What’s going on everybody following us upon hero dealer for the people, radcliffe kentucky throwing out a quick, quick, some love real fast man got ta, give it up to my team.

Today they all drove in on this icy elements, and today we did not blank.
We sold one today we started early, so i’m excited about the rest of the day.

Hopefully these roads get a little bit clear, so my my team can get some appointments in if not on a day like this.

What better chance is there to get a hold of somebody that you’ve been trying to get a hold of for weeks? Maybe this is a good time to follow up with prior customers even follow up with people that you’re currently working right now, a lot of times when you weren’t, when you couldn’t reach them.
Three, four dials on a day like this odds, are they’re staying home.
They got not much to do.

You might even be able to send them a quick video of a vehicle and just inquire again, there’s so many things that you can do that are a little bit different today, because the ability to reach people on a day like this is so much higher than On a day when it’s busy and nice and sunny when they’re out having fun and playing right, most likely watching some netflix right now drinking some wine hanging out, maybe eating some popcorn, maybe some soup trying to keep warm and all that type of stuff.
But it’s a great opportunity, so let me go see what my guys are doing: real, quick, what’s up michael, how you doing today, yeah yeah, well weather ain’t, the best but man.
I appreciate you for being here.

It’s nice and warm inside, though, isn’t it? Oh yeah.
He’s got his chicken short sleeves.
He knows.

What’s up, it’s warm in here so how’s your uh phone calls been going today.
Any leads anybody can hold anybody today.
Okay, we’ll keep working on it man.

You know you could do a lot of stuff on the phone today if they have something that they, like.
Just you know, keep reaching out, ask call some people that you’ve been talking to.
Maybe you put off to the side.

So you know what i couldn’t get ahold of them, i’m not even gon na call.
No more, you might be surprised, you might get a hold of people that you couldn’t get a hold of her old appointments that didn’t show you might be able to hold them today so check that out man, those those lists go deep bro.
I promise you to help all right right on my man.

I appreciate you michael going on is coming on.
Then i got these two dudes in here got the reigning cells from the month and when we got mr barry g over here, adrian gibbs folks, good times, but it’s i see.
Oh so it’s a song.

So i say i love that song.
Are you guys having any luck on the phones today with people getting hold of anyone? Yeah, that’s good man.
I hope you guys, you know.

Maybe you guys have a great day of setting up appointments.
That’ll set you up for uh for success later.
That’s what it’s about so just keep grinding man.

I appreciate you guys for driving in spending the time today.
You know we’re going to keep evaluating these streets see what’s going on.

You know we’ll talk some more later, we’ll have some more meetings, we’ll see.

What’s going on, but stay positive, do not let this be a day that just gets wasted, because there’s a lot of opportunity that you could do today that you couldn’t have done on another day.

I promise man, maybe it’s just putting out a funny video.
Maybe it’s just reaching out to old customers and asking them how their vehicle is doing, how, if they’re okay, if their house has heat you know there might be, maybe we don’t want to know the answer they might not right, but at the same time, it’s good To reach out, let them know you care you’re, not just trying to sell them something right.

So do those things man keep growing and don’t stop.
I appreciate you guys.
Do your thang amen? Yes, sir! Then we got rodney thibaut.

What’s up brother, we got him back here in the closet, as i call it right.
The dungeon he’s trying to do his thing he’s been making how’s the phone call’s been going today.
Phone calls has been going great, uh sitting back here, a little bit trying to get away with a little peace and quiet which i’m grateful for to have an opportunity to have a place like this also uh.

Even though the weather’s a little rough man i’m getting set up for a positive weekend, a lot of people are home.
They all set some appointments, trying to solve some transportation problems, usually when it comes to bad weather or any type of major weather change about one day of where nothing it’s hard to get people in and then all of a sudden they start flowing out because they’re Tired of being in cabin fever, but yeah keep doing your thing.
Man, you know, stay positive, stay pumped up, keep growing and don’t let anything stop you.

My friend, i got frank, got his office feeling like a woman, [ Laughter ], he said, he’s cold.
It’s all good, though man how’s your day going so far.

I been on the phones all all morning and uh customers did.

