot of things going on, so we got gary he’s over here in the middle still trying to put one together put a deal together, he’s doing it right now and he’s got it he’s working it.
We found a way so hopefully we can make it happen.

We got that going on.
We got yo yo what it is.
What’s up, all right, so he’s on the phone with a client right now trying to do his thing.

We got paul nino doing his thing.
Man, he got himself out one today, man, good job bro, it’s good to see that i know that you’re trying to finish up strong, so i’m gon na.
Let you keep you too busy.

I got ta, keep it going.
These guys are staying hot on the phone dude i mean i can’t even get a combo in and that’s good, that’s a good thing.
I like to coach them up.

At the same time i like to be able to let them do their own thing.
So looks like right now: everybody else is outside.
We have paul over here doing his thing.

With his clients, we got matt on the phone, see what else is going on.

We do.
We have people everywhere how y’all doing i’m wonderful, wonderful, it’s actually beautiful outstanding, even with the sun dropped, it still feels good out here.

Man, it’s a beautiful day.
You got beautiful people.
Look at this beautiful guy right here.

He just got just chasing a roll yeah.
Yeah banging it, it’s called momentum.
Keep that momentum going they’re working some appointments right now, give it an address.

Well, i know i know you’re doing your thing so keep doing it.

Man don’t stop finish this one strong dude! You got it dude.
I can’t i’m excited about it when rod gets on a momentum thing going, what rod does? Is he don’t stop? It’s like he.

Like always.
I said i walked by his office earlier and i was like when’s the best time to sell a car.

He was like right now, yes, but right after you sell a car, it’s the best time, because when you are, when you have the stress of not having you know not being able to sell a car for a few days or something like that happens, you kind Of get stressed out a little bit sometimes that wears out and the customer sees that.

So when you sell a car, you lose that so now, you’re fee, you feel more free, so clients don’t feel that pressure, which is good for you and good for them.
At the same time and you’re not trying to put pressure on a client, but sometimes you feel like you have to because you’re like i’m getting desperate here and i’ve been there man, i’ve been selling cars a long time been in this business and i’ve seen it So i’m really it’s really cool to see.
Rod get back on, get his momentum going, get his feet wet here and he’s back.

It’s good to see him doing it so hopefully he’ll be having another one.
Today, maybe or best case he’ll do three days in a row: selling cars man, a car a day will keep the doctor away.

It’s a fact.

Man, and i know he can do it he’s he’s.
He loves.
Helping people out he’s definitely doing everything he can to make it happen.

So folks, i’m not going to stay on here long we’re.
Actually you know we’re trying to wrap up.
We have clients doing things.

I have you know sales people out like actually the showroom look thin, but that’s because they’re all out doing stuff right now, they’re running around putting gas in cars or whatnot and really neat to see that happen.
So hopefully it all works out.
Hope you guys are having a good one.

We are gon na finish wrong.
That’s right hope.
You guys all finished strong too, but hey if you’re in the local hardin county area, louisville kentucky southern indiana.

We are the dealer for the people.

You’ve heard our commercials tony molito, come reach out to us we’re here, for you we’re here to help you grow we’re here to help you get to the next vehicle of your life.
My guys here, they’re all here to help solve transportation problems for you.

So if you’re looking for a problem to be solved, we can do it if you’re having problems getting your credit established, we can help you or at least show you how to be able to do it.
You know we will coach you up.
We will like teach you the way, my young jedi’s right.

We want to make sure that everybody has an opportunity in life and that everybody gets treated right.
We are the dealer for the people and there’s a reason why we are the dealer for the people, because we actually care about our people and we want our people to grow.
We want our people to to love and we want it all, and we want everybody here here who comes here to be part of the family.

You know it’s an amazing thing, so we appreciate everybody out there.
I’m excited tomorrow is wednesday.
It’s another day to grow.

We still have the rest this week to finish this month.

Uber strong and we’re going to my team is motivated, they’re pumped up.
I know that tomorrow’s gon na be another great day.

The weather here is finally broke.
As you can see, you guys been watching me.
There’s been snow all over this week, it’s all melted.

Today we were at 60 degrees.
You kidding me, i love it! Well, i’m going to get to get off here.

Folks, you guys take care, remember, there’s light everywhere around you just got to smile and find it there’s always a way.

You’ve got to be happy, no matter what how bad the situation is.

There’s always light there there’s something to learn, there’s something to grow from people.

Always look at things the bad way, what’s jimmy socks still doing here, how are you doing? What are you doing here? Man, man, let something happen, come back and get it what’s going on there.
It is that’s right how you how’s it so you’re getting ready to go back home.
Jimmy lewis, my man appreciate you, man, they just got back from las vegas, yeah i’ll, be going there in about 10 days or so around there.

I can’t wait so all right.
Jimmy so jimmy be killing.
It well folks light everywhere, make sure that you find that light and you reach for that light, because that light is so important without light in your life, it’s hard to appreciate things you got to have gratitude.

Do you also have to understand your life is great, no matter how bad you think it is it’s amazing and there’s so many reasons.
Why that’s why gratitude is a big deal anyway.
That being said, don’t forget to forgive focus and fly, so you can keep growing because it’s so important to keep growing, but forgiving is so important in order to keep growing you have to forgive whatever you did yesterday.

Whatever wrongs that are happening, wrongs that have done to you, because it doesn’t matter how many times that you didn’t get what you want right, it’s time to get what you want.
But in order to do that, you have to let go of the past.
You have to be able to step this next step that you take is a clean step of i’m good.

I don’t care everything is wonderful, i’m not going to let what happened to me in the past effect.
What i’m going to do in the future! You can’t you can’t have reflexes because of something that happened.
You have to take new things in and absorb like you’re brand new, like you’re an infant again, it’s so important to do that, so you can grow and man.

I encourage you to find that light and share that light.
There’s light, like i said, there’s light everywhere.
People want to share that light.

I love sharing light.
Don’t get me wrong, you guys see me on video.
You see, i’m happy, i’m positive people say.

Oh, i love the positivity.
You said i’m not always positive, i’m not perfect, no one’s perfect, but i want to send a a message of positivity, because that is the only way to grow.
You have to encourage people.

Sometimes you have to whip somebody into shape.
Sometimes you have to say things that are not so nice.

You know it doesn’t as long as you’re saying it from a place of love.

It’s not a bad thing to do.
You have to tell you have to tell somebody, sometimes hey you’re, doing it wrong.
This is how you do it and if they do it too many times wrong.

Eventually it gets worse.
It’s that’s craziness right, but it’s true, and you know anyway, i’m probably confusing you.
It doesn’t really matter.

Forgive focus, fly, keep growing, you guys do your thing.
I appreciate it i’ll see you guys tomorrow, we’ll be going we’ll be going large, don’t forget right now in the car guy cafe.
We have some amazing brew going on right now we also have what’s up dj.

We have some amazing stuff.
What’s up steven? What’s up facebook user, i doesn’t say exactly but just put hashtag finish strong.
I appreciate you.

I appreciate everybody, but this thursday coming up, we have don brady coming on the show thursday morning.
30 a.
At 7, 30.

In that morning, we’re gon na have the great news meeting with the brewing solutions: great news meeting in the clubhouse at 7 30 a.
This is all eastern standard time make sure you guys come out check it out.

It’s a lot of fun share.

Your great news share it with other people, because sometimes we need to let our great news come out and share it with people and let everybody applaud for you because you deserve it.

We all deserve it.
I appreciate you guys.

I appreciate everybody if you know what’s up, if you need anything you reach out to me, i got you back.
Peace y’all have a good one.
Let’s brew! .

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