Hi brandon artisan president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, giving you the consumer every knowledge that we can find.

They offer you before you go out and make your automotive purchase.
So last time we were talking, we were dealing with the technology that is out nowadays on today’s con cars, and we were looking at the buying public, current millennials and the future generations versus the baby boomers who have been dominating for so long, no matter what, if You’re, a consumer dealing with the dealership, we told you at the end of the last video dealing with this technology, ask for a product specialist or a technologist, someone that can help you with the technology or, if that’s your pleasure point, you want somebody who’s up to Speed where you are as a consumer, because consumers always have expected sales people to know about the vehicles they sell and the rise of the vehicle technology hasn’t changed.
That being a knowledgeable salesperson is more important now than ever before.

Almost all consumers plan to research.
The latest technology before shopping, even though 44 still don’t know what features they want and they show up at a test drive and they get surprised.
But that’s where a good sales person will come in by asking good high gain questions to make.

You feel comfortable asking so they can explain the latest tech features of any vehicle making.

Those features look easy to use when you do this, a third of people, like yourself, consumers, say that they walk away from a purchase in the vehicle in a car.
That is good for them, while others who do not get that experience, feel lost, feel that the technology seems to be too difficult to use not just on the test drive but to actually take it home pay for it every month and not know what it does.

That is a misconception on the sales person people never make the customer feel comfortable during the delivery.

That is why many dealerships, knowing that the technology is overwhelming to many, have follow-up deliveries, making sure that you, the consumer, really understand how to use that technology.
Many times.

They’ll call you back, they will invite you to a luncheon or a dinner or a saturday lunch and learn whatever it may be, to make sure that you’re understanding the technology.
That’s on today’s vehicles, because, let’s face it all, they are it’s just a computer on wheels.
Nowadays, now older sales people shouldn’t be afraid to ask millennials for help.

They grew up with an advanced technology.
Using these features every day.
How many of us know that we have some little ones that are less than five years old, that already command more technology than someone who’s in a baby boomer category and that’s okay? This is the way the future should be, but when we combine the insight of a veteran salesperson’s knowledge along with the young, knowledgeable technologist and you put those two together – it’s unstoppable when it comes to you, the consumer, because they know exactly what to say how to Get you involved and how to make you feel comfortable, doing a test, drive understanding that technology, that’s when everything skyrockets and there’s no barriers in the way, but regardless of age.

Here’s! What statistics tell us 35 of consumers would like to learn more about vehicle technology either from the dealership staff or they try to go to the manufacturer’s website.
So here’s what i would suggest to all of the people out there watching find dealerships that you know trust in your neighborhood that do ongoing training.

It’s easy to find out.

You can call watch see how they show up on their website if they’re doing videos doing blogs talking about the technology, showing you quick little tidbits about the technology, i guarantee you, the management team.
There are doing ongoing training if dealerships just have their people at down times just sitting around doing nothing sure no one’s going to know what the new features are always keep in mind that the manufacturer sends out manufacturer reps to keep the sales teams informed with the Latest technologies that come out of their research and development department, so which features and options should be emphasized during any sale.

Well, the ones that are important to you, the consumer, because you’re all different with your expectations, sixty percent of consumers think features like bluetooth.

Keyless entry, blind spot monitoring should come standard and should be emphasized more while others consumers list that vehicle features such as wireless device.
Changing and also interactive dashboards should be something that should be talked about more by knowing what consumers needs and getting comfortable with the latest vehicle features.

When you find sales professionals that are doing that, they are doing it for two reasons to be prepared for you, the consumer when they come in and also for themselves to stay abreast of.

What’s going on in the industry, remember nowadays, especially with the covet going on.

You can purchase a vehicle as a consumer without going into the dealership.
It makes it very critical for that sales professional to know exactly how to guide you through this process, because you did not come into the store and my communication may be text.

Maybe email now find that sales professional that can find a way to shoot you a short little video demonstration of what you need to do with that technology, and now you have a win-win situation.

Once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shopsmart balto’s, giving you some good tidbits.
Hopefully you got something out of it and as always in parting, you will make it a champion day.

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