SHOPSMART AUTOS CUSTOMER REPORT Understanding and shaping the Consumer Behavior in the New Normal

Hi brandon artisan for shop, smart, autos and champion strategies uh here to give an insight to our consumers of what’s going on in the marketplace for automobiles, but keep in mind we’re in retail.

So all of us pretty much do the same thing so for today.
Just want to let you know: what’s out there, we in the industry are trying to understand you, the consumer when it comes to your behavior, and this quote: unquote: new normal consumers, beliefs and their behaviors are changing almost every week to keep up with this.
Perhaps even trying to influence those changes, companies have to leverage deep customer insight, and so that means a lot of analytics a lot of capturing data to see exactly what’s going on, remember it’s been months now, since this noble corona virus was first detected in the united States and now the covet 19 crisis continues to upend american lives and our livelihoods.

The pandemic has disrupted nearly every routine in day-to-day life, the extent or duration of mandates.

Lockdowns business closures have forced people to give up on some of the most deeply ingrained habits.
Whether people give up some of their habits as far as going to the gym dropping off their kids going to a coffee shop during a midday break enjoying a saturday night at the movies.

Such disruptions and daily experiences present rare moments.
In ordinary times.
Customers tend to stick stubbornly to their habits, resulting in a very slow adoption of any new beneficial innovations that require behavioral change.

Now this covet 19 crisis has caused consumers everywhere up to 75 in the united states, how they like to purchase moving forward, whether it’s at a store, whether it’s a particular brand or shopping in general, because of this pandemic, even though the impetus for behavior change may Be specific to the pandemic, the transition or the consumers expectation and their satisfying needs are still at a post crisis period or new normal, so scientists, behavioral scientists tell us that identifying customers, new beliefs habits their moments that they would like to buy.
Something falls into five areas: reinforcing the positive new beliefs, this quote-unquote new, normal, shaping some of the emerging habits, with some different new ways of offering you, the consumer, trying to sustain what this new habit is looking like.
And how do we measure these new habits and your mindset as a consumer going forward? There’s a lot of things changing fast uh, not even talking about the political element of it, but still the economic part of it.

We in the automotive industry are no different, so i always say by doing your research and finding that dealership or dealer group that offers you the opportunity to go from the beginning to the end of the process or from looking at the inventory doing everything online and Then shipping you the vehicle same way for service if they can pick up your vehicle from home or from work or wherever you may be, leave you a loner.

Do the work come back and make the exchange? That’s the type of dealership consumer-friendly dealership that they’re trying to do now for you.

If you must go in, want to go in for some parts of the sales and service fine they’re there for you, but i would be seeking out dealerships that offer that service.

Why we’re still in this uncertain area and how long it’s going to be and whether the things will be coming up for the consumers in the future? Now, if some of that makes sense, we’ll be back at you again with another consumer insight from shop, smart autos – and this is brandon hardison president of champion strategies, as always in parting, go out and make .

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