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So thank you.

So much rose for joining chopped sports on video and on our cable show.
Well, we want to talk to you about the reason we pick and choose who we bring in now the Jim Ellis Automotive Group.
We know they’re very big, with retention right and having you on the show with your a service director or you in the segura service manager and what you’ve done in that store.

And you know, shop, smart has over six million vehicles and what we do is we provide great communication between the consumer and the dealership right.
So there’s no reason for a consumer to feel they’re walking into one of our dealerships.
Like you know, I’m going through an oral surgeon.

No you go to one of your family members, so that thing instead, please give us what you do at the gym.
L, if you could talk a little bit about you, my name is rose, Chuck and I’ve been in the industry.
I want to say for about eleven years now, and I’ve been with Jim Ellis for about almost four years, and I came to number one if I join Jim Ellis because of their reputation.

They’re still independent family-owned dealer said and from me not only being a service manager, but also being a consumer or being a customer.
I want to be treated like family and that’s what it’s about being that gemellus is you’re treated like family.

We remember your name so when you come in through the door to me and stuff most important to give you the highest level of customer service and that’s what it’s about it’s about.

Retaining the customer treating your vehicle like is it’s my own vehicle, that’s pretty much! It because mr.
consumer, one of the things that you got to look at when you do shopping online, when you for the next step that you got ta, do, is go into that dealers.
Port set up the appointment and check their reviews in servers.

Because just remember something when you buy a car from a PC Motors, you’re gon na be married to that person until your lease is up or your loan is up so sure that they find a service department.
That’s credible like to give a notice group and like Road, is doing she’s doing a great job just make sure, and also make sure that in the dealership they do the right thing.
They’ll have no problems in service and the service people are courteous and they care about your wants and needs at the time that you’re getting your car also service is a very big card now Rose.

We have a platform called warranty hm right, so we believe right.
Very important that the customer has to be protected.
We believe that it’s a commodity that appreciates that’s what our thoughts all right, so somebody buys in crock they’re buying a Madhuri that depreciates.

So why not person? So that being said, when somebody walks into your dealership – and they have a warranty – you know that our role could be 1800 and maybe fifty percent goes away with the warranty.
What are your thoughts on that? To me? It’s protecting your investment.
I mean you’re.

Definitely a vehicle is anything is susceptible to break because it you know at the end of the day, it is a mechanical component correct.
So I mean it is something that you do have to protect your investment, one of put a warranty behind it.
So this way you don’t have to worry about the financial portion of it when you come in to the dealer.

So I go, you know it needs this.
Oh it’s going to be covered by my extended warranty, so I see it as a benefit right.
You know the other part that we see it as because again we we are the communication between the dealer and the shoppers right, so we put them together, one of the things that an extended warranty does it protects your relationship right so that customer that’s out there With a car you know what’s understand something: what a vehicle is a vehicle is a commodity that depreciates would tremendous amount of wealth.

So every time you put miles on something else comes up because it’s their part right.
So that being said, that relationship that you have right with that dealership by putting a warranty on it, you’re protecting it, because we’ve learned that when a consumer buys a car right, they always made their payment until something happens with the car.
So it only protects you from the dealership.

It also protects you with your credit now, if, God forbid, the motor goes bad or there’s something wrong with the motor or the tranny, all the air.
You got to come up with this morning without a warranty.
Well, guess: what, with a warranty your hat, you’re protected and with a very low deductible, fifty dollars, some cases, some cases a hundred, so there’s a hundred and fifty it all depends what warranty company you choose right, what it really does it protects the dealer.

It protects.
The consumer and it also protects the credit, so I look at it at as a three pronged process.
So now it protects everybody.

So why wouldn’t you get an extended warranty and I would like to say this to you when a customer comes in there and you’re in right in the front line right when a customer comes in there and you look through their car and they have an extended Warranty, doesn’t the customer feel at ease that they it’ll have to come up with this money? Yeah? Absolutely – and it’s like you said you know sometimes especially now during this difficult time with coping.
Unfortunately, we have a lot of customers that have lost their jobs so by having that extra protection, it does alleviate some of that financial stress.
What am I gon na? Do you know it’s a $ 1,900? We here’s a $ 22 $ 2,200.

We air.
What am I gon na do now? You know so it’s again you’re protecting your investment right and, from the deals perspective right, the dealer’s attention will increase that customer will keep coming back when they have a good experience, and that’s right up my grand, where the customer really has a good experience with you.
As more right, they’re going for more customers, they’re gon na be much more happier so now they’re out there being very positive right on your and we all know one of the things.

