SHOPSMART AUTOS – CUSTOMER REPORT – August 7, 2020 How the Coronavirus Is Impacting Car Deals 1

Hi brandon hart is a spokesperson for shop, smart autos and president of champion strategies giving you the consumers the best tips that you need to know in the automotive space and in retail in general.

So, let’s get to it how the coronavirus is impacting car dealerships as we speak now we know that auto sales way back in march and april fell dramatically through sales.

There were significant recoveries as we tried to climb out of it each month, but we’re still below the forecasts that were out there sheltering in place.
They at home mandates really put a lot of pressure on dealers, especially the ones that did not have an opportunity for you to purchase on their website hands-free.

If you will many car mic makers offered a lot of deferred payments, some is up to 180 days a loan payment deferral.
In other words, they did a lot of things to keep you engaged.
If you wanted to purchase a vehicle, because many of you had essential jobs and you needed to make sure that your vehicles were being serviced or maybe it was time for a new one, if you needed a first payment lenders were willing to work with you.

If you needed to defer that now, some manufacturers did it better than others, i’m not going to beat up on one or talk bad about the others, but many bent over backwards during this period.

So, as the covet 19, panic keeps customers out of showrooms.
Automakers and dealers have changed the showroom based business model really to entice you to come back with stricter health mandates.

Just like you would expect, because we want consumer confidence to be there.

The fundamentals of smart car buying still remains the same.

You want a chance to look at the widest variety.

If you’re, purchasing, new or used you want the chance to negotiate.
If you love negotiating, you want the chance to avoid budget busting actress.
You want the chance.

Maybe to sit down and hear with a delivery process, or maybe you don’t know if it’s new or used or certified preel there’s a lot of things that are going on with this coronavirus with automobile dealerships.

The us news, best price program concept.
Buyers are telling people who want to purchase or lease there are dealers offering pre-negotiated prices which can help you really in the long run.

Now you have to do your research online to find out who they are but many times it can save you close to 3.
000, even more depending on your area, so if you’re still looking for a vehicle, there are many dealerships that are ready to do business.
Your way, whether you come to the dealership or whether you have the ability to do it online.

If some of this makes sense, we’ll be back with you with some more tips for you, the consumer once again, brandon artisan, spokesperson for shop, smart autos and president of champion strategies, as always in parting, you go out and make a champion day.

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