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So, let’s get to it last minute! Labor day things to think about: yes, it is monday september 7th, the official celebration of labor day monday, so labor day means the end of summer.
We talked about it one last long weekend to go car shopping.

Car dealers are aware of this and are typically offering their best incentives of the year on long weekends to entice the buyers.

Some dealerships will even offer a bonus to the sales consultants who makes the most sales over a long weekend.
Car salesmen are going to offer special deals over the holiday weekend for a few reasons.

One a three day weekend means people have an extra day to go car shopping, so dealerships will ramp up their sales efforts with events and other promotion.

Two new model years are coming out and dealerships will be running specials to move the prior year’s models off the lot.
Three convertibles and sports cars are in low demand over the fall and winter months, and dealers want to get rid of excess inventory.

Car buyers visit multiple car dealerships in one day, so car dealers will do anything they cannot to lose you to the competition and car salesmen have restarted their monthly quotas and will want to get a jump on their september numbers in order to hit their bonus targets, Especially since this is the only holiday of the month so after reviewing deals from all manufacturers models – body styles – there are some things that you need to be looking at as far as the top deals across the board for all manufacturers for august september.
If you go online to one of your favorite search engines and just put in a labor day, automotive specials you’ll see the ranking from the manufacturers, of which models and body styles are most asked for this labor day weekend.

So when does labor day, car sales start well, they started saturday officially and will run through the end of the month, which is wednesday september 30th, while dealership sales events start friday and run through monday.

Most published labor day offers are good for the entire month of september.

However, sales consultants will be most willing to negotiate during the weekend itself to meet their holiday quotas between covet 19 financing offers and the labor day holiday.
There are some attractive leasing offers available with low monthly payments on many popular models, so don’t miss out on that.

So how does the coronavirus affect me this labor day when it comes to car sales? Well, like all industries, the automotive industry has been deeply impacted by the coronavirus.
This means brands and dealers are doing everything that they can to encourage more sales.
In addition, most manufacturers are offering payment assistance programs so see all the coronavirus, auto financing specials before you trek out to your favorite dealership and another question that came in was: are car dealerships closed this labor day.

Well, historically, car dealerships are open and have huge sales on labor day weekend, but during the covet 19 pandemic it may be subject to change on a state and local level.
So please check before you leave the house.
However, most dealers will continue to promote sales online.

Whether or not the dealership is physically open, so take advantage of the specials get out there today as early as you can so you can enjoy some of this labor day.
The last weekend before we move into the fall so summer, let’s say goodbye to once again: brandon hardison president of champion strategies and spokesperson shop, smart autos, as always in parting.
You go out and make it a champion.

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