There’s digital marketing, there’s influencer marketing and is also word-of-mouth marketing, there’s nothing better than word-of-mouth.
If I go to a barbecue and I sit down, somebody says you know what I went to the gym Ellis crew and I bought a car and that car in six months there was some sense with its tranny.
That was a problem I went there.

I meant Rose right Rose, took care of everything I have this extended warranty I got treated like I was gold like I was platinum.
It was great narrowing the barbecue at the same time, I’m engaging with other people, and everybody is happy because anybody at one time or another had a bad experience in the automotive dealership.
It doesn’t matter right, you take the home people, they say: 22 percent have had a bad experience at one time or another, so it’s very, very important right in our products.

When a customer shops online, they know that when they walk into one of our dealerships, right, they’re being protected from the war on T side from the price side from everything is, if you look at our site, it’s all about Kelly Blue Book guaranteed price right, which Is fair market value, which is their price and that’s all they can do, is give you fair market value and it’s great, because now we we have the price protection.
We have the customer, that’s gon na be happy with the dealership, but when they walk into the dealership now they have another solution which is warranty for them to get protected long term.
And that’s what Mueller ships like about us that not the short term, the long term and what is your retention on your previous customers? Do you know, and it was pretty high to me – to meet customer service and having have any customers returned to the dealership? That’s mine one priority I mean I want them to make sure that they have a place that they can come back to and Trust.

What is you guys have a process for that retention? Do you guys have a process to make sure that your retention is key? It’s very important to consumers when they walk in there to you know what you are retention is when we come back, I’m going to go for a short break when we come back.
We’re gon na talk a little bit about that.
Hali wolf here, purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is a big decision, takes a lot of time and effort.

You have to put a lot of thought into it once you make that purchase, then it comes time to think about your extended warranty and believe me, you’re gon na wish you had luck.
That’s why I wanted to tell you about warranty Jim when I bought my pre-owned vehicle.
I got a great deal, but I bought it in the dead of winter, so when the long hot summer months came along – and I flipped on my air conditioning no air conditioning, thank goodness, I had an extended warranty or would have cost me hundreds of dollars in Repairs with warranty Jim modeled for model option for option you’re gon na get the very best price you can get on your extended warranty, but, let’s just say for some reason, you do find a better price, which is highly unlikely.

Jim is gon na match that price and give you $ 100 towards your warranty.
You really can’t go wrong.

First things.
First log on to warranty CENTCOM build a plan that works perfectly for you, remember: you’re, buying direct from their portal site and that’s how you’re guaranteed the lowest price out there or they’re going to match the price anyway and give you that hundred dollars log on today.
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Thank you for coming back now.
Let me ask you a question: is there a process from the time the customer buys the car right that if there’s any issues with them or anything, to pounce the adjustments or whatever the warranty? How do you protect that customer? In your dealership example, like I’m getting a car in New York, you get a car, so they give you a life State on New York State inspection for good right.
Do you have something like that? Don’t require us to do that.

State inspection like in New York right, but when we do sell a vehicle, whether it be a use fee, achill or an or a new vehicle.
But if it’s a certified pre-owned, it does have a three year, 36,000 mile warranty on it new car.
The same thing, it does have that three year, 36,000 mile warranty behind it for us when a customer does take possession of a vehicle, we try to look over the vehicle to the best of their ability to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the vehicle.

If there is something wrong with the vehicle, I want the customer, you know the customers usually call and we try to take care of them to the best of our ability.
Wow now I will say this, so you do go through the car thoroughly right.
So it was that car comes in on a trade or that car comes in from a factory program.

Whatever the case might be, you guys do a check through the car.
Sorry that car becomes a Cpl certified pre-owned, correct, correct right.
So when that customer goes into your dealership, the car is pretty much.

You got a lot of peace of mind.
It’s down like this independent used-car, Lots that don’t have that right, correct, so that a value that you give your consumers, because it actually does cost a lot of money to do this to make a car certified between the time you spend with the technicians.
The time I think not always they go thoroughly and all that, so that is a very good value that you do in your state: correct, right and you’re in the Mazda store.

Is that correct? That is correct all right and are you’ve seen a lot of customers? Convert from, let’s say, Honda, Toyota or know that into Mazda, I see a lot of guys a lot of Toyota ferries variation.
You know Martha is a very good product.

I got ta tell you.

I seen all the technology.
Mazda has come a very long way as far as safety.
There is nothing else, more safety.

They got that c7 or something like that.
It’s really a it’s either a sports bottle really top of the line.
One and that’s got great reviews and the sport utility is unbelievable.

What green use that has.
So what do you think about the product line that sellers liability wise? I don’t see a lot of repairs on these vehicles.

It’s just maintenance, maintenance, repairs.

