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Last time we were together, we talked about the rear, cabin, the people who actually sit in the rear seats, and it’s not really a great thing.

In the 60s 70s, we had a tough time just getting the front seat belts or the concept of that to the american custom, along with local law, enforcement’s, giving tickets doing all types of events of education of why the seat belt is good to have even today, As we speak in 2020, we still have some challenges with some people wearing a front seat belt, but we’re talking about the rear.

What do we do about the rear cabin now? The institute for highway safety is already in the process of introducing rear seat front crash tests.

When we do this, we find ways to see where the injuries are less likely to cause severe damage.
If we can do this, based on the government standards by 2022, the whole cabin should be safe.

Now, will we get there? Will things get in the way congress has ordered the national highway testing safety association to main date, rear seat belt reminders? Now, if this mandate does go through and for some manufacturers, it’s approved and for some states, they’re actually going through it.

So now we would know in the rear.
Who is buckled? Who hasn’t? If i am, the driver – and some are even talking about vehicles will not move unless every occupant of a certain weight has that seat belt affixed and across good thing, too political you’re, the consumer.

What do you think about our government and what do you think about manufacturers when it comes to people sitting in the rear vehicles? Should we mandate buckling up in the rear if we do keep in mind of what the government might have to do to get the manufacturers and you, the consumers, to adhere to that as the automotive industry and regulators begin to focus more and more on rear seat Safety we’re happy.
We should be happy as americans, because today, as we look at virtual crash tests, the crash test ratings are still kind of foggy for the rear seats.
But rechargers are already using computerized models of the human body and they’re finding ways to make the rear seat more safe.

Now some manufacturers, with their research and development, are doing it better than others, but there are traditionally a couple of manufacturers like mercedes-benz and, like even ford motor company that are working on this matter of fact, the 2021 mercedes s-class sedan will get rear air bags.

That will deploy from the back of the front seat and are meant to offer additional head neck and shoulder protection for rear occupants.
Now there are other things that are coming in the play that many manufacturers have already done or still researching, but once again it has to go through government regulations.

They have to be tested so give it time, and we know that we will get there seat manufacturers and seat.
Researchers are working on how to use the data to optimize safety, because safety is the number one important thing when you are in an automobile that safety cage as we do call, it is stated for a reason.
We want to make sure that all occupants in there do have a safe trip to wherever they’re going.

Will we get there? Yes, how we get.
There depends on you, the consumer, by educating yourself, demanding your local government and putting pressure on the manufacturers to put more emphasis when it comes to rear occupants who sit in vehicles once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, giving you Some more information hope you got something out of it and, as always in parting, go out and make it a champion day.

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