Did you drive your motorcycle to work today? Oh yeah.
I know you didn’t do that, but nah man.
I appreciate you for grinding out.

Keep working hard, it’s kind of weird, not seeing your office partner in here with you.
I always see nino, but i know nino’s having his day off doing his thing.
But i appreciate you for being here and doing your thing.

Keep grinding! Keep staying! Warm! Don’t tell anybody but uh, i like the peace and quiet.
It is nice, you don’t have to worry about going phone, calling between phone calls and hearing what he’s saying and getting yourself confused.
I know how that is.

I appreciate you bro who’s, that right there guys we all know who that is.
That’s patrick jennings.
You know mr dream team himself.

Folks, hey how’s your day going so far my day’s going well.
I started out with a live this morning, just reminding people that i am here to solve this transportation problem.

Smart customer coming in today.

That’s it so deliver the vehicle on an icy day.
Thank you.

I appreciate that great customers, great clients.
They were very.
I love them because they’re repeats and nothing better than repeat business right.

That shows that people remembered you and they appreciated the experience that you gave them and a lot of times what that does, for you is bring customers that come back and that’s why people, sometimes you have to realize.
Sometimes you don’t make money on just one deal.
You make money on the accumulation of tons of deals right just because one person comes in if you treat them right throughout the whole process, whether you make a dollar or you make ten thousand dollars right.

It does not matter, you treat them right and they will come back and they will buy another vehicle from you.

They’re in lies.
Making profit right, they’re in lies, helping people profits, you always put profits below people, so it’s people above profits, every single time, relationships over revenue every single time so, and he does a great job with that.

That’s why he has the dream team and all his customers become part of that dream team.
All right.
What’s going on bro, we got a new, we got a new guy.

Here i usually go for a minutes.
Will right yeah? I usually go for a minute with this new guy here, so i’m i know, will real easy name right.
So will welcome to the team.

Tell people about you where you grow up what you about.
What’s up, i’m will i’m actually here from honda county, i’m with the north harding, i graduated just a baby group.
I mean they love you all right all right.

You know the key.
The key to this job man is consistency, so understand that you, even when you’re 20 years, almost in the business, there’s still room for improvement, there’s always time to grow.
There’s always something you can learn, because this business evolves all the time.

I could assure you if you would have gotten this business back when i first started.
It was a whole different way on the floor.
Man, the way we even treated and handled customers, which is a shame we kind of treated them the wrong way.

But but you know, we’ve i’ve learned from that: we’ve evolved the world’s evolved.
You know you know.
Social media has evolved uh, the truth being real.

Being real is so key, so i would encourage you, as a young man, get up on that social media game business.
Social media game, what i mean is brand yourself, it’s time to make yourself a brand this job, you can either make it a job or you can make it a career when you make it a career, it flips the whole thing up, because a job is something You go to every day you can’t wait to go home.
You make your money you’re good, but a career is when your whole life revolves around that all right as a young person, it’s a great time to try to find a career, but it’s also and i’m not going to say you have to make the car business Your career, your whole life, but what i can tell you is help me have a really good life just saying, but that’s not for everybody, but it’s a great stepping stone at least a step to learn.

I mean when i was your age.
I was in the military, or actually i just got – i would have just got out of the military at that time.
So i had already.

I was a veteran.
So that being said, you know big things, but i was about your age when i joined, so how old are you right now? I’m 23.
, that’s yeah, that’s about when i got in this business.

So that being said, keep that in mind that 23 is a great age to learn something and to get really good and to make it a career.
When i made it a career instead of a job, i exploded, i went crazy with it and that’s the thing.
A lot of people are embarrassed to tell people they sell cars, but you don’t sell cars man, you don’t you.

Do you sell cars? You ain’t sold one yet, but he will he’s new folks, but when you do sell one you’re, not a car salesman.
Man – and i know that we are and i’m proud to be, one don’t get me wrong, car guy for life, but at the same time you also have to understand you’re, solving somebody’s problem, you’re helping somebody make their life better easier for them.

Sometimes you have to teach and coach customers on how to do that being at your age, it’s kind of hard because you haven’t been through a lot of life experiences yet, but you have plenty of coaches around you to show.

