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So when you choose your next vehicle, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident about the whole process.
I’m going to pick up from where we left off and we were talking about the corona virus and how it’s pushing car dealerships into a new way of thinking of how to deal with you.
You see.

Consumer interest is in a contactless transition and it’s their need to be online and research to see which dealers are offering the best online sales home delivery options.

Shoppers also may need to feel comfortable when buying a car without first kicking the tires or test driving.
Multiple models, some dealerships arrange for an at-home drive as part of the process.

However, you buy a car with or without a test drive, be sure to clean its surfaces inside and out.
Many dealerships.
Websites now include a list of precautions that sales and service staffs are talking to customers about when it comes to contamination and decontamination.

So what you need to do as a consumer is research, research, research, many independent dealers that have no relationship with a manufacturer, their customers.
Now are having the option of free home delivery they’re using technology that allows customers to walk around a car virtually through video chat, to gather as much information as possible without setting foot in the dealership at all.
When it comes to the financing, the registration and all the other documentation, it can be handled online and any document requiring an in-person signature can be sent through express mail.

So even in normal times, shop.
Smart auto recommends that shoppers, research, cars and various option packages online before contacting a dealership here is the key thing we need to be trying to find out in this process identifying the car that we want to own the time frame in which we want to do It in keep in mind, we need to include the negotiation for the price or the lease over the phone through email.
These strategies not only lessen the time, but also can give you what you need quicker without physically going to the dealership and getting caught up, maybe into what may be happening there, and some of you have already experienced some of that now.

Are there some niche business models? Well, some auto sales companies have been selling or leasing cars online for years.
Tesla is a long-running battle with various states over their dealership laws.
Conducting sales online delivering purchases directly to the vehicle uh carvana is another national used car company.

Trying to do the same thing and i can go on and on because there’s a few others that do that, but the key thing that you need to look for, don’t assume how are these transactions done? Finance if you have a trade signing of documents, the delivery? All that you need to be researching as a consumer to find the one that much much more comfortable for you to live with.
Also, some consumers might insist on browsing the inventory at a dealership and taking a test drive because that’s the way they purchase.
So, even if you have online sales, we still can minimize the contact by you doing your due diligence as a customer and doing the research and we can cut all of that down from maybe three two dealerships to maybe one and a half or two dealerships.

Saving you both time money stress and giving you what you’re looking for at the beginning, a vehicle that you can enjoy with you and your family and friends for decades, once again, brandon artisan spokesperson for shopsmart autos.
As always in parting, you go out, you make it a champion day.

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