What’s up, what’s up? Yes, it’s fry yay, yes, having a great day, we’ve moved some metal.

Today, we’ve had some fun, we’ve learned some stuff we’ve failed and then we learned from that.
That’s okay! We just keep growing here at the dealership, man.
We just keep having fun, got a great team everyone’s doing what they’re supposed to do.

I’m pumped up about it just got ta hope that we finished strong.
We still got ta have a big saturday to be able to finish to hit our goal at the number.
We need to be at, but we will – and i know we will because that’s what we do because, as our owner always says we’re freaking griffins in here right, so we’re going to keep it doing it.

So let me see what’s going on out here, , so we got these two what’s up what’s up, i was just talking about how you guys are freaking griffins, absolutely yeah man.
So i appreciate you guys for doing your thing.
Getting my steps getting me.

Cleaner steps, , he’s clean until funding, i’m just playing now everything’s.
Looking good.
I appreciate you guys, um, you know tomorrow we need to sell at least seven cars to make it the week that we need it to be so hope.

You guys got some appointments.
I need you to really help out with that, because you guys i mean i i appreciate you guys doing your thing, but i do depend on you guys to do your thing too.
So yeah, but i got you guys, keep your thing tomorrow.

I don’t have anything to do in my office, so we’re gon na be out front me and matt, crushing it so bring me apps bring me apps, bring me apps all right.
So, let’s keep it rocking.
I appreciate you guys and um drive home safe tonight.

Whenever we get out of here man.
I know the roads are actually a lot nicer today.

Yesterday, they’re way more clean, they’ve just put the time in and everything else, so it’s gon na be nice and then we’re supposed to get a bunch of snow next week.

Yes, but you know what i’m kind of excited about it, because i like i’m, getting tired of the little almost an inch worth of snow gone by that afternoon.

I am not a fan of the snow at all, i’m accustomed to that grew up in chicago.
I live in germany.

I do not want snow, but that’s i hear you but man.
I know you know, don’t get me wrong, it’s not great for business either, but but at the same time it’s part of why we live where we live.

I didn’t want to know i’d move about 200 miles further south, and then i wouldn’t worry about it as much, but i’m here and i want it so give it to me right have at least a day of it.

I’m gon na go sled next week.
If that happens, if not we’ll just be in here banging out whips, so we’re having fun, i appreciate you too, keep rocking and rolling guys.

So we got that my legs are killing me.

I did a leg workout last night and whoo.

They are on fire.
What’s up y’all how you doing oh man, everything’s going down ryan, you got one today! Didn’t you! Yeah yeah have a little money today, so i’m talking about it always helps whenever you leave here with one in the one in the back pocket for the next day.

Just hey tomorrow i told the guys up there.
I need at least seven cars minimum.
You know, but i needed to be able to get to our number.

We do, let’s do something fun, but i want you guys to rock out.
I depend on you put one out man.
I depend on you to get one so make it happen.

My friend i didn’t do the last saturday.

I just need.
If i you bring me one that’ll make the day happen.

So you bring to start with one.
You bring me that one we’ll make it happen tomorrow.
I don’t have to be in my office at all, so it’s gon na be me and matt up front, so bring us apps bring us apps.

It won’t be any delay, we’re gon na crush it.
So, let’s rock it all right appreciate you guys how’s your day going man how you liking it so far, it’s been a good day for her today has appointments coming along for you actually going good come people on the lot today said a couple appointments you know: Have you let everybody you know and who you live, your family, everybody that you sell cars now you need to.
Let them know that because i promise you the worst thing in the world when you’re new is when you see somebody you’ve known your whole life go up, the street buy a car from somebody and they tell you.

I don’t even know you in the business.
It happens, man hey, it happened to me and i learned a lesson from that, though, then i made sure that everybody always knew what i was doing so be proud of what you’re doing man and you have great friends – yeah, not even before it even breaks down.
Come see me right now, because it’s worth more money when it’s running by a lot trust and believe so they need to come in here and see what they can do, you’re going to take care of them.

Let them know: hey man, i’m new, i’m trying to grow my thing, i’m going to make sure you’re taken care of and and eight and then also let people know we have a referral program, even though you haven’t put one out yet you still can get people To refer people to you and pay them to do so, so let people know let your friends out there who just need like a couple hundred dollars extra for everybody they bring in that buys, tell them come on and you’ll be surprised, referrals, friends, family, it’s sometimes Most awkward, but it’s the easiest way to get your business going man seriously, because then they tell everybody.
So do your thing, man! I appreciate you for being here man.
You know what i’m talking.