You also understand, by the time you sell 10 cars you’re going to sell more cars than most people ever buy in their lifetime, so you’re already more of an expert at selling a car than they are buying.
Cars fact so remember that use that confidence.
Also, there is no shadiness, you don’t have to really learn.

Nothing, be yourself, just understand the process and the steps that we take to help somebody buy a car.
Once you understand this 10 steps, you understand our process are for the people accredited approval process.
You understand the credit school, it’s really just explaining it to them and then guiding them through the process.

You know it’s just a step-by-step.
We go through it this way and you’re good so, but just stay encouraged man stay positive and i promise you dude.
It’s a great life, it is man by time, you’re 30, you know, you’ll be about 40 pounds heavier and i felt i feel you man, but by the time i was 30, i was at like 2 30.

I was waiting about 2 30.
I weigh about 185 right now, so i mean i was a big boy at one point for about a year and a half, i lost all that because i couldn’t do it, i couldn’t even breathe.
I was like i’m hungry, okay, but anyway enough about that.

I appreciate you welcome to the team.
Do your thing folks watch out for will, if you guys need a vehicle, how do they get a hold of you? Listen, you guys can call me at my direct cell phone number, 502, 302 8081 and i’m gon na get you in a better car.
Today you got social media, facebook uh, you can add me on facebook, william alexander um.

You can also add me on twitter willie.
The kid and uh reach out to me guys: do you guys want to see videos from this young cat? We need to see some videos with him posting his his name, his number all that type of stuff, his email, his facebook, his insta, his twit, his tick tock, his i mean twitch, i don’t care get on it all.
Let everybody know what you’re doing tick tock.

I don’t care if you’re talk whoa, i will come see me at definitely a bunch of car sales.
Whoa right.
I do well all the time at the end of my stuff.

If you ever watch my you’re always gon na hear me hit it with a whoa right, because it’s funny it’s fun.
Customers love it.
People love it.

People like the real so be real with them, and you and you your will, the car guy but you’re but you’re also will you always are will, but you just happen to sell cars and you love doing it.
That’s what you have to make people know.

It’s important for people to know who you are, how to get a hold of you and what you do, because if they don’t know those three things, i promise you there’s no point of them even reaching you and they don’t.

Even they won’t even know how to reach anyway, so they’ll end up coming seeing this guy because he likes everybody know who get older.
They don’t know how to reach me yeah.
So hey when all else fails.

That’s right! So i appreciate you guys, keep growing.
Don’t stop won’t stop beautiful day beautiful people, man right, but that’s the thing you got to encourage.
We’ve got new people in here, they’re learning.

I hate that the new guys here on a day like this, because you know but there’s opportunity for him to see what you can do on a day like this.
You know, look how beautiful it is outside it’s icy out here.
This is what i was talking about.

You know.
I know it doesn’t seem like much, but that’s all ice, that’s not snow.
It’s different! It’s a big difference and ice was slick.

I’m talking like you, take one set like right now.
I could slide my feet across the ground.
Let’s see, if you guys can see that so you guys be safe out there.

You guys keep growing, don’t stop.
Don’t forget, there’s light everywhere.
Man, even on an icy day like this there’s plenty of opportunity to grow.

There’s plenty of opportunity to love and share and care, and do all those things you can help a customer out today.
Even if they don’t come in you just call them you reach out.
Let them know that you’re there for them.

So much more than most people will do we’ll even take the time to do.

People will use this today as a pity party.
Oh me, it’s snowing.

It’s icy! It’s this! It’s that customers are not coming in well, those are excuses, and just because somebody doesn’t come in and just because you didn’t sell a car doesn’t mean that it’s not a successful day.
Success is is all measured by how much work you put in, because that work will come back to you, but you have to put the work in so put that work in y’all find that light, be positive, love, forgive focus and fly, so you can keep growing.
Well, i’m feeling our subprime hero.

It’s been a beautiful day, i’m about to go grab me some lunch.

I’ll, probably see you guys later tonight, but don’t forget to whoa.

Let’s bring .

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