SHOPSMART AUTOS – CUSTOMER REPORT – August 5, 2020 Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Car

Hi brandon hardison for shop, smart autos, giving you the consumer tips opportunities, advice things you need to be looking for when you make your next automotive purchase.

So today, what we’re going to be talking about is looking at the current situation around the globe, but in your neighborhood is now a good time to purchase a vehicle.

If you need to buy a car can afford a vehicle.
You have a secure job and you’re.

Looking and found a vehicle that meets your needs.
Well, the only thing that you should stop and think about is well what’s standing in my way, it may be the personal safety of the current buying process that we have going on in our country.

Now, if you choose to buy a car – and you don’t want to risk your health, your family or others in the community, well avoid spreading the disease in your mind, because you’re, a critical thinker with that the advice by many medical authorities and your own people, you Can wash your hands, you can do all the sanitation and you can do the distancing, but the key thing is that you don’t want to spread the virus.

Well, you may be thinking well, even though i have the means, i don’t want to go, buy a car right now, of course, as with car purchases in normal times, you want to be smart about what you’re buying and how you’re going to finance it.

Car sales have plummeted really, since march, prompting a whole lot of automakers and their dealers to work hard to earn your business even when it comes to offering incentives and financing is one of the big places.
So if you can get a great deal from a dealer, i would say move quickly if you’re looking for a popular model, though you may want to really look at some inventory because with plant closures, the allocation or the opportunity for a whole lot of selection may Not be there, many of the manufacturers, like general motors hyundai, honda and others have expanded their first responder lease programs that are out there to include health care workers.

So maybe you need to check into that.
Do your research, automotive sales are now allowed across the country as uh stay-at-home orders have been readjusted.
However, some showrooms continue to have limited staff and restricted hours, consumer confidence we’ve talked about before, maybe something you really want to check out with that particular dealer first.

So as we’re talking about all of that research online right time to buy, i have a stable job.
I don’t want to spread.
This virus looks like there’s incentives out there, so why would now be a good time, maybe to wait? Well, if you work in industry, the automotive industry there’s a whole lot of things that have been happening just like any other retail.

The corona virus has really been hitting everyone pretty hard.

Trying to do.
Everything right to sanitation goes as far as making sure not only that the sanitization is going right, but taking temperatures of customers and employees, but things do happen, so we have to shut down, make sure that we do clean open back up.

The demand is really starting to hit because the ppe materials, according to the united states department of labor, we are having a backlog of some of those supplies.
So what does that mean? Some dealerships are having a tough time staying open.
If there is something spotted, they have to shut down, and it may be a day or two before they can reopen again so once again, why would now be good to wait? Well, if you do have a dealer that you’ve been dealing with, and you like what they’ve been doing as far as their branding your consumer confidence.

Well, maybe you would wait until they do get their act together and they’ll be ready for you.

But if you cannot wait once again, i would say: look at those dealers that offer online where they tell you that we can do everything for you without you coming into the dealership.

If they do offer that, then you’re really looking for a value on a vehicle right now, i would say check that out, but no matter what do your research, the automotive industry, is still working dealerships are there to make good decisions now, manufacturers are there to support The dealers in helping you purchase the vehicle now so, if you are looking to buy just be smart, do yours, but for everyone out there listening, we here at shop, smart autos want you to be safe.

We want your families to be safe.
So if you feel that you need a vehicle, try to find a dealer that can do all the process online, if you’re one of those people that want to go in for part of the process, just make sure that the consumer confidence of that particular dealership is Up to the standards that you’re looking for, if not have everything done online and have the vehicle delivered to you or, like i said before, if you have a favorite dealer and they’re struggling a little bit right now, just wait because the automotive industry will still be There waiting for you when you make that decision to purchase a vehicle once again, brandon hardison for shop, smart autos, president of champion strategies, as always in parting.
You allow me .

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