We need that you need that we all need that, but definitely for you.
I want to get you just.
Let’s start with one get me one in here, that’s popping and we’ll make it we’ll make it go all right.

I believe you do your thing.
Let’s go all right, we got frank how’s.
It been with a little bit more noise in here today.

Remember yesterday, like i like the peace and quiet, i know you’re joking, i know cause nino’s your boy.
I know that man, but no that’s good stuff man, so how’s your day going uh, it’s going pretty good.
I had one come in today.

Unfortunately, uh couldn’t help couldn’t couldn’t help him out, but uh.
I got a few more things set up for the appointment.

Show yeah get them in.

That’s it man and the more that show the more that you move out and the more you can help.

Even that person who didn’t show if you couldn’t get them approved, you could still show them a path to purchase in the future.
Yeah, i did tell her about things that she didn’t know so now.

She has more knowledge on right how to get into the next level yeah.
So whenever she may come back when she has her stuff put together, she’ll probably come back and see you believe it or not, because you’re, probably one of the few people who sat down and explained to them how they can buy a car, even though they can’t Buy one today most people say i can’t help you man give me a co-signer good luck, so that sometimes that’s what it takes but explain why you need a co-signer explain why they need more money down, explain why they need to be on their job.
A little longer explain why they probably need to make about 200 more a month to qualify for certain lenders.

There’s so many things that you can educate your clients on that they don’t know the more you give the better that you’re going to get.
Don’t always expect something in return, but i promise you the more you give the more you will get all right.
Do your thing, bro appreciation, keep growing, keep growing, rodrick t-man over here doing his thing, how’s your day, going bro doing pretty good man.

I cannot complain man, i and i appreciate that you’re saying man.
I know that you came back in the middle of a with weathered crazy week and all this type of stuff – and i know you’re – trying to get the ball rolling.
I know you got a lot of big plans coming up in the future, but just keep your head down keep grinding away, and i promise you that it will all come together.

Hopefully for you tomorrow, man.
I know that saturday’s a big day here at the store.
I need seven cars tomorrow minimum i saw i would love for you to be a couple of those so, but actually hopefully all of them are in my name.

I would be happy with that too bro either way i just i just want to get you know.
I want to get you on the board uh for this week.

Let’s get you rolling for tomorrow.

Let’s get it grinding, let’s make it happen.
Let’s grind it out.
Saturday is my my favorite days.

It’s gon na be a good one, and it’s also right before the snowstorm is coming next week, so be ready for it.
But i think that you know the snowstorm is gon na bring us some good luck.
Man there’s something about that.

It’s the year of the ox: that’s the chinese calendar.
I believe the year of the ox right, hey, be forceful.
Let’s make it happen bro.

I know you got it yeah.
I appreciate you for being here.
Man keep your head up.

If you need anything, let me know ben michael, what’s up bro dude, let’s get that energy up bro you’re supposed to be like yeah bro.

What’s going on fred yeah smile man, i know it’s a tough job bro and i know that being new.
Sometimes it’s tough because you’re trying to put your place in here and sometimes it feels like it’s difficult, and i know it’s a little bit of a slow start.

Don’t take this the wrong way, because i don’t mean this in a bad way.
I mean it’s with my love.
Is that not everybody starts off on a fast plane? Okay, so everybody has their own path so understand that your path is there, but you have to still have enthusiasm.

Remember that first day you came in here.
Remember those days.
Remember those moments you got to have that same feeling.

I know it’s difficult, sometimes bro you hear me.
Sometimes i get frustrated in my office, but at the same time you have to you have the ability bro.

You know it.

Don’t don’t give up on yourself.
I i don’t want you to.
I want you to really give in.

I notice, you think that the time is ticking.
You have this.
You have this month and you have plenty of time.

Bro you stop tomorrow.
You have all next week the week after to get what you need to get, and i know you can do it man, you just got to get that ball rolling, get that momentum going, but enthusiasm is first ingredient.

Second, is just being consistent.

