Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, giving you the consumer the best knowledge that we can give you.

So when it’s time for you to think about making that sales or taking care of that current baby, that you have when it needs service in the automotive field, we try to give you the best information that is out there today.
I would like to look at what a whole lot of people are talking about, because it’s been with us for a while.

Is it a good time to buy a vehicle while covet 19 is going on? Well, we at shop, smart autos, have put together a rundown of what new and used shoppers should expect when they come to buy or lease an automobile during the coronas virus, as many states are opening up as much as they can.

We do know that many times they’re shutting down just as quick as they’re opening up leaving consumer confidence up in the air in the little shaker.
Now, apart from flexible payment options and manufacturers, doing everything bending over backwards to get you to go online or coming to a dealership, you may still be thinking.
Is it really a good time to purchase a vehicle or even is it safe enough because of covet 19? Are car dealers going to be open or closed and that’s a great question because you need to contact your states.

Remember the tenth amendment to the constitution.

Everything we do is run and governed by each state or state’s rights.

So in your state and local area they may be closed or some may be open just check and you will find out now.

Dealers love to implement specials that we’ve seen for the past five six months.
When it comes to social distancing, they have done everything they can to get the consumer confidence from social distancing, enhanced sanitation, electronic documentation to save time anything to keep you comfortable and especially yes, wearing of the mask the face coverings, which makes everyone feel a little bit Better, i know there’s pros and cons about the mask, but what we’re talking about is the perception that the dealership is doing everything they can to keep your safety in mind.
Many dealers are going nearly a hundred percent digital over the past five or six months.

We know that it’s tough to get you in.
So, let’s try to find a way to get you to at least come to our website, now, not sure in your area, your favorite dealer, if they do have a digital presence, if they don’t let the owner know, this is what we need in our community from You because we want to purchase from you, so that goes back to the question again of where i started.

Is it safe to purchase a vehicle? Now, according to government studies, like the cdc, they say it’s all right going out, many manufacturers are securing and helping in that phase.

Many local communities are stepping up and doing some different things for people, but if they do have something digitally where there’s no contact the vehicle comes home comes to your office, comes to wherever you’re going to be that’s a beautiful thing or the same thing with service.
If they come and pick it up and leave me a loner, it’s a win-win both ways.
Now, unfortunately, the risk of infection remains strong in many parts of the country we talk about, a vaccine is coming, but who knows what nose is going to be going through? With that, however, currently right now, car buying, especially luxury car buying and leasing, is still going strong.

Just remember to give your salesperson if you need to the additional situation on you, if you have an individual situation that needs to be taken care of the quicker.
We know it in the dealership, the better we can address it for you or make a decision that it’s not safe, for you to come in will come to wherever you’re at so is it a good time to purchase a vehicle? Well, there’s never a bad time, and how do we know that once again, since the past six months, it’s gone through, we have found ways with the lending institution with the manufacturers, with third-party vendors, to do as much as we can to keep the covet 19 separate From you experiencing a good relationship with a car dealer, manufacturers like ford and gm have done some tremendous things to make sure that models got out earlier, giving you some incentives, same thing with lending institutions, they’re doing everything they can to make sure that they can give You some specialized credit and even accepting some of the lower credit.
That’s there so as we continue to think should i could i is it a good time? Yes, it is a good time.

There are different manufacturers and brands that have the best discounts that you will get right now.
If you don’t want to go in, go online and see what mini manufacturers, i don’t want to pick on one or two, but all of them are doing as much as they can to give you the opportunity now.
Also, the lending institutions, and also the biggest thing something that you may not know.

Everyone is looking for used vehicles.
So, even if you’re not planning on buying a vehicle, but you have a vehicle – that’s sitting around, you may think it’s nothing to it.
Bring it to a car dealership they’ll, be glad to take it off your hands.

And now you have some additional resources to work with, so is it a good time to purchase a vehicle? The answer is yes, and we at shopsmart urge you to go on to shop.
Smart and you’ll see the litany of different opportunities.
We have for you in your particular area, where you can feel safe at home on digital and not going to the dealership.

But if you just like to experience some parts of it, some people, like the trade, some people like the financing, some people like the demo ride, but no matter what.

If we do this smartly, it will save you time and still give you that customer experience that you were hoping for when purchasing your next automobile.

Once again, braden hardison president champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, as always in party you go out and make it a champion.

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