Now, of course, when they get older, you you have those wear and tear items same thing with electrical.
Thank you, two autonomous driving.
Now we have all the gadgets and all the electrical components, and I think that’s where an extended warranty comes into play where we want to protect our investment after the warranty brings out.

You have you know all the safety features and that creation system all these lights, that are, you, know, just electrical expensive and once the lordy runs out, it’s something you want to protect really good product.

I see probably no recalls on Mazdas, I mean compared to other brands, and I also see what a great product it is as far as reliable, and I also know about those sensors with the highway right that it keeps you together in the highway and that’s a Great great product line that it has – and I think Maas is one of the most safest cars on the road today and the reviews.
It’s all about reviews today, right, use on Mazdas, is great on our shop smart site, there’s a lot of reviews on their car reviews and dealer reviews right and a lot of rebates on there too.

So when a dealer goes on, when a consumer goes on there, they know where the best tools are, which we have all the tools and that’s all we try doing.
The other thing is with Kovac 19 we’re going into having to consumer.
Do everything in job smart? Where they fill out the app they fill out everything within the next month and a half it’s gon na, be you fill everything up and you have the option to either picked up the car at the dealership where everything is done or get it delivered to your House, what are your thoughts about that as a store as a company? We are trying to number one: protect our employees by sanitizing the vehicles and then having that less of a contact customers being here being in contact with other customers.

So the yeah? It’s something that we’re utilizing we’re doing a vehicle.
What we call Valley, hiccups right and thank you we want to get into in the next month and a half, oh, so we’re gon na have a credit app we’re gon na.
Have all these things on our website.

All right, probably by the end of July, in the beginning of August, where a consumer can go to shop, smart pick, the car hit a button stay by now when they hit that button.
By now, they’re gon na apply for lis alone.
It’s gon na go right into the dealerships platform right for the to get approved in a bank once that approval comes out boom, it starts to trigger, and now the consumer knows they can pick up the car or, and they can call up and schedule a write To them, because they know it’s been really bad for dealers, and you know I love dealers, but what my biggest concern is why we come up with solutions to help consumers and dealers at the same time, because the average dealership employs 85 employees.

So when one dealer goes out of business, you talking about 85 people completely out of a job right and would Kovac 19 we’ve learned that there’s been a lot of people specially in New Yorkers.

We will shut down for so long that have either left the car business and an app back now they’re ready to open they’re looking for employees, because everybody has left people went into other things.
I quote with 19, I mean I don’t know if you guys experienced that, although you guys won’t shut down as much is that right, we actually work as a company as a whole.

We did stay open.
However, we did minimize how many people were at our dealership at a time how many we’re here at a time, so we we did our part and we could and we kept everybody on the road we kept nurses on the road we kept doctors on the road.

So yes, like the first responders, was what you were promoting and you guys did really well.

I’ve been looking at all the stuff that you’ve Ellis has been doing.
You know whether it’s on social media, outside of social media, on Google, or were you guys, really gave back.
You know to the community by doing all these right things.

Oh, the other thing I wanted to ask you: is your service department is pretty up, there’s pretty rated number one I believe is that correct, so I would say were ranked one of the top theater shows Wow.
That’s very very interesting, and I know that you were uh.
What did you work in there when you started as a service advisor or service client? I started as a service advisor with Jim Ellis mm-hmm, and then you are you walk yourself up.

Is that right? Yes, I was promoted to an assistant service manager and then eventually into a manager.
That’s graduations on that.
I know you’ve done a great job there and it’s just a start.

What you’re gon na do with the Jim Ellis group, because you’re very consumer friendly you’re all about the consumer like Jim Ellis group, everybody is all about the consumer right.
It’s gon na be a really looking at you grow and, looking at you get to that level, it’s gon na be great and we had shop small.
We really believe, and one of the dealerships that we really believe and we believe in promoting them into Jim Ellis group, because we know how they are.

There are a family operating business and they believe in their employees first, because, let’s face it, if you don’t retain your employees, you’re, never gon na retain your customers, so they they really believe in retaining employees and in turn, they’ve been, will retain the customers and everybody Is gon na be a happy family which is very, very important? You know, and that’s what I really like about.
The gemellus group is how they promote within how they retain their employees and how they move forward to the next thing, which is retaining their customers, and it’s very I mean it’s key agree.
So I thank you really so much for being on with us and before we leave right.

I wanted to say to you thank you and I wish you all the best right and I wish Jim Ellis group that’s a lot of customers from shop smart and I wish them to be very, very successful because there are a great dealership and again Rose.
Thank you so much and have a lovely day.
Is there anything else you want to tell the consumers? Thank you so much for having me on your platform and take care enjoy your day.

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