You know, i see you being consistent, i see you putting it in but put that enthusiasm mixed with that, and i promise you at the end of it all you’re going to have a great great experience, but you know learn, you know, keep doing it.
If you need help, don’t be scared to ask.
I know i say this all the time, but don’t be scared to ask for help.

You got this man seriously, michael.
Let’s go bro who wrong air force.

Bro come on now come on, come on, airman feliciano.
Come on now, sir heirloom feliciano reports his order.
You know what i’m talking about all right, so got ta get it here, so you got.

They got a customer in that office back there, so i’m not gon na go back and mess with them, but everything is lovely.
Everything is good, so i’m gon na go do a quick little lot, walking that i’m gon na hop off here guys, i’m not gon na.
Keep you guys on much longer, but man you can see.

You know a few.
Last few days you guys saw a bunch more ice.
We got it cleaned up out here now we can actually walk around without sliding like we’re on ice skates, because for a little bit it was like an inch of ice on top of here and you.

It wasn’t like snow folks, it’s a completely different story than snow snow.
Like a walk through ice.

You will fall down and bust your butt, but it’s all right.

We so we you know we got the lot.
Looking better, it’s cleaned up.
You still got some there in between there right, but for the most part where our clients park, where we park it’s fine, we don’t let our clients go out to the car, we’ll go, get them we’ll go rinse them off, we’ll get the ice off, we’ll put Them in it, let it warm up first, let them drive it and then they’re all good, but everything is all wonderful to the g.

So you guys just got to keep doing your thing and don’t worry about nothing, because even with storms like this and ice everywhere, that you guys can see right here got ice ice slide on this bad boy.

Oh, so you got ice ice.
So, even with all that it doesn’t matter man, it’s all about the attitude that you have and in my quick brew earlier today, i talked about you know when you lead.

You need to lead with a smile with a good attitude, because when you walk in the door they see what you are.
If you come in with a bad move, they’re going to be like uh, oh it puts everybody on edge, so you got to put everybody on the rock the other side of the edge, the edge that you want them to be on that excited edge where they’re Pumped up and ready to do something ready to do anything for you, they’ll make those phone calls they’ll make that extra dial, and you have to do that for them too.
You have to make that extra phone call make that extra dial submit.

That extra deal stay.
That extra hour of work do you have to do all those things? Take that turn go close.
The deal for them go, shake a hand form.

You know what i mean those it’s stuff like.
That is what makes the difference and what makes the dealership life so much better and and don’t get me wrong.
It’s not always perfect, we’re not always roses and flowers and sunlight and everything else.

Sometimes it is icy like it is outside.
Sometimes there it’s it’s very dark and it’s not as as awesome as we want it to be.
Thus is life you got ta go up and down, you got ta, but you also have to appreciate both sides of it.

You have to appreciate the bad because then you would never understand how great good is so understand.
All that, but but remember to just relish in the good enjoy the good share, the good be the light and be that person.
I try every day to be a light for my team.

I try to be a light for my friends.
I try to be a light for my wife and my son and all that type of stuff, but i’m just doing my thing so you guys can get at least eight tomorrow, hey guys, that’s right! We’re gon na do at least eight, but seven is my minimum.
I don’t like to put a number that i don’t think that the guys are going to reach because he hits.

If we i try to exceed goals.
You know what i mean and i think seven is very realistic.

We had a really busy day today.

Traffic was all day long until about the last hour slowed down a little bit, but the whole day we had traffic matt was covered up for a while.

While i was in the back cleaning up deals but amazing day, he’s gon na finish, strong, the guys are doing great and the gal, i hope everything’s going good for everybody out there.

I appreciate you for jumping on folks there’s light everywhere.
You just have to understand.

Sometimes you have to be the light quit searching for it.

It’s inside you use gratitude, write it down every day, love figure out, what’s important to you and when you are put your attention on it, it tends.
It seems that when you put your attention towards something things become better or you start to really become what you wanted to become so make sure you guys do that for give focus and fly, so you can keep growing.
I’m freelancing subprime hero, i’m here at the dealer for the people in radcliff kentucky budget car sales whoa come on down check us out.

We always having fun here.
My team is that means: you’ll have fun if you’re looking for a vehicle.
If you’re looking for a job holler at me, i actually need a spot or two build.

This is going to be a big year for us.

So come holler we got.
Our team is growing every day.

You guys keep growing too.
Let’s brew peace, .

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