Hi brad and hardison president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, giving you the consumer, it’s the best information we can so you make an educated buying decision each and every time we started last time talking about the best way to buy a vehicle.

During this holiday or labor day season, so let’s just pick up from there getting a price.
Now at this point, which may be the first or second day of a holiday weekend, this labor day, you should already know the car that you want and it’s time to settle on a price.

Now, here’s the things that you need to know check the incentives.

Have you checked to see if the manufacturer financing has any rebates available for that model that you’re, considering keep in mind that some holiday related manufacture incentives might actually be in place before the holiday weekend and may extend past the holiday weekend? You can find these offers and dealers advertisements and on manufacturer websites how about getting additional offers, in other words, try to get two three price quotes.
You can find numerous dealers at different vendor sites and it’s always a good idea to call ahead and make sure like we said before that that vehicle is still available if there’s no special offers on the vehicle that you’re looking for and that you want how about Shopping through the dealerships department, usually it’s in the internet and you can see exactly every vehicle.

That’s there.

This way you can communicate to someone in management by phone or email before you actually show up saving both of you some time.

If you want to get even a lower price call, some of the competition competing dealers are always ready to get another one out of the door, so two 400.
, maybe even more or less now, if you’re already at the dealership, it may not be worth the trouble Of shopping around more just to save a few dollars now pick the offer that feels right for you make sure that you look at all aspects of the deal, including the interest rate, the finance terms, any additional fees out the door price as they do call it Pay attention to how you’re being treated and what feels best for you.

Better treatment can sometimes trump the lowest price.
How about closing the deal? Take delivery sounds pretty simple, straightforward, but to save time and beat the crowds call ahead.

Ask the dealer to provide the purchase, or at least paperwork ahead of time if we can get all of this purchased paperwork out of the way, then it’s easier for us when we do show up to bring the essential documents you’ll need to conclude the sale.

This will make the process go a lot smoother.
Now, when you have the contract, please review it in the finance office.
Make sure that the dealer includes all you agreed upon as far as price terms of the contract be ready for another sales pitch about aftermarket items.

Like extended warranties gap, insurance, that’s up to you and how your driving needs are looking in the future, it’s not for everyone.
So if there’s some value there pick it up while you’re there don’t say that you’ll look at it later, because you never will get back to it once you cross that vehicle threshold into the street and leave that dealership most people don’t now before you do drive Away inspect the car make sure that you’re getting what you test drove what you saw online, no scratches no dents from the shipping process, no wheels that are all scratched up, make sure you walk and inspect the vehicle internally externally, with that sales representative, how about considering A post weekend pick up because i have some friends here from out of town, so you’re probably dying to get into your new car, take it home, but if it doesn’t fit in remember you can arrange for pickup on another day.

It doesn’t have to be right.

Then or they can ship it to you now that i test drove it got the paperwork out the way, if i did have a trade involved, all that’s out the way.

Well, they can deliver it to you, and this may save you more time, so you can be with those family, members or friends for this labor day weekend.

But all we’re trying to get you to think about is less stress.

Less stress in general is a good thing, but when you add on a luxury investment like an automobile that many will be paying based on some statistics for the next four to six years, we want to make sure that each month that we write that check or The automatic payment comes out of your account you’re enjoying this vehicle.
So a good labor day stress reliever can be purchasing a vehicle if you plan right for this holiday weekend.

So if some of this makes sense to you, go get to work, have some fun enjoy the labor day weekend.

Remember if your dealer does not have on their website a way for you to get some of this information out of the way before you show up, then that’s the wrong dealership to look at, but if i can get the paperwork done online before i show up.
That’s great, if i can get my trade done before i show up that’s great if i just want to go in and test drive and make sure it’s the right vehicle, all these other things are done.
Saving you more time to enjoy this labor day weekend.

That would be the best once again: brandon hardison president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, as always in party you go out and make it a chance.

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