Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, giving you the consumer all of the best knowledge we can find in order for you to get that vehicle in your budget and with all of the technologies that you’re looking for.

So, let’s get right to it.
For today, there are some people that are out there that do know that car sales, people working for a manufacturer gets say, survey score as part of working with you buying a car, and for some of them it can be cash payments or monies in kind where They can get gifts or take trips, but all these things are out there.
So if you can remember your last new vehicle purchase or if you can’t remember, do you remember the manufacturer contacting you now the reason why i say that, just like a whole lot of companies, i don’t care if it’s hotel eateries, they always want to know how They did same thing with the automotive industry, so i want you to think of this anything less than an a is an f anything less than an a is an f and here’s what we mean in car dealerships.

It’s common to hear sales people ask sometimes even beg a customer who just purchased the vehicle with them to give them top marks.
In their customer satisfaction survey, it’s going to arrive at their home soon, phone call, email, the salesperson’s pay and potentially the job itself may well vary on getting perfect tens in the survey you see, sales people plead for good survey scores because their pay – and maybe even Their job may depend on it and most dealerships giving a car salesperson an eight or nine on a customer satisfaction report, that’s based on a 10 point scale is essentially giving the salesperson a zero score.
You see if you had good sales experience, giving the salesperson a top score, because in your mind nobody needs a top everybody can improve.

But for the manufacturer on the csi survey, it puts many of their performance suggestions in a little box, meaning that you didn’t do everything because you, the consumer, would have given them all tens customer satisfaction.

Indexing scores are an important part of everyday life at a dealership and for good reason.
Automakers, who are in the ivory tower want to hear from customers in order to gauge how well the franchise is doing in certain key areas around the country, primary customers, if you will, when they look at these satisfaction, scores lets.

The manager factor know that that point that brick and mortar is exceeding or it’s declining, and there might be some need for some changes on the dealership level.
Those scores often determine future inventory, in other words the better the score, the more likely the dealership will get in demand vehicles for that market.

Depending on the manufacturing.

We can look at future allocations additional vehicles that come to a dealership.

That’s why, when you’re here on some commercials, we have more vehicles than anyone else in the area? Well, that’s because their csi scores were consistent, reflective and the manufacturer thanked them by giving them additional units.
Now, let’s get back to the sales person, if a salesperson does a bad job or he or she deserves a bad survey.

But what should shoppers do if they feel good about the trans action burn want blown away by it? Well, the normal impulse once again give the salesperson some decent scores: 7 8 – 9, because they really didn’t earn a 10.
But because the scoring model used an 8 or a 9 is essentially the same as a zero.

So with so much on the line for both the dealer, the sales person making sure that they can maximize on this survey and sweeten their pockets.

If you will, because we’re talking about a job or some bonuses, paying some additional uh family bills for the sales consultant and his family, but the spectator, if we look at it of a bad survey, is not going to help anyone out in this situation.
So if you really feel that you had a great experience and they were not pushy, they did everything right.
Please do your best.

You can to give them.
The best marks now will only having tens mean everything for that sales person.

No there’s probably some other things that are going to be lacking if they can put it all together.

That is great, but in this csi customer satisfaction indexing that the manufacturer receives it’s just an a or a 100 in math.

If we get great scores each and every time that you, the consumer, fills out the survey that comes from the manufacturer, so just some food for thought.
Now, if you hear that salesperson begging for all grades – and they try to sweeten the deal by saying we’ll give you so many free tanks of gas or so many oil changes now that’s coaching to get a good score, and that is not honest.

The manufacturer doesn’t want that, and naturally you shouldn’t want that.
You want to give a good, detailed, transparent account of what happened with that sales consultant.
While you were in that dealership now, if you didn’t know anything about it now you know so the next time you come to a car dealership that sales person may remind you that the manufacturer is going to see how well you did with me today and they May say: could you give me some good scores, but if you see in your mind that they’re over the line and they’re begging do what your heart is content with, that is the best way a good consumer can have consistency when they come into a dealership.

Once again, brad and artisan president champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, as always in party you go out and make it a champion day.

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